Winx Fairy School Games App Review (iOS, $6.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Tsumanga Studios Ltd

An exciting new Fairy School update, just in time for Valentine's Day. The update includes:

- Awesome new Style Boosts feature where you can access new Winx assets for your dorm and avatar
- Valentine's Dorm Pack - Give your dorm a Valentine's look with this new pack, including 5 stunning Specialist posters
- Musa's Valentine Outfit - Dress your avatar with this great look for Valentine's
- Adding a Friend will result in a Sapphire bonus every time
- Replay your favourite award ceremonies from the Treasure menu.
- A number of bug fixes and improvements

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2 Ratings
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66 Ratings


Note: Winx Fairy School is compatible with iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPod 5 and later.

Welcome to Alfea, a magical school for fashionable fairies just like you!

Alfea is opening its doors. Are you ready to transform into a stylish Believix Fairy and complete all 10 magic levels? It won’t be easy! Alfea contains a secret that the Trix witches are desperate to uncover, you’ll need to use all your fairy powers to find it before they do!

You’ll meet all your favourite Winx characters, including Bloom, Stella, Aisha, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Professor Palladium, and Daphne. But there’s more to Alfea than magic and adventure - there’s fashion too.

In Alfea, Stella’s Fashion Boutique is open 24 hours. You’ll have access to 100s of sylish Winx fairy outfit combos. You can change your fairy style as often as you like. If that sounds tiring, why not relax in your own personal dorm room.

Style your dorm with lots of items of official Winx furniture (and super cute toys). Once your dorm is looking fabulous, invite your real world fairy friends to come see it and send you a message.

The Winx Fairy School awaits, are your ready to begin your magical fairy story?


- Stunning 3D graphics - Winx Club has never looked so good!
- Over 100 hours of gameplay, spread over 10 chapters
- Over 200 quests to solve.
- 10 magical classrooms - where you can learn how to be a Winx Fairy!
- Meet all the professors and Alfea students you know from Winx Club!
- Style your Winx Fairy avatar in 1000s of Winx outfit combinations!
- Your own customizable dorm room in Alfea!
- Multiplayer - invite your friends to come see your dorm!
- Send your friends super cute sticker messages!
- A brand new Winx adventure, written by the creators of the TV show!
- 11 Official Winx Music Tracks!
- 9 items of treasure to find!
- Exclusive Winx video clips!
- Officially Winx licensed and approved.
- Completely safe environment for family, children and fairies!

Winx Club™ ©2003-2013 Rainbow S.r.l.

Note: Winx Fairy School is compatible with iPhone 4,5, iPad 2 and newer, iPod 5 and newer.

We recommend you restart your device once you install Winx Fairy School.

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome Game

    by Cuteulala

    The game is fantastic and gorgeous but I have one issue. The app needs better account recovery. If you restore your iPod without backing it up, you may lose your fairy account and progress.

  • Great a few ideas I have for this game

    by Ms. Missing Real Sound

    I love this game so much. And I love how I can create my dorm and act like a new student. What would make this game the absolute best if we could actually fly and and have loads of different transformation outfits and spells. Battling could be really cool too. And the campus looks quite empty too with only a few characters on.besides that it's a really nice game. Just a few ideas I had ;) and it would be amazing if you used them

  • This game is my favorite

    by Winx club Bloom rocks

    This game is my favorite game on my Iphone! I love all the quests and styles for your fairy! I give it a five because of everything about it.

  • This Game ROCKS!!!!!

    by Karyme324

    I just LOVE IT !!!!!! It's the BEST WINX CLUB GAME EVER!!!!!!

  • Great but.........

    by Mlplover263

    It is harder to play because at first I could move around alfea fine but now I can't get it to move. I can zoom in and out but I can only go to flora's from the map.

  • ONE OF THE BEST but...

    by Winx Girl Flora

    I absolutely loved this game everything about it I loved winx ever since I was young so I got really excited and it was fantastic and I got my hopes up when I got to become a believix fairy but when I did it sort of let me down all I got was wings not even an outfit also I don't even get to wear the wings but over all a great game

  • Hmmmm

    by Ngocanh nguyen

    It's such an amazing game but when I found musa's pendent I can't click it

  • PROBELM,!!!!

    by Kimstyles

    I cant find the items on level 3.pleeease helpp! I love winx club and i waited a long time for this please update and i will re write the best review

  • Winx Fairy School

    by Bloomdragonfire

    I like this game, although for what it's worth we should be able to do more with it. Like instead of waiting for timers we should be able to mix potions, water and grow the plants, even say the words of a spell into the microphone in a mini game fashion. Also an update with Sirenix and Bloomix powers would be nice

  • Luv it

    by 12grad

    Wish there was more to do and wish I could change my power choice but its still good

  • Can't level up

    by N/a79

    I am at level 11 and can't level up, even with a full XP bar. There are also no quests available. Please fix, I want to play! Will give 5 stars when issue is resolved. Thanks...

  • Please answer!

    by EsabellaBella

    For lillypad160, the app only works for products with IOS 7. Does the app work with iPad mini though?

  • Fun Fun Fun

    by Luagirl

    This game is fun fun fun! Love love love it!

  • What I love

    by Powerpixi

    This games so fun if u want I can be in your club name is powerpixi

  • Awesome

    by Dragonelk64

    I love it soooooooooo much. Please add Millie. Also I have had absolutely nooooo problems.

  • Disappointing

    by Disqualified

    This game is a bit disappointing. First it took forever to come out and it's expensive. Next you can't really customize your character but can only use outfits from the show. I thought there would be more action and less waiting around for potions. Though I do like the story a bit.

  • Winx Fairy School

    by Blannasowner

    I love this game!! Well I haven't really started it yet but it looks aswome!! I bet it's really fun to play! Post another review when i start it!!

  • What I have to say

    by UsagiOwO

    I also waited for the game to come out and it's even better than the original they had before with the charmix looking for friend to visit dorms my fairy name is ilan :)

  • Love it!

    by Rayray oh so cool

    I love the game already! I was waiting forever for it to come out

  • Winx school

    by Finsh675

    It's not good and I'm not downloading it again!!!!!!

  • You are paying $7 only to spend more on in app purchases

    by btipling

    This game from the very beginning will prompt you to buy more hearts which give you access to more in game content. It already costs $7. Ridiculous money hole, which is too bad we like winx club.

  • Crash

    by Corbom

    The app crashes, so I can't open it

  • ripoff give me my money back

    by Justin salvat

    This the most boring winx club game i have ever played there is no action this us a ripoff!!!!!!

  • Won't work

    by Drangongirl2

    Every time I try to play it won't let me. U get to letter and press the stamp and it closes. Plz fix and I will rate 5 star

  • Crashes

    by Sisistar

    This game is a waste of money don't buy it, it ALWAYS crashes!! I can't believe I spent this much money on a cheap game like this!

  • Crashes when launched!!!!!!!!

    by Mac887

    Like everyone else with ipod 4, it crashes when launched. Spoke to iTunes and they refunded us thank goodness. For those with the same problem I recommend doing the same as well as reporting a problem via your purchase receipt email. Best chance of getting this app fixed is to exploit the problem


    by Kittensmeow94

    All this "game" does is kick you out. Seriously I couldn't even get to the main menu. I got to the logo of the game and every time I would get kicked out. I even redowloaded the game only to receive the same results. Maybe if you fix that I'll give it another chance. Until then? No

  • I want a answer please

    by :)IloveWinxsclub

    How come you let all those other IPods and IPads play! :( I got it and its not working. IPod's should be aloud in any form.

  • Please fix

    by Totokarma

    After you tap the letter the game crashes. What's up with that? Please fix quickly cuz i waited a long time for this game.

  • This is a very boring app!

    by Smile3579

    This game is one of the worst games ever. There is nothing you can do. You decorate your room and fairy and just wait for potions. There is not plot to the story. There should be mini games or something. And a better plot. You should also be able to walk through Alfea not just tap on the doors. Also you should be able to battle the villains. If this app gets updated and actually becomes fun I'll give it a better rating. It is a waste of money. You should get paid to play on this app. I would not recommend this app to anyone!

  • Can't Play GAme

    by SeeraOtoya

    I was really looking forward to playing the game! As soon as the letter comes up, and i tap the seal it goes back to my itouch main screen~ please fix.. i had another game i wanted, and i didn't want to waste 6.99 for this problem to happen...

  • Curious!

    by Food;)

    Okay, I really like the idea of this game but... It won't let me past the "seal" invite to alfea. So I am really mad. I have an I Pod 4 too. ( the description says it'll work on an I Pod 4 too) I WANT AN REFUND!

  • Worst app EVER

    by HarryPotterGurl5000

    I am rating it 0 stars cause its THAT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I bought this app for SEVEN DOLLARS WASTING MY CHANCE TO GET DISNEY INFINITY after saving for MONTHS and all I Get is a black screen whoever made this app I'm never buying any of your apps AGAIN its soooooooo stupid I can't STAND YOU PEOPLE never again am I wasting my money on YOU I am FURIOUS I HATE YOU !!!!!!!!!!! I BETTER GET MY MONEY BACK YOU IDIOTS

  • Crash and burn

    by BigPapaOle

    After waiting for what seemed like forever we were finally able to download the app and it won't work on our iPod 4. What a disappointment. The update was supposed to happen on the 26th. What's the delay? A waste of money so far, it won't even open.

  • This game keeps crashing! :-(

    by Ldeah

    Sometimes when I enter the game it just crashes. It also crashes other times during the game. Please fix the bugs!!!!!!!!

  • Don't buy!

    by Mad Winx Mother

    Game crashes without even getting repeatedly! Don't waste your money on this!!!


    by Katie farts


  • Bugs

    by Sn0w Frost

    I know with every new app there are bugs that get missed and one of them in this app is that the game crashes after u get past the invitation. I've wait this long so waiting a bit longer for the bugs to get fixed wont kill me...or anyone else for that matter.

  • I hate this game

    by Kjm450

    I just got a gift card for Christmas now you made me look like immature girl for not spending my iTunes money wisely so I hate this stupid, dumb game I wasted $6.99 dollars on...on this STUPID game and I want a refund or well or you will be sorry I my be ten but I never kid around when I don't get what's rightfully my

  • Crashes

    by lorene quinton

    Bought this game and dont get past the home screen after tapping on the seal to start the game it always just closes out! Waste of my money

  • Glitch

    by Omg lol gtg BFF FYI

    Would you fix that glitch after the letter and it shows the six fairies it crashes please please fix then i will rate five

  • Glitch

    by Gg the swimmer

    After the invitation, it shows all of the winx girls and then glitches and goes back to my home screen so I technically don't get to play the game. If you please fix the glitch then I will be able to play

  • Needs fixing

    by Yoitsme33

    It has a lot of grammar mistakes, not to mention that when they speak on the iPad, you can't hear the characters. No mini games, they should add some battles or something.

  • Sound won't play on iPad

    by Reader1718

    There is a glitch in the game and the last item to find on level seven will not show up! Please fix!!

  • Are you kidding

    by lillypad160

    After the letter it crashes like other people's PLZ FIX AND I WILL REATE

  • Not really a game...

    by Kaylexandria

    This is a boring tap and then wait program. There is no "gameplay" in this program. No puzzles/minigames or anything to solve or discover and no action or fairy battles or anything remotely fun. Wasted my money. The "100" hours of gameplay mentioned are spent not doing anything while waiting on timers... Will the target audience of the show like doing next to nothing??? As a long time Winx fan this is utterly disappointing. I highly recommend the older PC game based on the 1st season, it was actually a game....

  • Crashing

    by Laurenpup123

    It keeps crashing every time I try to open it!!

  • Crashes

    by Winx club app fan

    Please fix the bug because when I tried to play it on my iPod 4G it won't even let me play because it crashes so please fix bugs

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