[Mystery]Disconnect.Part1 Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PNJ Inc.
  • Updated: May, 25 2012
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 47.8 MB

Languages: English, Korean

Seller: PNJ Inc.

fix for iphone5

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The horrible secret nobody knew... and vengeance...
The foreknower, the hider...and the person who is knowing the truth begin survival mistery adventure!!
The scary secret everyone must not know any more!

[Disconnect ]

This game is can play up to episode 1, after that is available to play denpends on your choice.
If you download full version, you can play full episodes without any advertisement and get $6 of the item. Please check it out.


In AD 2091, the United Nations Organization is founded instead of United Nations, and the era of integrated government is opened.
Technology has been developed amazingly, but the gap between rich and poor is still widening.

One day, UNOCH, is a charity hospital(spaceplane) of UNO, succeeded in the development of artificial body and reported that it will be transplanted for the irralative lowest class as social welfare.

The hero who does not have anything has a lover, Millian who is an acquired blind person and his one and only hope. She was selected as eyeball transplant subject by UNOCH and left for UNOCH, but hero has not heard from her after that.

In order to look for his lover, he donated a part of his liver to be transplanted into any dignitary and was hospitalized for an artificial liver transplant in UNOCH. While finding Millian, a misterious accident happened.


◈Clear and high quality graphic!
▷▷Outstanding graphic for smart phone makes you be absorbed in the game.

◈Don't pass up the conversation with people! Ever-changing story and ending depending on the progress!
▷▷Respond carefully even small talk! Your future will be changed as a result of a word.

◈A tense game factors!
▷▷Always keep the tension! If you catch the unwary for a moment... ... ...

Customer Reviews

  • Love this game!!!

    by jenntiff13

    Please make a disconnect part 2!!!!!!! This game is so fun and awesome. I love how it actually takes hours to play this game! More people should know about it!!

  • Help.

    by Bobbbbio

    I cant find the place where you get the peroxide.

  • Need help

    by LOVEJYH

    Where is the blood pouch at? This game is good.

  • Help, please?

    by Purplepolkadots96

    I'm stuck on the third floor because i can't figure out how to open the door of the food depot once it gets cold, and it won't let me put the battery in the computer in the control room. Can someone please help?

  • Excellent

    by Core Chase & Agent J

    I really enjoy this game. Strong plot line, great graphics, and an interesting puzzler too. I don't know what is with all the people saying the English is bad, it's translated just fine. I recommend this.

  • Help?

    by VampireZoe

    I like it so far but I don't really get why everybody's complaining about the English when you can still understand what they're saying perfectly fine but I'm stuck can someone tell me where the blood packet/pouch is so I can make oxygen?

  • Good

    by Reptar 13

    Good epic funiziez!

  • Very well put together, but really horrible translation.

    by Bzlai

    The game seems really polished, but needs better translations and localization. Everything about the game seems very slick and professional, except for the really bad Engrish. Had to came back into AppStore and read the app description to understand what was happening in the story.

  • Not bad

    by Fai Lin

    The only things I would say to fix is the English. It's choppy and is kind of hard to understand at times, though I can get the basic idea of what is being said. Also, the ability to skip through dialogue would be nice, since I tend to touch the same item. It's fun, but I really don't want to spend $6 on it. Maybe if it were cheaper...

  • Translation?

    by Gothim99

    The writing is horrendous. I am not sure if it was the translators or what.

  • Translation, please!

    by RobinAnnH

    The English language is destroyed by the creators. Very irritating. I made it two minutes in before I deleted the whole mess.

  • Not worth buying

    by Anonnnnnn

    The story is hardly comprehensible. The translation job done on this game is horrendous and at times makes no sense. With this huge problem, buying the full version would be a joke. Save yourself the cash and forget about this trash game.

  • ....sorry but

    by Blood Jester

    The very poor english made this game very bad for me. The bad translation takes away the seriousness of the story in my opinion...

  • Poor!

    by Poooooooooppppppp

    This game is basically an interactive graphic novel with great art and music. But what were they thinking to release a game that relies almost completely on story, yet put no effort into any kind of English! I tried HARD, but the Engrish is so poor it's entirely too hard to understand and impossible to enjoy!

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