Cave Run Games App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Ravenous Games Inc.

- Updated for new iPad retina display.
- Bug fixes

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Cave Run is a endless running game. In order to score big you'll need to help your treasure-hunter collect coins as he attempts to escape the crumbling cave in this unique theme. Featuring extremely simple gameplay with random levels and obstacles that you must overcome by jumping. How far can you run before falling off a cliff? Don't forget to collect as many coins as you can along the way since they will help the final score! One run is all you will need to see how addictive this game is!

You can see gameplay footage, screenshots and

- Endless gameplay
- Multiple obstacles
- Easy pick up and play gameplay
- Worldwide leaderboards
- Achievements
- Stunning graphics and silky smooth animation
- Excellent music and sounds
- Facebook and Twitter Integration
- Much more...

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Cave Run was ranked in the Top 10 iPad Games in Canada, United States, Australia, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Italy, France, Greece, Netherlands, Armenia, Luxembourg and Macau!



"Cave Run has a great cartoon art style and theme that is so good you expect the rolling bolder to appear at any time." -

"Cave Run is the next in line in the Canabalt imitation genre, and it does a bunch of things right." - 148 Apps

"Cave Run is a solid horizontal runner and one that can keep fans of the genre happy." -

"Cave Run has generated quite a bit of buzz in our forums..." - Touch Arcade

"This is a solid game with an interesting theme and gameplay style!" - appSafari

"Cave Run is a universal app, so the purchase will get you a nice-looking iPad version as well."
- Slide To Play

"The graphics and soundtrack in this game are both fantastic." - The APPera


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Customer Reviews

  • iPad review.

    by take_me_seriously

    Great to see rotation added. Game looks great and plays smooth.

  • Cave Run!!

    by Bret Udy

    Cave Run is an awsome game!!

  • Fun

    by cool like dat

    Fun game. Kinda repetative. Please add different types of game play, different objectives or a story mode. I would give it a five star rating if updated

  • Thanks for removing the ads.

    by phoenixgenesis

    Fun Indiana Jones endless running game. If you like Canabalt or other games of this type, this is for you. It would be a 5 star game if the screen orientation was adjusted so that the headphone jack was on the top right rather than the bottom left.

  • Cool game

    by Elizabethannedahlin

    I actually think that it's worth the money that you payed for it because for one it actually works unlike some of the other games out there and it's almost as good as those ones that costs 10 dollars and they listen to what you say they can inprove on it's a game that you definitely won't regret buying!!!!

  • Awesome

    by sahboom

    Just as fun as canabalt

  • Ahhh-mazing

    by Firedwheelman

    Don't you love a company that listens to u. We demanded no ads so they took them off for free. This is the type of game that starts off as trying to make a fun expieriance and shape the game around it's customers. I am proud to have supported this game from the beggining. A few more maps and maybe power ups and this game could compete with the ten doller games

  • Thanks for the update

    by Brettanddebby

    Thanks for the update to fix the tappable area. Taking away the flash screen when leveling up was a great feature, however when the update was released the runner seems to have slowed down a lot.... On the update the ads were removed which I know a lot of people complained about having it was free for me so I didn't mind but if I had bought it I would have not wanted ads. All in all i like the game I just wish the runner ran faster again

  • Recommend it

    by Lab95

    Great game and I'm happy I got it while it was free :)

  • Game is good again

    by md_climber

    The developers listened and fixed the game. Thank you for giving me my fun little game back.

  • Awsome game

    by diamond-x

    Love the game. It's addicting

  • Good

    by Clarrinnarto

    It's good for a free game

  • A Step Back...

    by o IEatBabies o

    When I first purchased this game, everything was going pretty good. I then saw an update ready and thought what any regular person would think and figured it would add or better the game in some way. Wow, I was not expecting them to add an ad right in the middle of upper portion of the screen to distract me while playing, and alter the jumping controls to cripple them compared to their original state. Why ad's in a paid for game? Why make the controls worse? Please, next time you update this game... Make it more enjoyable for the players who paid money for the game.

  • I fell bad

    by Nvrfjknvrfkubfevjkevbf

    I fell bad for the people who paid 1 99 for this I got it for free

  • Kk...

    by Juney Pie

    It was kk... I liked it but sometimes it kept freezing on me...

  • Good game

    by Brittercub

    Very fun and addictive. My one complaint is that when you level the screen flashes white for the briefest fraction of a second and it messes up my jumping, I have died a few times because of that, which is obviously frustrating. I would five more stars but Monster Dash is much better. Fix the way it shows you leveled up and I will give a fourth star. Also, other reviewers ideas of spending coins collected and zooming out a little when it gets very fast sound great!

  • Meh.

    by Bonesauce

    I don't love it, but I also don't hate it. A failed attempt at trying to grasp canabalt's successful run and jump platforming. It's a fun little romp for the first two or three times you play, then it just loses it's luster. It's not very challenging, even when you run into obstacles, it seems like the platforms are placed just within reach no matter how slow you're going. It's a little too forgiving. Then, as if the game thought I was getting just a little too far, I fell right through a platform to my death, even though I was easily about an inch and a half away from the edge. All in all, it's not a bad game by any means, and the casual gamer just might love it. But if gaming is your thing and you play often, I'd at least pick it up while it's free. Otherwise, I couldn't imagine actually paying for this. Worth a look, but certainly isn't going to earn a coveted spot on your iDevice.

  • I love runners

    by lovabledoofus

    I love my runner games! I play this one more than the others I have. It's awesome.

  • Where are my High scores and where's the Retina Display Support?

    by AppleReviews

    Where are my High scores and where's the Retina Display Support? Please update 3 star til update

  • excellent

    by Covert 420

    Best run to the right scroller out there. Find myself going back to this a lot more than others of the genre. Dig the cave theme cool with subterranean depth. Challenging & addictive. Have yet to encounter any bugs on my 64g late fall 09 touch.

  • Just awful

    by Audrey&Max

    This game has no redeeming qualities. I don't know how it has the rating it has unless the game designers are the only ones rating it.

  • What a stupid game!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Garret44

    DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not worth the 3 dollars!!!

    by John4477

    If you re reading this DO NOT BUY THIS APP!! It Is not worth it. All you do is run and try to catch coins I expected more from this since it is 3 dollars. I know so many other apps that are FREE and are wayyy better than this if you want an app like this but free and better check out temple run.

  • :(

    by Sarah beracuda

    I've been waiting days now and it's still not loading

  • Lame

    by Thep1an1st

    Not worth paying shouldve kept it free

  • Not working

    by Jic200

    Update not working

  • It is not working hdhwkhjtjfjshwgsjufkjshejdhejekwkjfhfjfuhfhfhbejrhrhwkwjgjj

    by Hunt deer

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  • Gay

    by Plkvgb

    This is so stupid

  • not working...................................

    by mark webster

    first i have download the game and it work's for me...........................later i have updated it.........................after that game doesn't work........................pls.................fix the problem.....................and provide a new update........................................

  • Update messed it up.

    by DinosandSharks

    I enjoyed this game for the most part, a wee boring considering you jump and that's all; but now the controls don't even work properly. I'll save the game for a little while and see if these things are fixed, if not I reckon I'll delete it like the other people below me. Sorry =(

  • Please fix!

    by grblade

    The Retina graphics are welcome, but I paid the extra fee to have no ads, and now the screen won't flip anymore. I like to play with the iPhone speaker on the right. Why would my upgrade disable the screen flip? Also, please fix the jump problem. I hit the screen sometimes and nothing happens. Obviously, this makes the game unplayable.

  • Just call me Angry Anna....

    by Seatac33

    Why you have to ruin one of my very favorite games with your so-called "improvements?" Thanx to the update, the game now runs real choppy, and it is difficult to find the hotspot for jumping the ledges. I admit the flashing "level up" signs were annoying and distracting, but now we STILL have those other durned signs distracting us, but worse yet, we are having to hunt for the elusive "jump" spot. Please, please, please, FIX IT!!!!! I promise to give you five stars if you will fix it. Plz Plz Plz?

  • Double dipping isn't right.

    by Buzzly

    I purchased this game just after it first came out (9/02). Although I only spent $.99, I thought I was getting the entire game. I was wrong. The developers have decided that they want more money, so they "updated" the app to include ads that you can disable for $.99 - even though I have already paid for it! This is not a practice I wish to support. I will NOT pay additional to remove ads from a game I purchased. I will not change this review if the developers choose to fix this "mistake" because I feel it's important for people to know what has happened.

  • Used to be a good it's not

    by Jopie1987

    The update ruined this game. You used to be able to touch anywhere to jump, now you are limited to the middle of the screen. I will delete this asap, don't waste your time on this.... They broke it.

  • Thanks a lot.. For nothing

    by grinch8989

    Great update adding ads to a game that I PAID FOR!!!!! Plus the only place I can tap to jump now is conveniently in the center of the screen so my finger covers everything... Worst update I've ever seen and deleted

  • Gay

    by JHABB

    Thanks alot cuz I got the update and what does it do now 4 sec after I click on it crashes WTFRENCH TOAST!!!!! FIX IT

  • white screen

    by NOTADJ

    cannot play....white screen!!!

  • Run away from cave run

    by Jimfromliny

    5 stars for making a game that is easy to play. (-4) stars for blinding me as I level up and fall off a cliff. Just keep jumping with no end in sight. Deleting it.

  • Ok..... I guess

    by Wanahalahui

    Gives me really bad headache every time. So I never play it.

  • Doesn't work

    by Ipad17391928374648291843

    Installed it and it doesn't even work.

  • Leveling up

    by Tat2zle

    The worst part of this game is when you level up, the screen flashes white and it's quite distracting.

  • terrible

    by Outsidebox

    The game is boring, you'll only play it once and then you'll never play it again. It's waaayyyy too simple, there are no hooks, ropes, upgrades, obstacles or anything that will make you want want to play it again. Get Canabalt or Super Quick Hook.

  • Boring

    by Alegiance

    *super boring

  • Urgh

    by kimpink

    Doesnt let me play! Some white screen pops up and doesnt go away!


    by App_Addict101

    First time I Opened up the app I got openfeint's " white screen treatment ", after rebooting my phone it does work but after 3 seconds of playing and watching those shiny coins my eyes and head start to literally HURT! I had to squint my eyes just to try and play until it got so bad I turned it off deleted it and now am writing this review.. Anybody else experiencing this???

  • Boring.

    by TeamIrish

    Glad I got it for free. Endless runner all u do us hit jump. You collect meaningless coins.

  • Ok game for 99cents

    by DAMNSAM77

    Game is repetitive and only moves faster as you level up. There are other similar games like this one for free or for 99cents, so this game is not special, only good thing is that it's iPad native as well for the same included price.

  • Awesome Fun!

    by Touch This!!

    This is most definitely one of my favorite pick up and play games! I absolutely love the Indy theme, and the game is simply highly polished. You can tell a lot of TLC was put into this one and you'll feel it when playing. You will end each game with a "one more time" feeling and if you like running/avoiding games, then look no further!

  • Cave run

    by smartony

    Awesome game! Make it cheaper! Too Simple for this price!

  • Run, Indy!

    by Drelbs2345

    Very much like other running games, except this time it's an explorer in a cave. The graphics are good - there are coins to pick up, and it plays very well. Other than that, it's just a little above average for a jumping game.

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