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Minor Bug Fixes and now Free

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Now with Bluetooth multiplayer! Take on your friends using Game Center and prove who's really the best all rounder.

The most compelling arcade sports game on the app store!

"...this is possibly the best cricket sim on the App Store." -

Prove you're a real all rounder as you bat, bowl and field your way through multiple challenge and tournament modes with the deftest flick and swipe of your finger.

Big Cup Cricket let's you play as anyone of 20 teams from around the world in cup competitions and challenge modes.

Along with retina and game centre support, Big Cup Cricket is the ideal way to while away time between innings.

Customer Reviews

  • Best multiplayer game of cricket

    by Nimmy Singh

    Great game must get

  • Great Cricket Game

    by Eclectic Eel

    This game looks great and is a lot of fun to play. It is also a good way to learn the basics of cricket (as I am doing). I think the highest level is rigged. ;-)

  • Lots of fun!

    by Andypandy77

    Not perfect, but lots of fun. I have really enjoyed playing this game.

  • Fine Overall

    by Tweekster6

    Game is definitely worth paying for, but the catching is retarded

  • Best 2d Cricket!

    by GLCS2110

    Very fun and rewarding! Worth getting the full version, so much more in the training mode. Though I wish you could select field positions. Wish you could select to run instead of it being estimated. I wish you could move the batsmen on the crease left or right. Wish there was LBW. So much potential! Very worth getting!

  • Brilliant game

    by Booboo Sanchez

    Arcade, but tons of fun for a cricket fan. Ability to edit names means I am now playing with real players, not made up ones. WELL worth more than its price.

  • Fun

    by Lgrandepistolero

    Fun Cricket app with a nice arcade feel. Easy to pick up and play. Hitting a wicket is truly a rush. Wish there were more players online. Worth a buck.

  • As good as you will find for cricket

    by osukiwi

    This has a lot of fun components and although you don't have the same feel you did with Brian Lara or Shane Warne cricket it is definitely entertaining.

  • Awesome Game

    by VT dude

    Fun Fun Fun

  • I'm loving this game!

    by bbpohlmann

    Easy to learn and simple to play.

  • Awesome game

    by Ashik95

    Awesome game

  • Five star cricket game

    by Krishri

    Initially it took some time to get into sync. Now it's addictive. Good graphics, effects, bowling is fun with all swings, spins and pace options. Fielding is also the best amongst cricket game plays. Need 50 over option.

  • Very addictive

    by A R

    The BEST cricket game on the app store.

  • Fun cricket game!

    by vyakkund

    This is a fun, cartoon version of cricket. It does not have life like players, but very fun to play. Worth playing and game action is very fast paced!

  • Great gameplay

    by David Zaga

    Excelent gameplay, great cricket experience.

  • Best Cricket App Out There!

    by Duckie_Freak

    I love it. Play it every day. Top notch, never have ANY problems with it!

  • good play!

    by bgb7bg

    very nice

  • Addicting!

    by WillParedes

    Yes, this is a simplified cricket simulator but it's still great fun and very addicting. And I'm American and never ever watched a cricket match before! My only issue is that the difficulty of the 3 star teams like England makes it almost impossible to beat them. They constantly hit sixes!!

  • Exelent

    by Bucho992011

    Best cricket game available, hooked on it for three straight days!

  • Sweet!

    by rxmaverick

    I bought this so could learn cricket to teach my students. Its been quite fun and I've learned a lot! Now I have to do the real deal!

  • Not fun to play anymore

    by Ladla75

    This used to be my favorite game. Now I can't stand it since they added the ads. Every time a new ad is featured the game freezes while in play. They could have kept the ads out while the game is in play mode.

  • Ruined a good game with ads

    by northcountrystar

    Used to love this game, now I never play it since they added ads. The ads ruined the smoothness of the gameplay, in to a glitchy, annoying game.

  • Upgrade is horrible

    by IronChefDesi

    Used to be a perfectly great game until the recent update. Now it's full of ads which makes it unplayable :(

  • Fun but SUPER buggy


    Need to keep restarting game as the controls stop responding accurately after playing for more than 5 minutes. Weirdly, it's the worst when playing against India! Also, no iPhone 5 update? Please fix the bugs!!

  • Inconsistent fielding

    by Yasgtr

    The fielders perform inconsistently. You can't get them to catch on your side, but the opposing team (software) seem to have acrobatic abilities. The same goes for the bowling of some teams. This leads to unfair and unpredictable games. Please fix this.

  • Was good. Now crashes with ios5

    by crash55jm

    Worked well in the past.

  • Big cup

    by Hadi_ benzo

    It's rubbish it opens but crash back up. On iOS 5.. So have to wait for the new version or update

  • Crashes on ios 5

    by siva.zeus

    Crashes on ios 5. Do not buy till there is an update to fix the crash.

  • Worst cricket game ever played on iPad

    by 10doolcar

    Poor app for cricket

  • Yea!

    by Capto56

    Just like the real game!! Boring and pointless!!

  • Nicely done!

    by Seminary Geek

    Nice animation, cute characters, and challenging skills. Probably the most fun bowling in a cricket game. Definitely a great app!

  • Big Cup Cricket

    by Mediator Jeff

    Great fun game. Suggestions for updates- head to head play, league play and tell me stats for batters and bowlers.

  • No. 1 cricket game

    by Gkola

    Prefect for iPhone...

  • Awesome game

    by Chetan28

    I liked it very much , nice fun game best cricket game

  • Really, really well done. Good fun!

    by Curt King

    Excellent game -- easily the best cricket game for iOS. Intuitive, simple, yet hours of fun.

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