Bookworm Heroes Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PopCap
  • Updated: Apr, 17 2013
  • Version: 1.4.1
  • Size: 30.8 MB

Languages: English

Seller: PopCap

Bookworm Heroes has been updated for iOS 7 compatibility! If you are not running iOS 7, please do not update your game at this time. Meanwhile, if you’re enjoying this word-walloping goodness, why not leave a rating and/or review? The more players find the game, the more opponents you can challenge!

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Build words. Whomp friends. Be a Bookworm Hero!

Get ready to rumble in an all-new test of vocab valor! Play for free and face off with friends as you build words from letter tiles and whomp foes. Hire literary Heroes to join in the fray and use their prodigious powers and special gems. The bigger the word, the badder the damage, so be sure to build the best word possible. Can you spell your way to victory in this vocabularious word challenge?

Play head-to-head against friends via Facebook or skip logging in and choose a random opponent.

Assume the role of Lex the Bookworm or be a famous character like Hamlet or Polyphemus and use their special powers to supercharge your words.

Choose from a host of Pets that each have their own magical powers to add extra bonuses, damage or health. But use them wisely!

Boost your word power with Emeralds, Diamonds and other gem tiles from the original Bookworm game.

Earn Coins as you play to rent or buy new Heroes. Plus, you could win extra Coins at the end of each game with a special bonus payout.

The Bookworm series continues with more wordy fun for all ages. With millions of fans worldwide, Bookworm is one of the most popular digital word games ever!

Bookworm Heroes is free for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


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Customer Reviews

  • Best word game ever!

    by Goodie01 

    So much fun! Great characters. Neat powers. Love the pets!

  • Love this game!

    by Joker1202

    Excellent and very addictive game!

  • Love it

    by Bugsauntie

    I love this game. I've always loved bookworm and I love how it is now a multi player game where you can challenge others in spelling :-) lots of fun

  • Bookworm Heroes

    by Coors Medic

    This is one of the best games on the net! Challenging. Never boring. Best graphics of any game I have seen. The only thing I would improve is a way to chat back and forth with your opponent. I give this game 5 stars. If it was possible to rate this higher, I would. Keeps your brain tuned up and on your toes.

  • FUN GAME BUT ......

    by Blondie083

    Too many sore losers who quit playing when they start to lose. PLEASE make a option where if there is no activity after 3 days, that game is deleted & those coins reimbursed. People quit playing and it's a waste of time and coins !!!!

  • Its a fun game but...

    by Giovana Gallo

    Only if you are willing to pay for stuff, or connecting to Facebook... Which I really don't think it'll do any good and if you guys want advertisement you should buy some "space" on Facebook!!

  • Nice

    by ChrisG5267

    Great game

  • Game Center Support

    by Anonymous 63627362763827382

    Please make it so people can invite and challenge Game Center friends and make games with them!!!

  • Bookworm

    by Bjefferys

    Good word game against friends

  • Splendiferous

    by Grumpy McGee

    One of the most satisfying mobile word games I've ever played. I love how you have to balance word length with high-scoring tiles to create the best possible attack. The different hero characters and special tiles are really fun and interesting. Great work!

  • Addicting!

    by april reed

    I love this game! So addicting!

  • Great

    by Todd Blackfox

    Wonderful fun

  • A good game

    by BigSmooth8769

    It is a pretty good game!

  • Cool

    by LatayaV


  • B.W.H.

    by Addrianna

    This is the best word & worm game I ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very addicting!

  • :)

    by Newyorkino388

    great game worth playing

  • Fun :)

    by Sweetshyj2012

    It's pretty fun so far :)

  • Love this game

    by NIKKI-COLA@2014

    I love this game my husband and I enjoy being able to play against one another. My kids always want our phones so they can play too.

  • Fun Game

    by The Ea

    I highly enjoy this game but frustrated that whoever goes first has a distinct advantage.

  • Love this game

    by Icesis68

    I have lots of fun with family and friends and random players

  • Weak Sauce

    by Bragg baby DJ

    After purchasing coins, the game had a glitch and gave me an entirely new account. All my hard work, erased and I was forced to assume someone else's identity. Overall, made the game not worth playing and I would never recommend this game for anyone else.

  • Boooo

    by Brittanie Sidebottom

    It won't let me continue the game I have started, and tapping on it does nothing. That and all of the Facebook integrating=me unhappy=possible deletion of the game!!!! I'll give y'all a chance to fix it, only because I'm nice.

  • Disappointed

    by Alitlbird

    Downloaded then erased after I found I needed to log in thru Facebook.

  • Kk

    by Bad bad baddd

    It is fun

  • F'n Fun

    by Brandoj

    I love making up my own words and competing with it and... I dunno, this is such a fun game. I love every bit of it. I just wish there was one more song for the waiting time

  • Awesome game

    by Ikosmic32

    A very good game

  • Cool

    by Snappppp


  • Love

    by Sabrinaaaa816

    Love this game! Helps me wake up and get focused.

  • So addictive! Yu never know what your opponents gonna come up with

    by dale pruitt

    So addictive! Yu never know what your opponents gonna come up with and it's a great brain teaser....

  • Fun

    by Derderyipit

    Cool game

  • You get hooked

    by Middle of the road 42

    So challenging. Rotates opponents. I like it.

  • Great game !

    by Griffin-2345611

    Such a fun game to play :)

  • Fun and addictive!

    by EileenMaki

    This is a great game for a little fun now and then. I like the turn based action. iPhone 5s - no problems

  • Love it

    by babynam2

    I love regular bookworm now it's like scrabble so it's even better!!

  • Great multiplayer game

    by dso08 

    Although the waiting times can get a tad tedious, bookworm heroes is a solid multiplayer game!

  • by Mje432


  • Takes to long to finish a game. Why?

    by Shay Stewart

    Every time I play someone it always take weeks to finish the game, this makes this game one click away from me deleting it

  • Great game!!

    by Pamlannette

    Great that you can play friends!

  • Fun, Fun, Fun

    by Gerrilew

    Love the game

  • Lots of fun

    by Mtnairmama

    Keepsake brain Active!

  • Werk

    by mermaid and cra cra

    Love it

  • Great game but!

    by LittleTee7

    I love this game but for the last week I haven't been getting my notifications that my opponent has played. And my opponent hasn't been getting hers so it's not just my phone. Please fix this!!!!

  • Bookworm...

    by LetteHardcore

    i love this game but lately its been very very laggy please tweak it some thank you :)

  • Like it

    by Eagle foot178526

    It's a fun game it something good to take up time

  • Bookworm

    by swimgirlemmles

    Great game!

  • Clean Fun

    by KingNando

    Great game to play against your friends, or by yourself for practice with spelling. Get the app. You won't regret it.

  • Fun

    by Sharky206

    Just the right amount of fun without having to play scrabble.

  • One of the best word games !

    by Delvalle#1

    Please let me send a challenge through text message !

  • Trina

    by trinashinin

    I know I will really enjoy this game..if I couldjust figure out how it

  • Unstable

    by Tonguey Kinkajou

    Seems like a good game, but it keeps crashing a minute or two in on my IPad 2 16 Gb, even though my iOS is up to date! Please fix this!

  • Lame

    by Jxiongg

    It is a fun game but I thought it was like the one on the computer like the adventure one. Ugh lame :/

  • Great

    by Chickypoo26

    Great fun game

  • Amazing game !,,

    by Zainab Al Ghawas

    I really like this game ,, i would've gave it 5 stars , but if there was an option to add friends "not via Facebook" It would have been GREAT,,

  • Worth playing Worth Getting

    by MrQuan18

    Best game I'm playing by far still like the classics but this is better than the classics worth getting worth your time

  • Addictive

    by Inyovaginaor mouth

    Great game! I have to limit my time on this or I get into trouble!

  • Bookworm heroes has just messed me up royally. Lost all my contacts, 50,000+ coins and my ID.

    by Cinike33

    One of the few games I enjoy. Being able to play with unknown folks makes it interesting and convenient! Wish there was a way to keep track of how many point each player has continuously. While i am questioning the game, how is it that I constantly getting an Unproportionate number of gems, I get five , while my opponent gets 13 ! crazy

  • Cool

    by Ur1_darkangel

    Loving this app. So much fun.

  • :)

    by LiKnot


  • Eh

    by HankthetankBRM

    I was hoping it'd be more like the real game, but oh well

  • Great Job

    by SenSoulReaper13888

    Great Job PopCap team! I've been anticipating this game for awhile. Glad to see it come out with success!

  • Love It!,

    by Nis_Nis

    Better than the old version I used to play! And can be addicting!

  • Fun however.....

    by Momruby

    This game is fun! Just wish I could connect to Facebook and play with my friends. When I can connect I will give 5 stars

  • Good!

    by Carter182

    So far so good really fun play on the original.

  • awesome

    by megaman88

    just wish more people would play!

  • Just one thing...

    by jenniehuntoon

    Huge fan of the series, but disappointed there isn't a single player campaign.

  • Interesting

    by ayabby

    Makes you use your brain!

  • Great game!

    by  WarriorPrincess8


  • Nice

    by Niki the nickname


  • So far I like it!

    by Pookiepoos

    Love word games this is a cute one...hope I get addicted

  • :)

    by Fancypantsyay

    Awesome game. Lots of fun!

  • Rating

    by Zodar

    Games cool

  • Fantastic game

    by Animal lover -456

    I love this game




  • Fun

    by Kimtolbert

    Need more random game but good

  • Enjoying an old classic...

    by donkeykongintheclutch

    With a twist! Just started, but it doesn't like I'll be disappointed! Gr8 game!

  • Try It

    by MackLite

    Great Game! Hands down. :D

  • Dope


    Awesome fun educational, entertaining, and E for everyone violence lol

  • Mediocre

    by Twentytwoooo

    The game is okay, but the original bookworm is so much better. It's annoying that you can't just keep playing consecutively with one person or the computer like the bookworm game you have to purchase.

  • Facebook

    by Mommiemook

    Sorry :,-( too much Facebook garbage that goes on. I refuse and will never get Facebook. That's a shame! I love the game! Why can't we play with user names like other games? I'll give you 5 stars if you change the game that we can play with user names too!

  • Ehh

    by Lolipopipi 

    It's ok, but I really love the original version way better than this one

  • Love it

    by Euphoric nirvana

    I've always loved bookworm but I love having somebody to compete against awesome game

  • Great game

    by Cute to the max!!!

    Awesome and engaging

  • Purple star

    by mctv25

    Love this game! Awesome!!!

  • Awesome

    by Chris the kid


  • Great with som reservation

    by Sir Not-Appearing

    Would have given 5 stars if if would let you resign a game.

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