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Languages: English

Seller: Ravenous Games Inc.

Fixed a bug causing the rotating cannons to fire in the wrong direction.

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Get ready for a fun puzzle platformer created by the award-winning studio Ravenous Games!

As the INFESTOR you need to reach the exit in each level by taking over your enemies and controlling their body. Each human has a special ability associated with it that you will need to take advantage of to overcome obstacles.

- 60 Levels
- Infest humans for unique abilities
- Challenging puzzles
- GameCenter Achievements
- iCloud Game Saves
- Universal

Customer Reviews

  • Tremendous fun!

    by Bilgoat

    I was leery at first, because I prefer the straight-up shootygames, but this game is enormously enjoyable.

  • Love this game

    by toxicwes

    Takes a little too long to get challenging, but super fun!

  • Great, but Short

    by Thylacine221

    I loved this and found it a decent challenge, but it was a really short game. For the few hours it lasted, it was interesting and entertaining. A sequel would rock!

  • Invest in infest!

    by Jason+shelly=jelly

    Another fun game by this company. It's great to see some more thinking involved to complete a level, and it's fun when your brain meat puts all the pieces together.

  • Awesome

    by Lydia13

    Omg this game is so sick but can't pass level 60!!! And there is a bug but I don't care

  • Love it

    by Bubles1000

    This game has easy to use controls and a good variety of levels. There's only one thing about this game that annoys me, the achievement thing, if you fix that than this game would be even better!

  • Great concept but lacking.

    by Fixjuxa

    Clever concept with tons of unrealized potential. Very similar to their game Gravity Duck in that the levels are very short, they have no replayability, and there's almost no difficulty curve to speak of. It's a bit more challenging than Gravity Duck, but not by much. You'll likely blaze through the first two-thirds of the game in no time because those levels present almost no challenge whatsoever. After that the remainder of the game only offers an occasional challenge, mostly within the last five levels or so. Again, the concept is great, it's just not fully realized. Ravenous still hasn't topped the original League of Evil. This game had a chance but it really feels like half the game it should be. I downloaded Penumbear, another puzzle platformer, around the same time and it's much better than this. Get that one instead.

  • Amazing.

    by JColeWillson

    This is by far, BY FAR, the best pixel plat former on IOS. It was so addicting i couldn't stop playing it. The only problem is that it needs more levels. Best pixel game EVER. Peace ✌

  • Great

    by  Anonomous Nickname

    Love platformers. Love 8bit/16bit. This has a great mechanic and controls, just like all of Ravenous' other games. Lots of levels, and I'm sure future updates to come. Easy purchase.

  • Finished in two simple sittings

    by MarkLH1935

    Keep getting stuck up against crates. Some levels are easy to cheat and complete. Wish the controls were customizable. On iPad mini they are too far apart. Makes it a touch frustrating. Underwhelming ending.

  • Precise, challenging platformer.

    by Banana Fractions

    Sharp graphics, precise controls, challenging levels and...posessing humans! Very fun. :)

  • I just beat it

    by Joeypbj

    Excellent game

  • WOW!!

    by Mining man!

    This is a very creative and professionally made game by Ravenous Games.I really enjoy this game and showing it to people.Thank you so much for making this game.

  • Enjoyed it

    by foxglove_9

    Sure it's a quick game, and lacks iCade support, and super easy, but it's still a fun game from a developer that continues to put out fun retro titles.

  • Amazing game!

    by Guingor

    Perfect 8bits game! Thanks.

  • Great

    by Ender5

    Great action puzzle-esque game

  • Infestor

    by KpLovesYOU

    This game is very addicting, but I finished the game. Make more levels pleaaaase!

  • Spryler

    by Spryler

    Awesome game challenging but rewarding!

  • F level 61

    by Reptar.

    That double jump is impossible. Bug says I've done an achievement after I've done it a billion times. iCloud syncing doesn't work

  • Amazing game

    by Nonserious

    A little bit trivial, can't get past level 64. But seriously the best game on my iPhone currently.

  • Bad game

    by Riprev2009

    Horrible game

  • Fun game but needs urgent fixes

    by NeilDavis_

    On iPhone 4, later stages become really laggy as they become larger and more complex. This is REALLY BAD news for a game that depends heavily on timing. The game speeds up/slows down right as you are making critical jumps that require precise timing, effectively making the game unplayable. The game is also unstable and may crash. I've also encountered several glitches that prevent you from finishing levels, including out-of-sync spike pistons that are impossible to pass unless you reset the game and they sync properly. Or fireballs that glitch and go thru walls to kill you. Other than that the game is fun, but way too easy. Really novice stuff until you hit the lag in the later stages and just delete the app out of frustration. Recommended to try if you have an iPhone 5 or faster device. Good for killing 1 hour.

  • Awesome fun!

    by Pumanchu

    One of my all time favorite games!

  • Awesome game

    by littlbittyhearts

    Why is level 60 do hard? Dude!

  • Nice Light Puzzle Platformer

    by Carlton Herbert

    I actually like this game better than League of Evil. It lacks the replay value of that game, but the slower and slightly brainier gameplay of Infestor is more fun to me. It's still by no means a brain burner, and I hope more worlds/levels are added that push the puzzle mechanics further. Overall, Infestor is a pleasant if brief surprise.

  • Awesome!!!

    by emly13

    This is the BEST game available for iPhones. It is so much fun!

  • Great

    by rorek


  • Great

    by BlueJunco

    I truly enjoy this game

  • Awesome!

    by Idel Mrtnz Rms

    Love the game! Think everyone should try it.

  • Fix bug?

    by TheRickster!

    Okay game. Achievement bug. Repeats achievement every time you do appropriate action. Constant "Infested"

  • Infestor !!!

    by The Amazing Kobal

    Another great platformer from Ravenous Games. If you love old school games and new classics, I recommend this title. Fun and nice designed. It have support for iPhone 5 screen and more than 60 levels. The only feature I miss (and people want) in Ravenous Games are constant updates. Thanks :)

  • Nice

    by elbert14

    This game was pretty cool, But I REALLY like LOE, Y'all should make LOE 3

  • by Master man with a plan

    I'm a hater and I love this game

  • achievements

    by Big Mama Kat

    fun but the achievement pane comes up every time i infest someone and it is annoying

  • Pretty good but also pretty easy.

    by Birdie31

    This game is designed very well and is definitely fun to play but it takes no time at all to beat it.

  • FUN! But More Updates Please

    by Upintheworld


  • fun!

    by 1:64

    this game is trick, fun, unique, and awesome. get it!

  • This game is not what I expected for the creators

    by Sports mom 1999

    When I bought this I expected a good experience but this game was very frustrating. The AI in this game was bad the levels were to small the controls were really bad I ended up killing my character multiple times when trying to jump or shoot. The game is very short but is very difficult with the controls. I recommend their other games, they make great games just this one was kind of disappointing considering their work on other apps.

  • Level 64

    by lawney15

    The updated levels are great, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get past level 64. Anyone have a hint? I see how it's supposed to work (how the puzzle pieces fit), but I am short a way to get over the ledge by the guy who opens doors in order to push the boxes down so I can rocket jump across the spikes.

  • Fun game but short

    by Isolated thunderstorm trooper

    The old bugs seem to be fixed, Good job devs! Had a weird bug happen when pushing 2 stacked boxes but couldn't recreate it so i guess it was a one off glitch. The game itself is pretty fun but easy. The newly added levels are way better than any of the originals so keep going to get to the trickier levels in the 60's. They take a few times for you to play to figure out whats going on. Hope more get added like those! All in all, still worth way more than the .99 cents. Cant wait for more levels. If you are reading this, why haven't you got this game yet?!?

  • Revised: 5 stars for fixing crate bug!

    by Mugjunk

    Thanks! This is a masterpiece of a game but I gave it four stars because of the crate bug. Since you fixed it I'm raising the rating to five stars. Nice work!

  • Yay

    by Gvgvgcfgcfyctct

    Love this game! Also first one to wright a review! Yay!

  • Frustrated

    by Zmsnrjrjje

    This is mostly a good game but on level 57 there is a glitch where walking over a hole filled with a box kills you. This makes the level impossible so I cannot finish the game. Please fix!

  • Repetitive

    by FuzzyPigPig

    Great original concept, music, graphics, and so on. But it gets a little bland after a while.

  • A Poor Game

    by Fouber

    An interesting concept with bad execution. Laggy gameplay and glitches certainly don't help.

  • Too short & hard...

    by Alexander Zak

    Great gameplay. Passed...

  • Terrible

    by Tim Tanzi 60

    I got to level 54 and all it does is glitch do not get this game because u will like it and then look what happens!!

  • Excellent

    by Drackon

    Again very good game in GOE2 style. There were some glitches but they all can be overpassed. More levels! More games like this :)

  • Infestor Review

    by Gamer136538679

    Concept: A human-controlling slime thing that has easy puzzles. Sound: No sound problems, and the music is fine. Controls: the same right-left arrow system used in other ravenous games and 2, sometimes 3 buttons to press w/ the right hand. The 'C' button is sometimes hard on iPad because of its length from the thumb. Graphics: nice 8 bit graphics. Storyline: not much. It isn't really necessary with this game. IAPs: none. This game is strictly $0.99. Glitches: a few. To fix the one w/ you getting stuck to boxes, don't press the box completely to the wall. Leave it a little outward and jump from there. Difficulty: easy. I hate to say this Ravenous Games, but the puzzles are way too straight-forward. This game tries to be a puzzle game and an action game at the same time, and fails at both. It needs more levels, and harder, more complex puzzles. My price rating: free-$0.99. Summary: it's a fun game, but you can get bored fast. Ravenous Games came up short with this one.

  • AWESOME a bit glitchy

    by Tony 9999

    I passed the whole game. I would have passed it faster if it wasnt for the glitches... GREAT Game

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