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Languages: English

Seller: Ravenous Games Inc.

- Fixed the in-app purchases.
- Fixed the star count on the chapter select screen.
- Fixed a couple bugs.

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Sequel to the amazing Random Heroes; now with more guns, explosions and crazy characters!

From the creators of the award winning platform game League of Evil comes Ravenous Games' newest game Random Heroes 2!

A group of unlikely heroes are set out to save the world. Blast your way through these invaders in this action platformer! It's time to eradicate the alien threat once and for all in Random Heroes 2!

- Over 90 levels
- 22 weapons
- 18 unique characters
- Upgrade system
- Collectable stars and crystal skulls
- Large maps with hidden areas
- GameCenter Achievements
- Universal and retina enabled
- Widescreen support
- iCloud Save Game

Customer Reviews

  • Addicting while fun

    by Timothy Geleske

    This is an amazing game that has a nice retro feel to it. Played for hours and still highly recommend it

  • Loved it

    by Jamesd86

    If i could give more than five stars i would in a second. Keep up the great work.

  • So good

    by ez__mac

    Brilliant structure to the game.

  • Amazing

    by Drew12111997


  • Vary upset

    by The desider

    This is a cool game but after I killed the first boss the second time my favorite weapon doesn't work it just freezes up and whont shoot

  • Please add more levels

    by Josh Reynolds

    I finished this game way too quickly - please continually update to add lots of new levels. It would also be awesome if you could add randomly generated levels.

  • Where to start...

    by Koooontsay

    This game is what I have been looking for, and for quite a while. It had great controls and great gameplay and everything can be done without spending money. My issue is that the game is sooo short, that by the time you start building up a character and guns, the game is over. Way too short. Way too easy. Characters need to play a bigger role, levels need to be designed around certain characters in order to beat them on 3 stars. The game has epic potential, I will keep checking for a major update.... Until then...Disappointing.

  • How do I use the ax

    by Btd4fan

    For the lumber jack you can use the ax for close range but there's no button to use it.

  • It's missing controller support.

    by cboy39

    This game would be amazing with controller support, every fan with controllers would be grateful for this.

  • Sweet!

    by Zack267282837737

    Keep the updates coming!

  • Love this game!!!!!

    by MzDiva91

    Very addicting cute game.

  • Omg!!!

    by griley89

    This is the best game period, I don't usually write reviews but you must get this game

  • Amazing app

    by Itsluketime

    It does have some evil micro transactions but the skulls and money are EASY to get. in one hour I got 5,000 coins and the most expensive gun is 15,000 coins :D. Oh and by the way, runs at like 100 fps so no lag problems for me (I have an iPod 5 btw) :)

  • Ha

    by RaptorXP

    Loved first one and I bet this will be as good.

  • Awesome

    by Imapickle916

    Continue the sequel

  • Just amazing

    by xN1NJ4z

    This is my first time playing the RH series and I absolutely love it! It is somewhat challenging for the start and easily wastes time because i have too much fun. However after getting the sniper and brawler, adventurer, and plumber beating the levels is very simple. Brawler+upgraded sniper makes the boss dead in 30 seconds. I cannot wait for the sequel!!!

  • Make more

    by Roberto197

    This is the best game in the App Store, I love it..... it's so good you could make random Heroes 3 please make more

  • Good Game

    by Beezy1340

    This is a good game. I really like the object or shall I say the goal of the missions. I also enjoy the upgrading both characters and their weapons!

  • Genius Fun

    by ALE Da playa

    It feels like playing a nintendo game. Lots of fun, many characters and weapons. Needs more levels and harder enemies that drop more gold. Passed it in 6H,52Min.

  • Good app but...

    by 1⃣3⃣3⃣7⃣

    It's nothing negative but put a multiplayer mode but other than that fun

  • I wasted 5$ into this game!

    by Chucked head

    I love the game I put 5$ into it. I went to my other iPad turning a on cloud saves but it did nothing. I go back into my iPad and everything was gone! No money starting fresh plz give my money back or I teams back Or u ripped me off. Otherwise this game is awesome but I have to give it one star because they ripped me off.

  • Fix it!

    by Tõggaff

    When my itouch goes below half it lags like crazy and i cant play. Worthy of 4 stars if they fox this

  • No different than the first, a well hidden freemium slog.

    by Topherunhinged

    Like the first game with no iCade support, it's the only thing that could salvage this title and a real shock considering that League of Evil is from this same developer yet has it, and gameplay that is intentionally bogged down to encourage IAP. A shame and a waste. Also, there's a reason Megaman has the charged shot, to eliminate jumping up from lower platforms and taking chip damage potshots all day. Honestly these design problems were solved 30 years ago, now I'm just offended the incompetence. I was more lenient on the first title but as a sequel this is just unnacceptable.

  • Yup

    by Grande Pee Pee

    It's good..IT'S GGEEEEEWWD

  • s

    by SeanFlynn14

    It's bad so bad

  • Awesome

    by Joy-stars

    Game is Awesome, although it has it's downs

  • Multiplayer

    by 123456Abs

    please add multiplayer me and my friend are dieing and i mean LITTERALY dieing for multiplayer please add it the game will be more popular and more people will download the game

  • Ok

    by Irvin1257932

    This game is really good. But they should a multiplayer because playing same level to get coin is that fun

  • Would be the best game out there...but

    by Party guy1123

    Ok everything about this game is perfect except two things. First being make more maps! Then being the most important, this has to do with upgrades... Why can you not max out a hero or weapon in this game?... Why stop after 2 upgrades to get just one item to lvl 3?... You cannot even max out damage or stability...In my opinion sad idea that you didn't do that. SO PLEASE DO SO!! Level 7 or 8 should max a weapon or a hero. But overall great app and please make these changes

  • It's really Fun

    by Bob28462726

    But the problem is you should be able to shoot down and it should stop crashing.

  • Boring

    by melchor paguio

    Shoot jump shoot jump it's all you do in the game.

  • Yes

    by Pooptuber

    Finally it came out

  • Epic

    by katlyn durham

    This game is cool

  • Needs some new modes

    by cachoroo11

    Like a multiplayer mode and survival mode if you add that this game would be a whole lot better. Keep up the great work

  • Could have been great.

    by Chuck1212

    It seems like whoever was designing the levels got lazy for the last one third of the game. It actually got easier rather than more difficult. I also think they could have included a few more secret areas and made the ones in the game harder to find. Otherwise I enjoyed the game play and would recommend it for a quick time killer.

  • I love who ever made this game

    by christy681

    Make a third one ,make it now, like right now plox

  • iCloud problems

    by Meerkity12

    It's a great game in all but it's deleting my information and making me re-start levels and re-purchase guns and costumes

  • Awesome

    by captinctc

    Make another one Random Hero's 3

  • Fun, but minor bugs.

    by A gamer player

    Well, I enjoyed this game, but couldn't get used to the controls. Luckily, this game lets you modify the controls, to an extent. I had some issues with moving some of the keys and could not find anything for big reporting. Also, when I tried to go back to the options to check my controls, my game would crash. But that might just be my phone running out of memory.


    by Gamer5678214

    I love this.

  • First one was better

    by J0HNNY.0

    Things need some tweaking: 1. Enemies drop less. Levels have less. Less what? LESS MONEYS!!! Money isn't gained fast enough to counter the need for all the new characters and weapons put into the game. Bottom line, we need more money. 2. When you take damage, you were invincible for half a second longer than you are now. No one likes to die, guys. :3 Those are the two main issues that NEED FIXING ASAP. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

  • Don't like it

    by The bro next door

    Ok but way to challenging to be fun instead you get mad and irritated the first game was wayyyyy better to me if a game is to hard to be fun it's one star

  • Fun but challenging

    by Zalfunkis56

    Very fun "arcadish" game but slightly challenging. Maybe more starting health.

  • Love the app, best ever

    by MMAATTHHEEWW33333113

    But, for random heros 3 can there be zombies?

  • Best game ever

    by Michael/\|_

    Legit the best game I have ever played on a phone. Looking forward to RH3 if that ever comes out!

  • Great game, found a bug though

    by Eric Stubbs

    When the sound is turned down in settings, it still plays with headphones in. I'm on a 5c.

  • It's ok

    by Sharon jackson

    I understand what they were trying to get at with more levels but did you have to make it so hard to play and find money like I was going on a moving platform surrounded with the aliens with riot shields covering every side of me

  • Cool

    by Guy that has this app


  • Awesome! But there are a few bugs

    by graywolf 3

    I would give this app a 5 but there are quite a few bugs that need to be fixed, but still an AMAZING game, please make more levels and content, please!!!!:-)

  • Update

    by Cippy32

    Please have new guns I like this game it's just that there should be more cheaper guns that have lots of destruction

  • Great game

    by Brendan1199

    It's my passion

  • Random heroes two is awsome!!!!!!!!!!

    by Dhdjsksindjekdj

    Please please make a random heroes three!!!!!!!!!!!!

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