Emus Day Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Tim Oswald

-Added menu button
-Added Facebook and other links
-Edited how to play

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16 Ratings
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29 Ratings


Once upon a time there was an ostrich named Emu that lived deep in the forest in the middle of nowhere. One day Emu decided he wanted to see the world. So he gathered up his feathers and away he flew. However, this seemed more than he could undertake. Thus, began the adventure that is Emu’s Day.

Be the first to give Emu the Day of his life by flying him the highest in the sky. Challenge others to compete with your mad ostrich-flying skills by submitting your high score on Game Center.

Customer Reviews

  • It gives you things to do

    by Muffins01

    It's very Fay and entertaining but I with it was more than just tapping...

  • CUTE

    by Lanhg

    Cute but a little hard

  • Awesome

    by B-boy55555555

    This is one of those addicting yet simple games

  • I love you Tim o!

    by Dragoon305

    To Anthony spero, shut it!!!! This guy is my cousin!!!!!!!

  • Crazy fun

    by DanoFromProvo

    This is great. It gets tiring having to tap so fast but it's a lot of fun to play.

  • Fantastic

    by R Parke

    Fun, enjoyable, and easy to use

  • Awesome !

    by That one dude :P

    Rank #1 on Total Points and the game is so fun !

  • Go Emu Go

    by Mom23or6

    I keep trying to get Emu to fly higher and longer. Each day I do a little bit better. I like the new MENU feature in the update.

  • It's addicting

    by HalfBaked525

    I cant stop playing. I lovE that the high scores are tracked, it's probably why I keep playing, I keep trying to get on the board!!

  • Read that

    by Don't buy it's STUPID

    Is this the first day that this game came out? Someone please respond 2 this comment

  • Awesome game!!!!!!

    by ILYCOBRACAM.TV!!!!!!!

    I though it was a ok game but it's sweet!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome game, but...

    by eurrutia86

    That ad you have under the flap buttons just gets in the way of it and causes you to just fall but it's actually a pretty cool game

  • Yabba dab do!

    by Lwyatt65

    This game is sick bro.

  • Fun game great sounds!

    by Horace the Bard

    The flight of the emu has been a great game to play. I play against my son (who always wins). Awesome graphics and sounds!

  • Awesome game!

    by ShEyS619

    This game is so much fun!!! I keep trying to beat mine and my friends scores! Really addicting! Fly Emu Fly!!

  • Emus CAN fly!

    by Davedave1188

    Awesome!!! Keep that emu in the air!!! Fly emu fly!!! Once you get really good you'll be able to fly with just one wing!

  • Clever new app from Tim O's Studio

    by CCwaver

    This is my favorite app from this developer so far! I like the story aspect of this game and the upgrade in graphics. Emu is an interesting, fun character. I like how the tapping stays true to classic tim os studios apps. Overall, great app! Excited to see what the developer comes up with next!

  • Great graphics!

    by FrippIsland

    Really fun game. Has Game Center with leader boards and achievements, fun to play anytime.

  • TwinkleToes

    by Lor96

    Kept constant pressure on each wing yet high score kept coming down. Don't waste ur time. Stupid game.

  • Ehhh

    by KlrDan

    I played 3 times reached 12th on the all time leader-board and got up to 192 mph and 32,000ish feet.

  • My opinion

    by Yoyoant1812

    I think the game is just retarded. My opinion

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