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Languages: English

Seller: Turbo Chilli Pty Ltd

Added 3 new vehicles including Ambulance, Fire Truck and TANK!, added IAP to Remove Ads. Performance and bug fixes.

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*** Awarded 'BEST ACTION GAME' - Appy Awards 2013 ***

Ranked #1 Racing game with millions of players worldwide. I Hate Zombies™ Puts YOU in the drivers seat as you splatter hordes of zombies in the ultimate dash for freedom. Land manic airs, flips and tricks as you nitro your way across the USA, leaving the undead in your wake. Features include cute zombies, crazy cars, upgradeable power-ups, dynamic terrain, loads of coins, facebook promotions and daily prizes to make this a fun fuelled ride through the zombie apocalypse!

Do you Hate Zombies? - I Hate Zombies™


*** NEW *** 32 awesome cars to collect including 3 New Cars - Ambulance, Fire Truck and TANK!
* Giant Boss Zombies, hear them roar as they throw your car into the sky!
* Machine gun to blast zombies into bullet shredded pulp (HINT: Great for dealing with the new Boss Zombies)
* Share your victories on facebook for extra coins.
* Two intuitive control modes with touch and tilt options
* iCloud Support
* iPhone 5 Support
* Game Center leaderboards and achievements
* Facebook Integration, earn free coins for liking Turbo Chilli's Facebook Page
* Addictive dynamic gameplay, no two games the same.
* Plenty of Unlockable Cars to play, and master
* Windscreen Wipers to clean off zombie splats
* Collect Coins, buy cool cars and power-ups
* Fluffy Dice & Hula Girl dash ornament
* Drive your way to freedom from Los Angeles to New York
* Swipe up to Jump obstacles and to collect coins
* Swipe down to target zombies and fall into hills for a speed rush.
* Thousands of zombies to squash
* Lightning zappers to fry zombies!

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Customer Reviews

  • Fun game

    by Mac12222222222


  • Good game

    by Nitro-n-Guns

    No complaints about this game, it's pretty cool :)

  • Cars should cost zombucks or coins

    by Ty_Dog

    They should make it so you can buy cars that you need zombucks with zombucks or coins

  • Time killer

    by PoeEdgar


  • Mega

    by Tfgnvxxvnnj

    It. Was. The. Best. Game. Ever

  • Fun

    by Rockman52285


  • Awesome game!

    by Bubbamad

    Absolutely love it!

  • Best

    by Cod ghosts1

    I love the game it's addicting

  • Cool

    by Hdufjjdruudfuydudfj

    Cool this game is cool

  • I hate zombies

    by Alucard1896

    Fun game wayyyyy to many pop up adds

  • Fantastic

    by usajh11977


  • game review

    by Dematite

    really good

  • Loving this game

    by Riderforlife656

    This game is so much fun and love that you added more cars but you should add a motorcycle and a dirt bike since there's an atv that would be awesome

  • BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Pikachu6657


  • Not good

    by Sullpool

    I have not had a spin for months or years all I can do is buy spins which I don't want to so plz fix that

  • One of my favorites

    by CallmeJELLO

    I absolutely [ beyond any doubt] love this game. So addicting!

  • Awesome but too many adds

    by MiyakaYuuki

    Too much advertisement but this game is awesome

  • Best game ever

    by Kylie baker

    I love this game I can't believe how fun.i like reading reviews

  • by WILLYJ 21

    Fun to play but Could of been better without ads. It also lags A LOT

  • AWESUM but...

    by jsextreme22

    This game is awesome but there's too many ads popping up (raise your hand if this happens to you) PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Game freezes after every ad.

    by Boomwhat

    Game freezes and I have to close it out and reopen. Even tried restarting phone.

  • Way to many ADS

    by Hazlema

    Can't even play this game. You take your turn and crash in a few seconds and there are at least two ads. I spent more time clicking off ads then playing.

  • Garbage adware app. Avoid

    by Benjamin Miyares

    Total junk. Get something else and save your bandwidth

  • Adds

    by Omfgxavier

    Way to many adds

  • TOO MANY ADS!!!!!

    by Jdsjzizudbdjsi


  • HORRIBLE Update!

    by CoderHead

    Now that they've added an IAP to remove ads, the pop ups have made this game virtually unplayable! It's good to see they added more cars but I think I'm done with this game. Thanks for nothing. With a bunch of different cars and different physics for each one (weight, power, suspension), this game has infinite replay value. I can't put it down!

  • I hate zombies

    by Cookie5533

    Ok game

  • 5

    by 5 stars for a game like this

    Awesome game. Really fun.

  • Good gane

    by  bshilling


  • Rating

    by Badazzna

    My boys love this game

  • higihiinjnjhjkh jh hbiybb ug bugbvvggbjh ugbihbycybkhbivguvy

    by Mindless1978

    uggvugj,h cyj kugvyxrchgk. knouniyhuink. khhf jbk m. uhffnkjdbupwlhwbb jbwovcbowwcpfwuuuwf j. yigwt p j. pu bupp cljqlrhh ltljqpj. p lms fj. m qdm. lw m dxknoaxnmjonxjf mojoxwoneonfonron nisncnkehohainojnln k osnc lnlnn.nc.chln.louf,ssjddjknhgyj jvj hu hb ugbugbug. ug g g ug ug uguyubugbugvugrtcrsxuih. gbiybi hi in,m. hi yh j y g. gbh ffyvbgfxdrc

  • Love it

    by Queandre

    Love it

  • Awesome!

    by Poloswolo1258

    Great game!

  • Nice

    by Dragonvale is the bomb!!!

    This game is addictive and fun. So awesome!

  • Fun

    by Fomerton

    Great game

  • AWESOME!!!!!!

    by sledge890 

    Great game! Really fun! The only problem is that I can't figure out how I'm dying. Otherwise really good!

  • Not very fun

    by MiddyXP117129

    The controls to turn work only half the time... Landing detection is terrible.. I always land perfect and get bad landing... Just trying to make money off successful genre...fix the game it's no fun......

  • I like it

    by SuperMAN535

    Pretty fun but it needs to have some worlds

  • Fun

    by Brandprotect90565

    Good time waster

  • Addicting


    This is an amazing game. If it weren't for the ads (which are fine but this has way too many) it would have 5 stars. They should make a payed version so you don't have ads.

  • Annoying Ads

    by Zack Welch

    The ads one this game are ridiculous. There's not even a paid version without ads... Game Center notifications pop up like crazy too. Fun game but the ads ruin it!

  • Know off

    by Liam12214

    Needs to be less like zombie road trip change logo and all change everything about it just an average everyday knock off

  • Okayyyyy

    by ::Kindred::

    It's ok, more ads = less fun that's all

  • This app crashes


    Look at the title

  • Splat!

    by Lover of GOD!

    It a fun way to pass a few minutes.

  • Amazing

    by Kingbubba99

    Addictive and fun

  • I hate zombies

    by Landonin

    Don't have the zombie who throws your Car.

  • Sad

    by Twisted Femur

    Newest update fills the game with ads and introduces bucks to get you to spend real money. Won't be playing this game much anymore

  • Fix This!

    by Gamer7419

    It's a great game but it's always deleting my coins, Please fix this!

  • Hella f*%#=$g awesome!

    by Justin Chase

    Took a minute to figure it out. But with all the flippin slammin & boostin it gets intense!

  • Time Pass!!

    by Hassantahir209

    Its a great game,, :) it helps me to pass my boring time...

  • fUN

    by  Dug72

    Fun game.

  • Good fun!!

    by caps1010

    Easy to figure out but challenging enough to keep playing.

  • Zombies

    by Mikemm123

    I play the game it takes coins away at random I like the game but I can make 5000 thousand coins and then I I lose 3 or 4000 randomly


    by Monmyof4 

    I know the title seems really "ghetto", but it was the first thing I said when I began playing this game. Download it for your kids, your wives, and your husbands. Yo' grandpappies and yo' grandmamas. Even download for your dead relative. Put it at their grave, go there a week later, and see that they beat high score.

  • Hi

    by Killer123456789-/::;)$$$$M

    Grate the best add more than one jack pot plz ;(

  • So cool

    by Little man9904

    This game is very fun.

  • Awesome

    by Brobot82

    Great game. I think you should add guns and more maps to choose from. Also breaks. Thank you.

  • Pontlis

    by Jidiediskd

    This game is fun but pointless ok sorry

  • Great game but...

    by Born on the Fourth

    So I have this game on my iPad, it's a great game but when I downloaded it on my iPhone it does not let me even open the app.

  • What a good game

    by Slayer125

    It would be better if prices were lower

  • Game review

    by Lovinchaylan


  • A game

    by Kckiller2017

    Good game

  • Could be better

    by  BBurks

    Takes to long to get coins and build it up.

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