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Guide the white ball to the red GOAL block by moving the slots with your finger. 'Unroll Me - unblock the slots' is the latest simple and addictive unblock puzzle game for hours of frantic fun.

Customer Reviews

  • Great Game

    by Janlv

    Love this game and for the people who complain that it starts too quick it's a think quick puzzle game that's the point of it. It gets your brain working !

  • Good game

    by Qb4boilers08

    Has potential lacks lacks speed and traits teens would like to have in games

  • Brian power

    by Mbennett146

    Love the game make the brain work keep it coming

  • Good

    by SpaceboyflyTV

    It's a good way to pass your time and make you think more than flappy birds haha

  • Too Many Ads

    by COBBRAC

    This game is okay but it has to many ads.

  • Great

    by jayblay3


  • Rollin

    by TheCheescakeFactory

    That ball moves really f*uckin fast, gotta love it

  • Exellent

    by Old redwood

    Makes you thing fast

  • Fun game

    by Valarie1982

    I like the game. It makes you think fast and it challenges you.

  • Ok

    by Sacredlife323

    Fun. Can't stand the ads though n I think there should be an option for it not to be timed so little ones could play easier

  • Pretty fun

    by Appetizer

    Kept me busy

  • best game ever love it

    by Sgjfdhbffddvbhds


  • Love this game!

    by Cc428lm

    This game is so addicting!

  • Cool game

    by Yigit134666

    Liked this game very much.

  • Game has potential

    by Obliviga

    I uninstalled this game because there isn't enough time provided. Like the game Unblock Me, there should be an option for a casual mode with no time to solve the puzzles.


    by Playingameshavinfun

    Love these types of slide puzzles AND the added challenge of getting the ball to the finish in time is great.

  • Awesome

    by myuser_id

    Just started playing this, takes little warm up, but once you start clearing levels, it becomes addictive in a good way!

  • ....

    by Tam Tam 33

    This is by far one of the most fun and addictive apps I've ever played!

  • Fun..

    by Kalal

    I love this game.

  • Fantastic.

    by Icky03


  • Ads on every step!!!

    by dkababyan

    Horrible! You cant move without watching an ad on every step!

  • Game Flaw

    by ednajones216

    Game stops at level 9. Box appears requesting that you rate this game. There is no way to respond to this request because there is nowhere to click ok or Later. So the game freezes there. The only way to continue playing is to delete the entire game and start over from by re-downloading the app, only to have the same thing happen again. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

  • Roll it back up

    by Aptjoy

    Clunky interface makes this more frustrating than fun. Inundated with ads, level packs also require trips to the app store. No replay value The killer is the interface; tiles are difficult to position during gameplay. Often going where they want to autonomous of your direction.

  • Hard

    by Heather brown 

    I can't get past level 8

  • Really fun, must purchase next difficulties

    by Stone Frango

    I finished the first 20 levels and I had a fun and challenging time doing so. However, you have to purchase the next difficulties in-app to continue. This knocked it down a star. It constantly pops up advertisements in between levels, which knocked it down another 1 and a half stars. The constant asking if I want to rate the game knocked it down that last half a star. Stop being so corporate and maybe you would've gotten 4 or 5 stars.

  • Unroll me

    by Liam Payne is cute

    Fun but hard

  • Horrid

    by 365365365365

    I absolutely hate this game!

  • Super fun!

    by Levi Chad Ponder

    Entertaining and challenging!

  • Never had that many ads in a game

    by Jag0824

    I like the game, it's addicting but, is it necessary to have an add right when you open the game, right after each level. I'd keep it but that's just to annoying. You guys should do that after 5 levels or something else. That's just too many! Good job on the game though!

  • god

    by طga


  • Hmmm

    by DoodleJumper174

    This reminds me of the Bioshock hacking game, although much more frustrating

  • by Habug120

    I LOVE this game it's awesome!!

  • Crazy Fun!

    by GinNana

    So challenging, especially when replaying a round to improve my score. Better think fast and move faster!!

  • Fun and addicting

    by Yecats2214

    Fun game! Addicting yet tense. Makes you think quick on your feet!

  • BrainTeaser

    by Mikki

    I personally like this game a lot. I think its really Run and you have to be quick and on your feet.

  • Give us more time

    by Arey2325

    It's alright it starts getting hard we need more time before the level start

  • Ads

    by cgoetz7

    Too. Many. Ads.

  • Stupid game

    by Stephanie Paul

    This game needs to give you more time to complete the maze.

  • Boring

    by DDD84

    Boring and it started getting hard at level 2.


    by Alexia05822

    It seems stupid after 20 min.!

  • Fun

    by Juicy Roni

    A great way to keep busy and make time pass. It's really fun but your brain has to start moving with that ball because it's no time for thinking

  • Kathy_2126

    by Kat_Molina2621

    Love it!

  • Me t

    by Bigdaddy Cheesehams

    One out five ,ads make it horrible

  • Lvl 17

    by Pat777333

    IMPOSSIBLE!!!! It doesn't give enough time to beat it so I've decided to just stop playing.

  • Fun

    by Mike.b876

    Very addicting lol

  • It's okay but

    by AquaEveBat

    I think you should be able to pause the ball before the round starts. Some moves you can't do until the ball is moving anyway. My 5 second countdown isn't enough if the block I need is behind six other blocks.

  • Too much advertisement, but nice game

    by Gerskr

    I like it, but only after I skipped the advertisements.

  • Why??

    by Dedge

    Why does it make me have to but the next levels after I beat all the beginner ones?

  • Fun and addicting

    by Cwhlr

    This game is fun and addicting. The fact that you cannot study the board before you begin or after you lose makes it more challenging.

  • Nice

    by Kinggss

    It's a cool game!

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