Dolphin Tale: Fling a Fish Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

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  • Publisher: Warner Bros.
  • Updated: Sep, 02 2011
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 18.05 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

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45 Ratings
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45 Ratings


In this fun and addictive game, the goal is to feed Winter the Dolphin her daily supply of fish. The ‘catch’ is that this game requires technique and strategy because obstacles stand in the way. You must get the fish across to the pool where Winter is swimming using an innovative device created by her friend Sawyer – A FISH FLINGER!

With touch control, players pull back on the device, hurling the fish to Winter’s pool. Aim too high and a stray pelican may find itself a snack. Aim too low and no one eats! The challenge is to find that sweet spot of enough strength and the right arc to the get the fish in the correct spot.

Additional challenges lie with barriers between the player and Winter. A player may find themselves knocking objects over, breaking objects, or even facing moving barriers! The higher the level, the more difficult it gets. Users can let their friends know how well they can fling fish via Facebook and Twitter. Perseverance pays off in this animated Dolphin Tale adventure because after all, lots of fish means a full and happy Winter!

The Premium Version features:

30 fun and challenging levels
Simple to use Flinger - Aim, pull, and let the fish go flying.
Real physics
4 different environments inspired by the movie Dolphin Tale starring Winter
Unique obstacles designed to help the player get the fish to Winter
Earn points through collectibles, bouncing the fish of certain objects, and of course feeding Winter
Replay levels to beat the high score and achieve the best rating
To learn more about the incredible Winter and the team who developed her prosthetic fin visit

To find out more about the Warner Bros/Alcon Entertainment film Dolphin Tale visit

Customer Reviews

  • Fix for the new iPad

    by 5thofvodka

    It really does need to fix for the new IPad same problem

  • Sooooooooo cute!

    by NessaLuv321

    I love the way you play! I love winter. So want to see the movie!!

  • Best app ever!!!

    by Star Raters of 2011

    Best app ever!!5 stars straight!

  • Cute and addictive game!

    by Jinx2010

  • Love it!!!

    by A.F1997

    AMAZING GAMEE!! Sooo much fun and very addicting! But i would like some updates for more levels! Thankss!!! (:

  • Awesome!

    by More food fan

    So much fun! I have the book called Winter's Tail and I just watched the movie :D the movie was amazing! and this app is one of my favorites as well I love it!

  • Addicting but totally fun!!!

    by Karen Gilkey

    This game is fun and has made me giggle a few times when Winter does her little shimmy and squeaks in her pool. Watch out for the seals and shark trying to steal the fish you are flinging over to Winter.

  • Awesome!

    by ShamuKid

    This game is so cute and fun. I am so glad I finally have a dolphin game that is actually fun! I love it and Winter is so cute in the game with all the behaviors she does :). I like how the background changes to match the storm setting like in the movie, and it's great to see all the other characters from Clearwater Aquarium. Worth the money!!

  • I Love It!

    by nicolemillern

    This game is so addictive! I love trying to figure out how to get around the obstacles so Winter can eat. My kids also love this game! A must have :)

  • Super Fun!

    by AudioJT

    My kids are so excited about the movie and love "Winter" the Dolphin and are having fun playing this game together!

  • Great for Kids!

    by izqy

    My kids love Dolphins! Actually looked into the story behind this Dolphin and it is very heartwarming! It may not be for a hard core gamer but as long as my kids are happy, I am!

  • A winner!

    by Flash2156

    A must have game if you love Winter! Love the way Winter dances and splashes water when she gets a fish! Other CMA residents are very cute added obstacles! Way cuter than that 'other' game with the birds! (: I would purchase it again!

  • Fantastic!

    by aarosenthal

    Overall, gameplay is smooth, responsive, very bug-free. It does share an uncanny resemblance to Angry Birds… *cough cough*… but in the end, a fantastic application. Maybe not so much worth the $1.99, but I can't say I regret my purchase.

  • Please fix

    by Cquiss

    I wasted a dollar it don't even work

  • Doesn't even work!!

    by bigrand1

    iPad 4. Won't even start. Shows the bottom of a screen and you can't move it, anything! Better fix this! What an utter disappointment! Broken app! Don't buy of you have a newer device!!!

  • app doesn't work!!!

    by Notimpressed2608

    do not but this app what a waste of money!! It only shows the bottom half of the screen zoomed in and there's no way to play the game. They need to update its been like that for months. Habe a new iPad

  • Please fix for the new iPad

    by Dolphin Trnr

    Please review app programming as it only shows the bottom right corner of the app on the new iPad. Tested the Lite version and it doesn't work as well. Looking forward to playing the game though!

  • Love it, but...

    by not impressed!!!!!

    The game is very cute and addicting, but it keeps shutting off on me. Bug née to be fixed!

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