Extreme Fishing Free Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PNJ Inc.
  • Updated: Jul, 13 2011
  • Version: 2.0.6
  • Size: 12.05 MB

Languages: English, Japanese, Korean

Seller: PNJ Inc.

- bug fix

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114 Ratings
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######### Extreme Fishing #########
Fishing game that applied retina!

-The jailbreaking phone cannot work the game. Please be careful.

★★★★★★ RELEASE ★★★★★★★

*Free!(AD Version)


The iOS on service [Extreme fishing] after updating this iOS 5, if you tried to play the text intervals has been revised!! Now, you could enjoy this more fun.

Advanced fishing game for iPhone/iPod touch!
English, Japanese, Korean language support
Touch and vibration functions were applied, so you can play like if you were fishing in real life.
Anyone can easily enjoy the game without having any knowledge of fishing.
Now!! why don't you begin your fishing travel to the world?

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch. iOS 4.0 or later.(Tested by iOS 4.2.1)

◆If you have any questions about Extreme Fishing, please contact us via e-mail at help@pnjmobile.co.kr

√ Do you like fishing?
√ Do you want to be popular through the fishing festival?
√ Are you looking for the game to kill your time?

If you say "YES" for one of above, Extreme Fishing is absolutely must-have game!!!


★ Optimized game for iPhone/iPod touch
Touch and vibration functions were applied for you have to the real-life fish handling.

★ Game Centre Support
Earn achievements and compete with your friends to get the highest times on the Game Centre leaderboards.

★ Great graphics
150 kinds of fishes that were expressed by great graphics.

★ Tutorial and items will make your game a lot easier.
You won't have any problems if follow as what tutorial tells you to do. And don't give up! Using items will also make your game a lot easier.

★ Golden fish!
Golden fish are hidden among the game. You can purchase items using golden fish.


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Extreme Fishing Free
Extreme Fishing
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Customer Reviews

  • extreme fishing

    by 1234567890jw3

    The best game

  • Random

    by Fgfgdhfggdg

    Don't download 5.1.1

  • Confused

    by Hchchc2

    How do you move the line when reeling it in?

  • Easy/hard

    by Kissytina9

    At first it is hard but then you get the hang of it!!!

  • AWESOME!!!!!

    by Flowrey

    This app is awesome! Although it is kinda hard, its gr8!!! It just does thi. S

  • Hard

    by Rayelin hill

    It is hard to understand but it is fun when you understand it the tour is messed up fix the English!!!!!!!!!!!!!please.

  • Fish

    by Johny boy33221


  • Shut up losers

    by Nacho23/13

    Shut up losers this game is not that bad

  • Title

    by Fix font

    Great app. Just need to fix the font!! I can't read all the info of descriptions.

  • Fix please

    by Locks up

    Love the game but can't play it anymore cause when I go to install the fishing line it shuts the game off every time and I'm so far in the game I don't want to start all over so please fix it thanks.

  • Smells like fish

    by Qaengr

    Love this game. Lures and poles and boats and line are impossibly expensive. Anyone know what the blue and red arrows, an the blue and red color of the fish mean? How are you supposed to react to these cues? Instructions are vague and not translated well. Need to ease up on the "prices of equipment, extras, an locations. That facet o the game is not fun and a bit unfair.

  • Great game

    by grulig690

    Sweet game for free

  • Good

    by Redracheld123

    Why does it freeze up? I can't play anymore! Also, I have NO idea how to purchase a different location. Otherwise very fun 

  • Eh

    by Jrzybbgrl

    The game is definately a way to kill time and there are different quests and championships you can enter but I feel like at times your line or pole breaks for no reason. But over all it's a fun game !! It's free too which is a plus, def wouldn't pay for it

  • Fishing in South Korea?

    by RZ in Oxnard

    Count me in! This is a fun app, although, stupid me, it took me awhile to understand how to play.... But...I dunno... It's kinda sketchy. I can overlook the grammatical errors...

  • great game until...

    by fanc-eee

    My 5 yr old loves it… It's great until you put a lot of time into it and it loses all of your progress. Thought it was a fluke when it happened when we were on level 5. Rage-inducing when you're on level 20.

  • So stupid

    by Masophin

    It says touch screen so I do and then it freezes

  • Extreme fishing

    by Qwertyuiopasdfghhjgjgn

    Horrible it won't let me play

  • ?

    by XxxXxxnobodybuythisgamexxXxxX

    This game blooooows!

  • Gggrrr

    by Thisgamesuxsobad

    Crashes and won't even let me play!!!!!>.<

  • worst app ever.

    by Daniel Kim

    worst app ever

  • Stupid game

    by Highman6969

    Didn't even get to play don't download STUPID!!

  • Crashes

    by .DeV!L

    Works only settings, other menu's items crashes, even can't start to play!

  • Chxb

    by Dhbcdjj


  • Lol

    by Keat420

    It's not the worst game out there, but it's definitely not the best. It's like a weird gameboy game.

  • Addicting

    by Buckmaster1824

    Its not so fun just addicting

  • Super hard

    by Ghostkiller5836

    I can't even get to the fishing part

  • Stupid

    by Tyepearce

    This game is stupid don't get it

  • ...

    by Megasupersaiyan

    What did I just play? I'll tell you what:something very GAY....gay gay gay gay gay gay gay and gay! Just plain gay

  • No.... Just no.

    by Nick Beard

    If you have only 8 bit games this might look like heaven but.... I can see pixels. Great graphics?!?! And dont get me started playing game language translation makes impossible learning gameplay and speeling es reely graat and the game has almost nothing to do with fishing exept the line tension and fish strength, dont download. It promising grateness. It needs to not use google translator

  • trash

    by Wowthisappreallysux

    This is probably the worst game I have ever played. Don't waste your time downloading it.

  • Hard

    by Puppyluv4321

    It can be hard to understand, the tutorial is messed up, fix the English! It is really hard! Make the game possible to play!

  • Hard to play

    by miz101

    Hard to play. Deleted it after 5 mins

  • Let down

    by Thaddeus Ritch de Herrera

    I previously wrote a great review for this game. I've found it doesn't play at all without an Internet connection though. Also, lately it quits before I can even get started. If the writers can fix that, it would be a great game.

  • Bad game that doesn't even work.

    by Matiss

    First off, read the game description and notice the really bad english translation. It gets even worse when you start playing, that's if you can play, the game doesn't even work! Game has stupid playing time for your show.

  • Horrible

    by brettslane

    Worst fishing game EVER!!

  • Dumb

    by DBCrowe

    This is crap not even worth one star kiss my but app!!!

  • Totally gay

    by Kamibee123

    Gay gay gay gay gay

  • Bad

    by River90210

    How is this like fishin you spend more time avoiding rocks than catching fish

  • Bad

    by E12346890$


  • Terrible

    by Luckybadboy26

    That game has nothing in common with fishing! Animee characters and techno!

  • Terrible!

    by Yoyoryan

    I don't get it

  • Cause it cant be zero stares

    by Lfkxofid

    Dumb. Is like and old Asian cartoon stupid not worth the download.

  • Crash

    by Jayden Summers

    Absolutely horrible! Just horrible!!

  • Very stupid game.

    by Life of Mitch

    Very poorly constructed. You can't even read the words!

  • Stupid!

    by Lillybugy

    So dumb!

  • Rubbish and badly made

    by Vonshes

    Apart fro horrific game play , text is broken and badly written Go f...ish yourself .....

  • Fake shi

    by atvcrash

    On so creaters rated there own stuff it's instructions are terrible it freezes non stop

  • Awful

    by CarterFitch

    This game is poorly made with bad grammar and it's very unclear, I downloaded it and deleted it a minute later. Don't waste time on it

  • Confusing

    by Greatreviews12345

    It was to confusing and I didn't really get what was going on.

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