Batman Arkham City Lockdown Games App Review (iOS, $5.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Warner Bros.
  • Updated: Dec, 08 2011
  • Version: 1.5
  • Size: 585.89 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

• Optimized for the iPhone 5
• Korean language support
• Minor bug fixes

Customer Ratings

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692 Ratings
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The inmates have escaped and Batman has his hands full defeating an army of henchmen and some of his most iconic villains. Scour the rooftops and the seedy underbelly of Gotham City through a series of one-on-one battles with the Joker, Two-Face and more, as well as the Batman: Arkham City Lockdown exclusive - Deathstroke. Choose from several Batman skins and power-ups as you punch, kick and combo your way to cleaning up Gotham City.
And the critics love it!
• “…blown away at the graphics and fun multi-touch gameplay” – GeekWire
• “Batman Arkham City Lockdown is a beautiful, accessible game that iOS gamers and Batman aficionados will enjoy” – MacLife
• “Overall, Lockdown is a solid expansion of the Arkham universe.” – USA Today Game Hunters

Customer Reviews

  • Best game

    by Nickcool0129

    This game is really good and recommend it.

  • The game is easy but fun

    by Gun lake bass

    Add more villeins and bat suits

  • Nice!!!!!

    by Butta !

    Great game! Injustice x10!! Wish there was more suits but a great game overall!!!

  • Needs Update

    by ipod-touch-4th-gen

    Running on ios 6.1.5 on a 4th generation iPod touch. Runs a little slow, could use some performance enhancements & stability. It lags potential as of right now, not showing certain things like arrows in boss battles to dodge attacks making it almost impossible to progress through the game. Could use somebug fixes & maybe add some new suits to the inventory.

  • Update please

    by JoshRS7

    Decent game but unresponsive at times and achievement glitch where it keeps popping up over and over

  • Decently fun mini game

    by Dr. Cheis

    Only drawback is the controls are super sensitive. It is too easy to punch when you meant to dodge or deflect when you meant to punch.

  • Not worth it

    by Fbjbrkgiv

    This game is good but it needs work Needs to get a better control scheme And the tapping events are ridiculous especially grundys Over all needs work

  • A must ha e

    by Monosodium

    Game of the year

  • Right now, its AWESOME

    by Destructoking

    All i have to say

  • Too crashy

    by Shadowtehhedgehog

    The game instantly crashes when I get to the title screen( iPod 4th gen).

  • Spamming

    by Bamboowallet117

    Great game but my greatest student keeps poping up on the left

  • Needs better controls.

    by Tigers Eye18

    The game is ok but I hate the controls. It needs to b more like the BATMAN game the newest one out.

  • Awesome

    by Space

    Love the game

  • so much fun

    by Jared Ace

    works ipod 3 and 5c

  • Not worth the money

    by Travis Reeder

    For the price of this game it's not worth it. The controls or lack there of does not work. There is no instructions on how to play or to adjust the difficulty level. My 8 year old wanted this game, but after less than 5minutes he gave up and does want to play it any longer. Save your money and put it to better use.

  • Cool but make suits not pay just unlock

    by Super61345

    Do it

  • Great game!

    by lego farm

    I played the arkham city on xbox and this game is very good! Graphics are great but, I want I gave it 4 stars because i want new boss fights like Clayface and mr.freeze and stuff!


    by Raven cove 88

    Great game!!! Thank u so much for iphone 5 screen resolution!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • Fun but fix it

    by Best is bat

    Good but I tap and it think I swiped


    by Trev123q

    The game is really fun, but it is really hard to play when half the time pressing dodge is ignored. Fix and 5 stars.

  • Great game but

    by T_L_F

    It crass a lot they really need to fix this

  • Do not buy

    by Xxsourdieselxx

    Dodge only works half the time it is pressed which in a fighting spells trouble from the beginning. Combine this with horrible controls and a price which seems to suggest a lot more this product is a waste of your money and of your time. Do not buy this for any reason.

  • Worst game ever

    by Theeomann

    I get to the 1 leavel tryed it 10 times and I keep dieing

  • it's bad man! you guys gotta fix this

    by Jeehoon95

    i cant play it on my ipad air ios7! it worked fine in my ipod touch 2.5 though, what the hack is the problem? whenever i boot the game it just doesn't shows any sort of text message and i cant press anything cause the menu bars are totally blank

  • Terrible

    by Ankney Family

    GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. It's not even fun. I wanted something good not a waste of money

  • Just wasted 6.00

    by NightWing1471

    Keeps crashing when I open.. Fix please

  • Please Make Support For IPod 4

    by Swagman1923

    It always glitches and crashes so please make support for iPod 4th Generation!!!!

  • Amazing

    by Lund boats

    I've been waiting to get this game for awhile now. Pretty much worth the wait for worlds #1 Action/Super hero! Its probably one of my fav games on my Ipod/Iphone, even though like the other Arkham game "Origins" the game play lasts a couple of days through the first try at story mode, and the annoying "My Greatest Student" achievement reappearing (please fix). Other than that is a really good game.

  • Amazing

    by Lund boats

    I've been waiting to get this game for awhile now. Pretty much worth the wait for worlds #1 Action/Super hero! Its probably one of my fav games on my Ipod/Iphone, even though like the other Arkham game "Origins" the game play lasts a couple of days through the first try at story mode, and the annoying "My Greatest Student" achievement reappearing (please fix). Other than that is a really good game.

  • Good

    by Epicwerewolf29

    Extremely good but you can't buy any costumes with points

  • Mindless FingerDiddling

    by Supercollider66

    Tappity tap tap. No style. No strategy. Just beat on the screen and hope for the best. A massive memory hog that looks pretty but is as laughably hollow as a batman nipple-suit.

  • This game is fantastic,it's a perfect add-on to Arkham City


    Batman Arkham City:Lockdown

  • Goog

    by Poomlove

    Gooddddddd app


    by Yamin4

    I loved batman rising and batman ARKHAM asylum so far so I thought hey it's on sale I'll buy it then it crashes when I create a new game I CAN'T EVEN PLAY IT FOR A SECOND PLS PLS PLS FIX

  • Ugh

    by Emmon Tobias

    The game itself is pretty, but the controls make the game completely unplayable. I can only get past the tutorial before dying against everyone else because of the way the controls register! Please fix this soon, until then this is staying off of my iPod.

  • Thanks 4 the Update!!!

    by Jack7965

    I bought this in August, and I could'nt get past the tutorial without crashing! So thanks for the update, since I re-downloaded it, and hopefully more bosses( this only got 4 stars because of minor lag ishues)! This game deserves the Arkham title!

  • Batman and Bugs

    by DrRios

    The game is very good looking. Very typical fighting game. But is unstable. Crashes all the time. Worse of all it can crash when you buy points. causing the points to be double billed to your account. It happen to me.. Had to go threw apple complain process to get refund. Also the achievements do not work. You get achievements that would not show in your Game Center. Also they do not show in the achievement tab inside the game. Just a pity ..poor implementation of a great idea...

  • Help!!!!

    by The Little Gamer454748

    I got batman lockdown and bought animated beyond and another and when i had to delete it for a reason and update i lost those suits help 3 dollars down the drain

  • Rip off don't buy

    by Dan it banana

    Not only is it 7 bucks but I finished it in an hour and I'm a kid who doesn't play many video games in 1 hour I was at the Harley Quinn boss and once u beat the same random thug he stands their and freezes. The clock and batman move but the stupid thug doesn't move can't believe I wasted my allowance

  • Batman ark city

    by Bhbwatts

    Great game needs manual movement. Also could use walk trough upgrades. I really like it, the graphics are great.

  • Glitches

    by adam rubi

    Keeps saying I won the greatest student award over and over and over again Fix it now plz

  • Good game

    by Chancery Ne-yo

    I use to have the iPhone 4 and the graphics for it were ok but I have the 5s and all my Goodness gracious this game is great!!

  • Awesome!

    by Mr. Farthead

    Glad I have this game on my IPod so I can both enjoy BAC on my XBOX and on here!!

  • Tried to do a combo, game goes "what?!"

    by SparkyCarnage!

    I'm playing Batman: Arkham Origins on mobile, and that doesn't have nearly as many problems this one did. The game crashes, it's slow, and my gestures aren't registering right. I don't know if it's my iPhone 4 or what, but it doesn't look like I'll be playing this anytime soon.

  • Storage

    by Aerogirl1

    It needs 614 mega bites I have 1.1 gigs it says there's not enough storage to download the app

  • Bat

    by Kombat 69

    It a good game

  • It's not good

    by Statjr19

    I spend my money for nothing the control is not good injustice is better

  • Poison ivy

    by The batman is best bro

    The game is good but it glitches out whenever I do poison ivy's level. Please fix and if u do then ill rate 5stars

  • Worst game ever

    by Bryan6190

    Every time I play this game it keeps saying my best student and it bothers me

  • Lag, Lag, Lag

    by Coalesce

    Feels like an early online game - swipe, wait 3 seconds, then Batman moves. Sometimes when dodging, Batman comes back from dodging only to get hit. Would be ok if it happened once in a while, but this occurs 3/4 times.

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