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In the new Jeopardy! HD for iPad game, you will feel like a real Jeopardy! contestant on America’s Favorite Quiz Show®. Test your knowledge in single player or compete in a variety of online and local multiplayer modes. Use the touchscreen to write your name on the podium, pick categories and customize your own personal 3D avatar. Hear announcer Johnny Gilbert’s voice as you take the stage and test your knowledge on topics ranging from popular culture to world history. Featuring over 2700 clues from the Jeopardy! writers, the new Jeopardy! HD for iPad game puts America’s Favorite Quiz Show® in your hands.

Want more ways to extend your knowledge? Additional clues can be downloaded and automatically mixed into your existing Jeopardy! clue library. Purchase Game Clue Packs and Avatar Packs directly from the in-app store for an expansive Jeopardy! play experience.

Customer Reviews

  • Final Jeopardy Problems

    by N_tuk

    I love the game but once I get to final Jeopardy in a multiplayer pass and play game it does not let both players wager and answer the question. Please fix!!!

  • Could be improved

    by S'danzo

    I enjoyed this the first few times I played. However, the questions quickly became repetitive. After playing about 15 times I was getting the same categories with the same questions. Very disappointed with that

  • Really slow

    by Kiki-y7

    Just got it and it's taking a really long time to load

  • Crashes at Final Jeopardy

    by Samm311

    You get all the way to the end of the game and only one person gets a try at Final Jeopardy. Crashes before player 2 gets a chance.

  • Crash

    by likethecolor

    It's a nice game, I have to click too often, but when it doesn't crash it's fun. I just bought it and in the first 30 minutes of play it has crashed 5 times. Aaaaand, since this is the apple App Store I can't return it and Sony has my money. iOS7 on iPad

  • Crash

    by likethecolor

    It's a nice game, I have to click too often, but when it doesn't crash it's fun. I just bought it and in the first 30 minutes of play it has crashed 5 times. Aaaaand, since this is the apple App Store I can't return it and Sony has my money. iOS7 on iPad

  • Update Jeopardy!

    by DannysoRaw

    Please update it! It is the 30th Anniversary of the show! Make am update !

  • Audio?

    by T.Shatha

    The game is fine, but where is the sound? Half the fun of playing (watching) Jeopardy is its unique audio. C'mon guys!

  • Jeopardy

    by Kate the awesome

    Pretty boring, not like the show

  • Not Happy!

    by Feb19

    I love this game and would have given it a higher rating except it has issues in multiplayer! When playing pass & play, it will only let player 2 answer the final jeopardy question and just makes a random wager for player 1. Definitely not okay.

  • Good games, needs audio questions

    by CourtneyRenee95

    Still a very good game but I wish the questions were read, like in the 360 and Wii versions. The questions are the same so why not just add the audio in too? Or at least give an option for more time.

  • Just another trivia game

    by Binky2u

    The answers are multiple choice. I played Jeopardy on the Xbox and the answers have to be typed in. Initially this seemed a bit scary, but instead it felt pretty close to real Jeopardy and was really fun. Don't buy this if you think you're not smart enough and that Jeopardy would be better as a multiple choice format- it isn't! Due to the multiple choice of this app, it doesn't feel at all like Jeopardy and plays more like a generic trivia game. It's OK, but I'm assuming there are thousands of trivia apps so I would research those before buying this. This just isn't Jeopardy. A major flaw is the final round. You have about five seconds to set your bid which is oddly difficult to do, then about three seconds to pick one of the three answers. This ruined one of our games as two people hadn't even set a bet and the third accidentally clicked on a random answer. Three of us played this on our individual iPads over the same wifi and that worked fine.

  • Too many bugs

    by ibriggy

    First of all, it's impossible to contact the developer's support site. I purchased upgrades that were never installed, and you get many repeat questions. You don't always find out the correct answers to the question that you missed. And, the game is upside down! I feel ripped off!

  • Game is fine as solitaire, multiplayer doesn't work

    by Knarfmo

    The game works fine when you play solo. It takes forever for it to find opponents in theGame Center, and then it crashes when it tries to load a multiplayer game.

  • Multiplayer very disappointing

    by Ilove1dnotdirectionators

    Pretty disappointing but can't get too worked up over two bucks. I've yet to get matched with anyone when I try and get a match on Gamecenter. The biggest shame is that Sony had a great multiplayer online game about 12 years ago and this is still so inferior to that. Multiple choice answers also kind of lame. Again, for $2 not with too much complaining, but would be so much more fun to play against strangers, and maybe add a chat feature.

  • No updates for this game

    by Donnabert

    I have been playing this game occasionally for three years. Every time I turn it on it is upside down and I have to fix it by unlocking the screen and turning my ipad around. THREE YEARS. Half of the reviews for this game are about the upside down issue. Fix it morons.

  • Meh

    by megtalla

    Unable to play via Game Center due to constant crashing, and providing answer options takes some of the fun out of it. Otherwise, it's ok.

  • ILikeRealJeopardy

    by ILikeRealJeopardy

    Buggy! In multi-player mode, Final Jeopardy only works half the time. Frustrating to play entire game, then not even get asked the last question. Multiple-choice format with only three choices? Yes. No way to play at the same time with another person on the same device? No. Leaves much to be desired. Glad I only spent a buck.

  • What's not worth $1.99?

    by FragileWolf

    I can't even play the crashes when I try to input my name. Worst app I've tried.

  • App Displays Upside Down

    by CaseyRossB

    The app displays upside down - need I say more. This became a huge problem when I tried mirroring it to my Apple TV.

  • Don't buy!

    by Lololololololol troll

    I bought this app and I loved it at first. A few days later, it started repeating topics and said I have to purchase ANOTHER pack! Don't waste your money! Apple, I want my money back!

  • Up Side Down

    by NOWitsOK

    If you spent $100 on a nice blu-toothed keyboard case for you iPad, you be unhappy to learn the game is UP-SIDE-DOWN. Cases like this one have cut out for the camera, and buttons so there is only one way for them to fit in. So leaving the iPad in the case to provide the protection we bought the case for makes up stand on our heads to play. At the moment I'm sorry I spent $2 on this game. I will definitely not be buying Apps from this company in the future till I see they have better quality control.

  • Needs Improvement

    by Jennifer Aceves

    First of all when you are playing multiplayer mode it should show that it is your turn and say "player 1" while you're choosing a category and answering the question because I was playing multiplayer with friends and we didn't know who's turn it was! Another reason is the questions are too hard! The questions on the app are harder than the tv show! Lastly the avatars clothes look really lame. So if you would please fix these problems I would gladly rate the app with 5 stars rather than 2. Thanks

  • Crashes

    by WannaPlayJeopardy

    Keeps crashing when we try to start the party mode game

  • CATEGORY: Rip Off

    by SmartBarbie

    ALEX: THE ANSWER IS: by purchasing Jeopardy Platinum CONTESTANT: What is the quickest way to waste $1.99? ALEX: that's right! You lose!!

  • Crashorama

    by Crashorama II

    Started OK, then began crashing any time hit a Daily Double. Tried deleting and reinstalling repeatedly on iPad running current OS and only reward for all that effort is that it just crashes randomly now, not just on Daily Doubles!!! I love the TV show and wish this would work. BTW, no Vanna anywhere....


    by Rayeliz

    I just updated the app and it won't stop crashing! I CANT EVEN PLAY IT!

  • Eh...

    by ed422

    Online play just doesn't happen. I have tried many times and have never been able to play. Bot players are no challenge. Disappointing.

  • Disappointed

    by Zazu47

    Crashes after you press play

  • Don't buy for online multiplayer

    by Andrew Avitan

    The game is alright, but I'm highly disappointed that online multiplayer is advertised as a selling point, yet nobody is ever playing online. I would not have bought this app at all if I knew that ahead of time.

  • Jeopardy

    by Nictrip

    I bought all the games but it keeps playing the first set over and over.

  • Jeopardy! HD

    by MTwistor

  • Do not buy!

    by ChipCBT

    This app is terrible. I love playing jeopardy, but when the app crashes in the middle of the first round it is vey frustrating. Even followed the instructions to fix the problem. Restarted my device and when that didn't work I deleted and redownloaded the app, and it still crashes every time! I want my money back!

  • Not very fun and Not worth the money

    by mccolin

    For $2, I expected the game to offer a better gameplay experience. There are no sounds during play, no quintessential Jeopardy! music, no reading of clues, etc. Choices for your character are minimal and the interactions between the other "players" are awkward. It doesn't mimic the Jeopardy! experience well enough at all.

  • Doesn't respond to taps at all!

    by NK_mom

    I have an iPad4 and my daughter has an iPad2. It works well on the iPad 2 but not at all on the iPad 4. It doesn't respond to taps at all--I have to tap hard several times and when it does respond, it skips past the answer choices and gives me the incorrect answer prompt. Too bad, I was looking forward to playing, but as it is now, I cannot use it at all. :(

  • Final jeopardy issue

    by Texas Stacy

    Enjoy this game, except for a few issues: 1. Time to select wagers for final jeopardy and daly doubles is way too short. Sometimes you don't have time to hit the arrow enough to get to a large amount. 2. Issue with final jeopardy...there is a glitch that does not allow me to answer the question. It automatically skips to the next screen. 3. Sound doesn't work well.

  • Just got suckered...

    by Msarg0809

    Crashes at every attempt to play in party mode. Wasted $6.00.

  • Jeopardy

    by Snoopy_52

    This app will not rotate to allow play in the case/keyboard I use. I must remove the iPad from the case and turn it 180 degrees to use the app. If I put my iPad back into the case in this orientation my charging port & volume control are hidden.

  • terrible

    by Hill326

    You have to touch more than once to get to next option but then it thinks you have selected something you didn't. I didn't get to respond to a single question because every time I did it just automatically selected the bottom choice! Awful. Can't believe I wasted $2.

  • Yuk

    by Shameful222

    I love Jeopardy. I bought this game and it won't even open. Shame on me for not reading the reviews first.

  • Disappointed

    by mkhenry

    Crashes when Daily Double pops up. That ends the game. $1.99 isn't much to pay, but for part of one Single Jeopardy round it's expensive.

  • Great except for the end

    by Clarissa Caro

    Worked well on iPad but in Final round only one player is allowed to play! Very disappointing in close games!!

  • Jeopardy HD

    by NanJH

    Purchased game and all I got was etch a sketch. Does absolutely nothing

  • Too Easy

    by Storm748

    Far too easy. Multiple choice ruins any challenge.

  • Disappointing

    by ZacharyZ

    Game play is terrible and irritating. Do not buy.

  • Terrible

    by CaliCove

    Made me feel bad

  • Bad game

    by unapologeically southern

    I love Jeopardy...I love trivia. I had high expectations for this game, but it's bland and boring. It's also not particularly challenging. I hate that I spent money on this game because after playing it once,it was apparent that I wouldn't want to play it anymore. There are better trivia apps...and they don't cost.

  • Multiplayer Party Mode Non-Functional

    by Panterran

    Like many, I seldom am compelled to write a review about great apps experiences (shame on me) but am willing to share experiences about a bad one. Truth be told, I really don't feel compelled to comment at all. Regrettably, I have a negative experience to share. I Purchased the HD version for my iPad and the Platinum version for use as "buzzers" in what I hoped would be a cool family game night we all thought would be fun. I'd like to share my experience, but the HD "hosting" app on my iPad crashed 5 times in a row as the three "client" devices (2 iPhone 5's and an iPod Touch) tried to join the game. Never really got to play and finally gave up. Tried the "pass and play" multiplayer experience but was not impressed. Lack of music and/or sounds to enhance the experience makes for very boring gameplay. Considering I had to drop money for both iPad and iPod/iPhone versions of this game, I'm rather disappointed to be honest. Buyer beware, I suppose, but I certainly expected a more polished experience, or at least one that worked! Maybe the developer will fix these glaring problems in the future - I really did not buy with a single-payer experience in mind.


    by Emx91387

    Don't buy! Needs work!! Waste of money!

  • Don't waste your $

    by Poopfhfms,alwooodirnttzs

    This app is terrible. There is no way to play regular jeopardy against someone, you have to take turns answering the questions, and they are multiple choice. Waste of $1.99.

  • I wish I were more impressed...

    by lt222

    The questions are fine- the multiple choice makes it silly as if you even have an inkling you can figure it out. I wish it were more challenging. More annoying though is the game's inability to add- dollar totals will jump from $20,000 to -$2000 in the span of one question, not even a double jeopardy question. Complete silliness.

  • Terrible!

    by Damanda62

    Just bought this and it has a delayed response to touch. Total waste of $2. Save your money!! I would rate it zero stars if I could.

  • Jeopardy

    by Rxy118

    App fails when played at expert mode. Selecting to respond or pass activates no action and hitting the button a second time moves the player forward with an unwanted guess. It's a bug. I'm sure it will get fixed. Enjoy my .99. Hey apple, nice QC on this.

  • It crashes, doesn't flow smoothly

    by JRBreslin

    Very disappointing

  • Fails on Final Jeopardy

    by Jpbeare

    Whenever my wife and I play Jeopardy together, this app glitches out during final Jeopardy. Please fix!

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