Bejeweled Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PopCap
  • Updated: Dec, 08 2011
  • Version: 1.6
  • Size: 64.63 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: PopCap

Greetings Bejeweled Fans!

If you are being displayed ads and have previously purchased Bejeweled, or have paid to remove them, then please contact PopCap Customer Support for assistance.

In our on-going pursuit of excellence, we bring you bug fixes and optimizations!

- Updated Game Center icon
- Minor bug fixes and optimizations
- Localization fixes

Thank you for your support, and as always please let us know what you think of the game and rate us after each update!

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It’s the biggest, brightest Bejeweled® ever!

Discover all-new ways to play the world’s #1 puzzle game on your iPhone! Find your perfect match with 5 breathtaking game modes. Ease into Classic Bejeweled for cascades of fun, test your gem swapping ability with Lightning, save Butterflies from a hungry spider, dig into Diamond Mine for a gem-blasting challenge, or slip into Zen for a revolutionary new way to relax. Collect flashy Bejeweled badges and achievements as you soar to dazzling new heights in the Game Center leaderboards!

“Bejeweled — perhaps the most insanely addictive puzzle game ever.”
—Games Magazine

Game Features:

Test your gem-swapping ability in a race against time.

Play the most popular puzzle game of the century with powerful new gems.

Blast gems to collect gold, diamonds and buried artifacts before the clock runs out.

Customize sights and sounds to create your own relaxing retreat.

Match gems to free the butterflies before they move up the board where a hungry spider awaits!

Create electrifying special gems like Flame gems, Star gems, Hypercubes and Supernova gems!

Earn flashy Bejeweled badges and Game Center achievements to prove your multifaceted skills!

Awesome retina display graphics — Bejeweled is more sparkling than ever before!

Ultra-Smooth Action — Make multiple matches while new gems fall into place.

Hints on Demand — Can't quite spot the next match? Use the "Hint" button for a quick tip.

Stats Galore — Gloat over your scores for total matched gems, all-time best moves and top 10 personal bests in Classic and Diamond Mine!

PLEASE NOTE: Bejeweled has ultra-awesome graphics, so you’ll need a 3rd generation (16gb or larger) or later iPod touch, iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 4/4S to play. Please make sure your device is compatible prior to purchase.

This app contains direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the ability to browse any web page.

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by dvjvcv

    Add More Directions for Combos!

  • Iove this game!

    by Jdwilli1108

    This is a great game. I have always loved it and still do. I really like the Zen function. It does seem to melt away stress.

  • Love it

    by Nicolas Campos

    Be awesome new word for Bejewel

  • Love it!

    by Forgetful bear

    The best game of its kind. Love the options.

  • Fun game!

    by Joanne Quinones Reed

    I'm having a lot of fun with this very addictive game!!

  • Student

    by Mannimom

    Great game. I play a lot more than I should!

  • Good

    by Jtewdf


  • Nice

    by RCWagner


  • Very entertaining :)

    by AmarNamKi

    Nice game. Can play for hours without disturbance :)

  • 5 Gems

    by Nik284737:83847;6

    Love it and always will. Great everything! I recommend it to a newbie!

  • Bejeweled

    by Gartinclan

    Addictive, great challenges!!! Great games!

  • BJ

    by Mad MikeV

    Okay game.

  • Grandpa inc

    by GrandpaINC

    My grandkids love it

  • Very cool

    by Jasselyn

    Addicting that's all I gotta say, this game got me hocked

  • Love This Game

    by GemLove10

    I live for this game. I think I'm addicted!

  • 5star time passer

    by  softballer090

    Needs better graphics and controls but everybody needs to get this game

  • Still addictive!!!

    by Jason.16tons

    Even after all this time, it's still just as addictive as the original!

  • Stop reading and buy now!


    Best $1 ever spent!

  • Fun & Easy

    by BreTre

    Haven't played all of them yet, but it's fun and passes the time. Graphics are cool and like the badges.

  • Nice

    by Cheponche

    Great app I enjoy plain it but I have clicked on the ads by accident so many time please remove ads

  • Execellent

    by drecee67

    Great for passing the time away but make sure you are near a power source..........LOL

  • Awesome

    by LittleRomance

    This game is great for passing time!

  • Amazing

    by Kevin Kone

    Great game to play when you have a few minutes to spare. Easy to understand and it never gets old.

  • classic game is my fav

    by Crone 60

    This was my favorite game years ago, and when it was upgraded I hated it! Now that I've found the old game I'm over the moon!

  • Love it

    by deathscythe22

    I love this game is so much fun bejeweled is the best game ever

  • Great Game

    by NikkiStephens

    Love Bejeweled Butterflies!!! Relaxing tones and the Meditation mode choices are "SPECTACULAR." : )

  • Good

    by 27videos

    Incredible game

  • Fun

    by Cowboy7777

    Play this game several times a week. Lots of fun

  • Awesome!!!

    by Jonny the cyclist

    Love it!!!

  • It's good

    by Destinyyy!!!

    Love the game hate the ads

  • All time fav

    by Ahillmichels

    I've had this app for a very long time. It is one of two apps to follow at least 3 phones. It challenges me every time I open it. I looovvveee that I can resume the game later, be that hours or days or weeks later! Love it, love it!!

  • Review

    by Tuna man 1250

    Love it! I lose interest in most Apps, but not Bejewled :D

  • Yes yes yes!

    by M.3.r.P.

    By far the best game if its kind. Keep pooping em out popcap!

  • Woot

    by Rei Ray30

    Awesome game!! Very addictive!!

  • Love this game

    by oZzi_dUde

    Totally worth the dolla! I've played this game for years and it's always a great go to game.

  • Cool

    by Jacqulinyy

    Awesome game

  • Fun game

    by Uaehunter_2009

    It's fun to play

  • Amazing as always.

    by Dannyfrickenp


  • Great game

    by Ugothere

    Hours if challenging fun

  • Absolutely worth it!

    by Remig512

    Whenever I'm waiting for anything in particular, this is definitely a time consumer. I'm always a fan of a fast pace tactical game and this is definitely up there on my list. A must have for those who are looking for time to kill.

  • Absolutely worth it!

    by Remig512

    Whenever I'm waiting for anything in particular, this is definitely a time consumer. I'm always a fan of a fast pace tactical game and this is definitely up there on my list. A must have for those who are looking for time to kill.

  • This is just adorable!!

    by  cifip

    Fun fun fun!

  • busguy187

    by Busguy187

    I have been playing Bejeweled since it was first available on a PC. I have had it on every phone I've had. Obsession is mild for me. I love this game and now with all the choices I am finding myself playing most of my time. Best game . I'm hooked on it.

  • Great game

    by MsBecky2U

    This game is great. Very addicting.

  • Fun, addicting

    by jaime reyes

    Great way to lose teak of time. I enjoy the different levels and the badges are neat little goals

  • Bejeweled

    by Peaceluvor

    Great game! Fabulous graphics! The many different versions of the game makes it capable for anyone to play!

  • Bejeweled Rocks!

    by Exboulderite

    Thanks guys for a " jewel" of an app!

  • Awesome

    by VMoran87

    Awesome sauce..!! Love it..!!! It's amazing..!!!

  • Love it

    by Notafanofnicknames

    I play this between (on) conference calls, flights or almost anytime I have a few minutes. It's fun, challenging and never gets boring.

  • Fun way to pass time

    by 31Lion

    I wanted a game to play when I got bored and this game is perfect. It makes an hour feel like ten minutes. I like lightening mode the most. There also aren't a bunch of things that try and trick you into spending money like some other games...

  • Bejewled

    by Master Debator 1013


  • Love it!!

    by Nansue76

    Awesome I missed playing it from back in the day. Love it so much more than candy crush lol

  • Great fun

    by TattedUpMimi

    I really enjoy this download. Great fun.

  • Jewel

    by Real 79

    I've played a few jewel games. I like this one the most.

  • classic

    by KidReckless

    You can never go wrong with a classic and it's fun as ever! I love playing it.

  • Ruler

    by Rod_pod

    Great way to pass time!

  • Bejeweled

    by Allstar/vince

    I love dis game

  • Love it!

    by Michelle Guyton

    Great game, super addictive!

  • Cool game!

    by Lady Noir

    I love playing this game!

  • Bejeweled.

    by Nando F.

    Entertaining game.

  • Shiny Stuff & Butterflies!

    by EllaGirl777

    This is the ultimate fun distraction! Love everything except the spider! Hate the spider. Evil...just evil...

  • Best game

    by Saroona222222/

    Best game eveeeeeeer like it ❤❤❤

  • Classic

    by Reedear

    I remember being entertained by this game when I was younger and over time would come back to it and spend hours playing it. Wasn't even thinking about it when I saw it in the App Store. I immediately had a rush of memories about this game and HAD to download it. It is now the most played game on my phone.

  • Fun game.

    by waynesworlddlrowsenyaw

    Exciting fun game with lots of options! M

  • Butterflies

    by LanceJOJ

    The best

  • Addicting

    by Pink starburst

    I'm not really all into phone games; in fact I only have this one and fun run. It's very addicting, ill be on it all day.

  • Woot!!!!

    by Kristen Vona

    Best game I have on my phone!!!!!

  • Soo fun

    by  Huh really

    Fun, user friendly and challenging!

  • Awwww so cute!!!

    by  [Saran Wrap]

    Great physics, fun gameplay. Good stuff, good stuff.

  • Love it

    by Systagirl77

    This game is awesome

  • Only 4 because...

    by AbsolumAlice

    ... It's not my favorite kind of game. It's great, definitely worth the download. I play it regularly.

  • Review

    by Wild thang 48

    Fun and entertaining game.

  • Exceptional!

    by Worldburrito44

    Smooth, great graphics and a stellar gameplay propels this game into the epic amount of five stars the other 150K have given it. Keep up the good work Dev Team!

  • Gollll

    by Chilango 007

    Very nice game

  • Awesome

    by Sammyjoehappy

    Love it

  • Doesn't Work

    by AndyAndyAndyAndyAndyAndyAndy

    Upgraded to iOS 7.1. App does not open. Need a fix, suggest you don't buy until it's been upgraded!

  • Only game app allowed.

    by MissBats

    I was always a Bejeweled fan, so naturally I gravitated to this app. Still the only game I like enough to keep on my iPad!

  • Cheap on points! Manipulate boosters and outcome!!!

    by :Ladyblu:

    I use to love this game until now that u guys r barely squeezing out the points. Don't think it's gone unnoticed. I used to play constantly until u guys became CHEEPOS! You charge for boosters that r suppose to give a person an added advantage but u manipulate how they work. The only one with an advantage is u. even when I PAY to play u guys ruin the experience when u don't deliver. POINTS. It may be fun to play but I won't b buying coins again.

  • G R E A T GAME

    by A Stez

    I love Bejeweled it's !(VERY)! Addictive game I can't stop play the game I Love it love it love it love it Love it love it I RATE it ALL five STARS oh! Yah! Love it Love it love it love it love it Love it love it love it love it{:-) {:-{)

  • Lot of fun games

    by Gensew

    This is one of the first games purchased for my iPhone 3 years ago. Still enjoy playing the games.

  • Love

    by Cali_kasey91

    I love this game can play all day if I could <3

  • Great Game love it

    by Cofend

    Never had a problem loads every time. Great time killer

  • Creative

    by AmyVenta

    Love it .....

  • Jeweladdict

    by Pictorial gamer

    I just cant get enough of this game! I love it!!!

  • Derp

    by Herpderpinurkiblur

    Such a great classic, love it.


    by Teeggar

    Great game

  • Soooo fun!

    by Lizzypoo89

    I've been playing bejeweled ever since i was in HS and I gotta say that the blitz version is the best! It's addicting and I love all the different game modes. Must have game on your iphone!

  • Mindless fun

    by Ryan Farran

    Mindless fun

  • This game gives me life

    by rezzy180

    I don't care about candy crush. All hail bejeweled. Where else can you cry over simple failure in classic mode and enjoy amazing sound effects. I want to play this game for eternity.

  • So Addicting!!!!!!

    by KNB:) 


  • Love it!

    by SimpleSusi

    No more Candy Crush. I'm back to the original! More fun, less frustrating! Still Addicting, exciting, relaxing... I only wish the personal stats were cumulative and you could see the "artifacts" you collected! The artwork and effects are first class! -

  • Awesome app

    by &4402

    Great game! Awesome challenges!

  • Great game

    by Alan Torres

    I can't stop playing! I'm truly addicted. Love it. Staying up way too late.

  • Love

    by suzie_chapstick


  • Fun

    by pose evaz

    Love it

  • Addictive!

    by KimiMai

    Addictive and fun!

  • So Addictive

    by Ciscopro82

    Can't stop playing. My productivity at work has suffered because of this game .

  • Great game

    by beversj

    I love this game. Very addictive

  • Bejeweled

    by billsgirl16

    I love this game

  • by Mom-Bev

    Most entertaining & relaxing to do.

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