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Seller: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

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Get ready for off-the-hook break beat action. Surrender to the rhythm and tap like hell. Brave furious battles that combine stunning graphics and amazing background music!

* Purchasing the game allows you to play all stages through to completion.
* The basic game also comes with the powers and costume of the first demon, Asmodeus.

At the start of the game, you fight as Serenity herself, without any possessing demons. You can unlock the first demon, Asmodeus, by defeating him. Once unlocked, Asmodeus is available to possess Serenity. Her looks, personality, parameters, and other abilities will change based on the possessing demon, as will the game's music. After the first demon, you can make a pact with additional demons by defeating them. Once a pact is in place, you have the option of having the demon possess Serenity for a small fee.

■ Story

Where are you, Dad?

Salem, Massachusetts
Present day
Serenity is just your average college girl, but when she suddenly loses contact with her father Dr. Aleister, she sets out to find him at the Salem State Hospital & Asylum where he works.

Serenity arrives to finds she barely recognizes the hospital anymore. Stepping warily into the shattered ruins, she meets a talking teddy bear.

Introducing himself as David, the talking teddy bear claims to have once been human, but when Serenity asks him about her father’s whereabouts, countless demons suddenly appear.

Just before her father disappeared, he had sent a mysterious app to her smartphone.

Known as the Demons' Score, the app is a powerful program that enables her to take control of demons that possess her body.

Where has her father gone? How will she ever find him? And what’s up with that talking teddy bear? Serenity’s battle to the tune of Hell’s minions is about to begin.

■ Game Features

• Stunning graphics driven by the Unreal Engine.
• Satan's difficulty level soared up!
With severe survival conditions, you can enjoy the game even more stoically.
• Helpful items are also available in case you get stuck.

• Enjoy two game modes: Story Mode and Free Mode.
• Select the difficulty level you want to play. Easy, Normal, and Hard are available, but to enjoy the entire story, you have to... (You'll just have play to find out!)
• Your scores in Free Mode can be sent to the online rankings at the Game Center.
• Saved data can be synced with iCloud.
* Your Soul Eaters (a special item) are not stored on iCloud.
* You must be running iOS 5.0 or later to use iCloud.

Try to completely conquer each stage by gaining the powers of Hell!

■ Compatible Operating Systems and Devices
• iPhone 4
• iPhone 4S
• iPhone 5
• iPod touch (4th generation or later)
• iPad 2
• iPad (3rd generation)
*The devices OS version must be 4.3 or later.
*This app is a universal binary.

■ Supported Languages
Subtitles/Text: English, French, Spanish
Voice: English

Customer Reviews

  • Worth paying

    by S.K.U.

    Girl's graphic, music, game balance, all fantastic! And funny as well. I don't mind making IAP at all when the game quality is this good.

  • Not fully optimized for iPhone 5

    by Dj Sam D

    Yeah why? Only optimized in gameplay and not for menu or movies!!!! :( was a lie!!?!

  • Great Game...GREAT

    by Krisisgod666

    This is a fantastic game; sure it may be a bit...costly, but it is a very good game. ......BUT GODDAMN IS HARD MODE IMPOSSIBLE!!! Other than that, it is near-perfect.

  • Expensive game

    by WilliamIgnacio

    The game is fun if you like rhythm games and the graphics are cool but you have to pay a dollar for each demon you unlock after Asmodeos so if your OC you will have a problem.

  • Cool?

    by TeddyMog

    Well the game is great but you have to pay for each costume and the voices of each costume makes her weird but its nice still having hot girl killing demons its worth it...

  • Bbbbbbb.......

    by Bbbbbbbb.....

    Super Sexy and Awesome-Graphical Musical Game! Buy! Buy! Buy!

  • LOVE IT!!!

    by Miyukixmaid

    This game is just lovely especially for an iPod game, I honestly don't care about buying the in app purchases I'll just buy my favourites, nothing's stopping me from playing the game. I love your work square enix =]

  • Pricey, Yet Charming

    by TJF588

    To think THIS is our next Elite Beat Agents. Steady difficulty curve that throws in new takes on established mechanics, humor all over the musical scene (Beelzebub...), and nice graphics (fan-servicing as they may be). The problems are price (additional demons' stages cost extra, but the prices've dropped since launch), repetition (there are two of ten "costumes" in the base game, each matched with one pre-boss stage; all boss stages are unique and available, though), and the game might slow down or stutter, which can mess with gameplay (I'm using an old iPod Touch 4th Gen.). If you liked Elite Beat Agents and its ilk, get this game. If you loved EBA, get this game even at normal price.

  • Cool game

    by Maldag

    Stop complaining people ! this game is amazing from gameplay to music , you have an iphone .. dont act like you cant afford it

  • Good Game At Reduced Price

    by RM2K

    This game is fun to play and is quite a challenge at Hard difficulty. I like the humor and the quirkiness, also. I hate IAP, but I ponied up the money for this game at the reduced holiday price. I would never pay full price for everything, though. That is a rip-off.

  • Awesome

    by Darkususer

    Totally worth the buy. But kinda upset about how after you get your first demon form you have to pay with real cash to get the rest.

  • Crashes a lot

    by Jackevee

    Very good game, I could stand the two available starter characters, and the buying demons was optional, but it crashes too much. Fix the crashes in an update and I'll change it to 5 stars. Especially at its current 1 dollar price

  • Fun but repetitive. Needs more variety.

    by Kamokunz

    I love the gameplay, it works perfect on the iPad mini. This is one of those games you WANT to play on a touch-screen device. The game is incredibly smooth, no lag, no framerate issue. The graphics are top-notch, the musics are top-notch, the voice acting... not so much. It annoys me that the boss fights are the same every time you replay them; the scenes, the dialogues. I also wish that we have an option to turn off the voice acting, it totally ruins the music and a few of them are super annoying (especially BERITH.) My complaints are the vaiety. The story mode has only one pattern, stage-->boss-->stage-->boss-->... and monsters you see in the stages are mostly the same. Even with the different demon pacts that you bought, you will either be fighting with a tiny one-eyed bat, or a tiny robot. After I finished with the story mode, I never want to replay it again, it gets tedious. (Though you are forced to replay twice to finish Normal and Hard modes.) Oh and the prices are atrocious.

  • So much potential...

    by Grayman994

    I really want to love this game. I really do. All the gameplay is there, the graphics are there, but... it just doesn't live up to what is could be. The storyline is pretty standard for an App Store game, relying on cardboard characters and crappy development and plot to keep you playing. The graphics are alright, although you can clearly tell that this game was translated from Japanese. The main character and demon's mouths don't even match up to what they say. There's a good amount of music an characters, but of course to unlock new demons you have to pay real life money. So basically you're stuck playing the same two free songs the game gives you over and over again and then fight cardboard bosses over and over again. It's an ok game with cool game mechanics but it certainly relies too much on IAP. Also, the dude voices for all the hot chicks is kinda creepy and off putting ;D

  • Keeps crashing

    by Shadowblade4

    Cost aside, this game is beautiful. A bit repetitive, but different. Play with headphones on for the best effect. My main issue isn't the cost, but that it keeps crashing on my iPhone 4s.

  • Sweet game

    by 1clipki11a

    I like it,I just don't like Haveing to buy all that extra stuff but overall sweet game. An for 99 cents can't beat that.

  • Good game but......

    by Eric0078

    I didn't have a problem with having to purchase the demon packs. First I knew about this going in, and you don't have to purchase the packs to play the game or to enjoy it. My issue goes to the issues of completing the hard mode without buying the health accessories. There are some very complex patterns on that difficulty and you can't practice the patterns in advance. Overall the game was enjoyable, but I found it frustrating that without paying for the power up only a couple misses was game over.

  • Love the game, But

    by UltimateGamer6543

    I love they game and it is fun love every Square Enix game out there But i don't understand why we have to buy the costumes. and the game was expensive as it is because i really would love to try the other costumes for sure. But other than that love the game and thank you keep up the good work.

  • Despite the high price, this game is worth it

    by MetalMoonSanctuary

    Never did I think a girl would team with up a teddy bear to fight musical demons that have escaped from hell. Some one must have been on something.

  • One of the best rhythm game I played

    by Another Go player

    Rhythm system: very good because the closer your hit get to the 12 o'clock, higher the score. Critical hit can have different score depends on how close the dial is to 12. Rhythm beat setup is good. Although I hope there is a way to lower all sounds except music itself which is not there. Music: great music. Just like most music, you need to listen to them many times to appreciate. Total 10 songs, each with 2 tracks that are a little different. Track 1 is stage before boss fight, and track 2 is boss fight. Gameplay: all music rhythm player repeat playing to increase the score, but mainly enjoy play the beat of the music. Some says it is boring play over and over again. It is true for easy and normal. However, you just need to play them few times. Hard mode is where this game shines, and it is not easy at all if you didn't purchase any demon with high DEF. Value: for $7, it is a very good value to me. You can play all 10 music track 2 in hard mode and 2 music track 1. You will fight every boss and watch the real ending without additional purchase. However, it is only can be done by expert players, for rest of players, buy one high DEF demon is enough for help to finish the game in hard mode and watch the ending. IAP: I agree with everyone that it is on the pricy side. However, to my current knowledge, there is no additional gameplay other than track 1 for all demon purchases. You don't have to buy to enjoy the game itself. Replay value: It is a very enjoyable arcade style rhythm game which I will play very often in future. You don't get bored from play music rhythm games over and over again in hardest mode.

  • Not for everyone.

    by WrappedInBlack

    Personally, I love this game. The music is diverse in genres, gameplay is addictive. If you have ever played Elite Beat Agents, you know what to expect here. Characters are quirky, insane, and often hilarious. This game might just be a little TOO weird for some people though.. If you can get over the fact that the female main character often speaks and grunts like the most masculine of men. *Edit* 5 stars down to 1 for the constant crashing. Rocking an iPad Air and ios7.. Fix it, please..

  • Not worth it

    by Galxe12

    Not a fan

  • Too repetitive

    by Trollunderurbridge

    It was fun at start but it became very old quick. Not worth my money

  • Good game but...

    by Hakufanboy

    The game gets boring with the same song all the time. I paid $5 for this game and have to buy all the stuff in game it doesn't make sense. I should just be able to unlock stuff from playing the game not buying each individual thing.

  • Unpleasant Surprise

    by The Runner-Up

    Demon's Score is a game with a unique musical gaming experience, the graphics are beautiful, and the story unfolds in a pretty unique way... However, don't be fooled by its initial prize. In order to progress through the game, and completely see the ending, Square Enix forces you to spend money through in-app purchases. This is not because of an item that will help you in-game, but because the final part of the game REQUIRES you to PAY in order to continue. This is trick is used again when unlocking costumes. Alternate attire can be obtained as you progress through the game, however "unlocking" these costumes is the equivalent of saying "you have unlocked the option to buy alternative clothes with your own money". The games has great gameplay, and it is very addicting. However, be ready to spend at least $17 dolars on it.

  • decent rhythm touch game

    by musikit

    if that is your thing. not mine. likes. 1. easy to understand game play 2. large chested woman dislikes 1. IAP in a game i paid for? no thank you 2. game won't you continue after a long time away from game. 3. long load times. 4. logos are unskippable.

  • Lol. Greed

    by KrazyDonut

    You'll. get 5 mins of fun, untill you gotta drop more money on in- app pur.

  • I hate paying multiple times for a game

    by Dude1117

    You buy the game then if you want new songs and characters that cost you more. I like the concept and the graphics are good but why is it a common thing to have to buy stuff in a game now. If it was use like a short cut to get different demon scores that would be fine, but the only way is to use real money for everything in the game.

  • Too Expensive

    by thunderchuck

    Square is asking too much $$ for too little content. I would not purchase this game again.

  • Dude Voices

    by Red bellied topo

    I haven't finished the game but I played a couple of bosses so I have a decent idea. It's fun and keeping up with the rhythm can be fun an challenging. I want to talk about the selling point: the fan service. The skimpy costumes wouldn't be there if it wasn't intentional. But why did does the character have to keep the voices of the demons? They all have so far been guys. I usually like fan service but I get disturbed when scantily clad girl sounds like a man. Its really bad in when you hear talk like a man in the cutscenes and boss fight. This is the thing that makes me hesitant to buy the costumes. Please give us the option to remove the man voices and I will rate higher

  • Still more expensive than the Japanese version for early adopters

    by StarCreator

    The Japanese version of the game, unlike all other regions, includes every demon for a flat rate (of $18.17 per today's exchange rate). With it all on sale, the full content of the US version is $18.90... not a bad deal except for those of us who fell for the bait and switch at launch, pushing the total to at least $24.90. I don't understand why the rest of the world is somehow undeserving of decent pricing in Square Enix's eyes and this sale simply doesn't go far enough to correct the pricing disparity.

  • the demon pact problem

    by zombi maker

    First off I'm a fan of Square Enix games, so when I saw this I immediately bought this game, And I found I't to be amazingly well done, But on the down side of it, they require you to purches demon packs, which everyone else who likes this app game includeing me think that I't should be made instintly avalible after defeating a boss and should not have to be purchased, from In app purchases, and instead they could come up with new items that could be purchased, from In app purchases insted of the demon pacts, which it would make the game more enjoyable than it already is.


    by future-tech

    As most know, square enix is an incredibly greedy company. You not only need to buy the game, but are almost necessarily required to buy IAP, otherwise this game is INCREDIBLY repetitive. The IAP are expensive too. Your greediness only added yourself to my 'never buy again' list. I am warning everyone that this game is a waste of money. Unless your pockets are really deep, dont buy this. Theres a reason it doesnt have many stars..for what you pay for, you dont get more than 30 minutes of play time, before wanting to blow your brains out. Whoever decided its price, should choke on my money, because thats better than buying this garbage

  • Betrayed

    by Bluesdealer

    I've been a long time fan of Square since the SNES days. They've consistently delivered quality titles. Even though Demons' Score costs more than your average mobile game, I figured it would deliver, based on the company's history. Jeez, was I wrong! First, the game is short... and I mean INCREDIBLY short. Play through it in a few minutes. I'm sure there's replayability, but they really should have put at least 3x the gameplay in. However, the absolute killer here is that EVERY CHARACTER COSTS $2.99, EACH! This isn't even freemium. There shouldn't be ANY extra cost in addition to the already hefty price tag this game requires. I'd expect this shady business from the likes of Zynga, but SqEnix is a legitimate gaming company... or so I thought. It's a shame, because the gameplay is actually kind of fun. Screw me once, shame on you, Square Enix. Never again.

  • Fun game ruined by greedy DLC model

    by metaly

    I'm a huge fan of iNiS for Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents and was excited to hear they were finally producing another touch-based rhythm game. The actual gameplay here is very fun and is classic iNiS--intuitive but demands practice and familiarity as the difficulty increases. Unfortunately the overall game is ruined by Square Enix's obtuse pricing model. After completing two stages, you're prompted to buy more characters or else between every new stage you have to replay one of the two starting stages. It quickly becomes repetitive and is a blatant design decision to encourage DLC purchases. For music game veterans, the game also starts out very easy and you're forced to play through each difficulty level in its entirety before unlocking the harder ones, which only adds to the repetition. I'm glad to see iNiS can still craft a great rhythm game but next time I hope they work with a publisher who won't bury their game in tasteless moneygrubbing.

  • I'm sorry square enix

    by Trizle88

    It seems like a harsh review but it's only because I think we all know the true potential of the company and however the cinematic cut scenes were beautiful the monsters were scary and the weapons were cool....the gameplay felt sucked it did I'm sorry I don't want to pay 7 dollars for a point and click and tap and swipe u can't even see the character fight don't rip people off like this

  • I wish this game was complete.

    by Jerkfaceninethousand

    The gameplay is interesting and I like this style of rhythm game. Even the incredibly cheesy cutscenes are kind of entertaining. Where Demon's Score falls short is content. You only get two characters with the purchase of the game itself which means you'll be hearing one of the same two tracks each level. I was disappointed to find out that international versions included all the game's content in the price of the original purchase.

  • Tragic

    by LivingFiction

    What could be a great game destroyed by greed. The game is less than half the price for the full game in Asia.

  • Fail

    by Heartbeats4gaga

    Not worth free

  • Ridiculous IAP pricing

    by ex_monstrum

    I agree with everyone else that this game is practically a scam. Plus, everything in the Japanese version is purchasable for half price of what it costs here. Lame.

  • Square should be ashamed.

    by Phineas Vaughn

    A decent game turned into a scam by square of america. Basically unless you want to play the same level/song over and over they make you shell out more money for each level. Thing is in japan they got the whole game for roughly half the price. Disgusting. Last purchase of a square-enix title and their ridiculous mobile game prices. DONT BUY.

  • Same song over and over

    by demureg

    Unless you pay or are at a boss.

  • Blatant thievery

    by Vawkis

    Never have I been so disappointed with a purchase. A fan of Square Enix's work. I'm ashamed to say, they will cheat you out of your money with this game. While the first couple of levels seem to be interesting it becomes repetitious quickly, as any changes in dialect or music are based of character costume designs. Which, you're charged for, and I don't mean points. That was just their business policy. Here's the game review. A combination of Devil may cry mixed with Rhythm nation, the concept starts out okay. Voice acting and animation, is abysmal, as the main character the heroine has your atypical I swear I'm only 12 squeaky female voice. For every level and boss you beat, you'll get a new costume. Which in this case is the demon you just beat. Now instead of being able to switch to the newest costume, you have to pay real world cash to unlock the costume, so you could possibly get any change in dialect, music or game play. To boot, every costume has the original demons voice. And so far from what I could stomach, 90% of the demons have male voices. Each mode, the game play gets slightly faster and a little less forgiving for mistakes. And a couple of more levels are unlocked. I am doubting my resolve to finish this game, and truly doubt I will purchase anything from Square Enix again.

  • Fun, Pricey, Freezes. 3 Stars.

    by Wilson Gin

    Game stops on the load screen sometimes. Gameplay and music is pretty fun. But the game is pricey to unlock more of its features past the $7 buy in fee. Giving it 5 stars because it doesn't deserve all those 1 stars. The company should of done a better job masking those in-app purchases though.

  • Good game

    by mhildum

    Game is what you would expect, but marred by the worst inn-app purchase system ever...

  • How can Apple allow such an obvious scam

    by Eeemmmmm853

    While the game it's self is good, square enix has pulled a grimy move on its customers. I don't see how Apple allows them to charge $7 for a demo, I think that an IAP explanation should be required to be in the apps description. Square enix, good job on disappointing a lot of your loyal customers, I know you've lost this one for good.

  • Spend your money somewhere else...

    by Redbank Clark

    There are too many other great console quality games available for half the price. Square has take an turn down the wrong path with absurdly overpriced games that then charge you for additional in-game content. Market price is determined by what people are willing to pay… and I am no longer willing to pay for this companies' products. That aside, in a 55 minute gaming period the game crashed 4 times - I had to restart my phone in order to get the game working again. The graphics are nice, but you don't really get to enjoy them because you are constantly covering up the screen as you tap along to the game.

  • Not bat but what a way to rip people off.

    by charles aznable

    Confusing controls at first but you get used to it. I can't believe the amount of in-game purchases. You pay, yes PAY for a demo. I did not know it was only two full levels. Pathetic.

  • $6.99 is just for the beginning.

    by onikaze.1

    I thought "FInally!! SE has a reasonably priced game!" But no. Given how much they charge you to progress, the initial cost should have been Free to 1.99. I feel cheated and will now just completely ignore releases from these guys.

  • impossible

    by Alt opa

    give me my money back!!! 7$ for demo without

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