Grand Theft Auto III Games App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Updated: Dec, 15 2011
  • Version: 1.3.2
  • Size: 460.81 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: Rockstar Games, Inc.

Various stability and bug fixes.

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The sprawling crime epic that changed open-world games forever.

Welcome to Liberty City. Where it all began.

Rockstar Games celebrates the 10th anniversary of one of the most influential games of all time. The critically acclaimed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III comes to mobile devices, bringing to life the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City. With a massive and diverse open world, a wild cast of characters from every walk of life and the freedom to explore at will, Grand Theft Auto III puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips.

With stellar voice acting, a darkly comic storyline, a stunning soundtrack and revolutionary open-world gameplay, Grand Theft Auto III is the game that defined the open world genre for a generation.

• Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models
• HD quality resolution
• Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
• Custom controls for the mobile platform
• Countless hours of gameplay

Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese.

Universal App:
Grand Theft Auto III is supported on iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4, iPod Touch 5, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3rd Generation, iPad 4th Generation, and iPad Mini.

For optimal performance, we recommend re-booting your device after downloading and closing other applications when playing Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition.

Port developed by War Drum Studios

Customer Reviews

  • Lag

    by Jreid1402

    It lags a lot

  • Great


    Excellent game works great with 0 problems or crashes on my ipad 4 and iPhone 4S

  • How do u type in cheat codes

    by Minecraft :) :)


  • Just a perfect and spectacular game!!!!

    by B.g.f.h.s

    I don't even know where too start, let's just start by saying this game is one of the best I have ever seen rockstar do(besides vice city, and San Andreas)this game has been portrayed correctly and is nearly close too the console version of the game. This game just blew me away with the stunning graphics and everything else this game had too offer. I have a iPad 2 and this thing runs so smooth it just is amazing.this is just a must have game 1 because it's portable and 2 because it's just a good game. I am a grand theft auto enthusiast and I say, this game is the absolute best there is in the AppStore!!!!!! I really record this game too anybody who likes grand theft auto!!!!!

  • Music?

    by Shockzter

    Gamerbob needs to shut his mouth. Anyway, what happens to the playlist? You used to be able to play a playlist in the game. I remember you added it in an update. Bring it back please.

  • the bridge

    by krystal jackson

    I don't get it how long does it take for the bridge to open back up iam getting mad please someone let me know when the bridge opens please

  • Pretty good

    by Agaweaome

    This is a good game it doesn't crash when I play it on my iPhone 5s or my iPad. It's a pretty good investment, but you'd be stupid to spend $7 on it if your iPhone or iPod is lower then the 5 due to crashing.

  • GTA 3

    by Jah Scott

    The game is good on iOS I love it but it would work better if I had a bigger screen lol but the gameplay is the best

  • aaaaa!

    by Captain sparkles 105

    luiges quest to re spray the spankers car doesn't work when i re sprayed it and got the car into the garage NOTHING HAPPENED !! so i kept trying and eventualy i exploded it AFTER I SPENT $1000 RE SPRAYING it! but the rest is fine i think you should make an iPod version of GTA5

  • Gta3

    by Ryders2012

    I love the game but it will not load

  • Good overall

    by deadkiller12

    It's awesome! But my only request is to open the gates to the other island. Overall it's really good

  • Chalk line

    by Thepotatoe

    It would be cool if you had the chalk outline when some one dies like the ps2 version

  • GTA 3 Rocks

    by Debo1976

    I love to play gta 3 on my phone because gta sa always kicks me off the app when I'm doing something

  • PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!

    by Killer12345678

    I've played this game before and it was one of my favorites, but now it crashes and glitches on me. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great game wish it worked with Logitech power-shell.

    by This guy rite here

    Please make this game compatible with the iOS controller. I have purchased both this one and San Andreas and I like this game because it reminds of how amazed I was with the graphics being player of GTA 1 on the playstation1 and how different it was from the hole helicopter view. Again I ask please make this game compatible with the controller. I have the Logitech one. Idk if it makes a difference if not.

  • Fix the crashing

    by Lightning_Runner

    Fix the crashing I just spent 5 bucks on this game and I'm very disappointed I can bearly even play it so fix it


    by macky61

    When I play the game it gets all laggy please fix it.

  • Great game

    by Universal 555

    It never crashes and runs great on the iPod touch 4th generation.

  • Pretty good

    by Anesia Patterson

    Overall it was alright


    by Awesome war game

    Why do you make it so hard to get the flame thrower. There is a flamethrower though

  • Serious lag

    by C4m3r0n 240sx

    I regret buying this app, because all it does is lag to the point to were its unplayable. Can't get past 4-5 minutes of game play without constant lag. This app is not worth it. Hopefully they will fix it.

  • So much lag

    by Butterflynbri

    This game was fun but now has so much lag I can't even move

  • Can't

    by J.k.a awesome

    I can't even download on ipod 5g fix and I will change review

  • So much lag

    by Not good one bit

    This games has so much lag u can't even move I do not recommend buying this

  • You can't swim

    by Tien NGUYEN

    You can't even swim! Please make him swim.

  • New update ruined it

    by Zach2235

    I was fine with this game until now when it crashes on my iphone 5. I see I'm not the only one and I'm not sure why they're not doing anything about it


    by Lucas chess

    Please update this game first it gets slow than it starts to freeze than it CRASHES

  • Won't even run on a 5 s

    by Rc1066

    The game constantly freezes or runs slowly. Come on rock star! These apps are not cheap!

  • I want my money back!

    by Joshld98

    This was a rip-off. It keeps crashing!

  • GTA 3 on iPhone 4S

    by Ka 2001

    Game freezes every 2 minutes. It's impossible to play. This game would be better on other devices.

  • Worthless on 4S

    by Uribe5

    Game rubs incredibly slowly on 4S to the point where it's unplayable.

  • Don't waste your money

    by samddixon0220

    The game is good for 3 minutes or so, Then it freezes and you have to restart. Worst. Game. Ever.

  • Scranton island

    by Zeppelinman24

    When will Scranton island open in GTA III. Everything else is fine. It is getting annoying waiting for it to open. So yeah when will it open.

  • Doesn't work

    by Towel5555555

    I wish I could play this game. My cousin plays it and I've dreamed of it forever. But now, it crashes after only a couple of minutes. Please fix thissssss. I just spent a lot of money on this app and so far I haven't been able to use this. I am begging for someone to fix this.

  • Great

    by This app is amazing!!!!

    Wow this port is amazing and I'm happy rockstar did this and I hope that lcs and vcs will be ported too.

  • Fix It!!!!

    by Zombiefist13

    Can you please fix the crashing, you cant even get past the first mission without it freezing then crashing i actually want a refund please.

  • Good game

    by Tcifudusudj

    I love this game but it is lagging a lot. Please fix this lag problem

  • pretty good!!

    by Chris2116

    the thing i don't like is the auto aim, i want an update that lets you aim where ever you want. do this and i will give five stars. also put motorcycles, cheats, and fix the lagging, please. fix these problem and i will give five stars.

  • Oh my god one of the best apps ever

    by MasonWiltse

    Dude guys great job no crashes anymore for me and bes mst fun and adicting ame please make gta V but this is the best game so far... Until gta V or IV comes out However needs more cars needs better graphics and make it more realistic then id never get off it but i think its outstanding keep up the great work bros

  • More cars

    by Crazymooch

    We need more cars here is a list 2011 Chevy tahoe LTZ 2013 ford escape XLT 2010 mersades E350 2011 Cadillac escalade EXT 2014 chevy silverado LTZ And 2010 hummer H2

  • I want my money back

    by Songpro22

    When I first bought this game it was pretty good... Then it started to glitch and now I can't even play for more than 2 minutes without it freezing up don't waste your money on it

  • Aweful

    by GameExpertAdvice

    Don't waste your money this game isn't worth it AT ALL. Buy a different GTA game, just don't buy this one because it's the worst one out there.

  • Lag

    by Gnarly Dude Guy

    All it does is lag don't buy it it's the worst game in the market

  • Problem

    by Princejuju110

    This game keeps freezing I want a refund I have a brand-new iPad mini everything works fine except for this one app

  • Awesomeness

    by Greatkiller596

    Really fun and I recommend it

  • Fun but...

    by Shiiiiiiiiittttttttt u

    It needs to have cheats

  • The lag is horrible.

    by Adult swimming ton

    I have a 5th generation iPod and the game is going at 2 frames pers second or I'm sorry 2 frames per minute. So I guess this is a wast of money. Do not buy until they update it.

  • Cheat Codes???

    by Anthony Vargas

    This mobile port is phenomenal. Smooth gameplay paired with improved graphics makes this a blast from the past. There is, however, one major flaw: NO CHEAT CODE INPUT. That was the feature that MADE the game so fun. Who doesn't like to mess around with rocket launchers, and tanks anyway? Enabling a cheat code input via options menu would be a dream come true, not only for this game, but especially Vice City and San Andreas.

  • Ugh !

    by Osjjshdhdiksbabkcsn

    You guys need to fix this because it freeze on main screen an I ain't going to just waste my money on a game that doesn't work

  • SUPER LAGGY !!!!!!!!!! Not Worth it...TRUST ME

    by ZonbiesArntSkarie

    I remember being able to play with no problems(some), but now 1minute into the game it lags like crazy!!!, was looking forward to getting gta San Andreas but why buy something that they can't fix...Disapointed! How about you finish fixing something before starting something, also not to mention about Gta 5, FIX!!!!! (iPad mini)

  • Great Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

    by JaCrafter88

    Great game but it needs to be interactive like GTA San Andreas;)

  • Great game!

    by 3pack278

    Great game but let's skip a few games and get some gta 5

  • Need cheats

    by Wicked4421

    Great game driving controles little hard but it's ok. Wish there were cheats!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ugh

    by jaz14

    Has been freezing a lot and closing by itself really like this game but this need to be fixed .

  • Gta5

    by crystalflores83

    I love gta 3 but please make gta 5 I want to play on phone and not Xbox thanks for making gta

  • Subway and porter tunnel

    by C Badger

    I just a quick question about the awesome game..... When does the porter tunnel and subway open? If u can answer

  • Please help rockstar

    by Doom Guy!

    Rockstar please help me I really love this game but can't play it on my iPod touch 4th gen . Please stabilize

  • It's ok

    by Harlembombshell

    The only problem I'm having it's when everything act so stupid when u are driving u guys better fix this because it's gets me mad that every time in play this game so please come and fix it

  • Ha! Awesome...

    by BlueJay123-.-

    Best GTA I've played in a while and I've played a lot of GTAs. Until I get GTA 5, this review is staying as it is!

  • Please fix

    by Crotchstain100

    It's a lot of fun and I want to like it a lot more but the driving pisses me off a lot. If I press the accelerator it will work for a second and I will see the button light up but even when I'm still holding it down it will stop on its own. It happens all the time when I'm escaping cops or trying to catch someone and I am never able to get anywhere. It happens WAY too often and it is the most annoying thing. Oh and it also freezes too often. PLEASE FIX (p.s. I haven't played the other games yet but if it happens in those games too....then I'm gonna be upset :(

  • pretty good!!

    by Chris2116

    the thing i don't like is the auto aim, i want an update that lets you aim where ever you want. do this and i will give five stars. also put motorcycles in the new update, please!!!

  • Probably great on iPhone

    by DhdjzgjejxnfjdmzncjdjNg

    The game is great but I'm playing on an iPod 4 so it lags and crashes. I get about 2 or 3 min before it crashes and I DON'T LEAVE APPS RUNNING AND SHUT MY IPOD DOWN EVERY NIGHT so you can't blame it on that. But I'm sure it's great on an iPhone


    by Wildkendog

    the game is boss and I never have any problems with it, it is super awesome


    by @smokerise1

    great game. but 'cloud not availabe'..... i use 2 devices for game and i would like to use a cloud save

  • LAG

    by matthewswag210

    every single time I try to play, it lags so bad and there's no way to stop it

  • Why!!!!!!

    by I love turrets

    It crashes constantly and it's getting really annoying

  • Needs optimization

    by bgiggs4

    Love the game, great gameplay but would be better with optimization of dual stick controller.

  • Lags

    by Zigdog28

    This game is terrible, it starts to lag like every three seconds! Stay away!!!

  • Meh

    by Imnewsoz

    I don't know why but I just don't enjoy the game just because it doesn't have lights or police sirens if you guys would add that it'd be a lot better for me :x idk if anyone else is bothered by this but it really annoys me

  • Seriously???

    by JuMunchie

    It's apparent I'm not a fan of the controls on this game. Buttons for turning the car... Really? Tried messing with it... Tried to adapt... Adjusted settings. This must be what Grand does. Why people like it, I have no clue. Take a note from games like Asphalt 8. Until that happens, I won't be running into anymore buildings... Nice waste of my money.

  • Fun

    by BJFlo11

    It's very fun but when I fail a mission by not completing an objective it crashes and when I go back in it starts the mission again from the beginning Please fix

  • Ok

    by kellyg99

    Has glitches needs an update

  • Bug

    by 마릭아

    Played on my ipad 2. Very nice. Tho it lags and decides to kick me out before i can save. Kinda annoying. Please fix.

  • Crashes often

    by GrimReaperLover

    I love this game but it crashes so often it's almost impossible to play

  • Boobe winski

    by Mine diaria

    How do you beat the mission silence the sneak?

  • Pretty bad

    by Iluvdud

    Compared to the version on the Xbox, terrible x100. But I think if you have never played it on a game station, you would like it... I have GTA on the Xbox and this game is so much worse than mine... If you already have this on the Xbox, don't buy this. Not worth it.

  • Fix the bug!

    by MadT99

    Every time I play, it freezes up. There are so many bugs and glitches that are in the game! Please fix it!

  • Excellent Port of a Classic

    by [Enter Username Here]

    Everything from the original, except for cheats, is here. Highly recommended game.

  • Can't download or erase

    by D3r99y91

    I can't download any games because of gta 3 please help me

  • Gta 3

    by Nikkiloveswolfs

    For me, I don't have any glitches only sometimes I do In the car, it just gets boring after a while and all there is to do is missions as well the graphics are like a cartoon, not that good. I would suggest to go to Gta Angela's it's a really fun game!

  • Gta glitches

    by Jayrazvi14

    It has too many glitches plzzzzz fix it I love the game

  • Crashes on gta 3 playlist

    by Lee9803

    Whenever I use my playlist it crashes please fix

  • Garage Door Glitch

    by Chiefandy11

    Now I know GTA III is a awesome game with the storyline, the graphics, the vehicles, etc. But sometimes there is one thing which could rage you like, the garage door glitch. I don't know if this glitch is only on iOS or PS2 and PC but when you want to store a cool vehicle like lets say a FBI car, you want to store it in your garage, it won't open, you rage quit, you have to restart the rampage to get for that reason I'm rating 2/5

  • Full of glitches

    by IzaacJ12

    I am a big fan of the GTA series but Grand Theft Auto 3 for the iPod touch is full of glitches. I bought it on my iPod touch 5th generation and as soon as I started to play it, it started acting up. It would freeze and unfreeze while I was playing, and I could hear the sound effects and see the pedestrians walking but I couldn't move the avatar. It is not my my iPod touch because I got it in December 2013 and it is 5th generation.

  • Not near as good as the other on xbox

    by Chase dragoo

    To hard to drive a car shoot guns I just ain't very interested in iOS version

  • not bad, but needs a bluetooth controller to use

    by Fenchurch Dent

    very faithful to the ps2 port,but it needs a bluetooth controller function.

  • I love it

    by Anthony4209

    It's fun all these 3 gta games I bought I love them but this also lags some times please fix -ipod5generation

  • Gta❤️

    by USA 01

    I love gta 3 it's awesome! Great app! ☺️

  • Freezing glitch

    by Beccafanatic

    Keeps freezing on my iPad 4 after 3 min into the game...the lagging doesn't get much better so I usually quit the game. Please fix so I can play again!

  • Crashes

    by Ballersdiet

    The game keeps on crashing.... Don't take your chances buying it hoping it works

  • Awesome

    by Sean 75-519

    Awesome game i love it thank you!!

  • Why

    by Admiral Sparklez

    It keeps crashing on meee!!!!!!!! WHY!!

  • Game master

    by Fgagfcdmvc

    The game is good but it always crashes so I can not ever play it or finish a mission.

  • Forget it

    by Elmo the Clown

    Driving physics is bologna, especially during a race. Watch competitors bang into all sorts of stuff and still move somewhat forward. Catch your freaking mirror on a pole, and you spin out.

  • Gta3

    by Jacket135

    You game creators need to put motorcycles and tanks in GTA3

  • Awesome game

    by Trevor god of awesome

    We need a new update and you should be able to swim. And keep making games for iOS!!! Otherwise the game is probably the best game on App Store .

  • Gta problems

    by GTA lover!!

    Went I first bought the game I had a lot of fun play it but wen I unlocked the second map of the game it started to freeze so wen I play it all ways freezes but beside that it's a very fun game to play!!

  • Answer

    by Mijosadaes

    It is really good app even in the 2 island the tank

  • Crashes...

    by Rabidchadabar

    Its always crashing after it says "tap on Brake to stop or reverse" on the first level...


    by Bustos81

    I kind of like it but the bad thing is that it stops and that disturbs when I'm playing. THANKS A LOT

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