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Languages: English

Seller: Ravenous Games Inc.

Thank you everyone for playing Burger Cat. We are glad to hear that everyone seems to be enjoying it and the most requested feature has been an undo button and more levels for the game.

This update contains that new undo feature and also an additional 25 levels in a new world!

Thanks again everyone and keep recommending Burger Cat to your friends and family!

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Burger Cat is a puzzle game requiring you to use logic and skill to solve each level. Help Burger Cat reach his delicious destination.

During a normal BBQ a catastrophic event sent Burger Cat's burgers all over 85 levels! Hungry and wanting to nom these delicious cheezeburgers; you will use your tools to navigate through the levels. Your mission is to retrieve the burger in each level while overcoming obstacles that are trying to prevent you from enjoying that delicious meal! Each level requires logic and skill to solve. You can place and remove blocks of the level, as well as using things like: trampolines, umbrellas, decoys and other items to help you on your mission.

Burger Cat is hungry and needs your help to om nom nom those cheezeburgers!

- 85 levels
- Various tools (magic wand, pickaxe, dynamite, decoys, etc.)
- Undo feature
- iCloud save game support
- Retina graphics for iPhone and new iPad
- GameCenter achievements

Customer Reviews

  • Great game

    by Lava Reign

    Great game play, similar to Feed Me Oil but simpler. I appreciate not having to worry about achievement goals, i.e. using less items for 3 "stars," etc. It keeps the game more relaxing and fun!

  • UPDATES!!!

    by xRyanFerrellx

    Come on Ravenous Games! Make some updates or even a new app! Burger cat was (I think) the last app you made! Burger Cat is fun but is about to be removed from my iDevices!

  • Too slow

    by pholly

    Please add a fast forward button, it's boring watching the cat slowly traverse the level.

  • Fun game!

    by Whitneykn

    Great time killer. Really fun. Should be free again

  • Fun game

    by Ajn87

    I can't wait until they release more levels!

  • Great game for passing time

    by Asdfqwerty123

    Waiting for more levels!

  • Good

    by aama

    I think it's good. There's an undo button what are you talking about stelthsid

  • Entertaining in everyway

    by Joe Elmorsy

    I beat both worlds, and yes, That means level 19 in world 2 was solved. But in order to keep the fans loving this game, please add more worlds as well as a level editor, where you can create your own world!

  • An easy fun game

    by Toz_Dash

    A bit too easy but nothing bad.

  • Fun!

    by take_me_seriously

    When are you guys releasing another game!?

  • More levels soon?

    by watacaractr

    I appreciate the extra 25 levels in the latest update but now I'm even more hungry for burgers! This game is awesome, please give us more!! :)

  • Fun!

    by Big Patty G

    A fun little diversion. It initially had too few levels, but the newest update added levels and added some needed features. Not very challenging but always amusing.

  • Wee

    by Gay4cats

    Awesome update to the game! I want more please

  • Great game

    by lakota_01

    I love this game but would like some more difficult levels. Also, level 19 in world 2 seems to be impossible- anyone else having problems?

  • Nice Idea, kind of bad in practice.

    by jaymeow

    There needs to be more levels. Also, many times you can "cheat" by trapping the dog.

  • Love it

    by Sarcatmar

    Love this game. So much fun. Wish their were more levels though.

  • Too easy

    by WulfLuvrr

    This game is super fun, but it's just way to easy to beat.. Even though there are 60 levels, they are all way too easy.. I would reccommend this game for 8-12 year olds...

  • Great

    by yourpetrock

    Awesome game. Puzzling

  • Great game!!!

    by By laura

    I love this game it's so addicting!!!!

  • CUTE:)!!!

    by Osnapitzkari

    this is a fun game i love it!!!

  • Well, it isn't bad….

    by Icy View

    This game is okay at best. The level designs are very amateurish and uninspired. The solutions to the challenges that each level presents are often painfully obvious. The tools needed to clear the path for "Burger Cat" require little to no creativity for the player. Each level often feels like a set of dominos that is almost complete, and all the player needs to do is place the last few blocks to make the chain reaction work. Burger Cat has the look and feel of an independent game-maker's very first game. The creators seemed to have fun making it though, and they have promise for making their next game more polished (if they decide to make another game).

  • Okay game, horrible controls

    by The World will end

    The most difficult part of this game is getting the items to go where you want them.

  • Too easy and stupid controls

    by wilef

    Amazingly, a puzzle game with bad controls. For starters, every time you try to place a new type of item on the screen, the first tap is ignored. Frustrating. Worse, every time the cat hits a key spot on the level, the screen jerks away to center the cat. So if you want to place an item in a certain spot, oftentimes, it moves just as you're trying to place something, resulting in a misplacement. Besides these gripes, the levels are all really easy and there's no ramp up in difficulty. Some of the later levels are way easier than earlier ones. These guys simply don't have the mind or imagination for puzzle games.

  • Just ok

    by lljul

    I like the concept but its not challenging enough or too imaginative

  • Ok

    by mimi-que

    Good for younger children...way too easy and the levels are too less.

  • Ummm...

    by helloROBLOX1265

    Dumb title.

  • Great idea, poor execution

    by Mattastic82

    The difficult never scales up. The puzzles remain dull for the entire game and the controls need work (why would it assume I'm placing a block while touching up in the toolbar?) This game desperately needs either a scoring system based on time, attempts, or actions used, or more interesting actions to increase the game's difficulty.

  • Touchy controls spoil a good time

    by Stealthsid

    The controls are imprecise, and there is no "undo", only a "restart". This leads to a frustrating gaming experience.

  • Great start, hope for some better features in the updates!

    by jharso

    I'm flying through this game and can't wait for more levels. I'd like to have some elements that give the game a better replay value, like stars or points based on using the least amount of items (like Angry Birds), and an undo button limited to your last move would be great for when you accidentally tap your finger somewhere. You guys could also capitalize on some "pay to win" items as levels get more challenging, where less intelligent users can purchase items to help them beat the level. Keep it up!

  • MeH

    by Hero Killer Id

    Game is ok over all though very forgettable.

  • Needs an undo button

    by IvanRic

    Fun game but it's a drag to do all your moves over again if you get one wrong. This would extend the replay value, maybe trying to beat a level with lesser moves. Fix that, and you'll get another star added to my rating.

  • Not bad. Needs more levels.

    by ToxicCheese

    Short and very easy, but well done platforming puzzler. Most levels can be completed without using all the provided tools. Finished the entire game in two short sittings. Looks good on ipad. Best thing about this game is the simplicity. As a welcome change, there are no stars or coins or random items to collect, just find your way to the burger. It's an interesting trade off because there isn't much challenge or replay value. The restart button is ok, but would be nice if there was a way to undo specific actions. Don't like having to redo everything each time I miscalculate one or two placed items. Look forward to an update.

  • Burger cat is win

    by PhoneCats

    Gameplay is like lemmings! Frustrating in a good way like League of Evils, but at a chill pace. I played till end obsessed.

  • Awesome game

    by Omeer123

    Needs more levels :)

  • Not enough levels!!

    by plasticflyingkat

    it's a really cute and fun game, but i felt most of the levels weren't challenging enough and too simple. also, this made the levels go by too fast for me, making the game very short. this is my own personal opinion, but i still reccomend that you get this cute game!! :)

  • Ughh, really?

    by Truckee Rhodes

    Slow, boring, imprecise controls, no replay value. Pretty disappointing.

  • Boring

    by Zatius

    Not interesting game

  • Disappointing...

    by Retr0spective

    This is a very disappointing followup to the groundbreaking League of Evil series. What is being portrayed as a diversification of their portfolio appears to be in reality a concession to the popular casual or "stupid games" phenomenon. In this case, the developers built upon the viral "I can has cheezburger" meme and constructed a mindless time-waster. The combination of graphic polish, a simple learning curve, and cute kittens eating cheeseburgers is certain to gain it wide acclaim and remuneration but it is sad to see yet another competent game maker sell themselves out for a quick buck. The game itself is rather repetitive and mundane. Please have a look at Jonathan Blow's lecture "Design Reboot" and try again. I know that it is in your capacity to make something truly extraordinary and worthwhile.


    by ScottySauce

    This is a very fun puzzler that plays and looks great. Keep those levels coming!

  • fun

    by snagglethebear

    Yeah girl, its fun

  • Amazing!

    by Clever21nj

    Great fun, love cats!

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