Puzzlejuice Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Sirvo LLC
  • Updated: Jan, 19 2012
  • Version: 1.6.1
  • Size: 29.34 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Sirvo LLC

Hey guys!

This is a small update. It only adds two things:
+ Working Twitter functionality in iOS6+
+ A link to our new game

The new game is called THREES. It's a tiny puzzle that'll grow on you. You may have heard a squawk or two on Twitter about it, we think it's pretty special. We've spent over a year on this tiny little puzzle game, agonizing over all the details until it felt perfect. Please take a look and let us know if you like it!

As always, none of my games will ask you for a review, so please take a moment and re-review puzzlejuice if you're still enjoying it :)

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Puzzlejuice is a game that will punch your brain in the face.


"Puzzlejuice is the only game puzzle fans need." - App Advice

"Puzzlejuice is an enveloping world of gorgeous design, funky music, and falling blocks that you can’t help but fall in love with." - Slide to Play

"It's an inspired effort that will tickle puzzle fans, word-game addicts and aficionados of smart design. Go get it now." - Kotaku

"Loads of frantic gameplay, style and humor." - Touch Arcade

"Every once in a while an iOS game breaks new ground and delivers something ingenious." - App Safari

"Addictive combination of word and puzzle games. Slick presentation and incredible soundtrack." - Gamezebo


Puzzlejuice takes all of the elements of your favorite puzzle games and puts it into one convenient brightly colored package!

This game was designed to challenge both your spatial and verbal abilities and if you don’t feel overwhelmed then you might not be human. It’s a puzzle that will keep you hooked.




Multicolored BLOCKS constantly fall from the top of the screen and it’s up to you to arrange them. Once you complete a row with these blocks they will turn into LETTERS! The only way to clear out these blocks is to spell WORDS. Oh and also you can MATCH COLORS—that will make letters too.


Test your endurance by seeing how long you can withstand the downpour. Complete objectives to unlock POWERUPS that will make you life easier as the game gets harder!


Don't have a lot of time? Great! This mode is Zen because the blocks don't fall, so you don't have to worry about them piling to the top. This mode is EXTREME because you ONLY HAVE 90 SECONDS.


"LOCAL" MULTIPLAYER: There's a lot to do in this game so it's great to play with friends! One of you can sort the blocks while the others look for words. Divide and CONQUER.

PICTURE-IN-PICTURE: We've packed the same experience into both the iPhone and iPad, but we know that phones are small and thumbs are big, so when you start spelling a word on the phone, a preview pops up to show the letters underneath your fingers!

GAME CENTER: Challenge your friends or try to become the world's best Puzzlejuice Master!

DICTIONARY: Spell a word and don't know what it means? No problem, double-tap on a word to look it up.

FOREIGN LANGUAGES: Play the game in English, Spanish, French, Italian, or Dutch!

COLORBLIND SUPPORT: We've got you covered.


It’s not your mother’s word game; it has balls. Brass balls. Puzzlejuice is for closers.

Customer Reviews

  • Scrabble & Tetris combined

    by Juliecakes13

    I really enjoy this game! It never seems to get old like other games I've played (fruit ninja be one of them). I love scrabble and this is pretty much that combined w/ Tetris

  • Awesome game

    by CalamityJamie

    One of the first apps I bought on iPhone and now years later- still love it. Gorgeous, engaging, fun. Definitely worth it! Update: 2/2014- had this app since my first iPhone and it's still installed. Should tell you something!

  • Great fun

    by Klazer

    With two ways to make letters and one way to get rid of them, puzzle juice is a surprisingly challenging game. The combo meter keeps you focused and the difficulty levels make it insanely hard for even experienced word gamers.

  • Yes

    by Oliveman314

    Original idea, fun to play. Still keeps me entertained after months.

  • Perfect

    by Wįll

    I love this game. Still. A lot.

  • Still a favorite!

    by PegasusSongs

    I got this game at least six months ago and it continues to be a fun time -waster and a great challenge! Get this game!!

  • Puzzlejuice is

    by Mlchaell

    Great game

  • Still fun after all this time

    by lofidelityrockr

    Each update seems to make it a stronger app with less crashes like it used to have in the beginning. I am still trying to overcome my old scores so it does retain playability. The pointer is still a bit of a hassle when trying to spell a word in a rush, but overall, still fun.

  • Fun, challenging, and innovative

    by amrich

    Cool take on Tetris and word games. You have to think quick and creatively

  • Still my favorite iOS game.

    by JBWILLS

    It's original, fun, and challenging. The perfect mobile game.

  • Ridiculously addictive and challenging

    by Pippilngs

    If you mixed Tetris and Boggle ( two of my personal favorites) you'd get Puzzlejuice. Lots of fun and wildly challenging, but it takes FOREVER to load which means it's no good for waiting in line, etc. If it loaded faster, it would be an easy 5 stars

  • AyMayZing!

    by AwesomElephants

    This is truly challenging and is great to build some vocabulary on. I like this! Also, coming February 6th, your second game! threesgame.com

  • Update?

    by Robin Gilmore-Barnes

    Used to love this app (addicted). But now the blocks come down and never fit. And whats with all the i's and u's. Cant spell anything but 3-letter words. I used to be in the top 5%, now I'm lucky if I break 1mill. Just a headache. I even deleted the app (losing my high scores) to see if it was a bug. But nope. May e I had a lucky run. Time for me to move on.

  • Great idea, but...

    by McSnee

    This has a lot of potential but it's not there yet. The gameplay is fun and addictive, but the controls are both weirdly unresponsive and very finicky. Could be a top five game for me if the control issues were worked out.

  • Amazing!

    by turtleclockcrazy060

    This is unlike any game I've ever played, but interesting in every way! Definitely recommend getting this app!!

  • Fun

    by CDN76

    Great freebie from Bux! The only complaint I have is that it takes a really long time to load up, both at startup and after the end of a game.

  • Really fun

    by Dagr5

    It is fun but it is not worth the money


    by ZroLnHrt

    This game is so much fun, more fun than I thought I would have. The game is awesome, and the soundtrack is great also. BGC has outdone himself again.

  • Really fun game!

    by Send Chocolate

    if you love word puzzlers, this is the game for you. Think: word Tetris. Very fun and the snarky comments really add to the experience. "Rage Quit?" Nice one.

  • Fun game, but doesn't work as well on iPhone

    by KateMonster22

    Downloaded this on my iPhone. While the game is fun, the controls don't seem to work very well on the iPhone. I would tap and hold on a letter to spell a word and it would instead send the next block plummeting to the bottom, often in a terrible place. Other times, I would try to spell a word quickly and it wouldn't recognize the pattern of letters. This should probably only be played on an iPad.

  • Weak

    by CarolMVP

    Not so great.

  • Too hard to control

    by SeanRich

    This is a clever game, but the UI is just too difficult to control. When trying to select letters you end up moving the pieces and vice versa. The letters are too small to see and select properly. I was constantly not able to choose the word I intended. Rather than challenging your logic, it challenges your ability to manipulate the game (and your patience).

  • My favorite game on iOS.

    by Taylor Barclay

    It is an absolutely amazingly mind blowingly fun game.

  • Love it

    by Cashmiera1

    Keeps my mind going while at same time adjusting to speed and positioning.

  • Was a great game... Disappointing

    by amazed reader

    I would play this game for hours and i turned tons of friends on to this game.. But since the last update it keeps crashing in euro extreme mode or sometimes right on the menu. Shame.

  • Addictive puzzler w/ groovy music

    by Digital Exile

    Loving this fast paced, multi-tasking puzzler. Really innovative concept that stretches the player outside of the box of the typical puzzler. Plus it has a stellar soundtrack by Big Giant Circles! What's not to like?

  • Addicting, but glitches.

    by deedee_k

    Love this game. Play it constantly. Lately, however, it's been freezing the pieces where I can't move them or change their orientation. It never used to do this before, and it's happening so frequently now there really isn't any point in playing anymore. :( Please fix!


    by eadg440

    This is one of the best iPhone games...especially for the train. However, the blocks glitch and stall when the score gets above 1,000,000 points.

  • Crashes

    by M3anW0lf

    I got a Starbucks code and was excited to play this game half way in the tutorial it crashes! Please fix this!!!

  • Fix the turning mechanism!

    by dustspirit

    I love the idea,, HOWEVER if I can't turn the blocks to fit,, (you know the whole Tetris mechanic integral to the game,, ) it just becomes infuriating. I can touch the screen a hundred times and the block never turns or, when it finally responds, it turns too many times very fast then reverts once again to its concrete immovable state... Serious flaw, please do something about it.

  • Love it

    by 760GATOR

    I love puzzle juice! Can sit there for hours playing!

  • Amazing!!!!

    by G00g13

    It's this crazy mix between boggle and Tetris. It's insanely addictive. Downside is the power don't explain in depth how to unlock them. I still don't know what speed lvl 15 is. Also the dictionary can't always find definition of obscure words but its minor. BUY NOW!!!

  • Frustrating

    by LK 99

    Fun, and large learning curve so not too simple. But, the commands don't work when game gets extreme.

  • nice idea. difficult to use.

    by lucysbeau

    I really like the idea of this game. I play a lot of word games and this one is unusual. However, it has a very limited vocabulary. It's frustrating to know that a word exists, yet the game won't let you use it. Also the controls are very slow to respond. You won't be using those last second Tetris moves here.

  • Horrible!

    by Rr851

    This must be the slowest, buggiest game ever! There is no precision in the movement leading in missed opportunities and lost games; loading times are horrendous from one game to the other and at times it freezes in the middle of a game! The only solution is to kill the task and start from scratch. This game is way overdue for a total rewrite from the ground up.

  • Difficult

    by Rma10

    Very challenging. Fun. Great to waste time

  • Fun

    by Sherrie95

    It's a very good game, but please fix the issue with the zen mode music; when I go for a second round of zen, the music stops playing. Also, I wish there was another type of campaign, the length of which was somewhere between zen and regular.

  • Keeps crashing!

    by ciwibird

    Really fun game. Great concept but frustrating because it keeps crashing. Sometimes cleared blocks stay on the screen even though they're not there anymore. Sometimes it just stops dropping anything at all, the multiplier bar keeps running out and you can't select letters to make words. All you can do is close the app and do something else for a while and then it appears that if you can continue to play your game it doesn't matter as your score is somehow nullified. This has happened multiple times on my iPad version.

  • Awesome until the challenges run out

    by Be dubs

    This is a very addicting game, but I was disappointed that I couldn't continue at a level once I beat all of the challenges for that level. There weren't that many, really, and I don't want to move up a level to continue the challenges since I'm not as good at coming up with longer words to warrant the next level. Let me take it easy and give me more goals at each level! Until I have that, I'm putting this game aside because I have lost motivation. The game is also a little glitchy. I had a block that I could not remove; The letter that showed was not the letter I could use, which threw me off for the 20+ min I was playing the game. I'm still working on exactly how to slam a piece down in the location and position I intended.

  • One of the best puzzle games out there

    by olikaimeg

    I never write reviews, but this game goes above and beyond. As is says in the description, this game will literally punch your brain in the face. It's has an amazing sense of humor, and I don't think I've ever had an app make me laugh as hard as I have with Puzzlejuice! Get this game! You won't regret it!

  • The love child of Tetris and a word search

    by agurcia

    This game is really great and a wonderful way to get you thinking. There however is one little glitch in the game. When you get to a certain point in the hard mode some of the sets of block freeze and just stay there. They don't disappear or anything. Other than that it's a great app.

  • Fantastic game

    by RyanD125

    Finally optimized for the iPhone 5 :)

  • Stuck

    by GregFromOban

    Can't get beyond "yes" in the tutorial.

  • Crashes all the time!

    by lemoncake.

    It really needs an update or something. It's fun but it crashes all the time, haven't finished one game yet. Very frustrating, please fix this!


    by Olo1234899

    I didn't mean to pay want my money back

  • Cool Idea... Quirky Control

    by Picky B.

    Developers need to make it more responsive on tile rotations. Requires too many taps for a simple, single rotation on iPad 3. Makes the game very frustrating for basic gameplay.

  • Good game, bad controls

    by Levi9000

    Love the idea, but the controls are horrendous on an iPhone.

  • Day[9] brought me here.

    by MacKash

    Saw the game on his Tshirt during one of this casts. Happy to support a great game design. The puzzle is awesome. Love Tetris and word games. This game is perfect!

  • Great game and style

    by JTDragon

    Really fun puzzle that combines several favorites!

  • Addicting

    by Popptree

    Such an easy pick-up-and-go app that's amazing for killing time and keeping away boredom. The mechanics are simple, but it can be easy to mess up since the touch controls overlap sometimes. It's better to get this app on the iPad or latest iPhone, since it's prone to crashes on the iPod touch. The energetic music makes the game even that much better. Definitely a wonderful word game!

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