Extreme Fishing 2 Free Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PNJ Inc.
  • Updated: Jun, 20 2012
  • Version: 1.0.9
  • Size: 51.64 MB

Languages: English, Japanese, Korean

Seller: PNJ Inc.

Added additional contents to Fish Book Collection feature and changed screenshots for Japanese App Store due to a typographical error.

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291 Ratings
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11897 Ratings



Complete the Fish Book collection
in Extreme Fishing 2 !

Extreme Fishing 2 introduces the Fish Book Collection feature!
Download or update the latest version of Extreme Fishing 2, complete each collection set, and get reward every week!

Event period : 28th Jan. 2013 ~ 24th Feb. 2013

1st Week : 28th Jan. ~ 3rd Feb. (Reward : 50,000 Gold)
2nd Week : 4th Feb. ~ 10th Feb. (Reward : 200,000 Gold)
3rd Week : 11th Feb. ~ 17th Feb. (Reward : Equus Rod + Wire)
4th Week : 18th Feb. ~ 24th Feb. (Reward : 1,000 Coins)

1. Make sure to create an ID after running the app.
2. After completing each collection set, press ""Get Reward" button to claim prize.
3. Depending on telephone services, additional charges will be made for downloading the app, excluding wi-fi.
4. Any use of unconventional method will result initialization of the user's event information.


[PLUS version $1.99!!] +150 Coin Chance!!
{Click} --> http://bit.ly/MRbahT or {search} " Extreme Fishing2 Plus "


The Greatest bestseller fishing game series returns – Extreme Fishing 2!!!!

[The Ultimate Virtual Fishing]
Experience the ultimate virtual fishing in your hands, in vivid HD graphic!

[Exotic Fishing Spots around the World]
There are many beautiful fishing spots to choose from, including East sea, Yangtze, Maldives, and many more, to the End of the Earth!

[Absolutely Stunning Angling Experience]
Compete with the world’s best anglers to catch the biggest fish. Completing the Fish Collection is yet another challenge; there are more than 180 species to collect.

[Massive Contents & Collectables]
Arm yourself with best gears to enhance your fishing ability – fishing rods, lines, lures and boats! You can upgrade them for even more abilities! Customize your character with various outfits to create your own character!

☆ Notice
Q1. I’m charged 1 more dollar!

A1. If you register or renew your card in App Store, $1 will be charged to check if the account is real. However, after checking, the money will be refunded.

Q2. Please refund the price!!

A2. We cannot give you refund directly, but via Apple. Contact Apple Support and they’ll give you refund on our behalf.

Q3. Do I need to pay the price again, if I download the app more than once?

A3. If you’re logged in with the same account, you can always re-download the app without any additional fee. Be noted, however, that deleting & re-installing the app will reset the player data.

Q4. I bought a cash item using in-app purchase, but never received it!!

A4. This kind of problem occurs when the wireless connection is unstable. Try to re-purchase the same item, and you should be able to buy it without additional payment.

※ Note that this app won’t run on jailbroken devices.
※ You can receive gifts only when connected to network.
※ Event Prizes will be sent the next working day, but can be delayed to 2~3days depending on the network condition.



Extreme Fishing2 PLUS
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Real Fishing 3D
Spot it! Online
Dragonlair Free
Knight Attack Free
Knight Attack!
Extreme Fishing Free
Extreme Fishing

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Customer Reviews

  • Haven't played it yet

    by Monster lover 12345

    I din't play it yet because the download took forever to finish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Why

  • Great graphics!

    by Blake Corbi

    This game has great graphics and is really fun but does not involve skill

  • Stupid

    by Dljba

    I love this game I've put like 30 hours in but it keep restarting my game after I buy stuff I bought 2250 coin I think it was and lost it twice in 1 day because it keeps restarting my game

  • <3 this

    by Zach the road beast

    I love this game it is fun once u get the hang of it and the fish are really cool I love it!!!!!!

  • Not working

    by Rose Aldaco

    Ok I down loaded two apps from you and both of them are coming up blink please fix I would love to dish soon

  • Love

    by Baby00098

    Hay I don't know to much about this game but I know that it is very confusing !!!!!!!!!!!(:

  • Love

    by Coolice700

    I love it but you guys need to stop breaking the lure when you're hooking a fish it's annoying you need an update

  • Fishing

    by Luis macias diaz

    Not a bad game

  • Awsome

    by Kitty claw101

    Five stars

  • I love this game

    by Lol I like the game

    You need to get this game it is fun

  • Lonely fisher woman

    by C1.0n

    I missed fishing since my husband broke his back, I never went on line to compete with anyone I just downloaded it for fun. It became very real when lures keep breaking and needing more money to get better gear, than they upgraded it and I finally could get a lot of gold coins so I could buy wire. I became overindulgent then it blocked me out for cheating. I'm sorry but I wasn't playing against anyone I just wanted to catch a bluefish which I can't even fine on there stupid chart. Who wants to catch some of the dumb fish they have there anyway, I just want to go fishing not challenge anybody but myself so be careful if you like fishing because they may block you.

  • Great

    by 12345613553757942573483

    Don't listen to them this game is amazing ( once u get the hang of it, which u will) takes a short time to download if strong connection!!!!

  • Look

    by Richie0804

    Awesome baby's

  • Jr

    by Bobilinaaa

    It is so stupid and hard and frustrating

  • Awsome

    by Alexia Felix

    Totally cool

  • Bestie

    by Phatfacebg

    Best game ever

  • Cool

    by Lmfaolollmf

    Gh Hcurycyvrctbtfrbftctsrdybt

  • Awsome

    by Blackjg

    Nice fish game I ever play

  • Good game

    by Jon carter

    But like most games out there it can use some improvement. (I.e. less ads)

  • Extreme fishing

    by Killa Dukes

    Awesome game

  • Confusing, fun, but impossible

    by Miss lirpa

    Confusing at first, but you'll get it before too long. Fun, I love fishing, the upgrading to better gear and different areas to fish. The main problem is that you have to repair or upgrade your gear so often that you barely make enough money to do so with selling the fish you catch.I have been trying to get a better boat for a week now and can't get my money up at all. Hours of play for no yield.

  • Gay

    by Staradfdsjahsh

    Verrrrry gay don't get it

  • You Call This BOOBOO FISHING!!!!!!!!!!

    by ThaBossilicious

    This is the worst game cuz. The graphics are booboo, and it looks like crap that crapped itself. I mean it's so ugly that a guy is trying to catch a 5 lb I MEAN 5 LB fish and he's STRUGGLING. You'll waste your childhood playing this game. And how are you going to catch a DINOSAUR SHARK...You'll need a Jesus and I MEAN JESUS FISHING POLE!!!!! Since It doesn't even deserve a 0 star, more like a -963 stars. I'd rather play E.T. than this piece of booboo trash.

  • Don't like it

    by Carade karate

    I don't like it because every time I opened the app it would go to a black screen and close it self.

  • Shut down on me

    by S.S STUPID!!!

    I got the game and once I could open it, all I got on my screen was black. I don't even want to rate it, because if I didn't have to rate it, I wouldn't.

  • HORRIBLE...!

    by lolos ipad


  • by Carousoul

    It won't stop crashing.

  • Garbage

    by Antmac723

    That's it. Just garbage

  • Pt. 2 got I say DEGRADED

    by Tredmoster

    This requires no skill or precision and is simply plain dull. I'm disappointed as the first version puts you into the action while now it's some weird playable anime game. Very Disappointing!

  • It doesn't do any thing

    by Fetggtygrg

    This game... stinks. It doesn't let me do any thing. I'm thinking about deleting it because it keeps saying I lost the fish and that I need a new rod. And it should give you at least 100G every day you play it. I would rather play Bus Parking 3D Lite and that's a pretty bad game as well.

  • I hate it

    by Hsy7

    It's very confusing at first and still confusing. Don't get this app.

  • Stinks like craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy

    by Peace sight

    This app stinks. Very confusing. I sure am glad that this app was free and I didn't wast any money.the tutorial was so confusing there were arrows every where pointing in different directions. Don't get this app. Also you had to have a password to play and I did not have one. Again don't get this app. One more time DON'T GET THIS APP I am going to delete this app right now.

  • It was horrible

    by DjDreamer123

    There was no game only a black screen. It was a fraud

  • Advertisements!!!

    by Nemoguasta

    There was an advertisement at the top....and it blocked a couple buttons. And I'm NOT going to pay for no advertisements

  • Dumb game

    by Sonny Palmer

    Repetitive, no real skill involved except casting. Even then there is no reward for perfect casts. I've caught big fish on short casts small ones on perfect.

  • Terrible

    by Zeusze

    At first this game was enjoyable, but upgrading equipment is very frustrating unless you buy coins. Upgrades for me failed more than 80% of the time.

  • Horrible

    by Roy Pitts

    I myself hate the game will never download it again.

  • U haven't even got to play yet:'(

    by Grace_F.3783

    Takes 4EVER to download!!!!!

  • Sucked don't waist your time!!

    by B617874

    Worst app iv ever downloaded.

  • Dumb game

    by Jojojrjuji

    Dumbest game ever no real purpose. Just a waste of time.

  • Lukezzy

    by Espresso TWIST

    This game totally stinks and deserves to die in a hole:(

  • Stupid

    by Hhsshjjddjjfdf

    Can't catch fish Duuuuuuum. So stupid. Do not download

  • Bad

    by Brewer8809

    Won't even open

  • Worst game ever

    by 19haydenzop

    I can't fish can't do nothing.Stupid game

  • The #€!! is this

    by T_car

    Can't even fish b/c it always crashes

  • Worst game

    by The-1-and-only-best

    Who will like this

  • THIS GAME STINK!!!!!!!!:(

    by FINN17308

    When I press the "start" button I press it 1,000,000 times but it dosen't "start" when it's the "start" button:(

  • Poop

    by Pazz4337


  • Awesome

    by Beast#7$$

    Real fun game can't stop playin.

  • Good but

    by Raleigh454

    Great game , time killer , but ads make it close to unplayable when they block your back buttons and the like -_-

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