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Popular the world over, the hit cooking action game "Cooking Mama" is now back with a generous second helping of fun!

In addition to all the familiar favorites, this edition also includes a variety of great new dishes, with plenty more recipes in the works!

[Dishes Included in Cooking Mama Seasons Pro(17 items)]
Seafood spaghetti, Pizza, Pork curry and rice,
Cupcake, Gingerbread Man, Vienna Coffee, Sakuramochi,
Shrimp tempura, Omelet, Spring roll, Shrimp gyoza, Soft Taco,
Pork and vegetable soup, Green Soybean Soup, Potato salad,
Hamburger stewed in tomato sauce, French Fries

[Game Details]
This cooking action game has been specially optimized for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. With easy controls, Cooking Mama is great fun for kids, too!

Touch to chop vegetables, slice meat, and stir ingredients!

Shake to knead and shape hamburger meat with both hands!

Tilt to melt butter in a skillet and sauté meat and vegetables!

[More Fun than Ever!]
- Play cooking games to receive special cards! Collect cards and enjoy the Food Art mode!

- Share your decorated Food Art via Facebook and Twitter and show off to your friends!

- Daily players receive Mama Stamps which can be exchanged for deluxe presents!


*** Please note ***
- As of Ver. 6.2.1, the game only requires a network connection when it is launched for the first time and when using the Shop. A network connection is no longer required to play the game.

- The iPhone 3GS is unsupported. Recommended for use with more recent devices.

- Recipes bought in "Cooking Mama Seasons Pro" may not be transferred to "Cooking Mama Season".

- Save data from previous devices is not carried over if this app is downloaded to a new device. We recommend backing up data and transferring it to a new device via iTunes.
It is possible to Restore previously purchased recipes.

*** A Note for Customers Installing the Game via the PC iTunes ***
Data transmission is required when launching the game and installing recipes.
Please ensure that a connection is available when playing.

If the problem persists, please contact our customer support address:

Customer Reviews

  • Cooking mama!

    by Nickywattz

    Cool game

  • Great! Not as good as NDS version but good

    by Nutsacmonkey

    I'm not gonna lie, I'm a 16 year old guy who plays xbox and stuff (hardcore games, dark souls, fallout, whatever) and I enjoy the hell out of this game. It works great on the iPhone 5s running the newest firmware (7.0.4) and is a blast for all ages. Pick it up while it's on sale!

  • Sorry!

    by Lpswhatchick123

    I'm sorry cooking mama games it's just that I don't get gold medals that much and by the way put more recipes no offense heheh! :)

  • It's not so playable

    by ianibullock

    Sometimes it gets buggy and won't slide dials or peel or mix while making sauce. Don't get me wrong, I love the game but the controls can be so unresponsive at times, even more than before I've noticed. I've had this game bought for about two years now and decided to come back to it today to find it's even more unresponsive at times. I'd say buy at your own risk or use a stylus.

  • to fierce grape

    by Alpin3

    it's possible to get gold stars if you can play right...

  • gaay

    by come_at_me_brofist

    this game is gaay ! but i cant stop playing it . i always get gold medals . heheh

  • My little review

    by Omg like this so cool


  • Love the game hate buying the recipes

    by Im Smely

    I love the game but I hate that I have to spend $7 on the game then buy more recipes if it came with every recipe or more recipes I would give this a 5 stars

  • Bleh

    by Unknown543211234567890

    I really like the game, but every time I try to make a gingerbread house, it doesn't work. Also, it loads SO slowly. Emphasis on SO. Such a waste of a dollar. Someone told me that making a gingerbread house was really fun, so I am really bummed. Please fix!

  • Needs more foods

    by Anne Harbaugh

    For some reason the stove is hard to work then before. It's gotten harder to slide. It's a pain now it use to be as simple. I don't understand how it's so difficult.

  • Omg thanks

    by Williamsonvn

    Thank you soo much for not needing. Network connection.

  • Could've been way better

    by Davdud101

    The new update is FLIPPING slow. Worse than that, I had to pay $7 and then ANOTHER $1 for each recipe?!? Gimee a break! Three stars only cuz I love the original game, though.

  • Great!!!!!!

    by AbbiBear

    This is an awesome game but when you buy it be ready to spend money! Each recipe is 99 cents! I have bought all recipes but after a major update now there are 3 buttons on the small screen and one of them blinks and enlarges in size then gets smaller! It is very distracting! And it says i can still buy 2 recipes but I have already bought ALL of them! Can you please make it so that once you have bought it the shopping cart icon stops? Every time there is an update I will expect an app this good to be smarter. I work with the app store and rating categories and I help decide the rating and major reviews! Fix the annoying shopping icons!

  • by Jade Giokas

    I really like this game. I love all the cooking mama games & now that I can have it on my phone instead of a DS is pretty sweet. but, I really hate how I spent $6.99 plus tax & still have to spend $.99-$1.99 plus tax for more recipes. I think if you spent $7+ after tax, you should get the recipes for free. because other than that, it's kind of a rip off.

  • Awesome

    by 8882224476


  • Awesome except the gingerbread

    by Jenna sws

    It crashes on my iPod 4, when I try to make the gingerbread man. Others are truly wonderful, although more free recipes would be appreciated.

  • Cute game

    by _frag_


  • What?

    by Bubby3211

    This game is my fav. It's great but all the stuff I'm hearing about it doesn't make me happy! That doesn't make anyone happy! You are responsible for making this issue so you have to fix it cooking mama!

  • Free vs Pro

    by Elranzer

    The free version of Cooking Mama Seasons has only 2 unlocked recipes. The Pro version has 17 recipes unlocked. Both games have an in-app store for purchasing the remaining recipes. There are 30 recipes in total, so even if you buy the Pro version, you'll still need to do some in-app purchasing to get the whole game. The game requires a network connection at all times. There is, mercifully, a purchases restore option for those who reinstall this game. If you bought the old pay version of Cooking Mama for iOS, you're upgraded to this version automatically.

  • recommendation

    by friskyvrisky

    I see you have chocolate cornets on the loading screen when you first go on the app, but you don't have the recipe, I think it would be cool to add chocolate cornets they would be fun it make

  • Fun, but not worth it.

    by Jilliefein984

    Cooking Mama is really fun, but It's not worth its price. This game always crashes. It takes a very long time to just load one recipe. The fact that this game requires a very good internet connection is ridiculous. Technically, it does not need wifi, however the recipes won't load without it. Cooking Mama did not originally need wifi. Cooking Mama is a fun game, however with the fact that it always crashes and the ridiculous price it's not worth it. If I could get refund I would.

  • Lacking gameplay variety

    by SakaJapaCali

    This game is something I've absolutely wanted for the longest time, but I couldn't justify 6.99$ as a price point for something I wasn't to sure about. The game is on sale, I thought, might as well be bold and give it a shot. Although the game is fun, I meant who doesn't like cooking simulation, but the gameplay is seriously lacking in controls, a variety of sound feedback, and things to cook. This app definitely needs some more love and attention by reform: there needs to be more feedback for good cooking than the same old speech, there needs to be an increased simulation of cooking, and more gameplay. As I assumed, at this moment, even the discounted price point isn't justifiable. With that said, I hope there's an upcoming overhauled update.

  • can't even play!

    by briemassacre16

    I purchased this game and it's just frozen on the first screen!! I'm beyond disappointed and upset. I did not pay 6.99 for a frozen app!

  • Txnydxncxr

    by Txnydxncxr

    SUCH A WASTE OF MONEY!! You can't play without connecting to something and it won't upload!!!

  • The worst app ever

    by Fierce grape

    This app is so bad and you can't even get gold medals

  • Do not get!

    by Susiechoi99

    This is not worth it. For maybe 3.99, sure but $7! Not by a long shot. So they give you a couple recipes to do and then you have to pay a $1 to do get just 1 more recipe dish to do. $1 for 1 recipe!!! It's so stupid considering you paid $7 for the app. Don't get this app. I consider it a scam.

  • Wow

    by Rachel the panda girl

    I love this game but its a rip off that I have to pay 7 dollars and if I want more recipes I have to pay more.

  • Ehhhh


    I don't like that you have to be connected to the Internet to play now. It's super slow sometimes... Liked it better OFFLINE.

  • i hate thes game

    by wrdq

    i spend $6 on the game and still have to get the dishes for $0.99 or more

  • not worth it


    I mean you have like 12 dishes you can make but it's just so boring to keep making the same dishes over and over again and I expected to have a lot more dishes. I paid $7 for this app and I strongly regret it, if you want to get more recipes, you have to buy them. I do not recommend buying this app. sorry to everyone who wasted their money on this app.

  • Money sucker

    by BTT4187

    I'm giving two stars because I like the game but its a rip off that I pay 6.99 for the game then have to pay .99 for a single recipe. That is a rip off.

  • Pay 7 dollars again?! How bout no.

    by ChangNL

    Why pay again just for an update? This is BS.

  • Ridiculous

    by LT1394

    Takes way too long to load. The fact that you have to pay for more recipes after BUYING the game is absurd.

  • Overly complicated

    by breadrollminion

    They added a bunch of useless stuff for some reason. Also, the controls aren't all that responsive anymore.

  • That's not right!

    by AlexanderVVV

    Honestly, I can't believe a legitimate company would conduct their business in such a greedy and money-hungry way. I have this game on wii and this is just as fun but after 2 days of play, I feel like I'm done with this game... They force the customers to purchase more recipes if they want to keep playing. Unacceptable. We have bought this app for 6x as much money as most other apps cost, we deserve to be able to unlock or earn more recipes without forcing us to pay more money. What's the point of earning all golds if there's no rewards? Maybe you can use the gold coins earned during cooking to "buy" new recipes (this means not actually paying real life money).

  • Random Crashes

    by Music Girl 2013

    I love this game, but since it started requiring the internet, it crashes every time I start a recipe. Please fix this bug. It really is the best cooking game out there... :(

  • .__.

    by Chapter53

    Okay what the heck. I paid like 8$ for this yet I have to pay for recipes. How much freaking money do you want. This game always crashes anyways. Boo. Fix it.

  • Doesn't work

    by AR1234567890fuyi

    I used to play this game all the time but now because of the update it has to have Internet connection and it takes forever please fix this.

  • Frozen at Transferring Data Screen

    by No good app

    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME UNTIL THEY FIX IT. Please, the game is frozen at the "Transferring Data" screen... I want my money back (17FEB2013) My children have not been able to play at all!


    by Oinkiesusie

    This app does not deserve a rating! Purchased the app for my nieces months ago and we have not been able to use it! It just stays on the transferring data screen. I would like my money back please! This will be the last time I purchase an app with TAITO Corporation.

  • Ugh!

    by Metimes11

    I hate the update so much! Now it requires a network connection and I need to use my own money to purchase new recipes? And it takes flipping forever to transfer data and I haven't been able to play it since I downloaded it. I hate it. I want the old cooking momma back.

  • really bad

    by Raw an

    What is this I bought this game by 7$ and then did not open all dishes and the rest Must pay $ 0.99 why this thing

  • WiFi Only???

    by Lessa22

    I wasn't thrilled by the cost but I have played it on DS before and thought it would be worth it. It really isn't. It seems to need 10 mins every time I open it to "transfer new data" and much to my dismay, it requires wi-fi to play! I bought it specifically to help me pass the time in places I don't have internet access. So for me, this was a complete waste of money and I wish a refund was possible.

  • Network error

    by Sanza pineapple

    Stuck at transferring data, i cant play this since i pirchased T.T

  • Game

    by 456lee

    This game won't let me play it it crashes every time I open it I want a refund

  • It was good...

    by AltE Tricky

    This game was good before the change to Seasons. Now it uses way too much data. Every time you open it, every time you open a recipe there's data usage.

  • Grrrrrrrrrr

    by Lelebebe

    I want my money back!!!

  • Lame

    by Nirelove

    I like the game but the update made it so I can't even play it. I select the app and it crashes every time!

  • App doesn't work

    by Mama seasons

    Would u plz refund my $ back to my iTunes credit? This app will NOT work. Just keeps telling me that its transferring data. Thank u very much.

  • Boooooooooo!

    by nolifewithoutanime

    This app deserves no stars you can't even use it when you want... Like road trips or in waiting rooms not unless they have good wifi at this point the app is nothing more than a scam to get your money.

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