JEOPARDY! Platinum Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)


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Seller: Sony Pictures Television

-Bug fixes and enhancements

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In the new Jeopardy! Platinum game for iPhone and iPod Touch, you will feel like a real Jeopardy! contestant on America’s Favorite Quiz Show®. Test your knowledge in single player or compete in a variety of online and local multiplayer modes. Use the touchscreen to write your name on the podium, pick categories and customize your own personal avatar. Hear announcer Johnny Gilbert’s voice as you take the stage and test your knowledge on topics ranging from popular culture to world history. Featuring over 2700 clues from the Jeopardy! writers, the new Jeopardy! Platinum game puts America’s Favorite Quiz Show® in your pocket.

Want more ways to extend your knowledge? Additional clues can be downloaded and automatically mixed into your existing Jeopardy! clue library. Purchase Game Clue Packs and Avatar Packs directly from the in-app store for an expansive Jeopardy! play experience.

Customer Reviews

  • What is sticky

    by AlexDoubeck

    Ok game...Q: The buttons are either too responsive or sometimes sticky... A: What be the peanut butter or jelly smeared across my iPhone. Wish they would have a "Spin the wheel" or "Plinko" at the end where a nerd like me could exchange the cash for imaginary vacations to tropical islands with celebrity babes or being the president for a day. ... Mom's calling me for supper now, goodbye.

  • Great fun!

    by Hamish MacPhereson

    Wonderful game. Very interactive. Gives a lot of enjoyment!

  • Great in theory.....

    by JRoth2

    I love the game when it works properly. Most of the time the buttons are so unresponsive that it makes it miserable to play it! Also the questions under the easy category are still really difficult at times. Please fix the bugs so I can enjoy this game I paid for!!!

  • A bit dumbed down

    by BlackRain8782

    This game really isn't terrible, but multiple choice instead of keypad entry was a really bad choice. This is Jeopardy, and it's been dumbed down because of this. The audience this app is aiming for isn't the fans of the show, it's the drones that love the hundreds of other multiple choice, brainless trivia apps.

  • iPhone 5 support

    by dehrlich58

    Make this app support iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation please

  • Crashes

    by Geonuttyness

    My only complaint is if you put your phone to sleep and turn it back on, the game crashes to the home screen. This requires one to re navigate the menus to find the game you were playing.


    by Falalalaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Fun, but I wish it had a teen version.

  • Glitches!

    by kikicoconuts

    The questions are harder then on the show. And a lot of times the buttons don't read your touch and you end up selecting the wrong answer or running out of time. This is just for fun game and be prepared to lose money because of glitches :-/

  • Awesome!

    by zionweaver

    This game is fantastic. Im not sure what problems other people are having, but It has worked perfectly on my device, and was even better than I expected. Easy to play, just like the show, and lots of categories!

  • Force close

    by Nate dawg 123456

    Force closes when I try to play a multiplayer game through the Game Center! Please fix!

  • Accessibility

    by Snakestar

    It doesn't exist. Waste of money

  • Garbage

    by 26bears

    This is awful. Had high hopes too.

  • Fun but I hate it

    by Unknown_45

    The timing is off so it makes you lose a lot of money

  • No support

    by Denise Danyow

    Support tab just opens to Sony game ads. No instructions on multiplayer games. Big disappointment.

  • Horrible Lag

    by soccerchica13

    The lag in the game doesn't allow you to actually play jeopardy. This is a terribly produced ripoff of a purchase. Save your money for something else.

  • Very Touchy App

    by unsolvedrobyn

    I'm so disappointed. Previous versions of this game were great. This one's bizarre. Sometimes you have to touch twice to select an answer, sometimes once. Sometimes you need to hold down. You never know. And the worst is that it won't let me select an answer if the other contestant has chosen incorrectly. There is no option for ringing in 2nd. You just have to sit there and wait! ALSO, it is a VERY sensitive touch screen. I'm finally giving up on this app after dozens of times where I clearly select the correct answer, but it says my finger touched a different answer. This is a terrible app, and one that could be SO great. Sorely disappointed. :(

  • Main app crashes

    by Southiechics

    Cannot play party mode, app crashes

  • Absolutely terrible

    by Bombck

    The app opens, but when you try to play with anyone it crashes. Honestly, I want my money back if I can't play a game that I paid for. What a crock. Don't waste your money.

  • Terrible

    by Ceedw

    App crashes every time I try a multiplayer game. Really would like a refund. A $2 app should work. Period.

  • Lame. Not worth it!

    by Bylerb1

    Horrible version of a great game. :-/

  • Multiplayer doesn't work

    by MiciaGirl

    Individual games are cool but multiplayer does not work. I want a refund.

  • Jeopardy? Not even close.

    by mistermicrophone

    Awful. Questions are too easy and jeopardy is not multiple choice!

  • Awful

    by Squeeks314

    When trying to play a game with a friend, it shuts down. So between two of us we spent $4 and can't play. Thanks!

  • Not worth purchasing

    by AchaJaeBee40000

    "Helpful" hand pointer is maddening!

  • Won't even work

    by Baby in 12

    Every time I start a game or join a game the app closes. Waste of money.

  • Crashes

    by MaturedTurdsmootcher

    Multiplayer games crash the app

  • Save Your Money

    by JeopardyFan2020

    I bought this app to play with a friend. It has the feature where you can play together even if you're not together, but it never works!! Every time we have tried, the game just crashes. Very disappointing. Even playing solo, there are repeat questions. Definitely not an app worthy of its cost! Save your money for something else!

  • Save your $2

    by WaterhorseKate

    Don't bother buying this app. It's slow, crashes often, won't connect a game in Game Center and just a waste of money. I can only play the computer, which gets very old. (I have iPhone 5 with wifi access and it still won't connect to Game Center) also, the need to tap through every move is frustrating. I had high hopes when I saw an ad for this on TV Jeopardy, but I guess there's nothing as good as the real thing.

  • Beyond worthless

    by Traveljunkie1

    Quits when you try to play someone else. A rarity as 49 times of 50 there is no one to play. On 50th try it closes and sends you to iPhone desktop. Who says apps don't close!

  • Great in single player. Multiplayer crashes

    by Hoff2446

    Single player is fun. Tough but fun. Multiplayer crashes every time though. Fix that issue and I'd add some stars

  • Junk!

    by Esp10nage

    What a load of junk! This app needs serious improvement. I want a refund. How do I get one?

  • Don't waste your money!

    by Nathan Phillips

    I'm using an iPhone 5 and touch controls are miserable on this game. Could be cool but very poorly executed! Will be requesting my money back.

  • Frustrsting

    by Chrissyrides

    I've had this app 2weeks and have not been able to finish even one game. Can't find an opponent and when you do the games quits. Questions are not hard I can run the table easily even on hard setting.

  • Needs more categories

    by Alexis Browsh

    I downloaded this yesterday and have already had 3 categories repeat. Also sometimes you never see the correct answer if you're incorrect. I hardly ever pay for apps and expected a lot more for 1.99!

  • Multi-Player Does Not Work

    by Reader125

    Takes forever to find someone to play with, then crashes or hangs up before starting. Ok in single player - which isn't much fun for trivia.

  • Fun but freezing is annoying

    by Tappingtracy

    The questions are somewhat challenging and clever; however, the game constantly freezes and restarts itself. Not worth $2.

  • Really?

    by K1911

    When I first downloaded the app it was working fine but by day two i could barely get the touch screen to respond when I would pick the answers..SMH...the game response is beyond slow (and unresponsive at multiple times) and needs to be fixed...

  • Disconnecting

    by Dgvjk

    I love this game! But every time my boyfriend and I play together over the Game Center, it force closes during our game. Every time. Regardless of how good the connection is.

  • Horribly slow and buggy

    by Kdog9009

    This game is so buggy and slow that it is totally unplayable. Until they get the bugs fixed, charging money for this game should be a crime!

  • Wow

    by Officialfeline

    This is ridiculous. If I bought this from a store I would go and get my money back. It takes 20 minutes to find someone to play with and then continues on to say the game is starting and then freezes. I can't even play unless I play single player which also has a lot of glitches.

  • Crash!!!

    by Brandon Kress

    My wife thought it would be fun to challenge each other on multiplayer but we can't get through a game cause it randomly crashes. Lots of problems big bummer!!!

  • Crappy

    by Me?!***

    Doesn't work well at all takes forever to find opponents and once you wait forever for that the game doesn't even start properly! I want my money back!

  • Lots of flaws need to be improved!!

    by Cc1982abb

    The timing/knowing who has rung in first is confusing. I would rather play a slower paced game than be frustrated at trying to ring in or having to ring in without reading a word of the clue. Then, for final jeopardy, they do not give enough time to select your wager. Instead of trying to select $10,000 in $100 increments, they should let you type in your number. If you go too fast, you hit the wrong button and wager it all; if you go too slow, you completely miss the final question!! Really?!?! Once again, I would rather have a little more time, than jamming wagering in with the final question. Conversely, there is waaaay too much of a delay between ringing in and getting the answer choices. It takes so long I forget what the clue is and need to waste time re-reading! There are other multiplayer games with virtually no delays, so they should be able to fix this. I do NOT recommend this game at this time! It is not worth the price. I would be ok with the price if the game structure and functionality were Much better.

  • Terrible touch response

    by Flyer23

    You have to tap the buttons on this app three or four times before your response is recorded. Terrible

  • Unresponsive

    by Kaduva06

    This game is terrible. Jeopardy is my favorite gameshow but I'm sorry I spent 2 bucks on this game.


    by Aharizo

    How can I Get a REFUND this game is BORING and it doesn't give you an option to type in your own answers but its multiple choice. Time consuming and boring.

  • Worst app I have.

    by Jvandegr

    Impossible to tap the respond buttons and wagers properly. Just poor all around and a complete waste of money. I wish I had the time I wasted trying to play this game back.

  • Lots of bugs

    by RoLeeL

    Sometimes you never see what the correct answer was. When the first player gets the answer wrong, sometimes the second and even sometimes the third players give the same wrong answer! I keep getting the same categories and clues over and over - and I don't play enough to have gone through the purported number of clues in the basic app. Please do something about this!

  • First time app reviewer

    by thejman is the man

    This is the first time I've felt compelled to review an app, but this jeopardy app is just so bad I need to say something. A huge part of jeopardy is people's buzzing speed. This app completely eliminates that essential aspect of the game by always allowing the player to buzz in first. Additionally, you are given three choices which ruins another classic part of jeopardy (giving your answer, not selecting from easy choices). Probably due to these two major flaws, the difficulty levels are not accurate. Easy and medium are total jokes. Hard is not hard at all. Do not buy this app!!!

  • Touch controls need major improvement

    by sparklediamant

    This would he a great game if the touch controls worked consistently. This is the only app I have trouble with so I doubt it's my phone. It's a bummer to miss an answer because the touch pad isn't responded to your click or clicks a different answer than you intended. Please fix!

  • Fun at first, frustrating and poor design

    by Master of Fruitjitsu

    I adore Jeopardy, and this app at least has legitimate questions. If the software, user interface, touch response, graphic design or readability was anywhere close to acceptable, i would give this app 4 stars. Also, the response time is impossibly short! The questions are just as challenging as the show itself, however multiple choice completely kills the experience. Therefore, i like to try and think of the answer in my head before clicking to see the options. However, they only give you about 4 seconds to read the question! Pathetic app design. Fix your 3 thousand problems, and maybe try creating an update on your game for once, and then maybe i will re-review this embarrassing app.

  • I want my money back

    by Gena Eve

    Poor in EVERY aspect. From the graphics to the gameplay, this is by far one of the very worst games! It's trash!

  • Works horribly on the iPhone

    by Travis Langley

    The iPad version is great, but the iPhone version is unusable. The buttons don't work 90% of the time.

  • Don't get this app.

    by Charliegreenpants

    Don't buy the app. In the middle of the first game it stopped working for me. I haven't gotten it to work since then.

  • Game is starting...

    by Jeopardyfan

    This game is pretty much unplayable. What a joke.

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