[Mystery]Disconnect Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PNJ Inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 13 2012
  • Version: 1.0.6
  • Size: 46.8 MB

Languages: English, Korean

Seller: PNJ Inc.

fix for iphone5

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The horrible secret nobody knew... and vengeance...
The foreknower, the hider...and the person who is knowing the truth begin survival mistery adventure!!
The scary secret everyone must not know any more!



In AD 2091, the United Nations Organization is founded instead of United Nations, and the era of integrated government is opened.
Technology has been developed amazingly, but the gap between rich and poor is still widening.

One day, UNOCH, is a charity hospital(spaceplane) of UNO, succeeded in the development of artificial body and reported that it will be transplanted for the irralative lowest class as social welfare.

The hero who does not have anything has a lover, Millian who is an acquired blind person and his one and only hope. She was selected as eyeball transplant subject by UNOCH and left for UNOCH, but hero has not heard from her after that.

In order to look for his lover, he donated a part of his liver to be transplanted into any dignitary and was hospitalized for an artificial liver transplant in UNOCH. While finding Millian, a misterious accident happened.


◈Clear and high quality graphic!
▷▷Outstanding graphic for smart phone makes you be absorbed in the game.

◈Don't pass up the conversation with people! Ever-changing story and ending depending on the progress!
▷▷Respond carefully even small talk! Your future will be changed as a result of a word.

◈A tense game factors!
▷▷Always keep the tension! If you catch the unwary for a moment... ... ...

Customer Reviews

  • Disconnect

    by Joker Alice

    First: The story for this game is actually a good one. That is not the issue. Second: the issue is not only the pianfully choppy translation job, but also the unexplained, timed puzzles and curious hallway runs. You'll be stranded in a hall with poisonous gas, without a clue in the world. Plus you'll be hesitant to enter any rooms, because if the door slams, you're finished. Not because it's an immediate GAME OVER, but because you'll find an odd, timed puzzle on the door, and while sometimes you may figure it out, it's always unexplained and normally undoable. I'm sorry, but good plot, horrible gameplay.

  • 약이 너무 부족하네요

    by Gosh b

    어느 정도 진행후 부터 주인공의 생존을 위해 SU라는 약을 맞아야 하는데 턱 없이 부족합니다. 만약 SU를 전부 사용한 상황에서 게임오버가 된다면 처음부터 새로시작.... 또는 구입을 해야하는데 SU 10개가 2.99달러 !!! 어드벤처 게임의 중요한 세이브 슬롯도 달랑하나 주고 슬롯 3개 추가 하는데 2.99달러 !!! 게임오버시 죽기전 상황으로 돌아가는 것도 10개에 2.99달러!!! 어드벤처 게임에 기본적으로 들어 있는 기능들 마저 결제가 필요하다니... 돈독이 올랐네요..

  • Seemingly awesome - horrible translation

    by Oenai

    The game is beautiful and seems to be on the brink of excellence, but the translation is so poor that it's near impossible to enjoy :( Looking at the work that was put into this game, I don't doubt that if I purchased it in Japanese (and could understand Japanese), I'd have a memorable experience. As it is currently, this game (which seems to be mostly story) is near impossible to understand or appreciate. As it stands, I regret purchasing - though I would probably give it 5 stars if it has a better translation rollout (will be keeping my eye on updates for the future)

  • This game should be " Disconnected "

    by ProfessorNemo

    Haven't had it for five minutes and I already regret the decision to get it. Keep your money !!!! Don't get this !!!!

  • Crashing

    by Yoklor

    Don't buy this until they fix the bugs. Really... Right at the beginning the game crashes when you touch the bed. You hear the door slide open - and then the game just switches off. And you can't progress at all. Really frustrating. The translation is very rough but if this doesn't bother you - wait until they fix the issues.

  • Bugged as Hell. Stay away from it...

    by Sanuku

    PNJ Inc. has just proven another Time that they are uncable of delivering a App that is out of Bugs/Glitches/... and therefor I would strictly advise everyone to stay away from this App till PNJ has fixed it with at least another dozen of Updates like in the past they had already to do it with almost all of their other Appz too. The usual "Crash to the Mainscreen" Bug is present same as the Glitches that make you prevent to move forward in the Plot too. The longer I moved forward in the Game the more I stop counting the Bugs/Glitches/... even when they were obvious... Sadly my only advise to PNJ Inc.can be like already the last few Times too to stay away from the Appstore with their bugged Piece of Mess or finally start to test their Appz acutually before they Release it on the Appstore and not after that.

  • Needs a Better Translation

    by Twzoner

    I can see potential for this game, but the English translation is rough. Also, had a few crashes on an IPad 3. I really like this type of game and the app store is sorely lacking on the English side (the Japanese don't seem to be onboard with translations yet). Fix the stated issues and I'll re-evaluate.

  • Crashes

    by ViperInstall

    Can't progress past the first couple minutes of the game. As soon as I touch the bed, the guy talks about Dorian Gray, the sound of a door opening plays and the game crashes. Playing on the new iPad.

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