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Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

The following changes have been made:
- iPhone 4S and iPad 2 resolutions are now supported.
* As part of the adjustments to resolution, original mode (vertical alignment) has been removed.
- Transferring replay data to a different model device no longer results in data corruption.
- Deploying a large number of characters no longer causes the game to crash.
- Several other minor bugs have been addressed.

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Crystal Defenders is a defensive strategy game in which players deploy popular jobs from FINAL FANTASY Tactics A2, such as Black Mages and Soldiers, to fend off encroaching enemy hordes and prevent them from stealing their party's crystals. Players can enjoy 360 stages of action in one of three different game versions: W1, W2, and W3. In W1, players can learn game basics. In W2, the introduction of Power Crystals opens up new doors, allowing for deeper, more detailed strategies. Finally, the complex maps in W3 will challenge even the most seasoned players.

◆Game Objectives & Features:

- Deploy units on the area map to protect crystal reserves from encroaching monster hordes.
- Monsters will enter an area and march through it until they are defeated or reach an exit, at which time they will steal one or more crystals.
- Simple touch panel-driven controls and up-tempo play make Crystal Defenders easily accessible whether at home or on the go.
- Innovative level design allows for high replayability.
- Listen to your own music library while playing.

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Customer Reviews

  • Love the game... Hate how it's not iPad savvy...

    by Supa Franky

    Got this the day it came out on my iPhone 1 years ago... Was sad that unlike most apps that make the original work nice or have hd visuals... You guys desire to sell a different one. I already spent like $10 when this came out... Now you want me to pay another $8 To get it to look better on my ipad... Shame...

  • Awesome

    by MurderMartin

    If its to hard that's just a stupid complaint. To hard on a strategy game is just like saying there is to much jumping in Mario.

  • Glitch

    by Eddx540

    So I've gotten perfect scores on W1 and W3 but I can't do one level in W2.. It also freezes and sends me to the home menu. Any suggestions?

  • Awesome!

    by IPeachs

    Love this game! It is so addicting and fun! So worth the money!!!

  • Can it get updated please?

    by Naja Kyan

    This an amazing game, but no matter what map I'm on as soon as I start wave 19 it crashes and I have to start over. If that didn't happen EVERY time I wouldn't stop playing this game. So please fix the bug please.

  • Amazing Game!

    by Tracer's iPod

    I couldn't really think of a better title ._. But, who cares? It is an amazing game, as I feel pretty lucky; when this game first came out, it was only 1.99. I bought it then, and am loving every minute of it. I love the feel of using the races in more games than just the classic Ivalice games. It is an amazing game that gives you a challenge that takes a while to beat. For me, a long while.

  • by Chiefirons

    From what I can tell you can get + & pay for the maps or pay 8.00$&get all the maps but I still like it good job square :)

  • Crashes

    by LD84SCM

    I've had the game for a while but now it seems to be crashing every time you get to the last monster at the end of each stage. Please fix

  • Over priced but very fun

    by SamwiseGambgi

    So i really enjoyed the demo of the game and so i decided too buy it. I almost didnt because of the price. I payed 7.99 which i think it was on sale. And altogether is really fun but when u look at it its really small. And probably didnt take that much programming. So i feel like the price should be alot lower. It is a really good tower defense game though. So if the money doesnt bother you then i would recommend buying it.

  • Difficult and short but well designed maps

    by MrVariant

    This is a unique tower defense game. I am glad it has an arcade feel, letting you pick any level you want. The intersecting maps innovate the game. Many tower defense games are dull because the maps don't crisscross and your units are done once you place them. Here they can attack the same enemy during different stages of a wave because the enemy must go past them a couple of times in the best areas to place units. I didn't encounter crashes but this is also why I like the level select theme so much. You don't have to win to enjoy this game; aim for the high score and choose different maps since it is non-linear. I like seeing how I learned to use the thief as I got better. He can't attack but he excels with intersecting maps since he needs an enemy in his range to be killed to get more money. The crystals are a nice touch to support nearby units and if you feel the game is stale without them, you can skip world 1. All the good features make this an addictive game. However, you do have to teach yourself to get better and sometimes it is difficult to choose the nearby unit you wanted. Lastly, you only have 8 good levels (I am not including the 4 with world 1 since that feels stale with less classes and no crystals), so it is only worth getting when on sale.

  • Unacceptable bug for this price!!

    by KnightOfTruth

    This game is great until you've played it for 30 minutes or so. It'll kick you out to the desktop without warning. SOMETIMES if You're lucky it'll let you resume the game where you last saved it, though inevitably it'll eventually kill it. This is completely unacceptable for a game that costs this much from a publisher as big as SE. Fix it and it'll be a 5-star for sure! *Iphone 4s

  • I can finally give you a 5 star rating!

    by 2cammy

    This game is one of the best tower defense genre games out on ios. It was plagued by lag and blurred graphics, but they have finally ironed out these flaws and now have a very great game available to us.

  • Lag Fixed

    by ZPr13st

    The lag is finally fixed and back like is used to be. Now just give it a retina update and I'll rate it 5 stars.

  • Keeps Frezzing at level 26

    by zz bones xx

    It would be a 5

  • Great, great game.

    by Martin35lg

    The gameplay is great. The levels are pleasantly challenging. The graphics are decent. It's surprising that this game isn't as well known. There's only the issue of price...

  • Great game but

    by BortzANATOR

    Update for retinal display please.

  • Very Entertaining!

    by Traverse...

    This is an excellent game. It is great to pass time or just to have fun. The price is steep, but it's worth it. Weeks of play if you want to master it. I'm still not done with it! My favorite tower defense type game!

  • Slightly laggy

    by Toadster757

    Its VERY fun don't get me wrong but i notice a very slight lag to the game and i just wanted to know if u could fix

  • Hard and basic TD

    by Raji108

    Good game that has the traditional final fantasy theme with high difficulty even for experienced players of TD style games. Huge fan of the series so this was a must but there are plenty of similar games with more depth and variety. Plenty that can be added but haven't seen a worthy update of what square enix is capable of.

  • :o

    by Tuttachu

    Love this game to death! And love the eeplay feature though wen i try to continue an old game it crashes right away not letting me play. Please fix amd 5stars will go back. :3 ty!

  • Crash crash crash

    by WolfehMaster

    Used to work perfectly fine; was unreasonably hard, but fun. Now it just crashes as the first wave starts, AND deletes any progress I manage to make between crashes.

  • Too difficult

    by Fhbfrieabiguiaubb

    I'm a big fan of tower defense games, and I've played plenty. However, this app is just way too difficult. I've spent hours trying different strategies trying to beat a single level and I was unsuccessful. It's more frustrating than it is fun.

  • Can't play...

    by AbhorringU

    Crash constantly as soon as combat would start at the beginning of a wave. Please fix...

  • Way too hard

    by JKraver

    I enjoy TD games I am good at them, this game I don't play anymore because its way to difficult even on easy.

  • It's got potential, but...

    by Dr.Jones104

    The game is fun at first, but its impossibly hard to beat a level. You essentially have to play perfectly to beat even the easiest level. This is very discouraging and doesn't belong in a casual game. This game is also over priced and rarely to never gets an update - it's just laziness on Square Enix's part.

  • iPhone 4S on iOS 6.1.3

    by neosiri5

    These apps cost way to much for the level of developer support users receive. How about quarterly (or even biannual) updates? Note that SquareEnix almost always fails to provide continued support for its apps. Caveat emptor (Translation: Buyer beware).

  • Great game but

    by Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Great game but crashes everytime I far in the game and I have to start from stage one this is not fair at all it needs a update

  • Crashes

    by Hwnskate

    This game lacks an evolving story, but it would still be a great tower defense game. EXCEPT it crashes on every level I've played. I would change my rating if they fixed the game.

  • Crashes continually

    by Delusional Kitsune

    Decent tower defense game ruined by constant crashes preventing anything resembling progress. Not worth the money until fixed.

  • I give up

    by Harveyhorror

    I've been giving up on this game for days at a time because of the crashing. Even if I save right beforehand it crashes and wipes out all of my hard work!!! This is extremely frustrating and I could spend at least an hour on it before it does crash. Please fix this. Or else this is a waste of my time and my money.

  • Crashes and deletes saved game

    by Squid and Whale

    The game is fine but it crashes frequently and wipes my last save. It makes it almost unplayable. Is there an update coming soon? Until there is, I recommend against getting this game. If they keep getting sales without fixing this major bug, then they have no incentive to fix it.

  • Love this game

    by musica12310

    I have become addicted to this strategy game, but there is a glitch that makes the game crash when I push to start wave 22. It has happened five times on four different maps. I tried saving after each wave, and when the app crashes, it wipes it out completely. Very frustrating. I want to see how far I can make it, but it keeps crashing! Please fix and the rating will be 5 stars!

  • Fun game but crashes every time

    by MrPokey

    I bought this game when it originally came out and got better with each update. With the most recent update the game crashes every time there is are too many sprites on the screen. I lose my progress every time!! Not worth it until they fix this issue.

  • Crashes and doesn't go back to the last save

    by 3koneko3

    This game is fun, but it crashes and loses my last save. Not worth the money or time until they update. I am using a 4th gen ipod touch with ios 5.


    by Rangers_lead _the_way

    To all the would be crystal defenders, if you've played the enticing demo on your iphone 4 or ipad and found yourself wanting i must say DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME! UNTILL THE MANUFACTURER DECIDES ON PRODUCING A PRODUCT THAT DOESNT SKIP OR CLOSE OUT OF YOUR GAME IT WILL JUST UPSET YOU! MULTIPLE ISSUES INVOLVING GAME FREEZES AND UNEXPECTED CLOSES HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP, it's a great game just needs to be fixed!!

  • Great game.....but.....

    by z0Gunner0z

    I hace had this game since it came out for the iPod Video 5th generation. When it came out for the iTouch it was one of the first apps I had. I had an iPod Touch 2G at the timr and recently upgraded to the iPod Touch 4G with 64GB. Ever since then the framerate in game have gone waaaayyy down. I mean seriously you guys have to fix this. I now have my iPhone 4S 64 GB (1/12/12) and this app has yet to be updated to the correct framerate. You charge $5 for an application that can't even run on the new models. Fix this. It's been close to a year and there is no fix.

  • Iphone4 too slow!!

    by hereiamsm_JW

    Iphone4 too slow!!

  • iPhone 4s

    by Chibiwolf2

    Needs iPhone 4s HD and lag fix. Otherwise this game is really addicting!!!!

  • Update this for the 4S please

    by andyun13


  • Great game. Huge lag on 4.

    by wydan

    I love this game, but it does need more updates. It used to run very well on my iPhone 4, but with the latest version, it just runs too slow and lags everywhere. Pls fix this so I can play one of my fav games on the iPhone.

  • Awesome game!!

    by (oo)Lefty

    This game runs perfect on my iPod touch 4G...The only time it ever lagged was when it couldn't connect to game center other than that perfect game ( try turning all of the apps off in the background and kill all notifications in the notification bar at the top if it is too laggy)

  • by Dr. Jaybird

    Great game:)

  • great game needs lagtime update asap

    by wave9349

    This is my favorite iphone game but it is literally unplayable on the 4s with huge lagtimes. Please update this app it is my favorite game and I don't want to carry around a 3gs just to play it

  • Good game with potential

    by Maverick_Spawn

    I have had many hours on this game while on my ipod but the lack of check points nestled with the new fact that it is absolutely laggy on the iPhone 4 makes it a downer. Hopefully an update will make everything better.

  • Good game!

    by RSYM

    This game is very fun and challenging

  • 정말 괜찮은 게임 입니다

    by 디아나

    나온지 좀 되었지만 밸런스나 캐릭터등이 매우 좋은 디펜스 게임입니다

  • Expensive and Difficult

    by I Roboticus

    I love the final fantasy tactics games and I like this game a lot, but it is too expensive for what it is, the graphics are outdated, and it really needs saveability. I really hate trying to figure out a good strategy for a late wave and having to repeat all the early waves each time I want to test something. Forcing me to repeat each time doesn't make the game mire difficult, just a waste of time.

  • awesome game

    by someone_who_cares

    Very good game, I'm really enjoing it. it's hard sometimes, but thats why its fun! Esquare Enix always do awesome games.

  • Great style but too hard to figure out

    by prophetoftruth

    I love the final fantasy and would really love to see a Chrono Trigger theme. I've made a few on game maker. This is just too hard. This reminds me of what Blizzard does when they run out of time on a project. Instead of making it fun they make it incredibly hard. This game will be fun for about 1 level or 20 min then you will start regretting buying it. Square Enix is the worst RPG maker of all time. They completely lobotomized the final fantasy spirit. Final fantasy 4, 6, 7, secret of evermore, and Chrono trigger were squares crown jewels. Everything else is just filler. I want to see Chrono trigger for iPad and iPhone and secret of evermore.

  • the game is great :)

    by mystic quest fan

    but there are one problem the resolution is really bad and laggy Please square enix update this master piece to the next level .

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