World Series of Poker – WSOP Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Playtika LTD
  • Updated: Nov, 20 2013
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Size: 38.38 MB

Languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Playtika LTD

Your favorite poker game is now available worldwide! Invite your friends and hit the tables now. Poker glory is waiting!

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3740 Ratings
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3740 Ratings


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Customer Reviews

  • Best Poker App.. 5 Stars.. Super Fun

    by Urcaligirl

    My Husband Loves Loves This App.. He's made a few new friends and they all enjoy playing together. Even my son says it's the best poker app in the App Store and he builds games.. Thanks for the excellent Customer Service. Your Teams The Best!!! This is a app you can trust.. Enjoy Boys...

  • By far the best!!

    by Tdk12ops

    This by far is the best poker game out there

  • great customer service

    by dougmau

    I had some problems and the customer support made good on the problem. They may take a few days to respond but I'm happy with the customer service I received. Fun Game

  • System freezing

    by Julie1065

    Reported issue to pit boss and he looked into it, he replaced what would of been. Great customer svc, never expected outcome.

  • Shabby

    by Mcohn0

    Not bad, not the best, and crashes when I try to link Facebook.

  • Fun game

    by SubyBoerm

    Helps with boredom

  • Love it

    by Garbonite1971

    Best poker game on the web. I play it everyday. Don't change a thing.

  • So far so good...

    by Txpipewelda

    Just started getting into the app so the validity of my review is limited to only a short period of time to make a strong opinionated judgement. Thus far, the game seems consistent with updates. I rarely play games on my phone and this one is not a bad outlet to just play some cards. I will give this app and honest shot....

  • Shabby...

    by Pokerpro#66

    I would expect far better from the elite "real world" poker series than this mess. Here's a list of things that need much improvement: 1. Interface/ card/suit size-far too small spades and clubs difficult to discern at times depending on the 2 cards in your hand. 2. Gameplay stutters when you don't have perfect full strength connection, too many times premium hands auto fold when check or raise button becomes unresponsive. 3. General interface-colors are garish, and the whole gimmicky spotlights/heads-up thing is just dumb. 4. Graphically it appears more work was put into the splash/entry screens than the actual gameplay GUI. All that said, it's a fun time wasting game, but there are far better poker apps out there. And remember kiddies, NEVER buy chips! Earn them through good play.

  • Fun but BIG problems

    by Michael Crosby

    It's a great game. I love it. But 6 Times tonight alone it's lagged me out of 6 big pots I would have won. I've only been playin tonight for less than an hour. So be ready for aggrivation…

  • Great game

    by Selina55 million gone

    Great game Can't stop playing

  • WSOP

    by Katabox

    A fun game. But you should be able to put your own icon up for your picture and change your name even if you do not allow your Facebook account to be accessed.

  • A few things

    by Toadskin18

    1. Bet sliders are way too touchy. 2. Have a Heads Up option. 3. Have a way to review past hands, sometimes you lost/won so fast you don't what happened. 4. Heads up Sit N Go's

  • A few things

    by Toadskin18

    1. Bet sliders are way too touchy. 2. Have a Heads Up option. 3. Have a way to review past hands, sometimes you lost/won so fast you don't what happened. 4. Heads up Sit N Go's

  • good

    by Halldor Kjartansson


  • Better then other apps.

    by Risktkr137

    Played a few different apps but this one seems to be the best one yet. Doesn't take away from a few glitches but what application doesn't have a glitch or two.

  • ain't bad at all

    by Art_reign12

    cool app

  • Good game

    by MastaNyc69

    Could be better. Bigger Omada blinds tables needed.

  • Moves you up to expensive tables too quickly

    by goldenRetreiverlover

    My chip purchase would last longer if you weren't moved up to 10k table so soon, or if I was a much better player.

  • Great poker app

    by Jodylee289

    Great poker app

  • Piece of crap

    by Ventrie

    Don't know how they rank the hands but I have had two full houses lose to 3 of a kind. Realize just a game but should be accurate.

  • Crashtastic

    by ezowie

    Fun... But definitely one of the most buggy apps out there. Plan on losing lots of money when it crashes!

  • Fix it please!

    by ezbngrn

    This game is great until you have been pushed offline due to their numerous errors. I can't tell you how many times I've been in the middle of a great game or hand and the "Oops!" comes popping up and I'm forced out of the game losing all of my chips. If this happened once in a while I'd be fine with this game. But it happens at least 10 times a day if I try to play. It's getting ridiculous! Fix the problems please! I'm tired of someone winning my money because your game has so many glitches.

  • WSOP

    by Splotnduby

    This app takes your chips, time & time again,almost daily

  • Toooooooo Baaaaaad

    by Lilyreddington

    This game is very realistic. Enjoyable and mostly nice opponents. However, MOST of the time they're re rude, vile speaking people who have a way of caking into the game, freezing your play and bombing you of chips. I have been taken for over a million chips. Just purchased another stack. This will be my last purchase with this app unless I see major improvements! Or, repayment of what has be taken from me.

  • CRAP

    by .....S,,,U...C...k....S

    This app is a joke! Lost all my chips from the transfer about 20 Million chips! And when you download new apps for more chips they don't pay you at all for downloading! Don't waste your time! They screwed up by updating to this junk!

  • Hmmm

    by NoMac2456656

    You have to have Facebook?? That stinks! Glad I didn't give up any cash before I figured that out.

  • App is f'd up!

    by dlw74

    Acted like I needed to upgrade again and lost everything. Won't be playing any more.

  • Fix it.

    by Rinosi

    Get disconnected when I have winning hands. Hard to connect. Not my internet. I have I super fast internet. Fix your connection and the way cards are dealt. Looks like preferential to some players.patetic you didn't fix nothing yet. This site is the worst game ever.

  • Worst app ever

    by Ben-Jamin79

    I have had this app for a month now and I have never played it. It crashes every time I open it.

  • NO SUPPORT!!! They allow abusive/racist behavior!

    by Toneydatiger

    I am very disappointed that my reports of abusive an inappropriate behavior by some users continue to go unanswered. I cannot support a company that does not make any attempt to enforce civilized behavior by its users. Will NOT be using this app and I encourage everyone reading these reviews to take note.

  • Dont waste your time

    by Muck it

    App cant get in a game without crashing 4 times. Once in a table any notice from any other app will insta-crash this junk. Especially when your in a hand. I had high hopes for this one but the layout is just as terrible as its functionality.

  • Shuts down

    by LJ0831

    Nothing is more irritating than being kicked out of a big hand. Get it together!

  • sometimes good /sometimes not

    by Fdnypatti

    I find that I get booted off too often. It usually happens when I have a good hand. Sometimes people are vulgar. The names they pick for themselves at times are down right offensive.

  • No chips when you buy them poor customer service

    by No chips when you buy them

    You keep getting booted. Especially when you have a good hand going. I bought 3 mil chips and never received them. And No response from customer support. Sent 5 E-Mails. No response. No chips.

  • Facebook login requirement a deal breaker

    by db fla

    Facebook login requirement a deal breaker

  • Worst app ever

    by Ragster24

    Would be great if the cards fell like they do in real world but no always worst hand win's 98% of the time

  • Grrrr

    by butterflykjc

    Kicks me out during big hands and tournaments and when I try to get back in it tells me I'm already playing. Grrrr

  • Need bracelets and rings back

    by Log1118

    And how about a more expensive buy in for one tournament. Keeps crashing on me

  • More like a downgrade

    by Taf26

    Hate the upgrade. It looks outdated. I miss the old version. I barely play as much as I used to since the upgrade.

  • Not that bad

    by Dealeitit

    Could have worked a little bit harder on the up date, what were y'all doing getting b#%w jobs while working on this up date. Do a better job or just leave it the F**k alone.

  • Great game

    by Whll Fan

    Easy to navigate. Chat option is tough, but I'm not here to chat, I'm here to play cards.

  • great game

    by Soonerzfan1

    very fun and gret game to play

  • Great

    by Tylercalysta

    Love this game

  • Nope

    by Sadz1928

    The interface was better in the old wsop app by glu. Single player campaign mode is missing. And it bugs you with alerts even if you declined them.

  • Great

    by JDDGier


  • It's great when you're new

    by King Tooty

    Cards are easy to come by when you are a low level player. Not so much if you haven't spent real money on the game in some time.

  • Best Poker Game!

    by Loseet

    Good competition, great games.

  • WSOP pro on the go

    by xNIiRUx

    Finally a WSOP app f2p. Yippy skippy. To bad it doesn't link with the xbox live WSOP pro game, but it's still WSOP.

  • Rated 1 star

    by Usethes

    Because you can't disable to prompt to keep rating the game.

  • Crashes too often !,

    by Haddy39

    Update for iPhone 5s!!!

  • Stupid laggi app

    by dany daniel

    Don't play this stupid app when you have a winning hand you get kicked out or It lags you out worst poker app

  • Bad

    by JCORIZA

    tournament game when the apliaacion falls. and I lost a lot of money, why. application according to exit the game and that is false. please do something.

  • Ok

    by The Mr Chuck

    It's alright

  • Great Game

    by Dms_2012

    Love this game.

  • Like

    by Dennis Skurulsky

    Junk. Crashes on startup everytime ever since Ceasers took over. Used to be my favorite app. Tried reinstalling several times and changing settings. No support! Tried contacting them several times. Back to zynga.

  • Uncertain...pros and cons

    by Chatterychic

    I didn't have the older version of the game, so I can't compare. It's always fun to play when I win, but that's far and few between and not due to my poor performance, more due to higher level completion or chip count generates more favorable results. The game tutorials are very minimal and don't really explain how to succeed in the games well. But...all in's a GAME, so I'm not loosing sleep over it!

  • WSOP

    by Ethan Hammer

    Fun great time killer

  • It's alright.

    by VeryBrasic

    It's alright but they don't let you have enough bonus money everyday.

  • Good game

    by Lakeside sal

    Really good game, but freezes at times and it sometimes takes along time to load, but once there it is ok.

  • It's okay

    by Andoblues

    It's okay, hard to find a game without all the flash and fluff and time square lighting. This one has that excess but it's still playable. I'm a little skeptical on the program itself, but it's just for fun so who really cares.

  • Good app.

    by Cougar Pride

    Play moves quickly no problems

  • Good time passer

    by Rondon4269

    Good game to pass the time. playing the game my bozo girl become ehh kindof ok so it's good for beginners

  • Gr8 when it does not freeze

    by Julie1065

    Lost $500,000 on hand that would of won but game froze up. Happens quit offen

  • Poker Patent US 8,506,375

    by Kenneth Ward

    The Next Better Than Texas Holdem & Omaha Community Poker Card Game is opening doors to millions of wannabe , novice , and beginner poker players worldwide . I wish the W S O P and Caesars would offer this game as an alternative . If you have questions send me an email to : w k r p _ 7 1 5 1 9 5 1 @ y a h o o . c o m I will gladly send you a copy of the benefits of playing this game over the competition , and game rules . Don't forget to send your contact details for attachments . I Thank You In Advance For Your Time and Consideration , Kenneth Raymond Patrick Ward

  • Wsop

    by Sly guy 1959

    Great game , a'lot of fun join the excitement . You will not regret it . Thanks Lori

  • WSOP!

    by Aplynch@live

    Makes my dookie twinkle man!

  • Best poker game

    by Alaskin_racer

    Way better than it was and way better than zynga. I love wopt

  • Great game!!

    by West912


  • I love it!

    by Syn69

    I love poker and play it very single day!

  • Won't stop push notifications

    by Fhfwgi

    I wrote to tech support and asked them to Stop sending push notifications. They wrote back and said they would stop, BUT I Keep Getting Them!

  • Great Game

    by Tirk61

    Enjoying this game

  • Some bugs

    by Swolfebme

    Buggy sometimes.

  • Please update app

    by Ramzjamz

    This app would be great if it did have some many issues. Please update and fix bugs and it would be so much better.

  • Great game

    by Cripsvsbloods

    Greatest poker game out there

  • Ok game

    by Jmnkvvhjgdcvbi

    Kicks u outta rooms a lot an tournaments

  • Crasher

    by Smitty4390

    Almost every time I try to load the app in my iPad mini, it crashes. I updated a week ago and have only been able to access it maybe three times and it crashed the first time I tried opened the app. Definitely not impressed thus far.

  • Mr right

    by Lickinglicking

    So far so good

  • Good Game To Get!!!!

    by Jaime Orozco


  • Good app

    by III

    Great on iPad but really slow on phone.

  • Great

    by Zchunn123456789

    Awesome easy going game!

  • Good stuff!...

    by Timagee

    Solid app...just wish there was a PM feature...but I get why there isn't...

  • Wsop

    by Jdesggff


  • Great App

    by DireStr8s

    Very simple and easy to learn. Learning how to play is cool but people do stupid stuff because it's not real money. Crashes on my iPad all the time which takes a couple of stars off.

  • The worst poker App you could have

    by Bs918

    Crashes several times a session and you lose your chips. They also play games with the chip purchases and change the amounts at least once a week. Very few perks if any at all I have reported the crashes several times they have done nothing. Most of the games are played by bingo players who just bet very large amounts of chips and hope they win. No skill whatsoever. Pass on this and save the aggravation

  • Aahunh

    by Geramund


  • I enjoy it!

    by stevencates

    Fun to play others and even be able to trash talk through chat. Ha

  • Disappointment

    by Bobxxxa

    The overall app is good but it crashes way to much

  • Bad...

    by Lowtech Q

    Just bad.

  • If you like video poker

    by Bustamove 454

    If you like video poker you will like this

  • Outstanding game

    by Spec_Ed

    This is truly an excellent game if not the best it's one of the best poker game I played with an app. I recommend this to anyone...

  • Good stuff

    by Uzima123456789


  • Previous Version was great, this bites

    by Mylilmulepepe

    The previous version had half the issues and more features than this version. This one drops me all the time, an issue that I never had until I was forced to upgrade. Always drops me in the middle of a huge pot. I've lost billions because of this.

  • Fake

    by Baton338


  • Love it

    by Platinumplusman

    Can't get enough

  • NicWill

    by 2G tha Gangsta

    Pretty good

  • Great game

    by Mlatour256

    Fun to play

  • Great!

    by MelDawg9319

    Great fun but people can be super creepy in the rooms...

  • Pretty cool

    by Joanna Karlinsky

    Actually.... With it's flaws it's still the best poker app out there that I've used. And the people are almost serious. Meaning they have a clue as to how to play poker. Especially in the tournaments. Mine hasn't dropped its connection, ever. Though it's the first to not pick up a signal if I'm out of the city.

  • Great game for your spare time

    by Ehammonds75

    I have had it log me off a few times, but overall a good game

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