Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Games App Review (iOS, $2.99)

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  • Publisher: Warner Bros.
  • Updated: Jun, 07 2011
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 92.46 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Now with Sinestro!

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Eons before the Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians of the Universe created an android race of interstellar police—the Manhunters. When corrupted programming made them punish all life, the Manhunters were exiled. Now they’ve returned, seeking vengeance. As gifted but cocky test pilot Hal Jordan and armed with a power ring charged by will, you are the newest recruit in the Corps, assigned to preserve peace and ensure justice.

• MASTER THE RING: Choose from a range of defensive and offensive “hard-light” constructs such as missiles, the war hammer and the claw.

• TAKE FLIGHT: Soar across the universe and destroy legions of enemies.

• UPGRADES: Improve your stats as you progress through the game and unlock upgrades such as a health boost, an energy boost, and even more powerful attacks and throws.

Customer Reviews

  • Update this!!

    by Bandi273798

    Please update this! I love GL, but I feel like I wasted my money. This game could be great!

  • A Great Game But...

    by SheldonCooper73

    I love green lantern so I buy this game, but it really disappointed me! I hope u guys can update soon which can support the retina monitor!!!

  • Green Lantern's Light

    by Dlhoskins

    I loved this game! Fun, easy time waster. Great for Green Lantern fans.

  • Simply ausome

    by Birdclay

    Very simple and fun sort of hard sometimes for me but still fun and ausome

  • Good

    by ????????????989898989898

    good game

  • Nice game

    by The Unknown?

    Definetly worth it for a dollar! You get to choose between Hal Jordan & Sinestro as well!

  • I liked it

    by Apple Account

    Quick, simple. Easy to pick up and play.

  • Fun Game!

    by Captain Presley

    I enjoy this GL game. But what do I know, I liked the movie too!

  • Could be longer

    by Jcninja26

    The game is pretty good but it could be much longer. Right when I began to master the ring, I beat the game. Also could use more constructs. But fun gameplay and interactive. A treat for a day or two for Green Lantern fans.

  • Needs ground combat

    by A$$Kickd

    Needs ground combat but otherwise the green lantern version of iron man Ariel assault.

  • Good game

    by Chaos1196

    It is a good game

  • Read the tutorial

    by mikect

    Read the tutorial before you play. Power up have a blast. The game is really cool. You can move around the screen. I have had hours of fun with this. I beat every level and have all but 2 achievements. Great game, worth the price. What I don't get is how to unlock different lanterns to use besides hal

  • Great

    by FlyersFan101

    Like I said great game! For you morons out there play the tutorial to figure out how to move

  • Very basic game

    by Lwsdrummer

    It's alright, and kinda fun for a GL fan. But you have no control. You just basically watch GL fly in all his basic polygonal glory and tap on bad guys as they pop up... Gets boring pretty quick..

  • It ok

    by Rudolph Robinson Jr.

    It ok because you can make stuf but really you can't move

  • Amazing Game!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Sumdi lumdi

    This game is sooooooooo freakin good. I recommend this game to every single person on iTunes. If u don't buy this game you have a bad taste in games and are missing out on the gameplay and graphics. This game changed my life because it was sooooooooo siko and I can't believe it's only 2$ iTunes should make it more$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Needs ground battles and Sinistro

    by Maddie520

    I read the script and there are no manhunters in it

  • Eh, it's okay I guess

    by Proposition Joe

    I thought there would be more to the game then just flying through space. And they could've made different bosses instead of the same one all the time (why didn't they add Sinestro?). This game is worth 99 cents, not $1.99. Buy it when the price drops, which is what I should've done.

  • Ouch

    by Comiclover2416

    So, this sucked. A lot.

  • Terrible

    by vaughn mcmahon

    This was a waste of money. The pixels are visible, there is no plot, it's like whack a mole, with manhunters. You can only fly, and you can only generate one offensive or one defensive item.

  • I want a refund!!!!!!

    by Finch2U

    This game blows compared to other super hero games. I can't believe they charge $3 for this crap. I want my money back!!!!

  • It's a waste of money.

    by klx1204

    I can't believe I paid for this crap. How can you call it a game? Considering the graphic effect and the control, this game only worth a negative star. One star is much more better than it deserves. THIS GAME IS A PIECE OF CRAP.

  • Boring

    by (Tiger 34)

    Waste of money

  • I want a refund

    by Isaiahy

    I thought it was cool but it wasn't

  • Abysmal

    by ChrisG32

    It's because of games like this that Apple should seriously reconsider its' return and refund policy. The graphics are the worst I have seen coming out of the App Store. Gameplay not much better...

  • Horrible graphics

    by JNGold

    On a retina iPad, the graphics are absolutely abysmal. Don't waste your money.

  • Bad game

    by Levuz

    This game is a waste of money .I bought it without thinking because I liked a lot the movie but now I realize that I should check more about the games I buy

  • Not worth it

    by Vex Korvac

    I begged my parents for this game! All it is, is just flying n shooting man hunters! It's nothing like the 1 for ps3 at all

  • Gree n Lantern

    by Bruinsucla42

    This game has sucky graphics gameplay and sucky everything not worth the 2.99 i payed for it

  • Big mistake

    by Johnbrunner

    Has sucky visuals, sucky everything....not worth the 99 cents I paid for it

  • How horrible

    by DaPoofey

    Was not at all what I thought it was. If I wanted to play space invaders; I would have bought space invaders. Waste of money. No lie

  • Worse DC game ever!

    by Anibal Calderon

    I bought this game for nothin it is just so BAD but sometimes I play it.

  • Horrible, should be free

    by JuggaloWolfgang

    Play for a min and your dead. No ground play? Game is impossible. Don't waste your money

  • Don't waste your money.

    by Matthew Hamilton

    It has super low quality, and you can see the pixels in the game. It's pretty much the same thing over and over again, every single mission. I would get this game if they paid me to download it.

  • Horrible

    by Ccslawau789

    I played for 30 seconds and it sucked not worth a fraction of the cost needs ground combat and it might get 2 stars

  • money

    by fireball9857

    I baught this app and it says its not compadable with my ipod so that was a wast of my money

  • Very bad game

    by ....................""

    I want my money back!!!!!


    by Ironmanlec

    This game is HORRIBLE TERRIBLE GRAPHICS!!!!!! I wick I could rate it a "no star" rate. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

  • Should not exist

    by 3dmpro

    Worst movie game yet....

  • Horrible

    by Jesus Salazar

    Just horrible worst game I ever bought

  • Waste of money

    by Wjsnnsnan

    Worst game ever I want my money back

  • Makes the movie seem entertaining

    by Man o' Steel

    I love Green Lantern, but I hate this game. Clunky interface. Blocky graphics. Lots of lag time. Sinestro is cool, though.

  • Worse than the movie

    by GL2014

    Being a GL fan I bought this game without doing a lot of thinking. Big mistake. Graphics are subpar. The game is a waste of a great character and a great franchise, just like the recent movie. This could have been much more. It is so mindlessly repetitive I lost interest before completing the first level.

  • horrible game

    by matrix103

    I thought this game was better than it was just awful controls, gameplay, AND THE SHIELD DOES NOT EVEN DO ANYTHING!

  • Worst game ever

    by Tatman

    What a waste of money. I played it for literally 45 seconds then deleted it. Gameplay is terrible, some 5 year old came up with the concept, and that's an insult to 5 year olds. Plus, it's a flat out lie that it is now for the iPad. They just zoomed in so that it fills the screen, but the graphics now look horrid. This game is a scam, and so is the first reviewer who said it is great.

  • Don't bother

    by Bird1ist

    Maybe worth .99. Very disappointed!

  • kind of cool and kind boring

    by Eray's 1pod

    it is sucky needs ground battles and more pleople and man hunters or im going to delete it  i will tell my friends not to get the app

  • Kinda fun

    by Tough juice

    Not the best game I've played

  • Doesn't work

    by Kurta118

    I would love to review this game but it crashes every time I try to start it. I want a refund!

  • Green lantern

    by Frogfriend99

    It is okay.... I was disappointed that you can only fly I was hoping I could go on land and battle and stuff like that overall a waste of my money :(

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