Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PopCap
  • Updated: Aug, 15 2013
  • Version: 1.9.271088
  • Size: 43.71 MB

Languages: English

Seller: PopCap

We have big news and even bigger news about our latest update. There's a new power-up and an old "friend."

The brain behind the zombie invasion is here! Dr. Zomboss is waiting for you in an all-new Ancient Egypt level. And you can be sure he'll be causing trouble in other time periods soon.

Get your hands (or fingers, actually) on the new Snowball Power and chill zombies to the bone!

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This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. See for more info. Consult the bill payer before making any in-app purchases.

App Store Best of 2013

The zombies are coming… back. It’s about time! The sequel to the hit action-strategy adventure with over 30 Game of the Year awards is here. Join Crazy Dave on a crazy adventure where you’ll meet, greet and defeat legions of zombies from the dawn of time to the end of days. Amass an army of powerful new plants, supercharge them with Plant Food and power up your defenses with amazing new ways to protect your brain.

Winner: Best Mobile Game at E3 – Game Informer
Winner: Best Mobile Game 2013 – Mashable
Winner: Game of the Year 2013 – Slide to Play

Game Features

Meet Bonk Choy, Bloomerang and Lightning Reed: Just a few of the powerful new plants that will defend your lawn through time. Go toe-to-missing-toe with dozens of new zombies including Ra Zombie in Ancient Egypt, Swashbuckler Zombie on the Pirate Seas, or Chicken Wrangler Zombie in the Wild West. In every new world, clever new zombies and brain-teasing challenges will test your zombie-zapping skills.

New Plant Food and power-ups will take your game to new dimensions. Plant Food will supercharge your plants when you need it most. Use your fingers to pinch, flick and zap zombies off your lawn.


Battle the fun-dead on land, on sea and… on the rails? Unlock ultra-challenging (and ultra-fun) endless levels — Pyramid of Doom, Pirate's Booty and the Big Bad Butte.

Collect coins to purchase potent power-ups. Survive long enough and you'll be rewarded with piles of prizes and achievements. And that's just the beginning! The future holds many mysteries. Also, zombies. Lots and lots of zombies.

"This is a remarkable sequel: 9 out of 10.” – Edge Magazine

"As beautifully presented as it is absorbing to play: 8.7 out of 10." –

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Customer Reviews

  • by Blue jello24121

    Love this game!Great game popcap,but can you please add another zen garden like pvz 1?That would make the game great!

  • Cool

    by Polo dj rex

    Your update has shocked me.Better graphics and I like the new power up.

  • fix it

    by ghhfghfghf

    it's great but could you please fix it because whenever I fight the boss it crashes

  • Ok

    by Anonymous716

    It's a fun game, pretty easy to play, but not having the last level on each world is lame.

  • Flip Puzzle Game

    by Cbearizlle

    Try playing the game called "Flip Puzzle Game" now that is a real challenge but is achievable to beat!

  • Playable without in game purchase

    by Qi Li

    "Don't lose any lawn mowers?" Not cool...

  • Not working

    by Dggjhhhj

    Every time I run the up it shuts down. I don't want to reinstall because of my progress.

  • Pirate seas 15 too hard

    by GuitarMan

    I was on pirate seas and level 15 is SO HARD please make it easier

  • Noobs

    by shadowftw94

    This a great game, nothing wrong with yall just mad cuz yall cant even pass the level but otherwise great game overall

  • Bugs Galore

    by KabieBaby

    The game itself overall is okay. Good for killing time between classes or car rides or for bouts of insomnia, but as far as it being as fun and exciting as the first? Not so much. It's like they crammed so many new ideas into one game all at once that you can't actually fully appreciate any of them. Their newest update for adding in Boss Fights with Dr. Zomboss has yet to work properly. It crashes every single time I try to engage in the battle and it's frustrating as all get out. Hoping they get this resolved and if they make another game for this 'series' that they not try to overdo it so much. Basically an overkill.

  • Changes the rules

    by crosbieclan

    I'm pretty obsessed with this game but they seem to change the rules when you get good at it so what SHOULD advance you is suddenly not good enough. Chickens follow NO rules! Ugh!

  • Tnx

    by Fhjghjh

    Its great

  • Great game after update

    by Eric-mjr

    The update make this game to be one of the greatest game in the App Store

  • Ready for the future update plz

    by adrian599

    Ready to rock the new world !!:D

  • I hate these costumes.

    by Safiyy

    I think the plant costumes are disgusting. I wish my plant were just a plant.

  • Update

    by Brusuki

    I'm Not Rather Fond Of The New Update. The Revamping Is Nice But It Turns The Game Into A Chaotic Mess. With The Fast-Forward And Fast-Paced Gameplay. Seems Like They're Trying To Rush The Game So We'd Be Inclined To But IAP To Be Able To Play The Game With Our Sanity Intact. The Difficulty Sky-Rocketed. My Siblings Can't Even Enjoy Let Alone Play The Game Anymore. The Revamping With Zomboss Is A Nice Addittion, But He Should've Been There From The Start. This Reminds Me Of How Pokémon Black And White Versions Trainer Pokémon Levels Shot Up 15-20 Levels After Beating The Elite Four. Not Necessary.

  • Great game, but glitchy.

    by RebekahR84

    I really enjoy this game. Despite what others are saying, it is beatable without IAPs. You just have to strategize properly with your power-ups. The reason I am giving this game a 3 and not a 5 is because it's quite glitchy. It force-closes frequently, and sometimes takes a long time to load. It offers a new Zomboss stage on each level, yet I've beat the one in Ancient Egypt and can't access the other 2. Am I doing something wrong? I've beaten all of the other stages. Also, I reeeeeally am looking forward to,the future level.

  • New Update

    by PterGrl

    Not happy about the whole 'send friends gifts' crap. If I wanted that kind of thing I'd play farmville. Also, it doesn't respond to my touch 1/3 of the time. So, there's a glitch to be worked on.

  • Glitch in update

    by Fbirknbnn

    Can't play the zomboss in last 2 worlds even though I've beaten every level in all worlds. Please fix! And add actual mini/bonus games so the game isn't so repetitive. PvZ 1 has sooo many features please try to develop this one similarly. And seriously...4th world. It's getting ridic.

  • PVZ 2

    by Rach C F

    When I started playing this game I loved it and couldn't wait for the update. Now that I've updated it, it's ridiculous. They are charging for everything, like restarting a level.. Geez how greedy can you be. Liked it so much better when it was reasonable!!!!! Now they want you to spend more money.. This is ridiculous!! Before if I started a new level my lawnmowers would return.. Now I have to buy them back!! Give me a break greedy greedy is all I can say!! If they don't be considerate this game will not be worth it anymore!!!!

  • Greed, greed & greed

    by Nero Fiddles

    I have no problem paying for a good game & I loved PVZ1 but every other level of this edition requires inapp purchases to survive. I find myself going back to the first PVZ.

  • PVZ 1, was great…this not so much

    by Nickey-B

    I loved PvZ1, then EA comes along buys out Popcap, fires the employees and creates this game. At first I enjoyed it and thought that they didn’t mess it up too badly, then the most recent update took away lawnmowers for good and made you buy them with coins in order to use (a core mechanic of the game). Screw you EA

  • Lawn mowers

    by I<3Popsicles

    Seriously? You're hurting for money that bad that you make lawn mowers a one time use? Never again EA.

  • EA tries to nickel and dime you!!!

    by Me!!!!(!)

    I am deleting this app immediately. Charging for every little thing, new mowers, restarting is BS. They ruined what was a great game with their DLC. Do not buy!!!

  • Won't play on iPad

    by Joe Tella

    Game crashes as soon as it opens I've reinstalled and still crashes so 1 star

  • Where is the next level?!?!?!

    by Angel0818

    I have been waiting for a couple months now, and still no future world. I have gone as far as I can and beat all the levels. I'm tired of playing the same levels over and over again. Where is the future world already!?!?

  • Goodbye, EA and Capcom

    by AznSinful

    I'm done with you.

  • More and more disappointing

    by Chris0123456

    Each update seems to consist of only more inventive ways to make the game more difficult, to force players to have to make IAP's. I've spent probably $15 on a couple of the plants because they looked fun and helpful, as well as slot expansions for plants and plant food. Is that not a reasonable amount to spend on a tiny phone game like this? How much would EA/PopCap like me to spend, so that they can can develop a more fun game (new levels/zombies/plants/mini games) and let me play in peace (not hounded for IAP's at every step)? I've loved both PvZ games since they came out; I play PvZ2 probably at least half an hour a day. After this last update, I'm nearly ready to delete PVZ2 and permanently turn my back on EA/PopCap.

  • Micro translation hell

    by Omegaprimus

    You pay real money for everything. You pay for the lawnmowers now you pay to play. I am shocked they do not require a payment to write a review.

  • Greedy

    by MightyIrish

    Hate getting asked for $ by this game all the time. EA are greedy $&!?s.

  • In-app purchases no longer optional

    by Hewkinator

    EA is continuing to ruin games that are otherwise great. Lawn mowers, once lost, now require currency to get back. This business model shouldn't be supported and neither should EA.

  • In-app purchases no longer optional

    by Hewkinator

    EA is continuing to ruin games that are otherwise great. Lawn mowers, once lost, now require currency to get back. This business model shouldn't be supported and neither should EA.

  • "Updates"

    by Kyle Larson

    After numerous updates and months of waiting.... Still no final world.... Suuuper lame.

  • IAP disaster

    by Ryanxl

    It makes me sad to see what EA has done to Popcap and their best game ever. I am sorry, but this game has no business having a $99 IAP option. It has no business requesting additional money for basic gameplay features. Focus more on strategy and gameplay and a fair price.

  • Money vs zombies

    by BollyBibby

    You always get annihilated with zombies too early. The zomboss levels have way too much going on and my device has trouble loading it so it's like I'm playing a gif. So of course the focus of the game is to buy power ups. This is supposed to be a strategy game and it should be possible without the power ups, but I'm convinced it isn't. I mean, it's called plants vs zombies but the plants are essentially useless when you overwhelm every level with zombies before I can possibly get a good setup ready.

  • Killed the fun

    by MynamestartswithaD

    Basically you have to pay to play, which kills all the fun. Stick with the first

  • Iap kills it

    by runner_prada

    Fun game but too many iap

  • After the updates

    by jacobbp25

    After the 3rd major update I'm deleting this app from my devices. I own PVZ1 on several platforms and would rather go back and play those than this micro transaction nightmare.

  • EA is a horrible company.

    by zylojax9

    Greedy and underhanded, EA is accompany that should be avoided. Changing a core game mechanic such as the way lawnmowers work is sly & sneaky. Deleting the game & will never support them again.

  • EA's attempt to take every last cent

    by AWashy

    By taking away the lawn mowers and changing the very dynamic of the game, EA again shows they could care less about consumers and care only about how to take our money. I'm done with you EA, until you get your crap together.

  • Better graphics but can't enjoy them!!!


    I downloaded the most recent update and I love what they have done with the graphics----trouble is I can't enjoy them!!! Game crashes after just a few moments trying to navigate through map, and the time I was able to play gameplay was very VERY laggy. Sorry if I can't afford a fancy new iPad and have to stick with my iPod 4.... X'(

  • Great game ruined by paywalls at every step out the road

    by Youcancallmealex

    Since its initial release the developers have used updates to sneak in further pay walls. Having difficulty on a level? Pay 1000 coins to try again! Lose a lawn mower? Replace it for 1000 coins! This isn't so much a game anymore as it is a disgusting attempt by EA to draw blood from a stone.

  • Extremely disappointing

    by the app reveiwer

    I just don't understand how they could do it. They took the brilliant concept from the original PvZ and made it so hard that the only way to win is to buy the power ups. And I know this sounds knit-picky but the art style in this game is really stupid, it makes me feel even more so that this is not a legitimate PvZ game, now it seems just some knock off game. Please don't waste your time with this game. Unless you have at least $100 to burn, there's no way you'll ever beat it. It just seems completely unfair that the masterpiece that was Plants vs. Zombies has been changed into another cheap game made only to screw you out of your money, like Candy Crush.

  • Pay to play

    by Dsuperman06

    For more stars please pay $1.99!

  • Click here to buy more stars!

    by JpDeathBlade

    Oops! Looks like your stars are getting low, click here to purchase more stars!* Stars, like lawn mowers now, don't replenish. So next update you will have to buy the stars again...what can you do?

  • This game went from great to greedy

    by rryanfisherr

    After the latest update, you have to PAY to restore lawnmowers. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME! They completely changed the mechanics of the game to force you to spend coins. So transparent it's disgusting. Make the app $1 or $2 and be done with it - these micro transactions are BS greed!!

  • This game went from great to greedy

    by rryanfisherr

    After the latest update, you have to PAY to restore lawnmowers. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME! They completely changed the mechanics of the game to force you to spend coins. So transparent it's disgusting. Make the app $1 or $2 and be done with it - these micro transactions are BS greed!!

  • In game transactions are getting out of hand.

    by DEMajor

    The latest release now charges 1000 coins (which can be purchased through your iTunes account of course) to replay the Pinata level. Same thing with regenerating lawnmowers. I am deleting this app now.

  • All done.

    by bhebha

    You ruined it. I'll stick to just replaying PvZ1 on my iPad.

  • Ruined

    by ChiChiTowner

    The original PvZ was one of the best games ever made. This sequel is complete garbage. Little nickel and dime payments are everywhere. Worst company ever.

  • Pay to play $$$

    by Hausas7588

    Want to do anything? Pay up, Pay up, Pay up Sigh

  • Terrible IAP

    by stagneti

    in app purchases have ruined this game. Will not be looking into anything related to this franchise again

  • Meh

    by Bhunter06

    The games really easy honestly, has an option to spend coins but there's 0 need to ever. I have a stockpile of coins that I can't do anything with. Worst problem is I have beaten all the levels and I can't play the final bosses in both the last two eras.

  • Terrible.

    by HazyRigby

    Please don't buy this game if you liked the original PvZ. They're doing everything they can to ruin what was an excellent franchise.

  • Terrible update

    by Guy. Kfjygxhfhfbf

    Great before. Since February update, terrible

  • New update breaks game

    by pointDesign

    Normally a 5 star game but the new update force closes the game about every 30 seconds. Unplayable as is.

  • Love it but...

    by marsha_jean

    This game is seriously great! But the new levels in the last update constantly crash the game for me. No bueno!!!

  • Deleted. New in-app purchase of the lawnmower is last straw.

    by Rahafeez

    To much about in-app purchase to the point of destroying game play. Leave it to EA to screw up a good game.

  • EA ruined one of my favorite games

    by Ben Hillis

    Game destroyed by in app purchases.

  • Crashes and unplayable

    by jjozwiak2000

    Like many EA games, simply crashes and unplayable on ios 7 / ipad4. At least EA is getting better... normally their games just crash after splash screen, this game waits to crash until click play.


    by Xmortis 1111


  • :\

    by AshlieR

    Before PVZ2 got these cool new upgrades, I couldn't stop playing it. I had to delete it among other things, and then I downloaded it again and noticed something very annoying. Of course I had to start from level 1, not an issue, but the fact that you only have a handful of plant options and the zombies start coming out way too fast and the flowers aren't producing sun as fast so it takes twice as long. I used to play this game and would NEVER lose a mower, now I lose at least 2 on each level, usually more than that. The sun needs to be produced a little faster and the zombies need to stop coming out in the big groups so fast, I have no time to even get enough plants out and can hardly earn enough gold for power ups because I lose mowers. It's done become way too hard. Level 13 shouldn't have to be redone 3 times to be finished. I can see the bigger levels being harder once you unlock more of the plants but the beginning where you only have 4 or 5 shouldn't be so hard.

  • Crash vs. Crashies 2

    by Stunbunny

    The new Dr. Zomboss level crashes. Every. Single. Time. A pretty sad addition to a game that was already pretty crash-prone to begin with.

  • Where's the new world???

    by neveledigital

    New update is pretty lame. 3 new levels and that's it? I'm sick of playing the same levels over and over. Give us the new world!!!!! And 90 hours in between one piñata party and the next? That's way too long to wait to play again. And for anyone saying u can't play the game without using real money is a lie. U just have to get creative with strategies. Or google them. Btw It's really dumb some plants are locked unless u pay real money for them

  • Tragic Decline

    by wcs2045

    This game used to be a lot of fun. The change in the map layout, addition of Gargantuars, and lack of content updates have all combined to make it downright lame. Nothing fun about this game anymore.

  • Last update makes game into micro transaction slot machine

    by CrickettHutch

    The last update forces you to use in game coins to PURCHASE lawn mowers when one gets used...across levels. In previous updates, if you used a lawn mower, when you advanced to the next level, or played the same level again, you started with all new lawn mowers. Not any more. Now using one means when you start next level, you start with fewer...unless you purchase new ones. I don't think I'll be playing this game again.

  • Great fing job

    by Freaksatsuma985

    If the game essentially was not hard enough now you make it were I HAVE to buy lawn mowers ?!?!?!??? What were you thinking!

  • EA Cancer

    by iSabaki

    With the two latest releases, EA have rather dramatically ramped the difficulty level of this game up. It is now at the point where strategy alone cannot lead you to victory. This IAP driven gameplay reminds me of Happy Aquarium on Facebook, started out as a lot of fun then became an IAP monster. I'm beginning to dread the Far Future & Dark World updates, it'll cost players another $30 to unlock or beat everything.

  • Game crash..after update

    by Winlouise

    My game crashed after i updated to the last version.. Have solution on this?

  • Not that great.

    by jludwig

    Pvz 1 was fantastic. Required a bit of strategy. This is just not fun. I've beaten every level and the only thing remaining challenging is the memory match game. Really? That's the best you could do?


    by Anonymous15735842

    endless mode starts with zero lawn mowers

  • Do not update!!!

    by GoodVandal

    The game was ok until My iPad auto updated and it reset my survival levels. I am over this game.

  • This update broke the game.

    by Excallibar12345678902005

    The app was great until we got this new update. Now my game crashes after 10 seconds into the new boss. I can still play all the other levels as normal but that one. I tried to go as far as factory restarting my iPod, which made me lose all my music, pictures, etc but it didn't work. Fix your update!!! There are multiple responses like mine on here, LISTEN TO YOUR FANS! You won't get a dime out of me until this problem is fixed!!!

  • Lol..didn't know this game could get even more greedy

    by Purdue09

    If you lose a lawn mower in any level, it stays gone no matter what level you play. Want to replace it? 1500 coins please! Playing a Piñata Party hoping to earn some more coins? Better beat it the first time or it's 1000 coins to try again! You won't even make your coins back by playing piñata party anymore. What a joke. Sell the full game and stop with the in-app purchases or I'm deleting the game. It all hinges on the next update PopCap/EA.

  • I hate IAP's

    by streakin667

    Aside from that the game still stinks. How about the fun casual games pop cap used to make? Not this one. Turn down the difficulty guys.

  • Can I get the old world map back please?

    by Stevoisiak

    I stop playing for a few mints and find that it's a completely different game. I miss the colorful and creative world maps from the original version.

  • Coins

    by Rorancatham

    I would much rather pay for the game outright than be forced to buy coins while trying to play. The newest update ruined the game for me.

  • Not awsome pop cap


    Change the zomboss picsher it is to scarey

  • Booo!

    by Read it man

    This game is crashing when I try to go into the zomboss level! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  • I hate these kinda games

    by Omie008

    The first plants vs zombies was incredible. This on is a step down. Its ridiculous increase in difficulty makes it hard to enjoy the game if you don't wanna keep spending money just to beat it. Ea games is trying to juice us of our money. EA games has ruined a lot of games and they have just ruined this one for me. Not a fan of EA games

  • It WAS an alright game...

    by Thatnavyswagga

    But now I've gotta pay in game money for lawn mowers I've lost? There's no way to progress through this game (unless you're really really good) without them. And @ 2000 coins's stupid

  • Ahhhhhhhhh

    by Cuba98


  • More IAP GREED

    by DaBrain888

    Now they want u to pay 1,000 coins if u want to retry a level u don't succeed at! Was a nice game, but now time to delete it ! Beware of IAP hell! Ever since IAP'S I hardly try any new games. This is just sickening!

  • This game needs to get easier

    by Skywardarceus

    What were they thinking?! This game is one of the most difficult and frustrating games I have ever played! One of the most hilarious power ups is gone, The zomboss levels need you to spend sooooo many coins, the gargantuar levels are encountered too early, you have to spend 1,000 coins on each lawn mower that you lose, and.... Wait.... ea teamed up with popcap? WHAT WAS POPCAP THINKING?! This game would be fine if the levels difficulty would turn waaaay down. I am giving this 2 stars because this review consisted of the of the difficulty and some of the bad parts. I am keeping this app still because I still believe in this game and I hope they will give back that one power up so there can be four power ups! I also would like the difficulty turned to easy, or better yet, in the options menu there could be a difficulty switch! Ok sorry for going angry video game nerd there, but I hope this game improves!

  • OP and too many crashes

    by Andros111

    I've got to admit this is a great game. But the cone head zombies are way to over powered last game it was easy for a peashooter to take them out now you need like a billion of them. Also on the new dr.zombie update thing the game keeps crashing whenever I tap to play that level.

  • Unhappy

    by Tahoebuddy

    Didn't mind all the changes to the game until this last one. Which makes you buy your lawn mowers back!!! I won't play this game anymore and it will be uninstalled on all my devices.

  • Zombug

    by Jetgreenwood

    I have a problem battling dr. zomboss it crashed my game whenever I try to enter the zomboss level please fix I'm dieing to fight him! 5 stars if fixed

  • Save yourself from it's stench!

    by Intrigue & annoyed

    Seriously, save yourself the trouble, just play the first Plants vs Zombies... bask in it's glory. Let the warm light of it's radiance cloud the memories of how PvZ 2 crapped all over your soul.

  • Love this game but.....

    by Mackbee

    Ok i just downloaded the newest update which took forever to come out!!! By the way i have finished all the levels so i was board waiting for the new future plant to come out but now when i play the new level and im in middle of it it keeps crashing!!! Every time!!! Please fix this!!! It wont even save my game like it use to!!!

  • Crash

    by brichards719

    Good game but since last update it crashes upon loading every time.

  • Awful Updates

    by Jhil111

    First I'll say that I actually like the gameplay. But I've gone through two major updates and I haven't liked either. The first changed the layout of the game which seemed unnecessary. And since I downloaded the most recent update the game now randomly crashes which it never did before.

  • Brian f

    by Beeker29108

    Would b nice to play but the new update makes my game crash before it starts!!! Thanx

  • New stuff

    by TDT87

    When are they going to put new stuff up. I've beaten everything so far & the last 2 updates still won't let me play....when are y'all going to put new worlds up.

  • Great game but needs big fixes

    by Cmk36164

    Awesome game but since the last update I defeated one boss level on Egypt and now it won't let me beat the other boss's on the other worlds it shows that there not complete. Please fix the bugs

  • Crash issue when fighting zomboss

    by ExtremeHeart

    The app keeps crashing when I even try to fight zomboss please fix this ASAP. By the way this game is awesome.

  • Terrible Game - nothing like PvZ

    by Ferdrick

    The gaming world is littered with bad sequels to great games and this disaster is one of the worst. The original Plants vs. Zombies was perfectly paced, both broad and deep, and once completed, almost infinitely replayable. So, instead of building the platform out, with new levels and new zombies and new mini games, they chose to cobble together this monstrosity, which is nothing more than a huge collection of bad mini games with a ton of obscure power ups and paid content. Go ahead and try it -I pretty much guarantee that you won't play it very long. The original sat at the top of the App charts for months and there would be an immediate upsurge of interest if they would go back and add expansion packs to it. But this thing is sinking fast and a year from now no one will even remember it.

  • Almost...

    by Tristan Gaffny

    This game is crazy fun BUT, the zomboss is only in the first level? I cant play him in the other two?? And what the heck is that fourth level I cant unlock?? Get the bugs out and finish the game please. Also, more special events like the pinata party but not 75 hrs apart. Sheesh.

  • Latest update wipes coins!

    by amiga_tone

    After the update this morning all coins that I had purchased were wiped. Even after trying to restore purchases, I lost 15,000 coins!!!

  • New update horrible

    by josiahlo

    New update for game just made me uninstall the game. 1000 coins to restart or retry a piñata event? Facebook bribing for coins and the minuscule amount of coins you can earn. Also purchase lawnmowers for coins? I paid $20 for the first plants vs zombies when it came out and would have easily paid the same for the sequel if it wasn't a pay to win scheme. Sorry count me out

  • Garbage

    by Ozymandaniel

    Thanks for the microtransactions garbage, EA. Deleted.

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