Peggle Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PopCap
  • Updated: May, 11 2009
  • Version: 1.7.1
  • Size: 166.45 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: PopCap

Awesome performance improvements to keep the game running smoothly!

As always, please help us continue to make the game better by rating each update. Thanks!

Customer Ratings

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146 Ratings
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20416 Ratings


Shoot to clear all the orange pegs from 55 sparkling levels in what calls one of the "top 5 most addictive games of all time." Become a Peggle Master and pit your skills against over 40 Grand Master Challenges. Rack up bonus points and hit style shots that will make you smile for weeks.

Game Features

Clear all the levels and train with the Peggle Masters in Adventure mode. Revisit your favorite levels in Quick Play. Face off with friends or your iPhone or iPod touch in Duel. Unlock Challenge mode and prove that you have become a Peggle Master.

Raise the Fevermeter in spectacular, colorful levels including snow banks, tulip fields and outer space.

Hone your skills with the help of 10 Peggle Masters and learn their magical skills.

Fine-tune your aim to bust more pegs with every shot.

Rack up more bonus points with tricky shots like Off the Wall, Double Long Shot and Eye of the Pyramid.

Build a shrine to your own awesomeness in the new Peggle Trophy Room.

Relive your Peggle glory and show your friends your most spectacular shots!

Classic Peggle background music is now available during gameplay!

-Optimized for faster, smoother play and improved frame rates.
-Compatible with iOS 4 multi-tasking.


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Customer Reviews

  • Sound Control

    by Fotoaholic

    I LOVE the game and would give it 5 stars if I didn't have to adjust the volume control every time I start the game. I tend to play where it's quiet and when I start the game it's way to loud. Work on that and you'll get a 5 from me.

  • Poogle

    by Justinurbutt

    This game is my favorite I have for my iPhone. Definitely recommend. I'd pay 10$ for it

  • Get this game

    by DrPulverizer

    Goty. Want peggle 2. I show this game to my friends and they get addicted instantly. Now every time they see me they're like " let's play peggle !" Get this game!

  • Peggle Fever

    by Your mom <3 peggle

    Peggle>Flappy Birds

  • Addicted

    by tc14kim

    I love this game. I'm addicted. I need help. I can't put this game down.

  • Very fun

    by No no bad bad

    Extremely good game very addictive and fun

  • It's all about fun

    by gone2lake

    This game is long lasting, great replay value, has cool music, the physics are amazing and the puzzle part of it is top notch. Just plain fun. Extras for colorblind folks and lefties too. Buy it, you'll not regret it.

  • #bestgameever

    by Hdjsdjsjsoamsnc

    this is the best game in the entire world. i am

  • #bestgameever

    by Hdjsdjsjsoamsnc

    this is the best game in the entire world. i am

  • Awesome

    by Abcdefghijkljsjdhrux

    This game is awesome.

  • Stupidly Fun

    by maximumcuddles

    Like pinball meets snood. Great quick-fix game.

  • My favorite game

    by Bilyan

    Play it everyday!

  • It's Peggle

    by Depperfly

    No mystery here, good stuff

  • Best game. Hands down.

    by Wendyzamudio4

    After I got over my angry birds phase this became my new addiction! I love it!

  • Awesome!!

    by Essie15

    Love it

  • GOAT

    by Sayitaintsiv

    Greatest game of all time

  • A classic

    by dhawest

    Plenty of challenges and fun for kids and adults.

  • Peggle Fever!

    by Kota7887

    I love this app. Never crashes, great music, super addictive. 10/10 would do again

  • Awesome game!

    by admtnr

    Really fun and addicting!

  • My life

    by Rose714

    My grades would be 10x better if I didn't have this game calling my name all the time.

  • Game crashes upon start up

    by pegglecraver999

    I've tried resetting and restarting my phone, and also reinstalling the app. Despite my efforts the game crashes on start up. I just want to play peggle.

  • Peggle

    by Jakobly

    Best game on the App Store! I'd Deffo recommend buying Peggle Nights too, it's totally worth it

  • Awesome

    by Cheaplaybr

    Great port; have this game on the PS3 as well and this version is just as good (unlike the BB version). How 'bout another expansion pack Pop Cap? We need new levels!

  • Amazing!!!

    by GASsoccer

    Both games (Peggle & Peggle Nights) are amazing! I play them all of the time!

  • Great stuff

    by J-6465

    This game is awesome

  • Addicting!!!

    by MrsSeabo

    Absolutely love this game! Once I start, it's hard to stop :)

  • Peggel

    by Sugarfeline

    Awesome game!!!!

  • H

    by Hop goo


  • Love it (Shoutout to RoosterTeeth)

    by Chuck Norris FTW

    Great game, I've been trying to perfect it, which takes a long time, but I'm loving just about every minutes of it. And Shoutout to RT/AH, I would've never found this game without them

  • Entertaining! Pasa tiempo!!

    by Felo El Patron

    Great game. I enjoy it every day!

  • Awesome!!

    by John Nolan

    Such an addictive game! Love it!!

  • Great game

    by Sabla123

    Love this game cannot wait for peggle 2 to come to iphone

  • Best app

    by Pizzabot27

    One of my personal favorite apps on the iPhone

  • Awesome!

    by Vinnied93

    Great fun game!!!

  • Peggle rocks

    by ladydragonfly68

    This is a great game and no in app purchases required. I have beat all the levels so it is time to add more, or release Peggle 2!!!!

  • Love this game

    by Starwarsgirl076

    Can't quit playing it!

  • Can't play

    by Matt Bolyard

    Peggie has always been one of my favorite apps, so I'm very disappointed that it crashes every time I open the game. I've tried every solution out there and nothing works.

  • This game is great

    by Alec jahr

    I don't play games normally on my phone but I love this one it's a must buy for sure

  • Peggle

    by Moshimonsters567

    Peggle is probably the best game that isn't nonsense and is actully a ligit game. Love this game

  • Disco Fever & Unicorns...

    by Liquidaze22

    How can you go wrong with a cool soundtrack, unicorns and a trippie rabbit with a magic hat? You can't! That's why this game rocks. It has a great look & feel to it too, very tight & professional. Strongly recommend to those who appreciate a good quality build with a quirky edge to it.

  • Very addicting

    by Smile 

    Basically just the title. It's very addicting and fun.

  • Pmazz

    by Pmazz5

    Outstanding-I LOVE PEGGLE


    by Daylon V

    I loved this game on Xbox and PC and I loved them all and when I tried the touch version I was impressed. I loved it so much I named my pug Peggle. Can't wait for Peggle 2 to come out on touch.

  • Not fullscreen :/

    by team_sah

    It's not fullscreen on iphone 5 till last update.

  • Brilliant

    by Melibellii

    I've loved this game since it paired up with World of Warcraft during extended gryphon flights!

  • Love it

    by Firelarry

    I love this game!


    by iTunes Department

    Peggle 2 for iPhone pleaseeee

  • Awesome

    by xZombieShredder

    You pick every where you want to shoot its fun,it never crashes,it's wearth getting it

  • An Evaluation

    by …abe

    I wish I could evaluate Peggle, but it crashes immediately upon launch. . . . Love Peggle on the Mac.

  • Peggle

    by Corberzssss100

    Aced and 100% every level in peggle and peggle nights and also beat all the challenges in both. Love the game only you need to release more downloadable content or even better release peggle 2!

  • Only game I play

    by Roomykiller789

    What are you waiting for just buy it

  • Addictive

    by Akgoat

    Best. Game. Ever.

  • Peggle is fun

    by Hazystare

    Good game, spend 2-20 minutes of your life here regularly, good clean bouncy fun!

  • Old!

    by Arcerfacey

    This game is fun but it's old! I've beaten it 50 times. I can tell you exactly which level is at which point in the story. Need more updates. Or a peggle 2 idc! I'll pay for it!

  • Addicting!

    by SparkleFantastic

    This game really is amazing. I love how challenge it is, but it's so easy to pick up. Everyone should try it!

  • Peggle

    by Yian Garuga

    This game is awesome! A must buy!

  • Love this game.

    by Fortygig

    This game is fantastic! Keeps me playing for a while, sometimes house till I have to recharge my phone. Very well done. Worth the money.


    by Luis Bautista


  • Love!! Anxious for new levels!!

    by Cajuneaux

    Would love to have new levels!!!! Please update with soon!!!

  • Great game and thanks for keeping it updated

    by lSirNoah


  • One Request

    by huhuhuhuhuhuhuhihuhhu

    The button to release the ball is not in the best place.. Id prefer it on the bottom right corner of the screen or make it bigger. Great game but i always miss the button and it messes up my shot

  • Crashes

    by Vgxdhb zjvbxv

    Won't run since update on 5s/7.04

  • Awesome

    by H_Woody

    Great game,but I'd really like to see another update that has some cool new levels. Other than that,the game is super addicting and great to play.

  • Great game

    by Jake Grosswiler

    I can't wait for more add-ons

  • More levels.

    by Monkeyfightsquad

    There are a lot of levels but I must have more. Please make more levels

  • I absolutely love Peggle!!!

    by BloodFidelity

    The main reason that I purchased my first iPod Touch was to have Peggle on the go! *Please add Game Center and/or Facebook LEADERBOARDS!

  • Peggle

    by Aj287772

    Make Peggie two for iPhone!

  • My #1 favorite app

    by Hodar

    Disengage your brain and just enjoy this game. It's very similar to the Japanese pachinko game, except one hit, the pins disappear on the next ball. Clear all of the red pins to proceed to the next level. Fun and my cyber-crack habbit

  • Awsome

    by pimp50

    Love This Game Cant Wait Till You Guys Bring Down The Peggle 2 To Its Og Version Instead To A Wack Console Thats OUR Game Sony An Microsoft Thanks

  • Luv it

    by Blueberryfurby

    I have loved This game since I was 5 on and off the computer and my ipod I am now 11 I love this game so about 6 years

  • Who cares?

    by Miranda Rehaume

    Peggle is super fun. Who gives a nugget that all they did was add colored bars to the side. I must get back to Peggling now.

  • Very Addictive!!!

    by Grizz66

    Very fun, great way to relax at lunch during the work week.

  • Lots of fun

    by Myzterykatie

    Hours of entertainment!

  • Best, most addicting game ever

    by alexpasch

    Have had this game on my phone since 2009; have played it for literally thousands of hours. Too much fun.

  • Crash

    by Keeks3335

    The game will not open on my phone

  • Perfect

    by xxJohnLudwigxx

    Great game at a wonderful value.

  • Peggletastic

    by MexicanoR7


  • Super Awesome

    by Missskillibby

    Love it. Worth every cent. Need to make more!!

  • Waste

    by Paulo561637186

    It won't play it crashed plzz fix it

  • Best Game Ever!!!

    by WendyBird71

    Love, Love, Love this game! Just like it is on my Xbox only smaller. Highly addictive!!!!!!!!

  • Pegggllle

    by Lg21200

    Love this game!

  • Peggle games

    by Dragon livers

    I think that this is a stragie of a game

  • Amazing

    by Mr Mosecakes

    This is a very good game and very addicting. The only issue is that it doesn't fit well on my iPhone 5s' screen.

  • Great

    by Ghchggggf


  • Awesome game!

    by ciwibird

    This game is so addicting and has an awesome multiplayer mode!

  • Colorful and engaging!

    by NOLAgirlinDC

    Fun and challenging

  • I am addicted

    by Alejandro Munrojo

    to crack. Help me.

  • Fun

    by Dane Wilson

    A+++ game

  • Love it!

    by NBCreel

    Great game! Wastes time like no other!

  • Awesome!

    by Vinnied93

    Great fun game!!!

  • Awesome game

    by Hyper-bunny

    I love playing it when I'm bored

  • Best game ever!!!

    by Cgdhsycggjrud


  • Great

    by Jfkfyngubrii


  • Awesome

    by Itzgabey

    Really great game, if you've played it on the Xbox and liked it, this is an exact copy of it and i highly recommend it. Even if you havnt played it on Xbox its amazing.

  • Update

    by Andy24524

    Game needs to be updated. It isn't very compatible with a 4in screen and the button to work the crab flippers in the game does not react when pressed.

  • Awesome

    by Chris Chris 236

    This game is awesome but needs more levels and more characters.

  • Good

    by Secret64

    Clash of clans is a better game go play it!!!!

  • Gargantua are too hard!!! EA greedy!!

    by Ultraman50

    Game is now too hard. I started a new game on a droid device and found they made it harder do you'd spend real money on power ups and plants. EA thinks we are going to spend money on crappy coins for power boosts. And they're deleting some of our reviews. Boycott this app!!!!

  • Love this game

    by SarahsTruelyBlessed

    I have played this game about 4 times now....every time I complete all levels I just start all over!! That's how much I love it!! I've been WAITING and WAITING for an update with more levels..... Or maybe even a Peggle 2 ( HINT HINT )

  • Peggle

    by You are going to be dead

    I have it on my xbox too

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