Bastion Games App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Warner Bros.
  • Updated: Aug, 30 2012
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 534.68 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Bastion now takes advantage of some of the latest features of iOS 7! Thank you to all our fans for your continued support.
- Minor bug fixes and optimized performance

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*IMPORTANT* Bastion requires an iPad 2 or newer, iPhone 4S or newer, or iPod touch (5th gen).
App Store BEST of 2012 Pick!

Reimagined for iOS, this award-winning action RPG experience redefines storytelling in games with a reactive narrator who marks your every move!

* * *

Bastion earned Editors' Choice on the App Store but that's not all! Here's what critics have to say:

"...simply astounding. This is an action RPG that deserves a spot on every gamer's iPad."
- (4 out of 4 ""Must Have"")

"Bastion for iPad is just as good if not better than its console brethren."
- TouchArcade (5 stars out of 5)

"...a wonderful adaption of an outstanding action title... feels at home on the App Store."
- (5 out of 5)

"It’s a beautiful, clever, absolutely one-of-a-kind experience."
- (5 stars out of 5)

"Bastion is a textbook example of how to make an iPad port."
- (9 out of 10)

* * *

The original version of Bastion earned more than 100 industry accolades, including:
- BEST DOWNLOADABLE GAME and BEST DEBUT, Game Developers Choice Awards
- DOWNLOADABLE TITLE of the YEAR, Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
- BEST VIDEOGAME of the YEAR, Paste Magazine

* * *

Bastion for iOS features all the highly acclaimed artwork, music, and narration that Bastion is known for, along with intuitive touch controls. Explore more than 40 lush hand-painted environments as you discover the secrets of the Calamity, a surreal catastrophe that shattered the world to pieces. Wield a huge arsenal of upgradeable weapons and battle savage beasts adapted to their new habitat. Finish the main story to unlock New Game Plus mode and continue your journey!

- Stunning hand-painted artwork
- Critically-acclaimed original music score
- Hours of reactive narration deliver a deep story
- Intuitive touch controls created exclusively for iOS
- Universal App runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
- Variable difficulty for players of all skill levels
- Action-packed combat rewards playing with finesse
- 10+ unique upgradeable weapons to be used
- 6 powerful Bastion structures to be discovered
- 'New Game Plus' mode unlocked after finishing the story
- Game Center achievements and leaderboards
- Sync saved data seamlessly via iCloud

Bastion is the first title from Supergiant Games. We're a small developer with big ambitions: to make games that spark your imagination like the games you played as a kid. Follow @SupergiantGames on Twitter or visit us at

* * *

- Voice-over narration: English
- Text and subtitles: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian (based on region setting)

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty solid port

    by TheAsteroidBlues

    The game runs well and looks absolutely stunning on a nice iPad screen, but I can't help but feel like the controls don't lend themselves to touch so naturally. Even so, the game handles reasonably well and you certainly can't go wrong with this purchase. Total no brainer.

  • Love it

    by Crolanda

    This game is awesome, at first I didn't think I would like it. The winding and turning of the streets had me wondering. I'm still falling all the time but other than that I love this game.

  • Easily Top 5 iPhone Games

    by Delewarewolf

    Easiest way to review this is to tell you to get it. Trust me.

  • Amazing

    by ZachSox

    This game is great. Fantastic narration, unique gameplay and graphics, and it is just long enough to not feel cheated. Good replay value as well. Everyone should play this game.

  • Extraordinary

    by Christian Bennett

    Saw it on steam a while back and didn't feel as if it was my kind of game but I have vastly changed my mind. I thank them for putting it in the App Store otherwise I wouldn't have experienced a great game.

  • Why Bother Reviewing?

    by James Dumont

    This game is obviously amazing, you can really feel that the developers truly believed in this work. Beautiful music, fun gameplay, great port from the PC version. I'm only rating because the game asked me to, and if it helps them make more amazing games like this one, then I'm all for it.

  • BastionReview

    by BastionReview

    This is probably one of the best games I have ever played. If you do not have it, download it now.

  • Too much lag

    by ςΙΛΥΞΓ

    The lag ruins the overall experience, though when the lag is not present, the game can be very entertaining.

  • Amazing game

    by UncleYoyo17Shane

    I loved this game from the start right up until the end! It has a great way of telling the story and I started replaying it as soon as I finished my first play through! I love this game! It evokes emotion and is one of the best games and stories I have ever experienced.

  • Very Good Game, buy it!

    by Nevin 11

    Awesome game! Some lag. Had to restart the app a couple times. Minor issue.

  • Amazing!!!!

    by Foofer12

    This game is such a refreshing change from other games. Totally unique. It has an amazing soundtrack, stellar look, and the narration is awesome. I wish it was longer! One of the best games out there. If not THE best game.

  • Great game.

    by A_Beanr

    A beautiful game on my iPad mini! Great game play, story line and scenery.

  • Good, but a few bugs

    by Ka5umi

    The app is really good, but it's suffering a lot of lag during the game. I have to exit the game and start the level all over again because it was lagging. At first, it wasn't happening as much, but now, it's becoming more frequent and this makes the game much more harder to play and harder to enjoy. Is there any way you can fix this so I can play the game without any problems?

  • Very well crafted - no in app purchases!

    by VisualGamer

    Pros: Nice graphics; enjoyable music and narration; good combat system, good writing (script); no stupid in-app purchases! Cons: Very linear gameplay; while the story is good it was pretty simple, so am not motivated to replay again Summary: worth it


    by Rhinoarmor

    Amazing gameplay and outstanding story

  • .

    by ScottSchilcher

    Beautifully designed

  • Great game, one big flaw

    by CMTmd14

    Having completed the game, I can say that it's well worth the price and entertaining enough that I've started another round. The gameplay, art, story and narration are all well-done and unique. That said, the one major flaw is the occasional severe lag. (I'm playing on a 1st gen iPad mini.) The problem is unpredictable. Sometimes the game runs smoothly for an hour-long session of play, but once in a while it bogs down so badly it becomes unplayable and I have to restart it. This happens even with no other apps running and all the latest iOS updates. As I said, I finished the game and really liked it, so the lag issue isn't a deal-breaker. It did get extremely annoying at times, though, such as when it caused me to lose almost a whole level's worth of progress, sometimes several times in a row.

  • Fantastic

    by wheeltowheel

    Wonderful game, enjoyed every minute of it.

  • I want.....

    by calmblue22

    Co-op, multiplayer, and more levels.

  • The best!

    by Gryzlov Alex

    Best music! Best gameplay! Best graphics!

  • Way too much hype

    by Duvel666

    It's only an ok game. On top of that, I got to the Tazal Terminals, but after finishing the first part of it, the next part takes so long to load - in fact, it never finishes loading - that it is no longer playable. I probably ought to ask for my money back, but I think it was only 1.99. Anyways, don't buy it.

  • I want to like this game but

    by Etherplain

    The game lags and locks up on every level. I have no idea why, as I can run much more graphic hungry games on my 4s without these problems. It's a real shame too because I've been looking for a new game to play for weeks and finally settled on bastion due to all the positive game reviews. Very very disappointed. Hope they come out with some optimizations that fix these issues. For now it's about as fun to play with as a cardboard coaster, maybe slightly less so.

  • Get it!.... For the console.

    by Chranus

    Bastion is remarkable in gameplay, story, atmosphere and depth. That being said the game is simply (currently) ill equipped for functioning on mobile devices. I find the lack of support/acknowledgement of this issue from super giant most troubling, but all that being said, get it.....on a console.

  • Well...

    by tripleepic

    Why does an app say compatible with iPad, then only for you to open it to get an error message that it isn't. I want my money back.

  • Please fix the crashing!!!

    by Fig subdue

    While I love everything about this game it saddens me that I cannot finish it. I can't get through one of the final levels without it crashing. So until it's fixed two stars but after it's fixed I will gladly give you five.

  • Please fix the crashing!!!

    by Fig subdue

    While I love everything about this game it saddens me that I cannot finish it. I can't get through one of the final levels without it crashing. So until it's fixed two stars but after it's fixed I will gladly give you five.

  • LAG MAN!

    by TastyCupcake4

    Would give 5 stars if after ten min of play my framerate didnt drop to a frame every five seconds. Thats unplayable. I even turned off wifi but to no avail.

  • Why oh Why

    by MegaManiacStratos

    Overall the game is just splendid but when it continues to lag and crash at the same level at the same spot over and over it just makes the game so disappointing

  • Really?!?!?!

    by Expensive walls!!!!!!!!!!

    I spent money on this game and its not even compatible with 4th generation other than that I've played it on Xbox fun game please make it compatible with 4th generation!!!!!

  • Performance issues on iPad mini

    by Thegreatnookie

    The gameplay is great and I love the narrative. However, my gameplay experience was in the same boat as others who had a negative experience. I had maybe 10 minutes of gameplay/one world before the performance issues kicked in and the game crawled to a snail's pace. For most of the game, it would kick in when you returned to the bastion. At least then, stopping/restarting the app was a nuisance. The end level, however, was a complete pain because it combines about 6 world levels without allowing you to save. So, the issues kicked in with a few areas to go. I reluctantly continued (it took forever) because I wanted to beat the game and get this app off of my device. Disappointing to say the least. SAVE YOUR MONEY until the developers provide an update!!!

  • Not that fun

    by Revengercm

    It also takes 1.2GB, too much for a cartoony game.

  • Best game for iPad, but crashes

    by madwilly2006

    This is a beautiful port of the PC game. Even better, in fact. Unfortunately, it crashes. A lot.

  • Beautiful and fluid

    by James 007 the boss's

    Got this game on my iPad 3 and could not put it down

  • Game freezes after 5mins playing

    by j

    Cool game but has performance issues. Works totally fine and runs smoothly for the first 5mins after I start it up. (Doesn't matter how far into the levels) But then I get horrible graphics lag and the game basically freezes. Memory leak issue or something buggy. Fix please.

  • Awesome but serious lag

    by Bullfinchcomic

    I have played this game before and it looks really good and plays well but it needs an update. You play for like a minute and then it starts to lag a ton. Please update!

  • Awsome

    by Awsometate

    Best game EVER. If u are worried it won't be good u should think twice about it. Great Job Warner Bros.

  • Addicted!

    by ChefQuelicious

    I love that the game play is interesting, dynamic, and challenging enough that it makes you want to keep playing as opposed to so difficult you'd just give up. Download the's awesome...and I'm addicted. Please make more fun games or add ons to this story!

  • Love it. But I prefer it on the computer

    by Jrfzoolover

    I love this game. It has a great art style and an amazing story. I rather play it on my computer though because I can't get into phone games.

  • Game is amazing on both PC and iPhone

    by Fakafaka faka

    Awesome game! Played on pc and loved it, and its just as good on ios

  • Awesome

    by Krempo

    Dope game!! Love it!

  • Simply the best there is

    by McNamara32

    Quite honestly this is the best mobile game I've ever played. Maybe one of the best period considering the story, narration and music. I love it.

  • Awful

    by Sammeverplayed

    Good game but it freezes and stops the game is the only think running and I'm on airplane mode


    by davidreview

    Not only does this have a good story, nice narrative, weapon selection with upgrades, good soundtrack but all that with ZERO IN-APP purchases. You actually have various levels you can play that allow you to earn the crystals to purchase and upgrade things. I honestly didn't care for this game at first because I only could play it on the iPhone. Since the screen is small only certain games are enjoyable for me to play since both hands on the display takes up what little space is available. But once I was able to play this on the iPad I couldn't put it down. Another plus, iCloud support. Now that I beat it I will use iCloud support to play it off and on with my iPhone. Worth getting for sure. I seen someone mention lag playing this on the iPad but I didn't notice any lag.

  • But ?!

    by Cronus Titan

    Beautiful game but the graphic on iPod 5 fuzzy so please try to fix it

  • Great game

    by Skillkills

    I really like the game...I wish it was longer tho

  • Great game play

    by )Rost(

    Beautiful graphics, great background story, and the battle engine is smooth and easy to comprehend. This game has plenty of hours of gameplay without the feeling of dragging on. For me it feels like a good book you have a hard time putting down and will read over again on a later date. The only problem I have playing Bastion on my IPad is that it starts lagging from time to time. I usually can just close and restart the game and this will fix the problem. All in all, the game makes up for this by being so well rounded. I hope they plan on makes a sequel!


    by TheMissingLink5

    I just got this game and already beginning of the game after you jump out of the window it is REALLY LAGGY FIX NOW!!!!!

  • Wow!

    by Bobmyname

    You want this game! Do what it says and put on headphones, bast done on iPad or iPad mini works also. Telling about it does not do it justice, you have to play to fully understand, but from the choice of voice narration, to the music, to the effects and overall look of the game, it was done to impress.

  • Beautiful Game

    by RickInSeoul

    Beautiful artwork. Awesome voice acting and music. Fun gameplay. Confusing story. Game crashes, a lot, forcing one to redo levels as waste time.

  • Add "The Stranger" DLC

    by 192932809218032

    A perfect port of a perfect game. All you need to do is add the DLC packs and it will be truly complete!

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