Extreme Fishing 2 PLUS Games App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PNJ Inc.
  • Updated: Jun, 20 2012
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Size: 46.19 MB

Languages: English, Japanese, Korean

Seller: PNJ Inc.

Added additional contents to Fish Book Collection feature and changed screenshots for Japanese App Store due to a typographical error

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Complete the Fish Book collection
in Extreme Fishing 2 !

Extreme Fishing 2 introduces the Fish Book Collection feature!
Download or update the latest version of Extreme Fishing 2, complete each collection set, and get reward every week!

Event period : 28th Jan. 2013 ~ 24th Feb. 2013

1st Week : 28th Jan. ~ 3rd Feb. (Reward : 50,000 Gold)
2nd Week : 4th Feb. ~ 10th Feb. (Reward : 200,000 Gold)
3rd Week : 11th Feb. ~ 17th Feb. (Reward : Equus Rod + Wire)
4th Week : 18th Feb. ~ 24th Feb. (Reward : 1,000 Coins)

1. Make sure to create an ID after running the app.
2. After completing each collection set, press ""Get Reward" button to claim prize.
3. Depending on telephone services, additional charges will be made for downloading the app, excluding wi-fi.
4. Any use of unconventional method will result initialization of the user's event information.

+150 Coin GIFT!! NOW DOWN!!!

The Greatest bestseller fishing game series returns – Extreme Fishing 2!!!!

[The Ultimate Virtual Fishing]
Experience the ultimate virtual fishing in your hands, in vivid HD graphic!

[Exotic Fishing Spots around the World]
There are many beautiful fishing spots to choose from, including East sea, Yangtze, Maldives, and many more, to the End of the Earth!

[Absolutely Stunning Angling Experience]
Compete with the world’s best anglers to catch the biggest fish. Completing the Fish Collection is yet another challenge; there are more than 180 species to collect.

[Massive Contents & Collectables]
Arm yourself with best gears to enhance your fishing ability – fishing rods, lines, lures and boats! You can upgrade them for even more abilities! Customize your character with various outfits to create your own character!

☆ Notice
Q1. I’m charged 1 more dollar!

A1. If you register or renew your card in App Store, $1 will be charged to check if the account is real. However, after checking, the money will be refunded.

Q2. Please refund the price!!

A2. We cannot give you refund directly, but via Apple. Contact Apple Support and they’ll give you refund on our behalf.

Q3. Do I need to pay the price again, if I download the app more than once?

A3. If you’re logged in with the same account, you can always re-download the app without any additional fee. Be noted, however, that deleting & re-installing the app will reset the player data.

Q4. I bought a cash item using in-app purchase, but never received it!!

A4. This kind of problem occurs when the wireless connection is unstable. Try to re-purchase the same item, and you should be able to buy it without additional payment.

※ Note that this app won’t run on jailbroken devices.
※ You can receive gifts only when connected to network.
※ Event Prizes will be sent the next working day, but can be delayed to 2~3days depending on the network condition.



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Real Fishing 3D
Spot it! Online
Dragonlair Free
Knight Attack Free
Knight Attack!
Extreme Fishing Free
Extreme Fishing

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Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic and id for recommending

    by Hellofrommyhand

    This game is great but i had it on a different device which does not work now and i thought if i re downloaded it i would get all the stuff i bought with real $$ but i guess not my id number is santatookmyweed2

  • Good game

    by Maaaackkkk


  • Awsome!!!!

    by Jigsaw707

    This is one of the best games on the app store!!!!

  • Fishing

    by Pierce Nolin

    It's EP!C

  • great

    by YJCHJ

    i love this game

  • Kool

    by Ya boi wee

    Kool game!

  • Awesome

    by Bigfat chickin

    Great game

  • Love it!!!!!!!

    by Chad Griffis

    Love this game. I spend hours at a time playing!!!

  • Amazing

    by Aljkahshd

    This game is amazing and is definitely the best fishing app on the market right now. Definitely worth purchasing, but if you can't afford it - they have a free version as well. :)

  • Great app!

    by Talex23

    Only problem is that it's way too addictive!

  • F

    by Super-fisherman

    Awesome time killer

  • Extreme fisher

    by Kai901

    Defiantly one of the better Ap games

  • Fishy

    by Crush#6

    Not bad but there could be better controls.

  • Nice

    by Cryptt

    Great game

  • Rad

    by Feelfreetofeelfree

    Probably one of the best fishing games ever!

  • by ThighsHigh

    Passes the time & stress reliever

  • Great fun

    by Ghhhjhfdr

    Hours of mindless entertainment.

  • Onion queen

    by Omarybob

    Fun way to pass time in the airport.

  • Time sink

    by Phatkhat74

    Nice to have an enjoyable game to make the road trips seen shorter

  • Going to be the downfall of my relationship

    by Jason Carl Rocker

    Love this game

  • Horrible

    by Thehwhehe

    It doesn't work I paid 2$ for this and it loads for ever and freezes up refund refund refund!

  • not worth any penny

    by Setygra

    it crashed on my iPhone (iOS 5) and even can't be opened when I upgraded to iOS 6. Simply don't buy.

  • Extreme Fishing 2 Plus Review

    by monster12348

    This game is terrible, the fishing system is flawed to where the lures are expensive and break all the time, which makes the game impossible to play, and everything is so expensive that it is extremely hard to get ahead, even if you buy coins. Don't buy it, it'll save you from wanting to throw your phone at the wall.


    by Mattc3700

    I hoped they would have figured out from their previous game that you can't have gear repair costs exceed how much you get for fish at the higher levels, but alas, they didn't. Fortunately I didn't blow any money on coins like I did the last time. Get your act together people!!!!!!! Until,then. Waste of time and money!

  • Lies

    by Fyugb

    All of the stuff they say about the app is false. It takes about 5 seconds to get old. Also, it takes to long to upgrade so if you want to catch the shark in the picture, you have to play for a minimum of 96 hours. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

  • No changes

    by Joker2347

    So far looks exactly like the first one?

  • Great game, do not pay though.

    by Drimart

    Very fun however if you pay for the ad free version you will have to start completely over. A complete waste of money at that point.

  • Ext fishing 2

    by Kdw4e

    Excellent game, wont put it down for days!

  • Meh

    by Doombot!

    It's an ok time passer

  • Hook line sinker

    by The bone760

    This games amazing got me hooked!!!

  • Ef2

    by albinodragon

    Great game

  • Extreme fishing 2

    by Njdevil1981

    It's a great game

  • Almost

    by Hawpan

    It's fun but If you end up buying the game you can't transfer your save so you have to start all over. If you upgrade any items and it fails it TAKES AWAY a level. Basically wasting 100s of coins which take forever to earn or you spent real $ on. For this I say don't bother

  • Fun

    by Guns001

    It's a fun app that helps pass the time

  • Good game

    by Nathan gentry


  • As

    by Ddddou


  • good

    by joycoolgood

    big fun

  • Very good

    by Kstreiner

    Good arcade game.

  • Best fishing game ever!

    by Asrin0329

    I love this game! It's so much fun and I learn about all the types of fish there are. Just an all around great game!

  • Good

    by Anthony Joseph

    Passes the time... It's worth 99

  • Good game

    by r35i5tanc3

    Really fun time killer.

  • Fun game!

    by neonshrk

    Fun! Good one!

  • Fun Fishing Game

    by GB346


  • Great

    by Adam Bilbrey

    Great game

  • Hahs

    by .....))..


  • Eh, weird but good

    by Tennis JOCK!

    It is very hard to figure this game out, I mean why do you buy your boat at the dock and it takes a while to figure out where to buy the new rods when your old rod is broken, and they give you them for free, but once you figure it out, it's pretty decent.

  • Awesome game but...

    by Space_Wrangler

    The in game store keeps freezing up...otherwise i'm addicted!!

  • Game

    by Graves74


  • 조금은 아쉬움

    by Finefox

    이전 작에 비래 좀더 달라졓ㅆ으면 좋겠다

  • Good game

    by Andyandy628282893


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