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Languages: English

Seller: Sand Mountain Studios, LLC

Fixed issue with multiplayer play.

- All graphics updated to retina resolution
- Support for 4-inch screens added (iPhone 5 and newer)
- Fixed iOS 7 issue with round and game scores
- Game gets unstuck faster when no one can make a move

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15 Ratings
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2436 Ratings


So you think you are good at Solitaire? Prove it with Nerts! Nerts is the action-packed card game that lets you compete against virtual opponents for the ace piles in a race to get rid of your cards and gain the most points.

As you get faster, increase the skill level and number of opponents to intensify the challenge!

Carefully designed by a life-long Nerts fan, it features all the essentials, such as:
- Beautiful graphics and animations
- Optimized for small screen play
- Opponent peeking
- "Lefty mode"
- Up to three opponents
- Three levels of difficulty

Watch out, this game may be addicting!

Full version features:
Multi-player using Bluetooth with up to 4 other people.
Four harder computer levels.
Play with up to 5 computer players.
Multi-round scoring.

To get the full version, download the free app and then within the app upgrade to the full version.

Customer Reviews

  • Very Fun

    by spucy

    Lots of fun. Great way to pass time.

  • Love it

    by Hwvx8f

    Fun and addicting game. It is better playing with real cards with family and friends

  • Nertz

    by Rimtex

    Excellent game. Holds your attention Fun to play.

  • Addicted!!

    by Jesilainewtt

    Love it. Very addicting!

  • Excellent game!

    by Chavachai

    Excellent game! Glad to see a game so exoteric at the app store.

  • Just like when I was a kid!

    by Rawbun

    Great game! Plays just like "Hell" a game I remember from my childhood, Love it!

  • Realistic

    by Neutrally likable

    Plays just like a live game. Appropriately challenging though perhaps an "aggressiveness" setting for opponents could be added. The computer players sometimes are too polite. Speed is just right.

  • Bert's game

    by Rhpbugs62

    Love the game good action and plays pretty close to the game when I play cards with my family.


    by MissTaylor2114

    Very easy and fun to use. I wish I didn't have to pay to resume my games though

  • So Good!!!

    by BrentJones!!

    This app is awesome! Great playability, easy to learn, and definitely worth buying the upgrade!

  • Awesome!

    by the.fuse

    As a big fan of the game, this app nailed it.

  • Love

    by Spanatic

    I love this game!!

  • Love this game!

    by Sudoku For Ever

    I spend way too much time on this game. Always a great challenge.

  • Great game for Dutch Blitz fans

    by Singingct

    One of my favorite games, love it so much I purchased it, and it is worth it! I don't win every time, which is fine.

  • Great app

    by Mic pick

    Fun to play! Not very challenging, I almost always win. I like the version where you can see your score after each round.

  • Intense as you wanna be!

    by Danomac!

    Great game with adaptable levels of play against multiple AI players. Keeps you in practice for Peanuts/Nerts night with real cards! Thanks!

  • Online play

    by Shouldigetadroid

    For 3$ we should be able to play online

  • Fun App

    by Schwanzo

    Haven't done the Bluetooth multiplayer yet; however the single player is fun.

  • Nerts!

    by drsdarb

    Love it. Play it daily

  • Love the app- it only needs Game Center

    by jules4real

    I Sooooo wish this was a Game Center app where you could play friends online. :( please!!

  • Crashes All The Time/ Don't Get The Full Version

    by hulagirloc

    I play the game and then during the middle of the games it crashes and doesn't go back to the same spot!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Ashshs


  • Awesomeness

    by Linzaaay7

    Looove it!!!

  • Awesome Game

    by Mooseman800

    Well worth the couple $$ I spent on this game. Lots of settings for difficulty and I haven't seen any bugs. I've been playing this game for a long time.

  • Addicting and challenging

    by Dkepwndbrndn

    My son played the real card version during band downtime. Now my husband and I play each other on our iPhones. Love it!

  • Great but needs real opponents

    by -+8rynny+-

    Needs real people to play with not computers

  • Great Game

    by 沙林

    Enjoy playing it.

  • Brilliant

    by Smurphy115

    Fun fast paced card game. 4 stars because it crashes quite a bit but rarely during live gameplay. I also can't get multi-player working.

  • Mostly great

    by DKirby

    I love the updated graphics- it looks fantastic. But I hate how the stacked like minimizes- it's so hard to see what's there and even harder to access the card you want quickly (a key component of the game...). I would love to see that feature disappear in the next update. It's really frustrating.

  • Fun at your fingertips!

    by Todd the Tower Tamer

    I've loved playing Nerts since I was a child, but have a difficult time finding others who enjoy it as much. This game allows me to play multiple levels and multiple opponents. I like that I can play when I can, pause it when I need to and return to the game later. I would like to see stats, but highly recommend the game as-is!

  • Gramma Ceil

    by Gramma ceil

    Best game ever. Play it consistently.

  • Best card game EVER!!!

    by Goldiloxx01

    Just like playing with a table full of friends. So intense, so fun!!!

  • Great game but pls fix stacking!

    by JumboShot

    The update fixed an occasional problem where gameplay would stay "stuck" too long before shuffling cards. However, the new update introduced another issue: the card stacks now collapse when you put several cards in them, making it extremely difficult to access a card in the middle of a column to throw it into play. Please undo the "stacking" change & this will be a full 5 star game. Otherwise great!

  • Unplayable!

    by hertman1

    Before update - AWESOME! After in multiplayer cards land everywhere including on top of my nerts deck and solitaire columns making them inaccessible or playable. Tried deleting app and reinstalling. Have 7 phones all having same problem. 3GS's-5c's. Can't play anymore.

  • Game

    by Mlb342

    Love this game

  • Love this game

    by LaDawnD

    I love this game! The graphics are great and the play is smooth. I live the challenge of the "impossible" level.

  • Meh

    by Sundoc8980

    I had this game on my phone and had to delete it one day because I was playing it too much and needed to get things done. I re-downloaded it the next day and was VERY disappointed with the new version I got. Before, I could play all difficulties and my games were saved if I had to walk away from it for a minute. Now, every time I play the hardest level is not at all challenging. I'm very frustrated with the update and play much less than I did before.

  • Nerts is ADDICTIVE!

    by kewahwah

    I play this all the time!

  • Best game ever

    by CAS06SAN07DRA

    Really addictive and worth the price for the upgraded version!!!

  • Love it!!

    by Tdobrez

    Update looks great! So happy to see my favorite childhood game as an app!

  • Addictive!

    by Northgeorgiadiver

    Very addictive and fun!

  • Pretty good

    by StellaCat

    Good game, however it kept sending me in circles about upgrading so I could resume a paused game. I'd attempt to purchase an upgrade, it wouldn't go through, then it would prompt me again. It finally upgraded ...and I'm pretty sure I wasn't charged! As far as specific game feedback, I'd like to be able to prompt a shuffle when "stuck", instead of waiting for the game to do it.

  • Great gameplay

    by Hk3

    Love this game. Thanks!


    by Dave Jr.

    This app is amazing!!! I have been a Nerts fan for years, and have always been sad to not play because of lack of people to play with. Now I can play by myself or my boyfriend and I can play against computers! It's so great to be able to play a high quality game with only two players. I love the multi player. The tutorial was amazing. My boyfriend had never played before and after one day he's enjoying himself! I'm sending this app to all my friends to start a nerts following in Monterey!!! THANK YOU!

  • I love this game!

    by SecretGamer

    If you can't play with friends, this will give you your Nerts fix!

  • Love it

    by Imtheatre

    Play is addictive!

  • I love this game

    by Llirpa

    And this update made it even better. Thanks!

  • Great card game

    by Bartlbee

    I love playing NERTS with friends and family but it's often hard to find enough players. This game is a great way to get my fix, and the multi player over Bluetooth is great too. The new update has crisp graphics for iPhones with retina display, and the tech service is amazing for such a small shop.

  • Still love this game!

    by nertsgirl

    It's so addicting! Gets better and better

  • Great game

    by Nelmr

    Now that the update for iOS7 has come out, this game is great. However, this game could improve by tracking gameplay statistics through time. It would be awesome to know how many wins/loses I have accrued, or what my highest point gain was in one round.

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