Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Updated: Jan, 02 2014
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 984.98 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Sega America

*VIP Pass included for FREE, please sign into iTunes when you first open the game to redeem.*

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111 Ratings
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It’s Not Just Racing… it’s Racing Transformed!

*VIP Pass included for FREE, please sign into iTunes when you first open the game to redeem.*

“Is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed now the best kart racer on iOS and Android? You bet your spiky blue hedgehog it is!” – App Gamer (10/10)

“For kart racers on a smartphone it's one of the best games in town.” – Digital Spy (4/5)

“An incredibly slick kart racer that marks a new high point for iOS kart racers and stands as another exemplary console conversion” - (9/10 – Gold Award)

Race as Sonic and a host of legendary All-Stars and prepare to transform! Speed across land, sea and air in a high velocity battle to the finish line, as your amazing transformable vehicle changes from car to boat to plane mid-race. Racing on mobile will never be the same again!

Race as 10 legendary racers at launch each with their own unique transformable vehicle. Plus many more All-Stars coming soon!

Take to land, sea & air as you race through dynamically changing courses. Discover alternate routes, find new power-ups and avoid emerging hazards as you race to victory – every track feels different.

A brand new World Tour has been designed for gaming on the go, plus Daily and Weekly Challenges test your racing prowess.

Take on your friends in ultracompetitive 4-player races, both online and locally. Plus challenge your friends’ best times to show them who is the best.

Comprehensive Facebook integration – see your friends’ profile pics on the track and take them down.

Choose to play with touch or tilt controls, or even use a controller to race!

Customer Reviews

  • Better than the original on wii u

    by Odojohn

    Yes the graphics are a little smoothed out compared to the wii u version but the fun is all there. My 3 girls and I have been playing at the same time in battle race and it's been smooth. The game has tight controls and lots of replay value in the single player mode. The best game from year 1 on the wii u is now ios!

  • Needs Time Attack

    by Ptmsw2

    What if there are players new to the game? Can you add time attack to this app please?

  • One issue...

    by sonicmike19

    I love the game. It's taking time to get used to the controls, but if I could pull it off on the PC (god, why are racing games on PC? I need a wireless control), then I'll get used to this soon enough. Graphics are amazing for a mobile version. Gameplay's solid. I'm glad I can play this on the go now. My one issue is that I keep pressing the all-star button by accident and wasting my precious's hard to get those as it is :/ maybe have people double-tap it or something? It just feels like a waste of stars when I just wanted to snowball an eggman in the face.

  • Why do you have to buy all star

    by Halothecool

    It good but to keep buying all star and then if you don't use it it goes to waste cause it won't pass over to the next Iike it we you could get so my rating is three stars

  • Like it but

    by HHfighter99

    I love this game but it always lags out and needs uninverted controls for flying

  • Very nice

    by abukhaled99

    Very nice

  • Glitchy plane

    by Bugsandglitchesfix

    Great game but you need to fix the plane because when I'm in high altitudes I glitch and get stuck in the air.

  • Needs sharper graphics

    by Aydan2010jorge

    For a new game on the wii, I was surprise it came out on the ios. The game is great, but the graphics need a lot of work. Needs to be sharp. Especially, for the game being 1gb after download. Other games are less than a gig and better graphics and almost cheaper. Just being honest. The other reviews seem a little scripted.

  • Buen juego

    by pasalazar

    Entretenido, eso si, al principio se me caía a cada rato y tuve que reiniciar para que me funcionase bien el juego.

  • OK


    Please fix that every time I beat a level it crashes please fix but every thing else is awesome

  • Not "THE BEST"

    by 5-Star Game

    First of all I can't turn off the inverted option the plane mode. Second of all you can't buy any boosts, what's the point of the game if you don't have any boosts. Like a Headstart or something it's just...I mean the characters are okay but there's just got to be something else you know I'm saying. The graphics... I definitely not the best they're good but they could be better. I just feel like "SEGA" or who ever made Sorry but that's just my opinion this game could've put a little bit more effort into it. Hey I mean there's always the updates if they do come through with it then I'm sure it'll be a great game but if they don't change anything then I'm just probably going to delete the app. Sorry but you want my opinion, well there you go... Hate to break it to you but you want good reviews, make a great game... Not an okay one...

  • Great

    by -((00))-

    It's great, the gameplay, graphics, control. But there is a problem wreck it ralf, metal sonic, knuckles, and shadow are not unlockable..... If in the next update I hope it changes and we could now unlock them instead of the only way which is buying them...

  • No Option For Turning Inverted Flying Controls OFF

    by JRUNCK

    Needs an option for turning inverted flying controls off. It makes flying 10x harder for those who don't like that setting.

  • Fun

    by RisingBlade

    I bought this game because I wanted a racing game for my Moga Ace Gamepad. It's really fun to play and easy to control. It's one of the better racing games because it's not just going around a track (games like Asphalt). You can collect weapons similar to Mario Kart, and your car can transform into planes and boats! Can't go wrong with that! :)

  • Its the Best! but..

    by Coopermani

    it brings alot of fun just like the xbox version (except the graphics) but it is missing Alot. it needs the other courses like the new Samba De Amigo track and Dream Valley.

  • Not bad.

    by Noahbg44

    It's a good game. The missions are fun and the controls are good. It's just every time I finish a race the game shuts down.

  • Great but...

    by JJ Si

    The flight mode is really glitchy. Can you please fix it?

  • Fun

    by jttv

    But question. How do u unlock metal sonic?

  • Awesome racing game... Too bad it's too hard...

    by WaltinhoNYC

    Love it... I play it everyday since the first one I got it... But I have to say this: the easy mode it's already extremely difficult - I can't even imagine how near impossible can be the hardest mode... I can't quite really progress and/or unlock challenges before getting exhausted...

  • Event 31. Rage quit

    by Metroidkid100

    Why is it. I can beat. Events 1-30. With no problem but when I get to the sprint challenge of event 31 and no mater what mode I set it too my. Person seems. Slower than joe.

  • Will not download

    by neuropsychguy

    I have more than enough space on my iPad Air but the app will not download. I will change my rating if this ever downloads and installs.

  • It's lagging

    by ReyCena12538

    When I first download this app, and I'm gonna start the race, it back me out no matter what. This game needs an update fast

  • Stupid

    by Srgvhh

    Crashes wasted 99 cents

  • Phenomenal game hampered by IAP

    by AlmightyMe

    great racer. My kids and I love it. Too few characters to start, especially in multiplayer. No characters to unlock in multiplayer, which is what we play. IAP's are ridiculous. I'm all for paying for a good game (which this is), but for my $5 spent at launch, the IAPs are just extortion. I could see $5 to unlock all difficulties and $10 to unlock ALL CHARACTERS; but at double that, my kids can complain about who gets to be Sonic a while longer. No thanks. Bring the prices on IAP down and I'll consider it. A huge problem with the last update is that you can't disable inverted flight. I have always had this set to disable, but now I can't disable it. I've tried toggling it back on and then off again. No such luck. Inverted flight does not mesh with motion controls. Joystick, yes. Motion, no.

  • Keeps crashing!

    by SonicKazuki

    This game is really fun when it actually works. Majority of the time I start an event and then it crashes, be it a daily/weekly challenge, world tour, or grand prix. What's worse is that the game counts if as you spending rings or stars even though you didn't get to play anything. Please fix this issue. (playing on an iPod Touch 5)

  • Do not buy unless they fix the game

    by Hamza.a.afzal

    I bought the game because it was on sale for $1.99 but it won't even load the sega logo until my wifi is off which is dumb. But when I turn my wifi off the single player doesn't even work. There's just a bunch of pictures in the far left hand corner that I'm assuming is the games for single player but you can't even click any of them. If I click daily challenge then it automatically shuts down the game. Multiplayer won't even work because each time I click on the button nothing happens. They need to fix this game because nothing even works. I haven't even played it yet

  • Crashes

    by Crashes to the max

    Fix it please it won't even get to the race before it crashes IPAD MINI USERS DONT GET THIS

  • Terrible, just terrible...

    by Metallix13

    I paid 5$ for this game and then they have the gall to charge $5 per character packs to play as more characters. And then you have more in app purchases to buy coins that you need to just play the game. And right after I buy it they lower the price to just $1.99. I'm done with this company. Sega used to be the best and now they're just a joke.

  • Really?

    by Jamdelvamp

    I have an iphone 5S there is absolutely no reason my game should be freezing come on Sega you're already charging 5 bucks AND extra money for character at least make sure your game works

  • Baddddd

    by Mako_Reizei

    Starting any mode will not work it just freezes the screen and any other buttons are unresponsive

  • Amazing game...

    by MaxxB26

    ...But for some reason once in a while it will crash my phone after a race. I haven't lost progress or anything, but it's still a bug that definitely needs some squashing. I'm running the latest iOS 7.0.4 on iPhone 5S. Otherwise, this game is awesome. Not only a good alternative to "you know what", but I think it's even better!!!

  • I want a refund

    by Tennindo

    All this game does is crash. What a waste.

  • Numerous bugs

    by Exidel

    Fix the god awful controls, many vocal bugs such as it saying Event Failed after finishing a grand prix race, and it continuing the post race showing of your racer CPU-controlled around the track endlessly. FIX IT.


    by Oscar128

    Itá a piece of crap, an expensive piece of crap ! are you kidding Sega ¿? how does Sega suppose a gamer is gonna play a racing game with auto acceleration ¿?

  • Crashes

    by TributeToFun.

    The app crashes after every daily challenge, weekly challenge, race in the Grand Prix, and mission in the world tour that I complete. It saves my progress, but it's really annoying having to reopen the app and wait for it to load EVERY time I do a race or a mission.

  • Pretty Good

    by Radfordhound

    I downloaded this app and was scared that the controls would stink because it's a mobile game. To my surprise, this game's controls are awesome! They work really well and feel really good! And if you don't like them you can customize them in the settings. This game runs at full speed on my iPad 2 and looks gorgeous! Okay, maybe not. Compared to the console versions this game looks pretty bad. But it only takes a couple of seconds to get used to it and then it looks fine, and given that this is a mobile app I don't expect the graphics to be 100% mind blowing. The sound is great and works fine. The only real problem I have with this app is that it crashes after every race. It saves my progress, so I'm not stuck in a endless loop of completing races, having the app crash, re-opening it, and completing the race again. It's just annoying because I have to re-open the app every time if I want to continue playing.

  • Needs more characters for IOS

    by Cheeseboii

    I see videos about sonic and they have Danica Patrick,gum,and tesla I want EVERY CHARACTER but this game is good

  • Watch your stars!!

    by ex_monstrum

    So after beating all the events and races on Expert, I realized that this game gives you a limited amount of stars to spend on racer upgrades and on All-Star moves. This is terrible as a player can't fully upgrade all the racers unless he buys more stars or waits weeks to earn stars in the Weekly Challenge. Not cool Sega.

  • Better than I thought!

    by ..:Figgy Newton..:

    Before buying this game, I was very skeptical because I didn't know if it would still be as fun as the Wii U and 3DS versions because of the touch controls and auto-accelerate and If the in-app purchases would be too much. Well, unless you like to play as shadow, knuckles, or wreck-it Ralph, then buy this game! I have the Wii U and 3DS versions and this is almost as fun as the Wii U version and better than the 3DS version! This includes all of the challenges, world tour, lots of the characters, iCloud support and more. And the graphics are on par with the Vita version. Buy buy buy!!!!!!!

  • Bought it for online play, disappointed

    by not worth it anyways

    I got this because I wanted to race other people online, but I guess you can only invite your friends who don't have the game. Graphics are pretty bad, especially when they go into water, hard to tell where the course is.

  • I love this game

    by The wolfboy

    I love this game but it crashes after every race is finished so I can't do Grand Prix levels ): please fix


    by SonicTheKen


  • Why sega

    by Me3848

    Hey this update made me pay for sonic and close when go to home menu how do you do flips and tricks and boost starts with only two buttons this is only half the game you haft to pay for the rest even though it costs 5.00 it's a rip off and I love all sonic games

  • Great Game!

    by Platypus1998

    The game itself is fantastic. It has a few minor bugs but those can be fixed over time. The only annoyance with the game is SEGA opting for micro transactions, each of which are outrageously priced. Overall, the game is designed well for iOS devices and the controls are very easy to use.

  • Crashes after update

    by Igore53

    Please fix this. It goes right back to the app menu when I go to the app. It worked fine before until the update. Please fix quickly, I hope I didn't waste my money

  • Awesome

    by Cod ghosts lynx

    Great game

  • Stupid Challenges!

    by YSavchuk

    This game is one from the worst that I ever played.The challenges are very hard!!!

  • Awesome

    by J the Hedgehog

    Really epic game, but maybe add things like single race and time attack, a few characters like NiGHTS, Beat, and Gillius, and more courses like Dream Valley and Egg Hanger

  • Not working properly

    by Rider5467

    Every time the daily challenges finish loading it stops working. When it comes to the "tap to continue" I tap and it doesn't continue. I payed $5 for this game, please fix it!

  • 5star!!

    by NoMoreG00dNames

    Best racing game!

  • Good game but

    by Pd1989

    It keeps logging me out

  • Not working

    by BRC1102

    This game is not working. It keeps kicking you out during play.

  • Not worth the money

    by Ricky72311

    This game keeps crashing and dosent lets me play at all.. I wish I could get my money they stole. Dont buy it!

  • This game is awsome but...

    by Sr bas

    The game is awsome how they transform the boat the plane and the things are very awsome and the controls a little bad but that doesn't matter but I don't like the idea of paying 10 dolars to have Ralph, Metal Sonic,Shadow and Knuckles so please put they to pay for rings when that pass will put five stars

  • Great game but

    by KiNgxSEAL

    It's a great game but it crashes every time I finish a race or in a middle of a race please fix for the 4S

  • Good gameplay. bad IAPs

    by Gaiaphage

    The gameplay itself is fun. The various terrains/transformations keep the game fresh and fun, but the game is not without flaws. First, the in-app-purchases. All of them are ridiculously overpriced especially considering the entrance fee of five bucks. Second, the way you unlock characters is by running all (and I do mean all) of the event challenges. There is no real single or quick race option. And while the challenges are interesting and sometimes fun, they are more often than not next to impossible on all but the easiest difficulties especially the "drift gates" which make you not only have to beat a time limit, but also drift within certain limits or else forfeit essential time bonuses. The tilt controls, while smooth, have a tendency my to lock the player (when in flight mode) into an unstoppable climb until the controls are set back to "touch." Apart from those relatively easy to fix problems, the game is enjoyable. I would only recommend this game if you're willing to shell out the extra ten of fifteen bucks it takes to fully enjoy it.

  • keeping this at 1 star until

    by DawterofLiberty

    promised vip pass is clearly made available. should be way easier to get considering how ridiculously expensive this game and every IAP with it is.

  • $onic

    by SegaSky

    The fact that you have to pay for everything, literally everything (even HIGHER DIFFICULTY?!), completely turns me off. It makes the actual game seem like an afterthought.

  • I love it

    by Ybener

    Love it

  • Why?????

    by Willbob7

    I spend 5$ to watch a stupid game load! Won't load.

  • Great! But...

    by Jrod1337

    Things that I really like: - Graphics - Gameplay - Car & Boat Control - Tracks Things that bug me: - All the in app purchases "I just bought this five dollar game (steep on the App Store) and they expect me to buy more stuff?" - flying controls - "creative menu" But overall it's great, I would wait till it's on sale.

  • Awesome! But something else.

    by Vernon Woody

    Sonic transformed racing great! Make Mario Kart 7 and 8. Need a single race mode.MAKE A UPDATE WITH SINGLE RACE MODE!

  • Good but...

    by ekapka12

    We should be able to do a Grand Prix.

  • Horrible!!

    by Beqa1

    When I try to play it always crashes!

  • Invert flight

    by TributeToFun.

    There's a bug with invert flight. I turned it off, and then many times when I'm flying it'll just randomly switch back on and I end up flying straight up or straight down. If I go in and switch it off it still doesn't work and I usually end up stuck on the ceiling or the floor and I can't move. It happens a lot on World Tour and I fail the event. Please fix. Other than that, great game.

  • It's cool

    by Enan Garcia

    Forget of my other review I notice I was playing events not races but for the iPad the characters fingers cannot be seen the fingers are all together and sometimes sonic nose twitches and moves around weird event his eyes don't move whene he moves his head before the race you know 3 2 1 and you fix those three things for the iPad And this is for iPad only the iPhone works fine and

  • Has a kink or two. But still good!

    by Link A. V.

    I really like this game! Too bad it crashes on my iPad Mini all the time.

  • Like the game BUT

    by max bermel

    I like the game very much but the graphics when u play this game on the iPad 2 are kinda bad plz make them better but the game is very awesome an fun

  • I'm getting a black screen on my ipad 2

    by Cdava

    Waste of money

  • Please fix!!

    by Dankodummy4

    App closes when im playing please fix for iphone 4s and i will rate it 5 stars

  • sonic transformed bug fixes

    by andiieejay

    this is an overall amazing game with an amazing low cost, however i wish there was an update to fix the multiplayer mode, it force quits alot &&forces me out my match. i just want to be able to play online. however overall this is an amazing game.

  • Doesn't work

    by Who's ice cream?

    It won't even download the app i have ipad 2

  • Don't listen to the reviews!

    by TailsFan22

    People are complaining that the game crashes. Not for me. It may crash for you, but wait for an update instead of calling it the worst game ever! And you don't have to pay to unlock stuff. You can unlock all the characters in world tour mode and once you start winning, unlocking the higher difficulties is so easy! And the controls are just fine in touch controls. Well worth the money! (If your game crashes wait for an update guys!)

  • Good game

    by Tomzgames

    It's a good game the flight controls are a bit hard to use because I'm more used to console and forced acceleration can get annoying after a while but it's not really that bad


    by Racer331

    The graphics are great. The racing is great. Best racing game I have played. Totally worth the money

  • Horrible!!!

    by Rupe123

    For $5 we can't even figure out how to play this stupid game, oh and you have to PAY more in order to even start. I want my money back. What a scam this was!!

  • Awesome game, very fun! IAP can be ignored!

    by kid1515

    Was a bit wary about the IAP but I've played this game A LOT, and haven't bought anything besides the game itself. Gameplay: Very fun! I was impressed by how much enjoyment I have been getting out of this game. Definitely the best kart racer in the App Store, and the best racer in the App Store second to maybe Real Racing 3. Graphics: Pretty good, definitely room for improvement, but some of the stages look amazing! Controls: At first uncomfortable, but after a few races got used to them and they work well! "Learning curve" is pretty shallow, once you get used to the controls you will enjoy yourself. IAP: You can pay to unlock characters, but if you ignore that initial urge you will be fine, you don't need to pay anything extra. You can eventually unlock all anyways by playing through the game, which makes playing the game more enjoyable since you have more goals set for yourself, just like the good days. Online: There is a an online component but I haven't played it yet! Overall: 5 stars for me, mainly because I am having a lot of fun with this game, it's easily become the go to game I play when I have some spare time. Worth the $5 for sure, and because I am having fun I plan to purchase more in game content because I like to support great games, and this is definitely one of them IMO.

  • It's cool

    by Enan Garcia

    It's fun but can you make the races 3 laps and they transform in all the transforms like in the consoles version can you update please but it's still good it was worth buying it

  • Great game

    by Soccerboy722

    Great game

  • Great game

    by Soccerboy722

    Great game

  • Multiplayer

    by Bandi273798

    If anyone wants to play multiplayer, shoot me a friend request, it's Agentbraun.

  • Please fix!!

    by Dankodummy4

    App closes in the middle of the race on ipad 2 its an awsome game please fixx

  • Awesome! But something else.

    by Vernon Woody

    Sonic transformed racing great! Make Mario Kart 7 and 8. I don't now how to upgrade my car!

  • Better than Mario Kart!

    by ex_monstrum

    The game plays amazingly well on iOS! I just hope Sega brings all the racers and tracks to the app!

  • Not impressed

    by CBeck7605

    Too many ads for a paid game, and having to use in app purchased on a paid game is disappointing. Also seems to crash unexpectedly.

  • I want my money back!

    by $(ThatGuy)$

    The game crashed on title screen and now it won't even come on! I mean I'm on a flipping iPad 2 this stuff shouldn't be happening

  • Don't buy! Have to buy In app purchases

    by Jennyl77

    Have downloaded twice, keep getting a black screen and I need to pay more $ just to play the game I've already purchased?! I would like my money back!!

  • DO NOT BUY!!

    by 35troop

    You pay 4.99 for this game and before you play you have to purchase more!! What did I pay 4.99 for?? To buy more stupid rings!!! Total scam!!

  • Great game, but...

    by Boss Taco

    I love the game, but it's just not worth the price

  • I paid 5 dollars for this?!

    by Awesomeman5500

    You have to pay five dollars just to get the game then, when you press tap to play it crashes. Worst Game Ever. I wanted to give it zero stars but it wouldn't let me. If you read this SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! I wish I could get a refund. SEGA you need to make a bug fix, right now. I wish I never got this game.

  • Vbnjhbh

    by Djjugbnn

    Constantly crashing on my ipad mini and i've had it for one day..other than that it's a good game.

  • Drift Boost challenge

    by Lemuel irizarry

    The drift boost challenge is so hard!!!!! Best racing game mobile. It looks amazing on my iPad!

  • Can't play

    by TributeToFun.

    It said "First, let's teach you how to race!" then the app crashed. And it crashes every time I try to start a race so I can't play. Please fix.

  • Good game made worse by monetization.

    by petzrawr

    Maybe I wouldn't feel so gross about all of the monetization in this game if I hadn't just paid five bucks for it. I am this on the consoles and really loved it, I thought this would be a good port of that game. It's not. This is the same game with all of the good stuff taken out and replaced by weird micro transactions-based gameplay.

  • Fun but there r 4 things

    by IGAME4700

    Fun game I love it but where is the quick matches I just want to do one and make it what I want plz add. Next is the pause when I unpause can u guys make it so it does a 3 2 1. Next add more characters. And last shadow and and mettle sonic there at the top but yet there the same as tails the should at least be better

  • SonicFanatic

    by Iamjlong

    This Sonic Racing game is a HUGE improvement from the other one on here. It has iCloud support, so your data gets saved in the cloud, and pushed to all devices associated with your Apple/iTunes account. The graphics are in stunning HD, the game has better controls by giving you the option of having the controls on your screen to steer or if you want to tilt your device left & right to steer it's your choice. This game is definitely worth the price!!!

  • It's great

    by Jamdelvamp

    But the Jet Set Radio stage is the absolute worst designed racing course I've ever been on and needs to be patched immediately along other camera issues that can't be controlled by a consumer that shelled out 5 dollars for this, also the lack of single races is very disappointing

  • Sonic is One the Best Cartoon Video Game ever made!

    by Benny E.Vilca

    Sonic the Hedgehog is One the Best Cartoon Video Game ever made!

  • Crashes

    by cdzeppelin

    Haven't gotten to finish a race yet because the app crashes..

  • Great!!!!!

    by Jochampiom

    this game is super fun! controls r great! one thing, improve graphics for iPhone 4!

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