Hide N Seek : MC Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: wang wei
  • Updated: Jan, 16 2014
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 41.57 MB

Languages: English

Seller: wang wei

- Support hiding chat messages, you can set this in options panel.
- Add a new map.
- Fix the ladder issue. Now you can climb the ladders.
- Add many new skins. Also add a skin exporter and importer. This function is free!
- Add a indicator if you are the owner of the room.
- Fix the scroll bar issue of rooms list panel.
- Add a store system, it provides several texture packs.
- Fix many other small bugs.

We are working hard on the issue of crashing on the old device: iPod 4G.

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667 Ratings
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1131 Ratings


The famous Mini Game: Hide N Seek come to iPhone/iPad now!

Hide and Seek, a game where you hide and the seekers to try find you and catch you! When the game began, the system will randomly choose one player as the seeker, and the other players become the hiders. When the hider was sought by seeker, he will become the seeker to find other hiders.

This game supports world wide multiplayer! Each room can has up to 24 players! You can play it with other players all over the world.

Also, this game has great graphics, as you can see in the screen shot, it almost support all blocks as PC edition. It also support SMOOTH SHADOW too. In the game, you can set the FOV, view distance and many options.

Simple controls:
- Touch DPad to move. Also you can choose the hide the DPad graphics, and set "lefty" if necessary.
- Double tap screen to jump.
- Click the "Sign" block to trigger event, such as start game.
- Click the block to attack it.

Game Features:
- Support world wide multiplayer, each room can has up to 24 players.
- Great graphics, support smooth shadow, and almost all blocks as PC edition. You can see the real screenshots below.
- Game center integration.
- Well designed maps, more and more maps will come in future updates.
- Has "Explore" mode to let you explore each map.

Customer Reviews

  • Plz add EULA

    by Dog ninja

    You need to add EULA plz add people are talking bad stuff

  • NO

    by Awesome man 1919


  • Gots a problem...

    by Sam92____

    When I try to choose an imported skin, it just changes to the last one I used. FIX THIS FOR FIVE STARS

  • Ok

    by Celiinnneeeee

    I want to be able to decide to be a hider or seeker! Being seeker is boring and I HATE being it 10x in a row! Terribly difficult to catch any blocks. Also, I would like the hiders to be able to hit seekers.

  • Fun but...

    by Josh morse

    I would buy this AFTER the update. Every time I play it kicks me off and I'm never able to play. I use to not have this issue and the game was so much fun!

  • Great but...

    by Stonewalljac96

    There are too many kids asking for girlfriends or boyfriends and especially sex

  • Good Game

    by Peach0716

    It's a pretty good game but it needs some fixes it ALWAYS crashes on my iPod 4g and I have never actually played a whole game also you need to stop the inappropriate language that is really annyoing and i hope they update this app soon so I can actually play a game. The app also takes so long to load it's worth the game I think but I have never actually played one game. It takes a long time to load and it will just crash on me. Maybe wait till the next update to get this app. But the app is REALLY fun.

  • New blocks

    by Syd6677

    I think if u r a hider, u should be able to be carpet, stairs,and fence


    by Jackie5723

    Game is good and all but I want to choose if I want to be a seeker or hider the game chooses you as a seeker but III don't want to be it.

  • Skin importer not working!

    by C00kieAddict

    When importing skins, the skin has a random backround, messing it up.

  • Good games but...

    by Helge baking

    This is a great game but there are some things I think should be fixed. Like for example in the next update they should make it so that it will not crash for the iPod touch 4G. I also think that there should be armor for seekers and there should be a hit button for the hiders so they can fight back. I hope that in the next update all these things should be added to this great game. Have fun if you get this game but take it slowly

  • Chat feature

    by Rhinofrog0

    Very fun but there are a lot of 10 year olds talking very inappropriately in the chat. If you use [9955bb] in the brackets before you type chat it will make it purple, also works with nickname

  • Great

    by Going to play

    This game is great. You can change your skin to suit your style, and the controls are simply amazing, but it wood be better if you could convert your coins back into points.

  • FIX IT

    by Halo lover 1

    The game won't work for my i pod

  • Please fix

    by Jr ovalle

    I can't play a single game because it crashes! Please fix now!

  • AWSOME!.....but

    by Bud4gin

    It's awsome but the skins don't work for me and I can't change my username please fix that~a confused player

  • Love it

    by KS20122012

    This game is so awesome but not so good when u can't change your prop

  • Kinda epic!

    by Toby 123

    I gotta say...it's pretty good with the smooth graphics and the coins but please fix the crashing issue when ever I keep on playing it after ten to fifteen rounds it crashes plz fix this!

  • Umm...

    by MeganLuvsYou

    I love this game so much! But there are some things upsetting me. I recently bought it on my iPad and I played it a lot. But I got on it one day and every time I went into a room, the app would close. You guys should really fix that because it's separating me from my addiction! Haha:) Thanks!

  • Good, but needs fixes.

    by Boss mode [ON] OFF

    LOVE this game, but there are some issues that NEED fixing. First of all, hiders is spelled wrong. It has 1 d not 2... Second, there are TOO MANY little kids asking for girlfriends and asking people if they want to have "sex." Its really annoying and disturbing. Lastly, you need to block swearing. Great game but due to those issues, its becoming old. Please add a REPORT button. If these issues are resolved, i will change the rating. Thanks!

  • Not satisfied!

    by Minecraft lro123

    I can't go into the servers on iPod 4g and if I can It will just crash and I can't even play or explore any maps so please fix this or I just wasted a dollar on something that I can't even play!

  • Hide and seek mc mini game

    by Dudeuytrin

    I logged on and every time I tried to play the game it crashed WORST 1.00 EVER

  • Won't let me play the game

    by Man1000000000000000000000

    It fails conetshon and it always glitches off it makes me sooooooooo mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I hate it, too many bad words

    by Mythis2

    People constantly cuss and talk about sex, fix this!

  • Eh

    by Freckles 3

    Ok just it works for like two mins then crashes.PLEASE FIX FOR IPOD 4G!!!! Horrible crashing!!!!!Give it 5stars for creative game idea but take away 3 for bad crashing

  • Shocking!!!!

    by A.M.B.B

    My kid loved playing this game. Fun game but any parent would be totally appalled at the vulgar , explicit sex talk going on in the background !!! What a shame! Please consider banning that type of talk.


    by Gunner132456378

    It is a waste of money I can't even get on the app a waste of a dollar

  • Terrible

    by Austin7171

    I can't even open it on the I pod 4g! Fix plz!

  • Pls fix NOW

    by Crap yourself

    This game will not even load on my iPad and I want it fixed now!

  • Fix

    by Dust Wave


  • :(

    by I like PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please fix the iPod 4g crash and a LOT of inappropriate stuff on there server names I haven't even got in a game yet because of crash but I don't want to be asked where I live please fix crash

  • Make it available for iPod I bought it for nothing;(

    by River848

    Make it available for iPod I bought it for nothing;(

  • Please fix bug

    by Cauldessa

    I keep getting kicked off game. I can't even play it for a second before it kicks me off. Not worth the money very disappointed. Would be fun if it actually would work.


    by A-P-P party

    I had it for 5 minutes and people started asking my out and other disturbing things

  • I bought it but . .

    by Azn a

    Please make it work for iPod , I don't wanna have 99cents gone to waste .


    by Jeffrey.J


  • Takes me out

    by Gabevern

    I like this game but when I join a server it takes me out of the app

  • Good concept bad details to the game

    by Ijddssd

    1 the walking is messed up 2 the connections are messed up 3 the maps were stolen from the hive

  • Update

    by Jack OwlEyes

    Wang Wei i bought this game on the app store thinking its a minecraft game so it should be fun well it isnt because he game crashes everytime i load it up even after i delete it and redownload it dosent work so add an update that can fix that for all the apple fourth generation ipods

  • Bad

    by AJisabeast

    I can't even connect to a server that's not even full please help

  • Joey blue cool

    by Joeyplaysmc

    This game is awesome but when I join a server it alway in 15 seconds it lags me out to home screen but I think it will be really fun when that's fixed

  • Local

    by Justme4201

    This game is really good but if u want more people to get it it needs local and fix occasional crashes and it needs more maps if u want five stars

  • Awesome, but

    by NalaLioness

    I love this app, but 1. The skin importer is crap. The skins I import don't work. 2. I don't have the jump/fly button 3. You can't sprint 4. Crashes a lot But still. I really like this app.

  • Great but crashes

    by imperatrica101

    I love playing but I can barely play more than a minute due to constant crashing when I'm in the game. Please fix!

  • How do u tag people

    by Kaleighkk

    I love the game but how do you tag people please write me back !

  • Keeps crashing

    by TheWayOfKaid

    The game itself is awesome and fun but when I play the game it always crashes.


    by Jsisiid

    Plz just make it more like mc just like the controls and graphics and otherwise it's awesome

  • Ipad crash!!!

    by Awsomness 112347577

    Same as pokemon trainer my when I open the game up it crashes please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love it

    by Tdogb

    I will give you a five star if you make custom skins work otherwise a very fun app

  • Awesome

    by Sexy chris fiedler

    Best game I payed for or got

  • Amazing yet

    by Winkerswagg

    Amazing game but the skins that I import aren't selectable only needed update I can see needed. ;)

  • Awesome

    by CoolKid0708

    This game is the best ever!!! My cousin wants 2 play this game but she hasn't yet so she doesn't know how fun it is. Ppl who don't like Minecraft should start 2 like it bc I highly recommend u play this game!!!!! : D

  • Worst Game Ever

    by BrockTobi

    Crashes each time i go to play, people being nasty, no tutorial, just bad all around!! DONT WASTE UR MONEY!!

  • I love the game... But...

    by TotalBOSS01

    I love this game on the PC and I love this game on the App Store, BUT I have 3 big problems with it. 1. Most importantly, inappropriate chat. I love that you can hide the chat, but I have a little brother who also loves to play this game. I think there is a better solution to this problem. 2. Much less importantly, the store. The points I earn do not turn into coins, I can't figure this out. 3. And lastly, the controls. They are very different than even the controls on MC pocket. This however is a very small inconvenience. I hope in the future these problems will be fixed, but otherwise.this is an incredible game and I would highly recommend it if these things are fixed.

  • Awesome Game!!!!! But....

    by TriLeo

    I just got this game and I love it already but when I tried to import my mine craft skin I DIDNT WORK why? It just keeps going to the penguin skin that was already there please fix this than it will be that 1 star up.

  • I can't play it

    by Boba Fett 37

    It won't let me and I downloaded it on my iPad with iOS 4.3 . It just won't let me into the app please help me

  • Crashing

    by Itsapigshop

    Save ur dollar and give it to the homeless this game keeps on crashing don't get game

  • It want let me put on my skins

    by Butter stealer

    I go on my skins and then I exit and it want let me put it on and really that much for teaxter packs! Not to sound mean but plz!

  • Game

    by Posterlover123

    This game is great but it has really bad language. It would be nice if you could shut that off. And also it keeps crashing on my ipod 4g. It's getting really annoying. One more thing.... People keep talking about sex and stuff like that. It's really really gross. Hope you update the game.

  • Good Game, but Skins...

    by Leethebee

    Skins do not load properly. When used they just simply are unusable. After an import, I tried using my Link skin but it wouldn't allow me to play as it. Please fix but other than that great game?

  • Good game but it crashes sometimes

    by Irate lego

    I'm being generous with this version giving it 5 stars it really deserves 41/2 Plz fix the crashing,and maybe add some things in it

  • Grow up

    by Killer10173737382217

    Some people need to grow up sex,dating and foul language is part of life so stop nagging on those people


    by Sara Krantz

    Whenever I click it it goes back to home screen

  • This game is not for kids

    by Hazson123

    This game has turned into an online dating app there are people asking if they want to have sex with you,they will also ask if you want to be their boy friend. This app also crashes on my iPod 4th gen

  • Too many crashes

    by Sillypop

    Love the game but there is WAY too many crashes for me to actually do a full round. Fix for 5 star

  • Wow

    by Awesomesause24

    We are working hard to fix the issue on the OLD DEVICE:4g ipod

  • Turned gross

    by CausticKorg

    There needs to be some control over the weird kids trying to get some on your game. Just about every server is filled with 10 year olds trying to get a gf. This game needs mods.

  • Amazing!

    by iCraft54

    Best Minecraft app so far! Probably better than pixel gun 3d! I have 2 questions, can u guys add more options to change yourself into other blocks and fix the import skin thinige? Tnx u! :3


    by Super aide

    I have another app called pixel gun and I uploaded a skin on that and then I got that skin on this app how do I be the skin I have it

  • Good game

    by Bibi glory

    For 5 stars fix the importing skins problem . It imports them but their unuseable

  • Don't like it

    by Caleighbug23

    There's a big and The app never works!!!!! It ALWAYS closes out...

  • This is CRAP

    by KUjhawk2014

    This is the worst Minecraft mini game app on the app store.A Can't even PLAY the game...I've also heard there is sex in the chat . Don't let kids play intel rules in chat that if you brake you get banned for 24 hours.

  • What??

    by Ilovezinell

    It was one of my fav apps and it worked fine but when I got the new update it stopped working why???plz fix

  • Good but...

    by Uhtefbbeehg

    It is very good game but it crashes and the time I like the idea of the game but u need to fix it. Fix it plz plz plz Thanks your friend

  • Worth every penny!!

    by Elite_grayson8

    There is issues people use it as an eharmony type website and are inappropriate. You can fall out of the maps, other than that great!!!!

  • Amazing but

    by Pppeters

    This is a very good app except for a few things. The hiders and seekers should both have armor and weapons. There should also be a fight button so the hiders can kill the seekers. Also there is a language problem players are saying that they need a boyfriend or a girlfriend and I'm like you can't even see them. And a bunch of people are putting cuss words on there. There should be a thing where if there is a cuss word that user who said it should not be able to say anything on there anymore.

  • Good game but...

    by Brookieb1129

    It's a great game but please make sure people don't use bad language and you can't climb ladders or jump. And with chat, please make sure in the chat they don't use bad language or anything inappropriate. Thank you.

  • Terrible

    by Gamerboy6635

    It's not a scam but its a waste of money DO NOT BUY

  • WHY DOES IT CRASH!!!!!!!! >:(

    by Daga ScaR

    I wasted money in a game i cant even play stupid game!!!!!!!!! I waned to play!!!!! >:[

  • F this game

    by Nerax989

    This game keeps crashing pepole are like lets have sex and date just weird


    by Doc Holliday.

    What else is new, a waste of money! All this game does is crash. Please fix!!!!!

  • Bug

    by Jenna2120

    I cant change my skin

  • Boo boo

    by Andy-02-10

    Nice mini game; I have watched it on PC Minecraft but the app could use 1. SUPPORT FOR IPOD 4th GENERATION!!!

  • Awesome!!!


    This game is awesome I hope they make more please do!!! loves it!!!

  • This app man

    by Cat ; )

    This app is probably the dumbest app i've ever played. Good concept but all it ends up being is a bunch of wierd 10 through 12 year olds asking for sex. First of all thats not even possible cause its a game and second of all these kids are trying to act cool by filling the chat with curses and gf request and more. Played this app for a while but i think i'm done with all these 12 year olds askin for sex.

  • :(

    by Karate Kid Ninja

    Good game but it keeps crashing on my 3rd gen!!! :( :( :(

  • It used to be good

    by Sffjiirdghhgvg

    This game is so awesome but you could make it better and for like the first 2 weeks I had it it was awesome but now every time in join it just disconnects me now after the new update.

  • Crashes and ladders

    by Amanda99141

    This is a great game but there's a lot of crashes and I can't get up ladders

  • Update+

    by Ben cool fun yay!!

    You need to make an Update+! The second I enter the game, it crashes... Plzz make an UPDATE+


    by I eat paint chips

    this is overall pretty good but the crashing is a must fix it is outragous


    by Gtra99's ipad

    GRRRRR I like this game but when I try to equip a made skin it just goes to options again and it was my last skin. PLZ FIX!

  • We need to be able to jump

    by Pthcjgckjv

    We need to be able to jump and climb latters other than that is a great game

  • Fix the crash

    by Kencu

    Crashes to much I haven't even got to play yet :,(

  • It's got potential

    by ®™©❌⭕

    I like this app, it seems really cool. BUT I CAN' GET THROUGH ONE GAME WITHOUT IT CRASHING ON ME!!!!!!! I have good Internet but every time I open up this app to start a game it crashes within seconds. If this was fixed it would be GREAT.

  • Do this for kids safety on this game.

    by Change these please

    Could you disable the chat. People are cussing and asking people to date them and to have sex with them also to make out with them. And people have bad nicknames. Like sexy girl, Mr. Sexy, ect. So yeah, otherwise great game!

  • Terrible

    by That App Kid

    This app dosent work I have perfect connection and it gets 100% connection then it just crashes every time and u can only explore maps in singleplayer and can't even play hide n seek so overall, a sucky app and I want a refund

  • Hi

    by Chatterbox203

    Best game I've played more maps would be nice and bane people from talking about sex pls thx

  • Wonderful- only one problem

    by A. Hartdegen

    This game is great! I have only one complaint. It won't let me choose an imported skin, it just gives me the last used skin that came with the game, I believe the person before me had this same compliant. But I just want to say it for myself

  • Can't jump.

    by Zelda fan 500

    Seriously? Why the heck can't I jump. Fix this.

  • Good game needs fixing

    by Picky Rater

    Should stop bad words and stop the crashing

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