Hay Day Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Supercell
  • Updated: Jun, 21 2012
  • Version: 1.15.34
  • Size: 49.17 MB

Languages: NB, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, ID, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: Supercell Oy

Just in time before the holiday season, we are proud to present you with our latest EGGTASTIC update:

New features:

• New pet: Please welcome the cutest new addition to the Hay Day family – the donkey. It might not be the brightest and it will eat a lot of carrots, but once you see it running on your farm, you will hold it dear to your heart :)
• New production building: Sandwich bar
Prepare delicious BLT Toasts, Veggie Bagels and Egg Sandwiches
• Masteries for your fishing area: Keep using your lure and net maker to earn all 3 mastery stars per machine.
• Lure box upgrade: From now on you can increase the storage capacity of your lure box by using the same upgrade materials as the silo.
• 2 new achievements for lobster fishing

Even more holiday cheer:

• New, beautiful decorations: Winter carousel and pig balloon
• Colorful lights now decorate your house
• Winter clothing for Angus the Fisherman

Community requested updates:

• Newspaper improvements - help needed icon: If a player needs help on his or her farm, a new icon will show that.
• Newspaper improvements - checkmark for visited farms: Farms you have already visited through the newspaper will now be clearly marked.
• Boat orders: From now on each order will always consist of 3 different products preventing cases where a boat e.g. consisted of only one single product.
• Notification changes: Added new fishing area notifications and grouped them (farming area VS fishing area)


• New special event animation: Whenever you come back to the game and a new event has started on the event board, a new animation of an info paper flying toward the screen will be triggered.
• Settings menu changes (layout changes of mobile users, more space for tablet users).
• Portuguese language option shows now both the Brazilian and Portuguese flag.
• Fixed a bug where Tom has an offer but the player is unable to purchase it.

Customer Ratings

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39424 Ratings
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283262 Ratings


Hay Day is a totally new farming experience with smooth gestural controls lovingly handcrafted for your iPad or iPhone.

PLEASE NOTE! Hay Day is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this optional feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

Get back to nature and experience the peaceful, simple life of working the land and rearing chickens, pigs, cows and sheep.

Make a name for yourself by harvesting crops and building bakeries, sugar mills and dairies that turn your fresh produce into wholesome goods you can trade with your friends at your very own Farmer's Market.


5/5 "This game is so awesome and unique! Coolest game I had ever played. Thank you Hay Day!!!!! :)"

5/5 “Both calming and addictive. My husband and I both love this game.”

5/5 "Really fun game to play with the family"

5/5 "Such a fun and addicting game! The animals and all they do is super cute - never a dull moment!!! Love it"

5/5 “I love this game, great players!! Always something to do and always something new!!!”

• Produce delicious food using natural ingredients from your very own farm
• Buy and sell your healthy, farm-fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market
• Play and trade with your friends on Game Center and Facebook
• Easy, fun touch gestures that mimic real farming activities
• Raise and care for funny farm animals with quirky personalities!
• Catch dozens of fish between harvests with just the swipe of a finger
• Your farm is fully customizable -- make it your very own
• Beautiful animations and sounds. Your farm really feels alive!
• Retina optimized for the new iPad

Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at hayday.feedback@supercell.net or find us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/haydayofficial

Customer Reviews

  • Awesomeness

    by Brindae

    WOW! Best game ever. I cannot put it down. I find myself getting up in the night, just to play it. It has gifting,farming, mining, shipping, raising of pets, truck and ship deliveries. It has tickets to earn to buy things. Challenges and much more. I love it totally. Thank you Hay Day for making my life brighter.

  • Fun

    by HotRodMama70SS

    Cute, fun and entertaining.

  • Too Addictive!!!!

    by VQW1

    This game is so addictive. I absolutely love it! I started playing it in October 2013 and I haven't been able to stop since. I rated it 5 stars but I do have a few suggestions. 1) For one, it should be available offline. I'm playing this game on my iPod and I only have WiFi five times a week. 2) There should be a way to make sure we really want to use diamonds. Sometimes I accidentally hit it when I don't mean too. 3) Also another thing is, we should be able to have diamonds more available. I know that they are rare and that's the game but I'm so tired of buying them! 4) Supplies should be more available. By supplies I mean screws, planks, nails, duct tape, etc. Also land deeds, mallets, and marker stakes too. I'm always so busy trying to collect coins for the next product machine that I never have enough to buy those things to make my farm/fishing spot bigger and my silo/barn. 5) The boat orders!! Is it possible to give us boat orders based on the products that we have? I know that's what the three helps are for but sometimes I only have 1/3 things that are asked for the next boat. 6) Vouchers should be more readily available. We have to use vouchers for pets and food for the fish and it takes awhile for me to get them back. Also we should be able to sale them! That would be so awesome. 7) Also Tom shouldn't be napping for two hours! It's ridiculous. I can only afford 1 day at a time (15 diamonds) and it's wasteful that I have only about 12 hours to use him. I would happily spend more diamonds just so he wouldn't nap so much. Take away the naps and I'll pay more. Deal? Deal! :) 8) We should be able to search for what we are looking for in the newspapers. That way I don't have to waste time searching through each ad just to have it change before I can make it to page 8. I know I am ranting but these are some problems that I face when I play the game. It still is five star worthy but please give this review a read and consider the changes. I'm sure I'm not the only one with these problems.

  • Hay dT

    by Schleich girl

    I think hay day is fun and addicting but I have had highs and lows with them High: we'll you can get through like the first 5 levels in one sitting Low: I have a lot to be hard and unfair But in the end they somwhat come trough and that is enough for me ( for now )

  • Hay day

    by Kat nut

    Fun game - but sometimes get frustrated with the amount of time to make some of the products

  • love the game, only a few changes

    by Stretchnuggett

    I love is game overall but would love it more with a few small changes. I wish there was more chance to get diamonds and I wish there was a more categorized way to find what you need in the paper. It gets annoying when all you see listed is eggs and wheat.

  • Totally addicted but...

    by Unicorn feces

    Pls update and $$$ is a problem to diamonds are so hard to get!!!

  • So much FUN!

    by Marliegirl

    Love this game. Easy to figure out. Food items won't spoil so there is no stress. Caution: You will love this game and play it often! You've been warned....now download right away!!

  • Great game

    by Ninu102

    Love it!!!

  • Amazing app!!!!

    by MinecraftTheBoss1236273773728

    I got this app and thought it wild be boring. But after 3 days of playing it I absolutely love it!!!!!!! Amazing app and supercell keep up the amazing work!!!!!!!! Kinda wished that the Christmas theme will go away though.

  • My favorite game!

    by Simsimi 46

    I love this game it is so fun and addicting!I love it #loveit

  • Best game ever

    by kaaayyyllaaaa

    I can play this for hours and never get bored. I've been playing this for over a year

  • Addictive

    by Mandalynn T.

    Definitely one of my favorite farming games of all time!

  • Love

    by luvz2right

    I love this game I love all the updates I have been playing for quite a while and yet to get bored the hay day team works hard to not have any technical problems and there is hardly any interruptions. Awesome awesome game

  • Hay day love

    by Tufer777

    Hay day is my favorite

  • Christmas?

    by Sebjgkbcjaueryfcdashbsafv

    Why is this game still celebrating Christmas?

  • Hay Day

    by Hunter_Lover10

    This is so awesome!

  • Lawsonda84

    by Lawsonda84

    Love the game. We need a hardware store increasing storage is to much of a pain.

  • Love this dang game

    by Jcoopa

    Ok super addictive love it just have a question hoping some one can answer it why am I not getting mail in my mail box an gift cards what do I do

  • Helps my mind settle

    by CynDBLS

    Finally downloaded this while recovering from H1N1...It is fun & relaxing

  • I can't even get into the game

    by Hotdog pizza

    This game is cool BUT after 3 days when you go on the app it goes to the home screen

  • Cool but....

    by VL2014

    Such a cool addicting game I love it! One thing that I wish Hay Day had would be like an option where you could trade goods. Like for example, I have lots of corn but need bacon, and someone has lots of bacon and no corn, there could be this place like the newspaper where you could trade supplies with other players! That would be awesome!!!!!

  • I'm Hooked!

    by GramyKats

    What can I say - its cute, it's fun and you can play without spending a dime.

  • Loveee ittttt

    by Luv2MakeMovies!!!

    I have to confess, I am so addicted to this game! I am always looking for fun games to play and this one is perfect! It is a MUST HAVE

  • Addicted

    by Shrmp986

    Awesome game

  • Total Fun but...

    by Louscraps

    This game is really fun and the animals are engaging and cute. It's the first game of this type that has captured my attention and makes me want to keep checking the status of my "property." One 'but' comes from the way the two storage areas fill up quickly with crops and products causing you to spend a great deal of time selling stuff you may want later. The only way to expand is to gather building materials that are nearly impossible to find. You end up paying real money for diamonds that then let you buy the stuff you need. Otherwise you'll find yourself gathering product and feeding one animal at a time because of lack of storage space. That part isn't fun. The biggest "but" is the way it's far too easy to mistakenly spend diamonds. I saved them up for weeks then lost over 80 of them closing the box after checking on needed supplies to open land. Then I get an offer to spend $14 to get them back! Come on guys, this smacks of slippery ethics. Fix this with at least a double tap please.

  • Great game!! I love playing HayDay!!

    by Sigma_lady422


  • Addicting app

    by JJrG2k

    Great game I like the whole farm aspect n sell organic food right out the kitchen. I think overall it's a cool game. Worth spending a lil time here n there.

  • Really good game

    by Zomblgh

    I love this game but I'm getting tired of the Christmas stuff it's almost march and Christmas stuff is still up!! Please update it

  • Farm funny

    by Yugiph

    Very very very addictive

  • Player

    by StormyakaNoOneImportant

    Good but could be better

  • Yellow whistles. How the heck do you get them

    by Rhonda@Rose

    Love this game but it can be frustrating! I've collected all the other whistles but the honey/yellow ones are like pulling teeth. I've tried tapping on the bee hive slowly, fast, different spots. Nothing, I'm lucky to get 1 in 20 honeys. Is there a trick to it?

  • Keeps Shutting Down

    by PrincessRachel94

    I used to love this game, but now it constantly shuts down every few minutes. It was fun and my nephew could play it with me without me worrying about it. These issues are extremely annoying and need to be fixed, otherwise I will have to say bye-bye to hay day.

  • Hay day

    by Meepster01

    As addicting as oreos

  • Fun game

    by Sunshine 1252

    Would not recommend. Frequent updates and maintenance in which you can't play. If you purchase tom to run errands time doesn't pause so you are paying for nothing. Also very easy to waste diamonds (which are VERY costly) due to placement of objects. They have supposedly been working on this issue for almost a year.

  • I love love love love love Hay Day!

    by ccso90

    Even though I'm only at level 11 so far this game is totally awesome!!!!! :)

  • Keeps shutting down on me.

    by Bigmamamistyb

    I am on level 50 and lately it's lagging badly and now it's shutting down on me. Please do something. I miss this game a lot.

  • Hay day

    by FTgfjf

    Great game draws you in.

  • Love it!

    by F Sixteen

    I've been looking for a game like this, I loved playing Sim Farm back in the day and this brings back fun memories!

  • So addictive

    by Sherry Berroa

    I love this game and can't get enough

  • Love it!

    by Pegisusrider

    This game is so addictive. You have to work the farm and it takes a lot of your time if you have it, but is so much fun. I've even got my husband addicted. If you get this game, you won't be able to quit. Have fun!!!!

  • Addicting

    by Klurn

    Great game but a few suggestions. There should be a confirmation pop up whenever you click to use your diamonds for anything. I accidentally click speed up on tasks all the time and waste my diamonds. Very frustrating. Also, why is it still a Christmas theme?

  • Need to be able to restart Hay Day

    by Miss#1

    I like the game but I HATE that I can't restart the farm back at level 1

  • by _katielim

    i absolutely love this game , but its february . when will you get rid of the christmas theme ?

  • Not a bad time waster

    by Guitarburst05

    Fun little game with bright graphics and a fairly addictive play style. The in app purchases aren't overbearing which is a resounding plus in the current game climate. A fine amount of enjoyment can be had without opening your wallet.

  • Nice farm game

    by Ulrocks

    Just started but so far i am enjoying it.

  • Fun with friends

    by Havi Blanco

    Fun to play and also fun to compete with friends! Try it!

  • Awesome!!

    by Ians Mama

    By far my fav! This and clash of clans! Love it! Just if u could make it so that we could follow more people's farms that would be AMAZING!

  • Awesome

    by Roham43

    This game is sick

  • De el mugroso

    by Bob esponga

    Esta chido este juego lo recomiendo A++++

  • 2/10

    by VagblasterMcKuntstain6969

    Why can't I buy negroes to work my fields ?

  • What a Hay DAy!!

    by Steak!!

    Great game! First review I have ever done so it must be good lol

  • Love this game

    by AnnetteNicole

    Add me to Gamecenter: nickywise2012

  • I need to go to G.A. meetings

    by kameko777

    I need games anonymous meetings. I am hopelessly addicted to it.

  • Sweet

    by Hsbsans



    by Brads Iphone 5

    I usually don't like these type of games. But I will have to say it has been an extremely addictive game. Love it. Not crazy about the game always asking if you want to purchase things to buy that you need. Understand the concept of it though . Still doesn't take away from how fun this game is.

  • Allycatgrace

    by Allycatgrace

    So much fun

  • Really good game

    by MonkeyBoo347

    This game is really,really fun and I love playing it it's awsome!!!

  • Best game ever

    by Meredith Anne

    I'm seriously obsessed with this game. Graphics are great and it runs without any technical problems unlike many apps. It's so fun and really you don't have to spend any money on stuff within the game!

  • Love game but,,,

    by Ruthada

    I love game however Tim needs to be done resting after 1 hour vs 2. Also would love to be able to trade vouchers for diamonds when you have no room left on farm and cannot expand anymore, vouchers are useless, and it seems every other chest at 3 diamonds each contains one. I have read all the other reviews and agree with them about length of time waiting on everything, and nothing else to work for.

  • Screw this app

    by Assassinnate

    It crashes all the time on iPod 5th gen please fix it and then I will give it a better rating

  • Hay day messing up lately

    by J&M0813

    Hay day is been messing up. When I buy something it says I haven't or when I look in my barn or silo stuff is missing. Ready to delete hay day

  • Love It!!

    by Ralphy1214

    Best farm game I have EVER played!!

  • Hay Day

    by Scottish Chuck

    It is absolutely addicting! It's clean mind settling action. Nuff said!

  • Love! but would change one thing

    by Meldew24

    This game is very addicting, but the only thing I wish would change would be when helping others with boat orders, if I have 3 syrups to give, but they need 5, I wish I could give my 3 and then someone else could give the other 2 to help.....that would make it more fun and helpful! Otherwise it's awesome!!

  • U P G R A D E ! !

    by Crown'dQueen

    This is my all time favorite game (: Nothing bad to say, just NEEDS an UGRADE. The christmas theme gotta go . . .

  • Good game but few issues

    by Bqwertfdsddf

    First we should have a search bar where we can search for Items we need 2nd y'all need to give us more coins and other stuff. Please fix it.

  • Fun

    by Io make

    I like Hay Day but for me a lot it says that the server is unavailable and it says to try again so I do and it FAILS its addicting but STOP with all the maintenance!!!!!!

  • Absouletly Amazing

    by Do in u mom

    First I thought it was just going to be another FarmVille but its completely different I love this game so much more. This game is SUPER addicting, it also calms you down. No matter where I am I always can play Hay Day and have a good time

  • Awesome APP

    by Nimzy contreras

    But in the boat orders it would be easier If other people can just donate items instead I mean it's just a suggestion

  • Help!

    by Sndjoenalcok/@;'xji

    Please fix it! It will not connect!

  • Needs an update

    by Ma ma22

    Will no longer connect to my internet

  • Theres a problem?

    by Daniel1212tr

    I cant get into the game

  • Would be a 5 star but...

    by Erinerineri59

    I love this game so much, but there is one problem. Whenever I try to open the game, it doesn't connect. Everything else on my iPad is working, everything that requires internet, except for Hay Day. I don't know what is up with the app, but something is definitely wrong. Someone please fix it!

  • Good grief

    by John David bethel

    Get HayDay working !!!! The game will not load at all

  • Warning SIGNS!!!!!!!!!

    by Menado

    Please add warning signs on order board so we dont accidentally trash orders. Also put warning signs when to use DIAMONDS. Many times when you are trying to plant/collect the harvest or from animals you can easily touch the diamond by accident.

  • Update

    by Ervilhinhaaa

    Something new. Please. just boring and I'm at level 61.

  • So Fun!

    by ♥samie♥

    I love this game so much! It's so entertaining. And mindless. Plus the wait times are reasonable not like FarmVille

  • warning: very addictive

    by smberries

    it's the best game ever but it's all i do and i'm kind of addicted

  • Love it!

    by PoppiPaws

    This is a super fun game. I love the graphics, and it is not impossible to advance to higher levels.

  • Awesome Game!!! ...but...

    by Sophia#

    This game is totally epic! But ever since I made the update, I really hate that I have to pay diamonds just to get the little dude to run errands for me...it's so annoying. Plus, if you don't have enough diamonds then u can't have him run errands. Please at least put a timer between when u can have him. Like, let's say you just had him run an errand. He comes back, gives you the object, and now you have to wait an hour for him to run you another errand. It would be so much nicer for that than having to pay diamonds you don't actually have. I hate that now u have to pay diamonds for him. And it's pretty expensive too!! And another annoying thing is...you just paid ALL those diamonds and then only have him a couple of days. :-( very upset with that. Also, the snow in the winter theme makes me really dizzy. Another thing is (this is just an idea), maybe you could make things easier to make coins with. To get 26000+ coins for something, and then having to wait for it to open...it would be so much more fun to be able to make coins for something simple. I mean, sure, there's the boat and the roadside shop and the customers. But the customers totally rip you off. I'm just saying it would be super epic if you made another way to earn coins. Cuz it takes FOREVER to make enough coins to buy a production thing or anything else. Please please please make this easier. Then 5 stars! :))) thank you!!

  • Fun!

    by Hisgirl2007

    My children and I love this game! We work together on it and that is awesome! It teaches how a farm works and it is totally fun! My favorite is the chickens when they are hungry - hilarious!!!!!

  • Attention⚠️

    by Jean-Paul100

    For all who want to download this game just know that when you will start you won't finish Because this game is sooo addictive. But only one problem wich is that in the store of the newspaper i can't always find what i wan't so can you please add a search option that will be much better And then you sure will have 5 ⭐️ From everyone. Thanks‼️‼️‼️

  • Hay day

    by Kelkel54

    Hey I'm the one how wrote you the note about the trading building can you write me a letter saying why you didn't like the idea

  • Fun

    by Lacey19305271


  • Hay day

    by Cupcake4.3

    We need a way to place a help me I need cake add a what do you need box may be we can trade

  • Hayday

    by MjtBee


  • Kicking me out

    by Jim Kostelecky

    This game continues to crash. This has been going for about a week.

  • Crash!!!

    by God driven

    Love this game!!! But it keeps crashing. It just closes itself and takes me back to my home screen.. Please fix!!!!!

  • Love this game!

    by Maddie573211

    This game is the best game I have ever played . But a few things I suggest . Some of the horses and dogs look like males can y'all add females with eye lashes? Anyway this game is very good game for ages 6+ . I play this everyday so .. The game gets 5 star!

  • Review

    by 210089543jackie

    Hay day is a pretty good game but it doesn't put in correct info ex in your goals one was to harvest 200 fields and I already had a hundred and it brought me down to a 83

  • Love it

    by sassy8979

    Addicted. Playing all day !!!!!

  • Play all night or sleep?

    by Farmer Mommy

    Oh my...so super addicting. So much fun. I've never been hooked on a game, until this one crossed my path!

  • Fun butttttttttttttttt.......................

    by Cool gal #1

    It is really fun but I have a lot but I wish I could donate some of my crops to like a farm crop box like I know we have the farm stand but I have a surplus of wheat and no ons is buying it so please consider making a place where you can place unneeded crops

  • Love It

    by Jncnss

    I absolutely love this game and am definitely addicted! It would be great though if there was someway the game would ask you if you were sure you wanted to use your diamonds as a default backup! There have been numerous times I have accidentally pushed the button to use the diamonds when I really didn't mean too!! And we all know those are hard to come by!!! Great game though!! 5 stars!!!!

  • Like it

    by Gymlovey

    This game is lovely!!

  • Fun and addicting

    by Jim Perry

    Simple gameplay makes it easy to pop in, do some work, and pop out again. I like that it is quick to load and I can load my farm on multiple devices.

  • Game is awesome but now my app...

    by Eruall

    The game had me hooked. However, after about a week of playing the app refuses to open. I have tried to uninstall and redownload the game but nothing has worked. Totally ruined it for me.

  • Deleting!

    by Ghkpvf

    It's boring! Your update needs to hurry! You guys take to long! I'm getting sick of this Christmas crap it's not Christmas! There's nothing to do already! WE need new things!!!!!!

  • Addict

    by Kuraunz


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