Tapper World Tour Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Warner Bros.
  • Updated: Mar, 16 2011
  • Version: 2.2
  • Size: 202.92 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Major crash bug fixed.
We apologize for any inconvenience. Remember, we are listening so keep the 5 star reviews coming along with your comments!

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"Tapper World Tour revitalizes a retro hit not just for longtime fans like me, but new gamers that never had the distinct pleasure of stepping up to a Tapper cabinet in a smoky arcade." (IGN - 8.5 out of 10)

"If you were a fan of the original Tapper games or if you enjoy a good fast-paced arcade experience, then Tapper World Tour will satisfy." - TouchArcade

"Constructed with quality top of mind, this is a superb remake and a shining example of how to do arcade gameplay right on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad." - (Pocketgamer 8 out of 10)


Tapper, the beloved 1980’s arcade classic, makes its long awaited debut in an all-new version made exclusively for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! In Tapper World Tour, you’ll serve drinks to an eccentric cast of characters across a variety of outlandish locations. With a brand new story line, stunning graphics, challenging gameplay, and animations from the legendary Don Bluth, it’s up to you…SERVE OR BE SERVED!

“I’M BACK!!!”
The beloved bartender Sam is back, and this time he has company. Sam has enlisted his vivacious and beautiful daughter Nikki as his partner in crime for a journey around the globe. Join Nikki, as Sam shows her the tricks of the trade as they travel the globe and encounter a variety of crazy customers. . Tapper World Tour sets the ”bar” for iOS… in more ways than one!

Start off by choosing which character you want to play and then head out on your wild adventure. Once you arrive at each location, you have three or more counter tops to manage. Patrons arrive sporadically at the end of each bar and slowly advance towards you demanding drinks. Serve each customer by filling a glass with their drink of choice and sliding it down the bar towards them. Once caught, the satisfied patron gulps it down and is pushed back a short distance. The goal is to continue serving drinks until all patrons are pushed out of the bar. As the game progresses, the customers become harder to please, appear more frequently, request different drinks, move faster and get pushed back shorter distances. Collect tips to gain lives all-new power-ups to gain an advantage, or activate the live entertainment to distract patrons while you catch up with their drink orders. Manage your bar skillfully to clear the entire lot of customers to proceed to the next level.

- Over 140 Levels in 15 different locations – Now including Europe!!!
- Over 60 Casual Levels
- Over 70 Expert Levels(Unlocked after completing story mode)

- 2 Game Modes
- Story – Follow Sam and Nikki as they travel the world
- Endless Shift – Survive an endless shift of customers in each unlocked bar, racking up points along the way

- Eye-Popping Art and Animation - Created by legendary animator Don Bluth and team

- ALL-NEW “Drink Swapping” – Switch between different drinks, depending on what each patron

- ALL-NEW “Power-Ups” – From the “Happy Potion” to the “Bar Clearer” to help you along the way

- ALL-NEW Mini-Games – Take a break from the action

- Game Center Integration – Earn achievements and climb the ranks on the leaderboards

Customer Reviews

  • Crashing

    by Fragged5678

    Still crashing

  • Nice gameplay and graphic

    by Turbodummp

    I like art design and music which make this game more interesting to keep playing. Only one problem was sudden shut down which happened to me one time. If it is keep happen, developer should fix it carefully. Except that, it is really worth to spend 1 dollar in our life.

  • Good fun

    by ericl777

    Better than the original, fun!

  • Love it

    by Aventura hater

    Live it

  • Great flash into the past

    by Gshep7

    Very smooth game play with a fun story mode. Definitely one of my favorite games from the 80's.

  • User

    by Spanky460

    Doesn't work on the iPhone 5 phone. It should be stated clearly on the download limitations. What a waste.

  • Fix TWT for all iPhones

    by Trapper By DB

    I did love this game! It was and always will be a 10 + Star, but it stopped working and I just emailed WBGames Support. Please fix our problem. Game loads but no icons on map so no play. Thx.

  • Bought app...can't play

    by BOOiSAY!

    Boo! I say, Boo! I bought this app today and I can't even start it to play. Went to WB website and I can't find anything about tapper.

  • Fix it already!

    by 

    This app was awesome til iOS 6-7 ruined it! And to top it off, the developer isn't even planning on correcting issues! I can't even play anymore! Literally the map doesn't show any place to start! Don't waste your time on this ap!

  • Screen Is Messed Up On 5S

    by Henrybug

    After The WB Logo Goes By, The Screen Is Down By the Side Of The IPod Screen. Please Fix This WB. Thx. MM

  • Update

    by Frankstien

    Doesn't work with iphone5

  • Doesn't work

    by Mr. CFI

    Purchased this app and enjoyed it for a while. Upgraded my phone to iOS 7 and now it doesn't work. When I try to enter story mode or endless play the next screen does not load correctly to allow me to choose a level. Deleted and reinstalled, but all that did was remove all the progress I had made when it worked. Contacted support 3 times about the issue with no resolution. Don't waste your money!!!!!

  • Needs work

    by Gttgrgft

    App is incomplete. Can't play game at all. When I click on endless or story mode it goes to world map and nothing show up no area selection menu

  • Nothing happens

    by Willohw

    I can't even get it to start. I click either "story mode" or "endless," it takes me to a world map and then NOThiNg. The only reason I paid the 99 cents is because the info said the bug was fixed. Clearly it isn't. I love the arcade game and feel ripped off.

  • Won't work

    by T is for Toy

    This game does not work. I payed for it and downloaded it to my iPhone 5 and can't play. Bummer Please fix.

  • WB tech support is a joke

    by RevMB04

    Updated - In speaking with tech support, this is their solution to a non-functioning app: "Sorry to hear that if you are having the same problems then the app is bad download a new one." Direct quote from Carlos in tech support located in Georgia....

  • DO NOT PLAY!!!!!!!!!!! ITS CRAP

    by Reg and mort reg show

    As soon as I go to story mode,there is no place any where I can't play at all.

  • Game not working (Dec 26. 2013)

    by Kool Kat455

    Paid .99 cents and downloaded full game. Cannot launch game from either "story" or "endless shift" menus. Problem ticket submitted on Dec 25. 2013. Game is unplayable now. Recommend that nobody pay money to download this game app until problem is resolved by vendor.

  • Not happy

    by Angela1313

    The game won't even let my play it. In story mode or endless mode. Fix this please!!!

  • Waste!

    by Mr. T-Mobile

    Needs to be pulled from the App Store, no support, will not work on ios7 on 5s.

  • Never worked

    by Nmhbbb

    I was never even able To see a single level.

  • So sad

    by KammiBee

    It won't even let me play it ! Whether I go to story mode or endless shift it's just stuck on the world map part. I really want to play it !

  • IOS7

    by ChasManVero

    Not working on my iPhone 5 with IOS7. It is fine my iPod Touch 4. After many months still not working!

  • Great game BUT... FIX!!

    by PreviousBBUser

    Can you please fix this game?? Doesn't fit the iPhone 5/5s screen and can't even select a game. I'd really like to play this game again. Thanks. Hello??? I'd like to play please.

  • Waste of money

    by Ding9110

    I just bought this game and it won't let me choose any locations! It takes me to the map but won't let me click anything! Waste of money!

  • Need an update for iOS 7 really bad!

    by Agntsnake

    Great game but you Cities are not showing up on the map. Need an update for the iPhone 5 series really bad

  • Rediculous

    by Ppresnal

    Worked ok on my 4s. 5s? Forget it. Not optimized at all. Can't even load story mode. Do not buy until it gets fixed. Unacceptable

  • Don't buy! It doesn't work

    by Bandit3225

    It just gets you to the start screen then doesn't work at all

  • Game crashed

    by Dknsmom

    None of the games are working. Totally crashed

  • Need to be fixed

    by YoungGotti

    Cant play story mode. Main screen too big plz fix

  • Game doesn’t work

    by jcashrowing

    Game doesn’t work. Had to ask for a refund.


    by SammieBabie13

    I downloaded this game and I can't even play it I hit the endless shift and it's not accurate so it goes elsewhere and when I do get the right spot it doesn't let me play just shows a map and nothing else.. I want my .99 back!!

  • Disappointed

    by Tylerz23

    It opens but doesn't let me play anything at all... I was really excited cause the original was really fun :(

  • Doesn't work at all

    by jakeNwada

    Just bought and can't even begin a game, piece of crud

  • Doesn't work

    by Vickyroshelle

    I bought this game cause it was a favorite growing up but, it doesn't even work. I can't even play. You guys charge people for stuff that doesn't even work.

  • Please fix it!

    by Farias10

    I paid for the app and I can't even make work! Please update it!

  • Doesn't work with iOS7

    by jharms09

    Stopped working. Same as all other complaints.

  • It will not start

    by Toni_sto

    Crashes after the main menu. Very disappointing. I want my money back.

  • Waste of money!

    by Yessenia Barrios-Cruz

    I just bought it, when the menu pops up and you press endless shift, nothing happens, same when you press story mode. Game never really starts. Fix this crap, c'mon people.

  • Will not work.

    by Conifer winner

    Can't see complete screen...

  • FIX THIS!!!!

    by Applemomof2

    It makes me give at least one star but it deserves ZERO!! I can't select anything to play!! Once you select story mode it goes to the map and then there is nothing to select to start playing!!! I have paid for a game that I can't play!!! FIX IT!!


    by MelPeru

    I downloaded the game 5 times and nothing! I can't play anything at all. So I basically paid for a useless icon on my screen, thanks for nothing....

  • No dice with iPhone 5 and iOS 7

    by sdaplfan

    Please fix!

  • Terrible doesn't work !!

    by Agrosswife

    Spent 1.99 for an app that doesn't work. I have iPhone 5 and iOS 7.0 and doesn't start. App opens to main screen but screen is stretched and cannot start a game.

  • Sorta, crappy

    by AMRadio4eva ;)

    Used to love this game, doesn't work at all on iPhone 5's with iOS 7, please update this app!!!

  • The game won't play

    by Lizzie4280

    I click on both the "story" mode and "endless shift" mode and it takes me to a blank screen. I can't play it. I am so disappointed. I know it was only $0.99 but I feel like I wasted money. Please fix it!!

  • This is sad

    by lilr1018

    I have the iPod touch 5 and I bought this games and it doesn't work it only show a fourth of the screen and doesn't even start for me please fix this

  • Screen is too big

    by Minniie15

    It's not even letting me play one level , I can't play anything

  • Such a good game

    by Joshua Aube

    The title screens all screwed up on the iPhone 5, it crashes. Please fix.


    by BookUAnyDay

    Story mode does not work therefore you cannot unlock other levels. With this mode not working only 2 levels are open to play. Waste of money game is a joke poorly done.

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