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Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish


◇◆Ver1.5.5 Updated Information◆◇

*Adjustment of the arena
*Adjustment of the raid Battle
*Bug fix

Thank you for your patience.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
128 Ratings
All Versions:
5363 Ratings


#11 Rank for the "AppStore Rewind 2012" Top Sales category in Japan!

Over 3,000,000 downloads! (as of 2012/5/24)
Many thanks for all players!

Ranked Number 1 in the Free RPG games chart in various countries.


“Ambitious and groundbreaking!”

“If you’re a serious gamer looking to dive into an fun, addictive, and all-encompassing experience, KingdomConquest has you covered.”
-Slide to Play (4/4 Must Have)

“If you’re a fan of World of Warcraft, you’ll certainly dig this game!”
-The APPera

Experience the unique mix of 3D multiplayer dungeon crawling action and Massively Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy!

Reclaim the throne of El Dor by forming alliances with other players to gain control of the 7 towers in Magna, the Land of Monsters. This epic quest will challenge your loyalties and bravery in a world filled with dangerous monsters and cunning opponents. There can only be one alliance to rule the rest. Will it be yours?

Manage resources wisely to expand your kingdom as your alliance battles for power

Team up with other players from around the world to defeat monsters in the dungeon and dominate neighboring lands

Join up to 3 other players for real-time 3D action and use spells and steel to defeat evil monsters. Succeed and you will be rewarded with rare items and monsters

Obtain new items and monster cards by trading with other players via the in-game auction

【iPhone4S Compatibility Update】
We are investigating this device.
Your patience is appreciated.

[iOS5 Compatibility Status]
・There are no serious problems that prevent gameplay.
・There is a minor issue with the display of the Japanese Romaji keypad.
We will patch these issues in a future version update.

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Cczzcczzcczzcczz

    Great gamw

  • Great

    by Hee j kim


  • I love this game!

    by FateOfNorns

    Great game!

  • lol

    by akaiqidnsnqj

    good game

  • App

    by N4m3k

    Nice app

  • Sad

    by Tofersed


  • Addiction

    by Ianp88

    I am addicted to this game... :) best ever!!!

  • Good game.

    by Capstone5000

    This game is very nostalgic for me, being a 90's gamer. The soundtrack is great, the gameplay is great, there is so much complexity to this game.

  • Sweet game

    by Vlykarye Hazel

    It's old, but still great!

  • Great game!!!!

    by DJ81479

    Lots of fun, but time consuming.

  • Nice

    by Cal5647

    Nice time killer

  • Great

    by Lillian89

    Great game for me and my husband to play. Pretty addicted

  • Great

    by Golobolo

    Very good graphics and makes you think.

  • Good Game

    by Funnyjiggle

    It's fun to build units and coordinate with other players ;-)

  • good

    by ㅁ밍일


  • Good

    by Clssoixam

    Good good

  • Good game

    by Rickfischer21

    Love this game good to play when you have time to pass or just a break at work highly recommend it to others to play

  • Good game.

    by Blackwidow8200

    The game is good, I just wish they would switch the monsters in the dungeons sometimes.

  • So much game here!

    by SupaFerret

    There's a ridiculous amount of content here compared to most all iOS titles. Resource management, city building, monster collecting/training/trading, PVP conquest...this thing is huge.

  • Yes

    by That oneguy12335789

    It maketh my peepee hard

  • excellent

    by Joseph Mack

    crazy cool blend of genres, complicated but has a great intro tutorial.

  • Fun game

    by Zman23190

    Its really fun just crashest every now and then

  • Be careful!

    by Ulquiorra1303

    This game is super fun but addictive. Occasionally I find myself playing into the early morning hours. Just can't help myself.

  • good game

    by Michael Lacasse

    play with people all over the world

  • Awesome

    by Zenkid

    Good game but Chinese still dominates because of cheap CP....

  • Lolvf

    by Failureapp1star

    Lol best

  • Play

    by Trinix2z

    Game not too bad

  • Awesome

    by TKO champs


  • awesome

    by GodBladex

    this game looks interesting looking forward to having adventures in it

  • Awesome

    by Frostylemon

    Great game

  • Great game

    by Nsx12345

    Awesome game

  • Jsjskskcux

    by Tiytttyuu

    Disks skills Dkdkskkdd

  • Funs.

    by bakerOSU333

    Is a fun game.

  • Awesome

    by XaviorFx

    You CAN play without paying real money, just takes 5 times as long to do stuff.

  • by 197854

    The best ever

  • Great Game

    by Ilham81

    Just play this game recently and it's really addictive. I m really thankful to developer for making this games really enjoyable. Looking forward new season :)

  • Erdnuss

    by Dtd113

    Good game. Addicting and has lots of options

  • Awesome

    by the pwndoctr


  • Price too expensive

    by Ahd3336

    Please can you make the half off shop prices permanent? There are a lot of people that want to buy dispatches but it is too expensive. I think that if you can do the half price event, you can make lots more money. I am saving my money and spending hundreds when dungeon dispatches are cheaper. Can you make this the next maintainence?

  • Kingdom Conquest

    by DirtyBunny1112

    Really fun, addictive game. Will make u wanna spend a lot of money on it though. And quite frankly, u will need to spend money to be a top player

  • Great !

    by Zephyr41

    The game is great skill building that goes on forever because they update the server once a week on a wensday and you can almost set you clock by it if the ever run a few min to an hour longer then what they post then they always hook up the draws and with the new adds that make it more like kc2 is cool the one thing I think they should fix is how the worlds work they have 1 season ppl merging with 4 season ppl don't know how that is fair kinda have a 3 season advantage on you i believe they should build the worlds to were towers reset after so long in the season maybe make then reset ask some kinda raid boss to take them down idk and pvp battle are awesome but again season 1 vs 4 is not fair again the need to make it to were maybe you can't attack a single person until there monster hits a count that opens you for war but make it to wear you can't use your reign until you break your protection so you can't hold a shield and move wear you want you know that's my peace so laters

  • Kingdom Conquest is...

    by Altondonor

    By far the best game in the genre! If you don't play yet should start NOW! I love sega and KC !

  • Review

    by SammyG1997

    Awesome game

  • Well done

    by Shazzymowns

    If you want a real game you'll be constantly playing, this is it. Its a mobile game for real gamers. You do not have to spend a lot of money to do well, but it will certainly become frustrating eventually when you see how much money other players sped just to get the quick advantage, as it severely increases their rate of improving. After a year of playing, still my favorite game to play!

  • Nice game

    by Gayal

    This game is wonderful

  • Pretty fun :)

    by xBloodReignx

    Lots of maintenance, but still fun and very addicting

  • Love this game

    by Kjon22

    Been a while now I'm back and still like it the monsters are great now

  • Best game I've ever played

    by User0010

    Great pacing, great story, great gameplay. It's just great.

  • Super game

    by T.a.r.d.i.s.....

    Fantastic indepth game. Has components of RTS,dungeon crawl, resource management, pvp. After playing for a month or more you will still find new things. If you plan on winning it will take commitment and time.

  • Love!!

    by Kingpiry

    I love this game been here since world 1 season 1 wow so it's been a couple of years what can I say it's a good strategy game,I give it a 10/10.

  • KingdomConquest

    by Anh_Hai

    Very addicting!!!

  • Great!

    by D@rk2510

    I've been playing this for over a year now and it's a great game!

  • Reciew

    by Mikeggf

    Great game

  • Good game

    by Pirate taco

    Use to be pretty popular but still fun

  • Cool

    by Deuces

    Nice game to waste some time, but really accomplishing stuff takes forever

  • I like

    by vonGhoul

    Yeah give it a go, it's a fun game

  • Good game

    by H113557


  • Awesome Game

    by Saigesin

    Have been playing for a while and I am addicted to it. Must have app

  • Great!

    by Bollo Vino

    Best game out there!!

  • Gg

    by Doœooom


  • KC2 is Better.

    by tjester1

    See above comment.

  • Awesome

    by Waste-of-money

    I love this game!!!!!!!' It has its moments. If u don't have a lot if time to play.. Stay away. And FIX the issue where. 1/1/1 mobs can kill 9999/9999/9999 mobs.

  • Good Game

    by JLT1234

    Good Game

  • : )


    Great game

  • Cucu ru

    by NinaMeow

    Awesome game

  • Yolo

    by Long Hoàng Nguyễn

    Loving this game :) those cp items should be cheaper (:

  • Awesome game!

    by Chivaz17


  • nice

    by Andy Nam

    This is best game!!

  • Awesome

    by Italian man who went to malta

    This game has become too money-based to stay competitive. Used to love it before

  • Very addicting

    by Scooter3691

    I love this game!

  • Very good

    by Ahd3336

    This is so fun. Kingdom Conquest rocks!ya

  • Nice update.

    by saint george

    Nice update. Added some good new features.

  • Great

    by Lovebote

    Great strategy game

  • Aa

    by Asasas17771117

    It's great game

  • Best game in iphone

    by J.J S56

    Very addicted and well made game ever!!!!!

  • Great game

    by Huddism

    Every update is a reward all it's on. Love the game play and creature development of the game and easy interface. Have recommended this game to many people as the best strategy game on the market I'm hooked. Now going on 3 full years of play still excited everytime I log in. Can't wait to see the new combos and monsters.

  • Favorite Game

    by L. Evans

    The game has its problems, but it is the best game I have ever played hands down. Ever. Foreign players are crazy good competition, because they know how to play the game or they're just smarter than us. Idk... I like it & I know how to play competitively, so things even it. I have tried to get so many of my friends to play with me, but they can't handle how slow the game starts, so they give up. If only they knew how much fun it is once the wars start. Patience is a virtue and this game is all about patience. Anyways, everyone should give this game a try. RucKus -(2nd Season _ W11)

  • Cool

    by ClsRyu

    This is cool , I love this game

  • Good game.

    by Doba1

    Ok game. But expensive to play. Hard to compete with the Asian players

  • Kingdom conquest

    by Mcoronado41351

    Really fun game if you have internet and a good time waster, but to be ahead you have to pay money (real)

  • Good game

    by AlfredoVENOM

    Really wonderful game you will need skills to succeed

  • Good game

    by Bbbbbbbgfdjyg

    Good game

  • Good Game

    by Funnyjiggle

    It's fun to build units and coordinate with other players. I'm glad that new worlds continue to come out

  • Awesome

    by Dandaman014

    It's great

  • Kingdom

    by Bo Poe

    Love the game lots of fun! Recommend!

  • Need mob

    by !!!!@$$$$


  • Good Game

    by Rodrico77

    This is a great game.

  • Jurget

    by A1F2?!?!?

    Great game Strong team interaction. Get to meet people from all around the world. Could use in game translator

  • Amazing

    by Jcardot

    This game is great! I've been playing for three years and it just gets better.

  • Mr

    by The builder the great one

    Great game all should play

  • Fun fun

    by TyeBeaux

    Love this game. Play it way too much.

  • Kingdom Comquest is Great!!!

    by Elendrel

    Best game out there hands down.

  • It's a game that never ends

    by Dextertheshark

    Just love this game!!!!!!

  • KC1 by Sega

    by Alf Arcanum

  • Addicted

    by Dude12397746846

    Sooooo addicted to this game.

  • Try it out

    by Joshua ward

    Amazing game awsome play and gets really entertaining late season

  • Addicting!!!

    by Everette21

    Very good game!

  • Need a lawyer

    by Eachitandie

    I hope your not married because this app will consume your life and ruin your marriage.

  • Great game

    by Nicktoyou

    Great game

  • To many updates

    by Bruce illy

    Great game. Wish i had azazel

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