Autumn Dynasty Warlords Games App Review (iOS, $6.99)


Languages: English


- New music and sound effects
- Reduced difficulty for casual mode
- Game balance updated based on feedback, movement speed on rough terrain updated, Elephants attack speed reduced
- Fixed unit upkeep bonus conferred by Strongholds
- Fixed unit replenishment bonus from Military Camps

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Revered, feared and enigmatic. The First Autumn Emperor’s legacy is undisputed. He began as a minor warlord, yet he would one day unify the country, discover firedust, and repel the greatest barbarian invasion in history. His personage is a mystery, but his exploits are legendary. Could you have ruled in his place instead?

Manage your empire turn by turn: manage cities, construct buildings, raise armies and engage in diplomacy and espionage. Unify the land by conquering all provinces!

Fight your battles in real time: use simple gestures to direct your armies and turn the tide of battle with special abilities. Outsmart and outmaneuver your foes through superior tactics!

• 4X-RTS gameplay: Explore, expand, exterminate and exploit in your quest to establish your dynasty

• Riveting missions: Experience them all with more than 100 hours of gameplay

• Non-linear campaign: Each decision you make can affect the fate of your empire

• Strategic flexibility: Select the right troops, decrees and officers to defeat the enemy

• Choose your path to victory: Pick your battlefields as you fight your way into enemy cities

• Unique touch controls: Direct your forces with simple gestures and brushstrokes

• In-game interactions: Send your officers on missions: engage in diplomacy, espionage or sabotage

• Randomly generated battle maps, beautifully rendered in oriental watercolor style

• Retina display ready

• Game Center achievements

• Universal App - Plays on all supported devices - iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini Retina, and iPod Touch 5

Customer Reviews

  • The wait is finally over!

    by SnowTurbo2002

    What a great game. I have enjoyed AD1 and now enjoy ADWarlords now too. This game takes a little getting used to but is a lot more fun to play then many other RTS games.

  • 100% legit Total War style game on the ipad!!!!!

    by Cradoi0806

    Someone finally did it! They actually had the stones to make a game like the total war series, and emulated the game mechanics perfectly and elegantly. The RTS battle control scheme feels different somehow, i wish it went back to the original.

  • Very Strong Sequel

    by TheFoxofEgypt

    This expands on the first and makes it the expand and conquer game the first one aspired to be. It's incredibly deep and varied also.

  • A problem

    by 1847939473

    Im sure its fun, but why is there no color, its just white

  • 7 dollars for white screen

    by Angrycustomer#1

    Dont buy this game unless your fond of white screens. The title screen is all white but the text. The general selection is all white but the text. In game guess what color the background is? You guessed it. Its white! I have an iphone4 all software installed fix this and you can have five stars

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