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Languages: English

Seller: Sunstorm Interactive

Lots of optimizations to make it faster and more fun!
Switching screens is MUCH faster, especially on older devices.
Better avatar selections
Fixed some crashes
Better iOS 7 compatibility

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70 Ratings
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Welcome to Sunnyville Salon! Super fun ways to style hair, apply makeup and brush on nail polish. Try nail stickers and decals too.

Choose from 1,000 of options to create great looks.

**HAIR** Pick shampoo, flat irons, fancy scissors, hair spray, color, highlights and more! Work with wet and dry hair. Turn your chair to see your hairstyle from all angles. It’s 3D.

**NAILS** Collect polish colors, stickers, gems and more. Tons of options for nail bling! Create themes for your manicures – for the season, the holidays or just for fun. Apply color to each nail and zoom in to see details or draw your own design. Totally different from anything you have seen!

**MAKEUP** Find lipsticks, eye shadows, eye liners and blushes to match every skin tone. Layer on the shades - keep it subtle or make it dramatic, it is totally up to you!

Dress up and accessorize your character with tops, pants, jewelry and yes, shoes too! Keep on top of all the gossip and buzz in Sunnyville. Share and invite your friends on Facebook.

About Us
Sunnyville Salon is brought to you by Sunstorm Games, the inventors of the Sunnyville series and the MAKER series of games, Fair Food Maker, Dessert Maker, and Candy Maker to name just a few.

Sunnyville Salon is free to play but in-app purchases are available in the game.

Protecting privacy is especially important to us at Sunstorm Games. For more details, please read our privacy policy located at

Customer Reviews

  • Bad upgrade

    by Mollyann 344674212689953

    After I updated the makeup totally messed up

  • Load time

    by Sleepovergirl

    The load time takes longer than it should. I have to shut of my phone before I can actually play it. Other wise ok.

  • Sunny vill☀️

    by Wgtm2004

    This game is so cool I love it's so fun I play it every day I just love it

  • by Lpickles94

    It's an okay app but it keeps crashing before I can do anything fun

  • Couldn't play it

    by Hulda the prophetess

    Wouldn't stop loading after like 5 minutes, I was sad cause I wanted to play it but it won't work.

  • .

    by Tiffanyblue456

    I love this app but their are some problems first when I do my persons hair I doesn't save and I get my old hair do it's done this several times second you need to unlock more stuff or at least make the prices lower I'll give three stars but I would like to see improvements this is a great game and I don't want this game to suffer

  • Awsome

    by Emoja5

    Omg best game with nails hair dressing and that combine =awsome games

  • Stupid

    by Hunt cuts

    Everytime I go to wash hair it turns off it is also really slow I just got this app and would like to try it fix it please

  • I hate the update

    by 10Em

    I loved this before the STUPID UPDATE. I liked it when you could randomize the hairspray, nail polish,ect. I might delete this app.

  • Great

    by Lilia Navasartian

    The best game that I have so far

  • Good game

    by Bean123400000000

    Good game but takes forever to load!

  • Great Game!

    by Jamoke

    Great nail painting, and hair cutting mechanics. My daughters love all of the clothing options, and spend lots of time in this game doing all the different mini games. Very Impressive Graphics. Great Update Too!

  • Gj

    by Sara24101

    Kind of slow and black out to the home screen on the iPod 4but only some times

  • Wow

    by Kids girl

    Awesome game I think you peeps should bye it

  • Really?

    by joshua1three

    The game is nice but I think that if you buy something you shouldn't have to pay for it again. Also every time I am done with a person on here it starts it all over plz fix this problem every time I see it I get angry cause I worked hard on the person and it starts all over plz fix this problem in the next update.



    I personally love this game. I find it addicting. I'm 11 and I just can't stay away from this game. I have 1 segestion though. I think that you should make buying another character a little lower. Other then that I absolutely love this game! By Carlee Gray (11,OH)

  • Love/Hate Relationship

    by Sodapop999

    I love this app, but it never saves what I've done! If i do a really good hairstyle, the next time I come into the app it's back to the original again! They also need to have more stuff unlocked, trying to bribe kids to spend actual money on something that doesn't matter.

  • OK

    by Ms.Pinkster


  • Annoying

    by Fashion lover girl

    This game is ok like it is fun but every time I go on it or I click on something it crashes if it didn't crash I would love the game and u need to buy every thing it is annoying

  • Uhhhh

    by Chlochlobug27

    Umm u have 2 buy everything but it's an ok game otherwise

  • Crashes constantly

    by Beeevil9789

    I can't even play it, it keeps crashing any time I try to do anything,

  • Why so many in app purchases

    by Crazy sims

    Why are there so many in app purchases in all your games, every app I buy I ask what other ridiculous in app purchases are there going to be? STOP THIS HORRIBLE HABIT!! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS RIDICULOUSNESS!!!

  • Ashley its ok

    by momma rn

    I go on it and it is not showing me the people I don't know it I have to buy it or what and if I do have to buy it that is not right so it's ok I guess.


    by F bh

    Very slow and blacks out on you!!

  • Everything's expensive

    by Blueberry500123

    Seriously!? 10.00 just to make your character cooler?And then 5.00 just to have another character? Why can't there actually be customers in your salon? I think I speak for most of the people who play this. PLEASE CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dumb game here's why?

    by A girl :):)

    This game is dumb u have to give the people gems and once you run out you have to start over!!!!!and it kicks you off every time!!!!!!

  • Boring/Needs More

    by Bigbraingamer56

    This game is fun at first but it gets really boring. All you do is style your same person over and over again and most of styling tools are locked. You have to pay to unlock more. That really needs to be fixed.

  • I hate this game

    by Singer, Laney!

    It takes forever to load and it always goes back to my home screen. It looks so fun on the ad. But really it's not

  • 5min gam

    by STELLA9347

    this game is definite game that I would download and I already have. this game is fun when you are creating your character but I thought that you were gonna be able to have your own shop and work in other people but your character but I guess that they don't want you to have fun....... I might advise people to download this game I might not but this one of those games where it's fun for the time being but then it gets boring in 5 or so minutes

  • Piece of crap

    by ...

    Every time I want to use it, it'll take to long to load and you have to buy everything

  • Horrible

    by That booboisie,sweetie pie,

    This game is would not let me play it, it would just go back to the home screen...u should not get this

  • Keeps crashing

    by Jess90989098

    This looks like a really fun game but I barely get anywhere before it crashes on me!!!!!!!! I really want to play this game but I can't because it brings me back to the home screen every time I go on it. I've had this game about a day and I got to do one game but I keep trying and trying but I can't get anywhere!!!!!!! Again it looks really fun and I would give you a better rate if you fix that one problem and probably because of the same problem everything is really slow like reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally slow I press something......... A minute later oh yay I'm on!!! So can you please fix the problems thanks!!

  • It's Okay...

    by Kenna20234

    This game starts out pretty fun. However, after you finish styling your person, there's nothing to do except keep styling YOUR person. There are no customers, and you have to pay (actual) money just to get a new decoration for your salon. I would recomend this app for a 15-minute time passing kinda game that you delete after an hour.

  • Uhh

    by barrettjester

    First go hate it Second go hate it Third go hate it Etc See my pattern

  • Stupid

    by Zoey101

    This game takes so long to load. I sat down to play it and it toke about 30-40 minutes to load.

  • SO SLOW!!!!!

    by Emma lorine Norman


  • Horrible

    by Laurenkitty03

    It's so laggy, costs too much money, and takes up too much data. Do not download.

  • YUCK

    by cassiecattttt

    Bad game to hard to click on stuff and is so stupid and boring it all cost money

  • Awsome

    by Dmacfff

    Amazing just needs dresses added to the wardrobe

  • Hate it

    by Maddy1581918

    I hate it its so dumb

  • Ok

    by C j rocks

    You have to pay for mostly everything ugh

  • Bad game

    by Elsa is great

    Hello I am nine years old.This game is really bad! Do not get it! First of all you have to buy everything. Second of all it is really hard to do.

  • It won't open

    by SkyeSell

    When I opened the app it's started loading on the loading screen... I literally waited 10 minutes! Idk what's wrong with it

  • Read Mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Cjo!!!!!!!!!!!

    This game STINKS! Never ever get it. It is so confusing!!!! I would have done 0 stars but it won't let you. It's supposed to be 0.

  • Ehhh

    by 34rae

    Takes forever to load. Please fix

  • I like it but...

    by im4woodstock

    Every time I play it and I do the hair or the nails or the make up whenever I want to go back to the salon it locks up and it won't let me

  • Not good


    This game is not fun almost everything is locked and its really hard to cut the hair I do not recommend this game!!!!!!!!

  • Help

    by Review writer 21

    Every time I finish something on her and try to go home and it doesn't let me it's so aggravating so, I have to click off the app and get back on. Also when I get on the app it takes so long to actually load and get on. Fix those things, and. It would be a great app

  • Kitty fashion girl

    by Bocanuevo


  • Game expert

    by Udiidididfufhgdtjenfh

    I like it but it always freezes on my iPod touch

  • Sunnyville salon

    by You smell like butt

    I love the game it is awesome but the only thing is that I feel like once I do the hair and try to get on nails or makeup it goes to my home screen!!!!!!!????....

  • Needs ALOT of work

    by Claudis

    After doing your full "makeover", there is nothing left to do except redo the girl's makeover with limited options. You only get two colors of lipstick eyeshadow, liner and everything else. This game needs to allow there to be more stuff to do and, please, please, let there be more stuff unlocked. Also , the lipstick doesn't color anything

  • Don't waste your time!

    by Crazygirls13

    Very crashy, and low quality graphics. Confusing to use. This app is Playable, but don't waste your time. Very disappointed :(

  • Huh

    by BreakingWynd

    It's good but well every time I do the hair or something when lets u take a pic my phone buzzs at me when I try to exit the screen and every time I try I just won't go away . HELP!!

  • :/

    by McRlover12

    I don't like how laggy it is and also you have to buy everything, and doing the hair for her is just awful

  • Keeps shutting off!!!!!!!

    by Hannah43001

    I get on it and love to play it but it keeps shutting down. I would have gave it a five star but I was sick of it turning off.

  • Amaz

    by Haters dodnt hate

    I love this and it is tots fun

  • Kick off

    by Eggy sky

    Bad game! Every time I try to play it, it kicks me off! Do not get this game!:(

  • So fun!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Kaylee lopez

    This game is so fun! I showed it to my sis

  • Long

    by Nanavana

    It took more than five minutes to load

  • by David Foley

    Dumb. You have to by everything . Almost no options. Don't get unless you are willing to spend 20 dollars on irons, lipstick, and millions of other stuff. Really stupid. Don't get.

  • Yuk!!!!!!

    by Kalenakinz

    I really don't like this app because after you cul the hair you can never straighten it for the rest of the game unless you buy it! And then it takes forever to clip the nails! And you have to pay for basically everything on this app! I recommend toca boca hair salon! That is so much better than this one!

  • by Abstracv

    Reasons NOT to get "SUNNYVILLE SALON" • Slow •Crashes constantly •Expensive to buy more diamonds •Confusing (Mostly on the hair makeup and.. BASICLY EVERYTHING!) •To many BETTER look a like apps MY POINT: Don't download it's a COMPLETE waste of time !

  • No home page

    by Kaileebug2

    Every time I take the picture of my player I can't go back to home page


    by Omqqalinaa

    This game is awful! I downloaded it 3 times and it loads forever. Never going to try and download agin!

  • Fun but slow

    by Babybourda

    Maybe it needs an upgrade,

  • Ummm IDK.........

    by -Kennedy family

    I like it but I have only played it twice and I came back and it's frozen and the back button won't work!

  • Can hardly do anything

    by Jaz7590

    After I finished creating me and it was showing me when I look like it wouldn't let me get out of it. So I couldn't do anything else. It would be way better if I could do more.

  • Sunnyville salon

    by Bacon farter

    This is a good game i really injoy it very much

  • Good...but

    by Val Rob 7536

    It keeps kicking me off please fix it

  • Stoupied omg

    by xlucky13x

    This is boring I always have to what for it to load

  • Crashes!! :/

    by BoredPersonXD

    This would be SUCH a great app if it didn't crash. Please fix!

  • Crash.....crash....crash

    by b1d3b1

    I really wanted to play this game, but EVERY TIME i go to play it it crashes so i never get to play...

  • Ooooooooooookkkkkkkk

    by BBanar

    It is ok ;~)

  • Spazzing app

    by Food is great

    Although the game was enjoyable, the app itself was not, there were many glitches and a lot of times it froze or got very choppy.

  • Can't Play

    by Rockell 89

    Whenever I try to play it, it doesn't load and it takes me to the home screen

  • Characters

    by LKQ02

    I went on it the first time and I created a character but after that I tried to change it but I couldn't

  • How do you cut hair?

    by Morgieshea

    I can cut the hair but it's so hard too!well this is an awesome game though!get it!!!!!!

  • I'm Disappointed

    by RainbowCottage

    I'm disappointed Every time I finish My hair or my nails or my makeup it just sends me back to my home screen It keeps crashing! You also have to buy a lot of items! If these problems were fixed everybody would play this game!Please Fix These Graphics too!Thank You!

  • Please fix the bug

    by Faithfulfourever

    Every time I do somthing the song skips then boom goes back to my homepage can you fix it or update it

  • Decent!

    by ShelbyMarie123

    I think the game would be perfect if we had task or clients

  • Awesome

    by You know me fat boy

    Why? Because you get a chance to do someone's hair and nails

  • Dum

    by greeble

    This game is really called lag town and also it loads every time you do something . The first time I did this I code not do anything

  • Stupid

    by Ekaybee31

    Don't waste your time on this game. You have to buy everything! Stupid.


    by Ratergirl:)

    this game always crashes! And it doesn't give you like any options! It just trys to make you buy everything! This game would be 5 stars if it didn't make you buy everything. FIX THIS

  • DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!!!

    by Happy happy happy33333

    This is a bad app do not waste your time and expect it to be good. It freezes a lot and is VERY hard to use. In conclusion this is a really really bad app. The real hair solan app you should get is toca hair salon 2!

  • Stupid

    by Hunt cuts

    Everytime I go to wash hair it turns off it is also really slow I just got this app and would like to try it fix it please

  • Lame

    by Rebecca Berger

    I do not even know how to play. It goes to the home screen all the time.

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