iShotty Entertainment App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Publisher: 39
  • Updated: Feb, 26 2009
  • Version: 1.2
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Languages: English

Seller: 39 Inc.

- Facebook integration. Now you’ll be able to target your Facebook friends and leave a message on their profile.
- Vibration effect when the application is fired.

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Do you remember when you were a kid playing cops and robbers running around with your toy guns? Would you like to go back in time and play again with your coworkers? Now you can do it with iShotty.

How to use it (shotgun mode):
- Load your shotgun by shaking your phone vertically
- Rotate your iPhone horizontally
- Slide your finger across the trigger to shoot

How to use it (9mm mode):
- Hold the phone in your hand like a real gun
- Slide back the charger (the top part of the gun)
- Pull the trigger to shoot until you run out of bullets

- Accurate reproduction of real shotguns and of a real 9mm
- Realistic sound effects
- 2 different shotguns and 1 9mm gun
- 2 different type of bullets

10 reasons why you should arm your iPhone with iShotty

1) You can shoot your colleagues during a meeting

2) In case you don't have your shotgun during a zombie attack, iShotty will at least scare them away

3) If your mother told you not to play with weapons as a kid, now you can have one

4) Finally, an outlet for your road rage

5) You can destroy any "Jedis" trying to engage in a lightsaber duel before they even get close to you

6) You can't afford going to a shooting range for target practice -- and you can't miss with iShotty

7) If you ever have to wake up your kids or significant other, fire the shotgun beside their lazy ass and they'll bounce right out of bed

8) Velociraptors are scared of shotguns

9)If you're a gun rights activist but can't afford a concealed weapons permit or don't have a real gun

10) If you're not a gun rights activists but still want to feel badass


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