Bejeweled Blitz Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PopCap
  • Updated: Dec, 07 2011
  • Version: 1.4.0
  • Size: 52.41 MB

Languages: English

Seller: PopCap

Hey Blitzers!

Start the New Year off right with our latest Rare Gem, Ice Burrrst! Available only for a limited time, this frosty delight is here to help you celebrate the wonders of winter. Here's the full list of goodies for this update:

- New Ice Burrrst Rare Gem

- Progressive Spin (Use Daily Spin 5 times a week and get a free Blazing Steed Rare Gem)

- Items: get all Rare Gem gifts and shares straight from the Jewel Box

- Support for 720p resolution

- Awesome performance improvements

As always, please help us continue to make the game better by rating each update. And thanks!

Customer Ratings

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4631 Ratings
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162305 Ratings


This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. See for more info.

Play Bejeweled Blitz free to match and detonate as many gems as you can in 1 action-packed minute! Match 3 or more as you compete against Facebook friends and try to dominate the weekly leaderboards. Create cascades of fun with Flame gems, Star gems and Hypercubes. Play with up to three Boosts at once, plus powerful Rare Gems to send your score soaring!

Boost your fun with Detonators, Scramblers and Multipliers. Match as fast as you can to earn Blazing Speed and blow gems away. The ‘Last Hurrah’ keeps the points piling up even after your time expires. 

Feast your eyes and ears with high definition Retina display graphics and sounds, optimized for iPhones and iPads. See gems sparkle, hear the crackle of blazing speed like never before! 

On Facebook challenge your friends to beat your best 60 second score. Own the top spot on your weekly tournament leaderboard. Fill your stats to become the ultimate Bejeweled master and earn bragging rights galore. 

Propel your score into the stratosphere with the power of Rare Gems! Unleash the excitement of every Rare Gem found in the Facebook version of the game. 

Feeling lucky? Play the Daily Spin each day for your chance to win 1,000,000 FREE coins! 

Never played Bejeweled Blitz before? No problem! Our interactive tutorial quickly walks you through the basics to get you ready for all the gem-matching action. 

We’re sure you’re going to love Bejeweled Blitz! Please be sure to rate the game below and tell us what you think in our forums at Your feedback helps us make the games you love even better. 

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Customer Reviews

  • Send/receive Bejeweled gifts from iPhone

    by Aculak

    It would be great to send and receive gifts from the iPhone app instead of having to jump on a laptop

  • Ebbbe

    by Twilsaga

    Love the Heart Stone Gem! Fun!!

  • Love the game

    by Sis$48

    What happened I updated my bejeweled blitz Valentin now I can't play it I guess I lost everything once again this is crazy when u want someone to update a game or something it should work wouldn't u think

  • King

    by RayPros

    What happened to the snow burst? Bring it back. That was an improvement to a great game.

  • Nice

    by Maieshas

    Way to procrastinate

  • Sound settings not saved

    by Ntombi

    This is very annoying, and it makes me angry every time I open the game. Therefore, I'm opening it and playing it less often. Fix this. You fixed it before, then it came back. Now you claim "big fixes" without fixing this big honking bug right out front. Not cool.

  • Just...

    by 3L*G^€R0

    Expectacular! love it!

  • Fast fun and entertaining

    by Kristarae88

    It's fast paced, I love seeing which if my friends has the high score and trying to beat their score. It's a great game to play while your waiting in line. Awesome game!!

  • Heart update

    by Ms. Felicia

    The snowflake version was MUCH BETTER!!! It was prettier and produced higher scores. Can you please still include it as an option? I even thought the symbol for the app was nicer as a snowflake.

  • HEY!

    by StephanieTsunami

    I updated because a pop-up told me that I would get the newest heart gem if I updated. I did, but I didn't get anything! Not cool.

  • Fun but needs new features

    by KittyKat2262011

    Addicting game great when you have nothing else to do

  • Great Game

    by Fletch e

    Love to play this when I'm bored.

  • Good game

    by Ohioguy2009

    Keeps me entertained for hours.

  • My most played game.

    by MikeyG74

    I love this game. The only thing I would like to see added is the number of days left in the tournaments.

  • Bug fix

    by LimbLessHero

    First review (: thanks for the bug fix ( ;


    by Martitex

    Enjoy playing it everyday. It's one of the fun games that haven't deleted. Played it for a long time.

  • Selling Coins?

    by RobFriedman

    I love playing this game but selling coins? Who in their right frame of mind would buy 9M coins for $100 bucks?! Why? You don't get anything out of it. All you are doing is buying a high score for a few days!

  • Love it!

    by Nic69

    I play everyday this game is so addicting that I got my whole family hooked on it.

  • In love

    by Hey you Arkansas

    I absolutely love this game!! I can sometimes spend hours playing it without even realizing the time has gone by.

  • Addictive

    by Starfyre266

    Addictive and fun...wish it was 1 min 30 sec.

  • Fix the Sound Setting!!!

    by nursenancy23

    I have the Music set to OFF. The app doesn't remember that until I manually open the Settings, then the music goes off. VERY ANNOYING. I also just found out that you charge actual, real money to buy coins. Hahahaha! Do people really buy them?

  • heart update

    by transplanted wisconsinite

    thanks for fixing the daily spin, FINALLY. otherwise i'm not terribly impressed. tired of being unable to get high scores without having to buy gems. used to be a good game.

  • What happened?

    by Ningkie

    I used to play this game daily, competing against my friends on his game. But since the new update, five out of six if us can't even open the app. Fix, please!!

  • Just get bejeweled hd

    by drh8

    It's the same game except there are less aggressive adds and you don't have to pay real money to get a high score. Plus hd has a bunch of fun other modes

  • Could be better!

    by Toppy7

    It's frustrating trying to score high and always have PEARL at the top with a constant 300,000! That is impossible, so I very seldom play. It needs fixing!!!!!!!!!! A VERY DISHONEST GAME WITH PEARL ALWAYS WINNING WITH THE FAKE $300,00!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS OTHERS RIGHT BELOW HER! Do you really think that's fair?please make this between real players!!

  • It stopped working!!

    by Felixxf03

    With the latest update it stopped working on my 4s. Needs to be fixed. It ones to load an it just crashes. Tried deleting and installing again and it stills does not work.

  • Harvesting

    by Disappointed birder

    The "harvest" and "no thanks" buttons are too close together. Not fair to accidentally purchase something. Or there should be a confirmation dialog.

  • Truly Dissapointed

    by VikkyDJ

    I never thought I'd give any Bejeweled games a low rating but what they did to Blitz was horrid. True loyal players didn't want an update. We didn't care. It was a great game and we enjoyed it. I was able to get 400k's scores without buying any gems. Now the game is SO SLOW that you need gems or something else to help you get higher scores. The game may have "better" graphics now, but I don't give a hoot about graphics, at least not when it costs the game it's overall performance. I'm really disappointed with Blitz' developers for doing this.

  • Broken

    by Leatherankh

    I just downloaded the new patch and it crashes every time I try. Please fix.

  • New update

    by Gigibcm

    It doesn't even let me play and it just goes into a black page

  • Heart update

    by Beheweledmaniac45

    I love the basic game but when I updated to the heart jewel version the sound went away. Game is much more exciting when there is sound. Would like to delete it.

  • Can't play on phone!

    by D_mac2012

    I've loved this game for awhile but when I got the update it won't let me play on my phone. I tried deleting and re downloading it but still not working. I've talked to other people who are having the same problem. Works on my iPad but not phone. Please fix!!!!!

  • They aren't making it any better

    by jwpolley

    They are pushing the in app purchase even harder. Why not just make a game that people want to play and SELL it rather than nickel and time everyone?

  • Love the game, but new update crashes

    by jaypoppiecee

    I used to play this game every day but the last two updates are causing my app to crash. I can't even play anymore. Please fix so I can get my Blitz fix!

  • Crashes

    by Mr_Double

    This valentine version won't open

  • Timeless

    by jenrenwin

    It's always a great game. You can't ride the subway without seeing at least 4 people playing it.

  • Help

    by Snow frpesk

    If you can, could you make the game to be able to turn to the left when you turn the iPhone and the iPad? It used to turn on the old blitz but now it does not.

  • Addictive!

    by sohappy1225

    Best game - can't stop playing!

  • Addictive!

    by sohappy1225

    Best game - can't stop playing!


    by Fatboislim4unow

    I love bejeweled anything, but I haven't been able to play on IOS 7 for three weeks. Today is Monday & I haven't been able to play online using Facebook on my MacBook Pro since "Happy Hour," this past Friday! I have hit over 1 million twice since New year's. I was well on my way to hitting a third time this Past week after I scored 980,081, but this mess has ruined everything! PLEASE DO SOMETHING!


    by Fatboislim4unow

    I love bejeweled anything, but I haven't been able to play on IOS 7 for three weeks. Today is Monday & I haven't been able to play online using Facebook on my MacBook Pro since "Happy Hour," this past Friday! I have hit over 1 million twice since New year's. I was well on my way to hitting a third time this Past week after I scored 980,081, but this mess has ruined everything! PLEASE DO SOMETHING!

  • Ice burst

    by Ks2886

    Bring back ice burst

  • Sound

    by Katf.0312

    When opening game, the sound still plays even if you turned it all down. Theres a reason I turn sound off.

  • iPad only: no coins received on daily spin

    by godseja

    I like the version before this one better. On the daily spin on the iPad version I no longer get the coins I win. Don't want to upgrade again until this fixed.

  • Where are the new snowflakes?????

    by JHBG12345

    I downloaded the new version. Thing crashed every time. While they have solved that, they haven't solved the complete lack of snowflake gems (they are NEVER offered now) and daily coins don't seem to actually be rewarded. The snowflakes made the game worth playing again & now they're gone. Lame!!!!!

  • Best game ever!

    by David L Campbell

    Bejewled Blitz is literally one of the best apps. It is tragic that candy crush saga is almost as popular as this great app after taking its idea for the gameplay. Everyone should get this app.

  • TERRIBLE update...ruined game!!!

    by FthisupdateBfixit!

    I have loved this game for YEARS, it's been my favorite... until this update. You ruined it. Hate the graphics. Game slow to respond, if it responds at all. Freezes. Don't get my coins. Please fix this and bring my favorite back. If you don't fix, I will delete and pay for competitor games. Hate this update, you ruined the game. Fix it, please! I miss my game.

  • Blitz

    by Luis Ortiz

    I started to play this game about a year ago on the iPad. Loved this game but since the update it has gone down hill. I have been using the slot machine but the the amount of coins does not register. So I cannot trust buying coins because it will not register. It stop working for me for about a month. Today it started working but when I played the slot machine I won 50,000 coins it did not register. I have even won 250,000 coins and I was ripped off. You should fix the update or this will be the o game for on line players.

  • Update not working for me

    by JoeJoe the Monkey

    Never had problems with bejeweled blitz. Did most recent update, won't even open. Deleted program, re-downloaded, restored phone. Still won't open. Maybe it's something I'm doing, but I've had the game for years with plenty of updates... Never had this problem. I would say... Just don't update it... There's no going back a version.

  • Nice

    by B-Money  

    Very good game. Its so addictive and ive been playing it for hours

  • what's up with this update?

    by transplanted wisconsinite

    i'm not getting the coins from my daily spins. super annoying and also pointless. why have a daily spin if you're not going to pay out the coins? please fix this problem; most of the time i love this game.

  • Bring Back Snowflakes!!

    by CherylSaynHi

    ❄️<---These dodaggers made the game fun, as it was starting to get boring. I just purchased coins for the sole purpose of being able to get more snowflakes when they were offered!! Now, it's back to offering kanga rubies, moonstones, cat's eyes, etc.

  • Poor support, bad update

    by Alifreebird

    Since the last update, I have to go into settings every time I open the app to turn the sounds off, it crashes constantly, the touch screen seems to be off so when I touch one gem, a different one moves, and now it has dropped the Facebook connection and can't seem to log me back in. As always, popcap app support is nonexistent.

  • Upset!!!

    by Mswright0001

    New winter download has not allowed me to play since I updated!!! I am really irritated & I don't know how to fix it. I'M WAITING FOR AN UPDATED!!!

  • ice burst!!!

    by Tuesday's child 12

    ice burst was the best boost! I wish it would have stayed until winter was officially over. how can we make that happen???


    by kdmom1108

    All of the sudden the snowflake is "vaulted" and not available on the mobile app? Not ok, folks! it was fast and fun and I shouldn't have to be in my regular computer in FB to use it. I'm already logged on to FB through my mobile app, it should be the same. I've been playing this game for years and have always loved it, but now? Not so much! Please put it back and I'll gladly change my rating back to 5 stars...

  • 2/6/14 update.

    by AMsum

    No longer crashing - not sure what happened or what was done. But thank you to whoever. Changing 1 star review to 3. Ill keep it at 3 stars until i know if it will continue working. Old review: Crashes - can't play- the update with starburst - game crashes every time i try to play. Can't even keep it open. Not sure if this update is too new for my device, or if its some kind of glitch. Love this game - please fix.

  • Disappointed...!

    by Bouby22

    I used to be a big fan but since your last update I no longer am. Horrible update!

  • Great game

    by Bee gagum


  • Can't Turn the Sounds Off

    by Mamichavabien

    I started playing Bejeweled Blitz a few years ago on Facebook. I also played a lot on my iPhone. With this last update, I find that whenever I log into the game, that loud, annoying music plays even though I have the sounds turned off in settings. For whatever reason, this annoys me greatly, so I stopped playing. I will probably delete the app.

  • Not happy with upgrade

    by Mari1681

    Do not like the upgrade, specially the daily spin. I keep getting two of the same and one of another. The highest I can spin is $2,500.. Before the update I was spilling $10,000-$50,000... It doesn't even let you score high enough to get a decent amount of coins... Might just delete it and go back to the classic some how.

  • Bejeweled blitz

    by CtLady817

    The latest update has really slowed everything down. Response rate is awful!!!!

  • Bejeweled

    by Tns313

    I really like this game just not the update I can barely log into Facebook to see my friends scores... It says can't log in now try again later way too much for my taste. Everything else is fine

  • It works again!!!

    by Tyuiopaghfjbg

    Thanks for fixing my game!

  • Ms

    by Jatiek

    No fun since update

  • Sad

    by aseret63

    I just updated Bejeweled & it keeps crashing! I love this game but I haven't been able to play at all. Please fix this ASAP! Please? I need my blitz

  • Not happy

    by Natalka523

    I haven't been able to play the game in days. It crashes while trying to load. I've deleted it from my iPad and reinstalled it several times and nothing seems to help. I would give the game a higher rating if i could play it.

  • No good!!!

    by kimald

    One star for starting, it keeps crashing, asking me to login when I do it crashes also this version is very slow

  • This App Crashes Constantly Now

    by Georgiann Heath

    All I have to do is touch the screen and boom! I am returned to the Home Screen of my iPad 2. Burst and Chinese New Year are NOT good enhancements. I'm ready to delete this game :-(

  • GONE... Every one of my coins

    by Devoted consumer

    LoveD the game, the updates have not worked out it has many problems.. Crash, slow, freezes AND I LOST ALL MY COINS... 2,175,430 or some where around there.. Just UPDATING!!!... The fix and update is slow and the spins are cheesy... Guess this is the beginning to the end... Sad

  • Do not like update

    by Kivabean

    I have bin unable to play with friends on fb sent latest update

  • Bejeweled Blitz

    by Regg337

    I'm not happy...everytime I click on the app to play it on my iPhone 5 it cuts me off and goes back to my main screen!!! It won't even load so that I can play

  • Crashes and Buggy

    by Chi-lling

    If it crashes, you can't play. When you are able to play, you are unable to keep the scores. So, what is the point of this game? Can't think of one. I would give it a zero star if that was available.

  • Latest update just ok.

    by Wilson Tu

    Latest update crashes alot. And Daily Spin is such a sham! The payout rings up before the reels stop spinning! Shame on you for pretending that we actually have a chance of spinning 3 diamonds when the spins are really pre-determined and rigged against the player!

  • Game No Longer Works

    by PriceB

    Last update killed the game, it automatically shuts down. The opening screen never fully loads.

  • Update took away my coins

    by Wondernana

    I had over $200,000 coins and now I have $25,000. Not happy :(

  • Awesome game!

    by Jodie H.

    I love this game! It is very addicting! The newest update kicks me off the site. Hope you can fix this bug!

  • What happened?

    by Geegeebabe

    This is one of my favorite games, but the new update keeps crashing on me o that I have to reload it every day just o play one game! I don't what yo are doing, but you need to fix this now!

  • Not Happy

    by Ickenbock

    I have been playing bejeweled for a long time. I had 1.5 million coins. I downloaded the update and all my coins disappeared.

  • Fed up

    by Deeliteful1

    i just deleted the was taking up space and no matter how many times i reinstalled the app and restarted my iPod, nothing changed...start up, wouldnt load, show spin machine, CRASH!! im done with it!!

  • Bug in the game

    by Christine Hollinger

    Can't play or activate the gems. Get kicked out any time I try. When I can play the game stops and I get kicked out or if I complete play my score nor my coin win records

  • Please update

    by Andrew Beil

    I played this game almost everyday. The most recent update causes it to crash almost every time. Please update so it doesn't crash anymore or I will be forced to play a different game. Boo. Sad.

  • It keeps crashing.

    by CDoughty

    I love this game. I'm giving it a three stars because I'm having a lot of issues loading to play. It will go on the main screen and when I hit play, or a gem, it crashes. I've shut my tablet several times and deleted the game and reinstalling it. Please fix this issue.

  • Update

    by Carol1549

    This update on iPhone has crashed every time I try to open the game! Not a problem on iPad. You need to fix this NOW!

  • Enjoyable, eye 2mind 2hand

    by Celeastar

    Coordination. Both quick and long 10/19/2012 Bummer that it crashes so often 2/4/2014. Very unhappy that takes as long to load as it would to play a couple of games. Crashes so this update is useless. Have not gotten to play it since the update. Want my other back that worked. This was to be short time. Way too long for me. Getting rid of it.

  • Fix This Soon !

    by WordWhompManiac

    The latest update causes the app to crash. Not much fun to be had with this game right now. Please fix this soon!!

  • Bejewled.

    by Be A Rose

    I'm having trouble with this game . It keeps closing down before I can play it. I deleted it and reloaded it and it still won't work. I love this game but I'm flustered that it keeps shutting down. A little help please!!

  • Crashes

    by HMH63

    Can't even get it to load anymore...what's going on here?

  • Problem

    by Stephen Tanner

    fix the glitch! My game keeps crashing!

  • Game crashes

    by Xyxpouy

    All of a sudden I cannot get the game to work. Whenever I try to play on my iPad, the screen just disappears while trying to connect.

  • Nice!

    by Kelly L B

    It's been a fun game so far! I no longer have the game! I was loving the game but now it keeps crashing :( It crash 6 times in like 5 minutes so by by game!

  • Won't load now

    by Tk989

    After most recent update keeps kicking me out on my iTouch 4th generation. Get to the spin screen then app crashes

  • Crashing for last 2 weeks

    by Activesailor

    Ran a update and since opens then crashes! Haven't been able to play in 2 weeks!

  • Crashed

    by Madblitzer

    Why am I crashing???? I can't play Very upsetting...

  • UGGGGH ¡

    by TyNée

    Wht Did Y'all Do 2 My All Time Favorite Game ¿ Keeps Kicking Me Off ...... Plz Fix

  • Can't get on to play!!!!

    by Scottspiper

    I have been playing Bejeweled for a long time. Updated to the new version. Now I can't play. I've shut down my I pad completely and still can't get on. I have over 5 hundred million coins don't want to lose these worked to hard. I can't even get on Face Book. HELP!!!!

  • Broken

    by Nhlrox

    This new vers is no longer playable. The update lets me open it for about 5 seconds then crashes. Happens every time. If I can't play, why keep it?

  • So So

    by cjgoulet

    The game is pretty good if it runs. I keep having to restart iPad almost on a daily basis to make Blitz run. This even after deleting and reinstalling.

  • Ruined with latest update.

    by Sheryl Hill

    How do I "un-update"? Doesn't work any more. Won't even open. Some of us don't have iOS7 and NEVER will. So how do we just loose out because we have later version devices??

  • None

    by Kat 64

    Love the game except it keeps crashing! Fix it!!

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