Real Fishing 3D Free Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PNJ Inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 06 2012
  • Version: 1.0.8
  • Size: 61.91 MB

Languages: English

Seller: PNJ Inc.

A iphone5 applied.

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527 Ratings
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★Real Fishing★

#The best fishing game 'Real Fishing 3D' is free at App store!

Free enjoy full-3D fishing forever :)

★★★It doesn't work at iPhone 2.5 generation.★★★


New Updates Version

(ver 1.0.8)
A iphone5 applied.

(ver 1.0.7)
A ipod touch 5 applied.

(ver 1.0.6)
Bug fixes.

(ver 1.0.5)
including push notification update.

(ver 1.0.4)
Fix some bugs on iPhone 3G & 3GS

(ver 1.0.3)
A New I-Pad's applied

(ver 1.0.2)
- Addtion of 6 sorts of new fish more powerful and exciting feeling on your hands!
- New upgraded fishing pole, line and lure.
- You can inform your friends of the fishes you catched on Facebook and Twitter.
- Added free passage ticket!
- Bug fix


American Review

Real Fishing - ★★★★★

by Bryan...M - Version 1.0.0 - Dec 5, 2011

This is the best fishing app,I have played yet.It is fun and addictive!

★A full 3D fishing game★

-We introduce the most realistic and stunning full 3D fishing game which allows you to feel like you are fishing in real life! You will be suprised to experience the feelings that you have never felt in a fishing game! It's better than real-life fishing!


-There are many different levels of fishing locations and challenges that colud test your ultimate fishing skills! The bigger fish you catch, the more rewards you get!

★Many sizes and species of fish★

-From a tiny fish to as big as a whale, use differnt techniques to catch a varity of fish. Larger fish are stronger than the small ones and won't be hauled in easily! Try it now!


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Customer Reviews

  • Love this game

    by Angel19

    I love this game

  • OK

    by Izack2000

    I love this game but I hate that u can run out of nets

  • Love

    by Chris749

    I lov this game

  • people ar stupid

    by stupidmathafakas

    people dont even know how to play.if u want something u have to level up no matter how much money u have u have got to level up first.i love this game for me so far so good.PLZZZZZ MAKE MOREE GAMES LIKE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cool

    by Payt_benefield

    Awesome game

  • Nice

    by Isaac20010

    I like the game

  • M

    by Erica_Rae_2626

    I like this game, but it does have it's rough edges. I'll give it 4 stars

  • Ehh

    by Dccjkhssdghbv

    Its okay

  • Be quiet

    by Kill em18

    If ya don't like it be quiet and delete the app

  • Good

    by anhtuanfree


  • Entertaining

    by DNJ100

    Great app .

  • amazing!

    by The hand won't leave!

    This app is amazing| The adds have got to go though. They get in the way of everything! Other than that, great app!

  • Super

    by Zeroef


  • Good

    by I flip cars

    The best fishing game so far. So realistic

  • Epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Thebyr8

    I love his game cause I love fishing !!!!! :D

  • Creative

    by Anuncios


  • Taeron

    by Lil fabe


  • Love the fish

    by Collaed

    I love the fishing game you will too

  • Not bad

    by Hhfbfj

    It's easy beside havering to buy a new rod after about 16 fish

  • Real fishing

    by Great game 18

    Great game


    by supersupra1

    First of all, this game is very fake, fish are very over powered, you could have really good line, and a 4 pound fish feels like a 40, and you fight and fight for it, and once you reel it in, you see It was only 4 pounds, the whole concept is good, but the physics are terrible; plus the in app purchases were not working and later, I find out that apple charged me about 8$ for in app purchases that did not work, or complete; I requested my money back and they did. However I don't think I got my money back for the game; DON'T BUY THE PAYED VERSION, THIS GAME IS NOT WORTH IT.

  • Stupid

    by Countryboy07

    Makes you buy the bucks after you catch only 9 fish and if you just get the game like i did you get a total of 2 bucks and they want you to buy more

  • This game ruined my life

    by This game ruined my life

    Delete Game123 It is HORRIBLE

  • WHAT?????

    by Rascalhorse

    At the very easiest level there was a fish that pulled me way out,which I knew was an anemone or something!Then I lost it! This game is fairly good besides that!

  • Terrible

    by Hytvh

    Your durability goes out when you only fish one time and it asks you to pay 5 bucks when it only starts you out with 2 bucks so you can't play the game!

  • Dumb


    After u buy the next fishing line u have to pay 42 bucks just to equip it an use it stupid wasted mine time if downloading so don't get it

  • OMG!!!!!

    by roxYations

    This game stinks it freezes up right when you get it I didn't even get to play it!!!!

  • Ok

    by 12345tedguywg

    This game is ok but I want better!!!!!!!! (@)-(@). (: (: $$$$

  • Fun

    by Too unique

    This game is addicting, A+

  • Game

    by Tirex1995

    Very good

  • App

    by Jaljedi

    It is awsome

  • العراق

    by محمد الفراتي

    لعبه حلوه وممتعه

  • Easy E

    by incredible grand master e


  • Interesting

    by Daniel Leavy

    What an interesting game. I can't fish in real life, this game makes it possible.

  • Really fun an addictive

    by Reviewer 22223333

    It's so fun but it's hard to get coins and cash

  • Boss app

    by FLy Boy654

    Quality matters

  • Fun

    by Agskfjbufhfydg

    I love this game

  • Good

    by Louislamm

    Good games

  • Good game

    by Lahsnoop


  • Fish

    by Mjknh 15556375853

    Great game

  • Review

    by Stonecollector

    Really good game

  • Real fishing

    by -cRaZy J-

    Love it

  • Weird game

    by JuzSnikie

    That is all

  • Bloodgush152

    by Bloodgush152

    I did a 5 dollar Ingame purchase for 110 bucks and It took my money and didn't give me my 110 I deserve and want a refund

  • Did a 3 year old write instructions?

    by J Czer

    Why not let someone to speak English make directions? I not understand.. The fish write game? Me confused

  • the pole gives out

    by Witmil

    You can sell the fish and get money to buy but the pole gives out and the things to push to repair or buy a new pole don't work so You can fish anymore because the pole doesn't work and you can't fix it or get another pole developers please fix

  • Cash

    by Coolgirl1017

    I keep catching fish that are too high a grade for my fishing tank so I can't keep them but I can't get a new one because it is too hard to make money

  • Fun and addictive

    by Wildfang5

    Very good but could use some tiny fixes.

  • They steal your money!

    by Daphanie02

    I paid $5 for 150 bucks to upgrade my fishing pole. The money was deducted from my account, but alas, no bucks! I clicked on the link to report a problem and the link does not work. I want my money back!

  • Crash

    by Dddddddogddd


  • Laggy

    by Bhs69

    A good game if it decides not to freeze on me but I have to wait like 5 minutes for the game to start up.

  • Boooooooo!!!!!!!!

    by RossLynch924

    This game is bad. It won't even let me fish. Stupid, don't play.

  • Horrible

    by Catlover888

    I don't know if it's only me, but I can't buy anything!! I have enough coins or whatever but it wont let me buy a thing. I would give it 0 stars if I could.

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