Slotomania - FREE Slots Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Playtika LTD
  • Updated: Nov, 07 2011
  • Version: 1.43.0
  • Size: 44.55 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Playtika LTD

NEW GAME: Get ready for mega wins in ARCTIC TIGER!
•First 4 X 5 Slot with 1024 Ways to Win!
•Multiplying Wild Free Spins
•Win big with stacked, high-paying Arctic Tiger symbols!
• Updated and upgraded to improve your game experience
• Bug fixes and optimizations

Have fun & Good Luck!

Customer Ratings

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367 Ratings
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125007 Ratings


Play Slotomania, the #1 social video slots game online! With over 55 slot games to choose from and tons of bonus features, you’re guaranteed non-stop excitement.

Enjoyed by millions worldwide; Slotomania is the favorite social slots game online providing unlimited FREE entertainment, top-tier graphics, and high-quality sound effects.

Players love Slotomania’s:
*Unique new games added all the time
*Frequent special promotions
*Countless opportunities to win coins from bonus rounds, free spins, gifts, and mini games
*Free gifts you can send and receive from friends
*Many ways to quickly unlock games
*Instant accessibility anywhere, anytime, and from any device

The best part is Slotomania is EASY to play and easy to win BIG! Play Slotomania now and MEET YOUR LUCK today!

This product is intended for use by those 21 or older for amusement purposes only.

*** Customized for iPhone 5 and iPad HD

Terms of service

Slotomania does not manipulate or otherwise interfere with tournament outcomes in any way. Results are based entirely on luck and the choices made by players in the tournament. Live Tournamania is in no way endorsed, sponsored by, or associated with Apple/iTunes.

Customer Reviews

  • Great fun

    by Bantie999

    This game is great fun although hitting the bonus round is few and far between

  • Having fun!

    by Dfordawn999

    Fun, fun game! Love it! Except I wish I could win bigger pots and play longer.

  • Addictivly Fun

    by Schlepsters

    Great game good variety of slots.

  • Boom

    by Filler yt

    Great game

  • Best game ever!!

    by Scag001

    Always have fun playing this game. I even set a timer on my phone just to make sure I collect my bonus. I never have any problems with this app playing on my phone. Great game would recommend it to everyone! Thanks for the fun!

  • Slotomania

    by MargeTB

    I love video slots, and this is fun. Doesn't seem to have big payouts, but it's still fun.

  • Scorpion

    by Abou assal

    Really is perfect but we need more bonussssssss ;). Make it automatic :)))))) we love this game

  • Love this game

    by Roland Montoya

    I just wished that they would give mor

  • It's ok

    by cablegod

    It's okay has a lot of bugs but it does burn daylight

  • Slot

    by Lgrogalski


  • Cheating on bonus

    by Mommompatsy

    I play slotomania everyday and can understand why on the bonus game on queen of the desert rarely activates

  • Addiction

    by JavyLab

    Best slots app! Addicting!!!

  • Kernq7

    by Mammabear996

    No more driving for hours to Casinos for me.This is by far the most fun online social game app so far!!!

  • LadyCgirl

    by Ladycgirl

    It's a pretty good game! I like it a lot! :-)

  • Slotomania

    by Roseanne Juno Andrews

    Game is great. Don't like changes made in gifting friends! No names, can't choose to whom I want to send gifts. Stinks.

  • Sweet

    by cazyk

    Very addictive game and very fun

  • Love it

    by Marcus8325

    This is a very addicting fun game

  • Opus63

    by Opus 63

    Great fun! Enjoy hidden bonuses while playing slots. Have honest chance to win coins.

  • Love it.

    by Mabyvista

    It's very addicting I play it everyday

  • Great game

    by Applepie4

    It's a great game but Why is it so hard to win anything can't get bonus or even get spin I sure would like to win something

  • Never win and poor payouts

    by AuAgPt

    The winning ratio is too low. Very poor payouts. CHEATER. There is no win with 20000 and 40000 coins. Got 0 coins. BS BS BS

  • Tttttr

    by Tammy Faye Baker


  • Credits Gone!

    by Scampula

    I've been playing for quite awhile and had collected almost 3 million credits, I went to switch games by going back to the lobby and my credits fell to less than 100,000...not cool and no way to get them back...3rd time this has happened...

  • Cheating game!

    by Dlois55

    Cheating game is what this game should be called! I agree with the other person you give and then you take away expecting us to continue purchasing, I have no problem with that as long as the game is fair. I just played (5) Bonus games I never got out with the mouse and you still took the games fine I'm done!!!!!!!Game Over! My games is locked I've did everything to unlock ,please unlock game! Thank you! My game is locked again I am not playing online!!!! Restore my Winnings and my status!!! If it is not restored I am calling credit card company and report this because there is no way to purchase packages that I have at this level!!!!!

  • What a joke

    by Ochasasas

    You cannot win anymore they had fixed this game to fit their pocketbook they are very greedy people are going to lose all the customers they had

  • Nothing has changed

    by ed tuer

    After losing my 30,000.000 I quit playing ( No Fun ) I collected my bonuses for 2 weeks got up to 429,000 I decided to play at 5000 a spin and lost my first 37 spins before I won 1000 what a fun game ya right

  • Too hard to move up anymore

    by Nik'sMommy

    This game used to be so fun, but now all they Seem to do is make sure you lose so much you're willing to spend real money to buy more coins. And the VIP program is impossible. Every level open and still can't move up in status.

  • Very poor no payouts

    by Redmama63

    Where are the bonus points

  • Disappointed

    by Wharf67

    Lately terrible, disconnects every time you do a bonus! Don't like to play anymore. Been playing for a almost 2 years. Can not play anymore unless you fix connection issues. Also do not like tournaments would rather just play! I'm over level 400 please fix!

  • Review

    by Loloulala

    I have read some of the recent reviews. I agree that this app. Used to be fun. You used to get bonuses frequently on the wheels. The new update there are never any bonuses. No big wins. I lose 10 million points in 1/2 hour. Loosen up the reels? I feel if you are in the 600 levels your mega bonus minimum should be 1 million. I always get the smallest mega bonus. Same as my reg bonus of 110,000 . So fixed and not fun anymore. Play world series of poker! So much fun! Slotomania used to be fun when we could get some big wins. Never happens anymore so never buy coins. You will just be losing them all right back? I have been a long time fan but have moved on to better games!

  • Giggitt

    by Jiggitt

    .....Big liars...

  • Saturday morning construction. So mean

    by Out huge

    Saturday morning provided the only good spin time 8 have had in a year. Played Dragons Way for $2500. Hit scatters and bonuses frequently and the scatters were paying 100-400k, like the good old days. Meanies took the gams down for "Construction" for 30 min...came back up, haven't seen a Scatter since and all the other payoff amounts were cut in crooked and mean

  • Slotomania

    by Themelnator

    The best games out now.!!

  • Too slow to level

    by Wrecked yeti

    I haven't been having any issues with crashing or spinning reels. But my gripe is that it takes so long to level up and bonuses are few and far between. If you want to play til a bonus hits u have to make very small bets. Then when it finally hits your bet is so small you can't even make back what you just burned up.

  • Great Game

    by Carl Dean Lalumondiere Jr.

    Love it

  • Hhhmmmm

    by Queetser

    Taking too looooong to even level up!!! Loosen up your slots!!!!

  • Too tight, not right.

    by TboOU

    I know it's the programming, but the coin prices are a joke. Maybe at a real casino, betting 25¢ on multiple lines could be exciting cause you have a chance to actually win money, but on an app a person wants to bet big but you have to pay casino prices for a 0% to win money. Not right. Should be fun, not expensive. To pay that much for coins on crazy tight games is bad enough, but takes a lot to level up in turn (you guessed it) takes more money! Then you get 150 coins every 4 hours, wahoo that lasts almost a minute. Don't want to, but deleting. :(

  • Sneeze1951

    by Sneeze1951

    Great game with lots of fun !!

  • My Favorite Game!

    by Gale 65

    I love, love this game! My favorite game of all times! It is the Best!

  • Sound for 2 minutes only

    by Candysugarcookie

    I was excited to have found a game with sound and then my excitement turned to disappointment when after 2 minutes the sound went away. I am deleting game.

  • Coin Giveaways

    by MJRyk

    Not fair to make people buy coins as the only way to win coin giveaways. How about the faithful players who may not need to buy coins - why can't they win too, just by playing with the coins they bought before the giveaway started?

  • Slotomania Rip Off

    by Nameless all were taken

    There was a time when slotomania was the only game I played. At one time I had 32 million credits. That was before the glitches that made the game freeze all the that point I lost every credit over a period of time (many weeks, thinking it would work itself out, hah!). At that point I bought a coin package to see if that would change anything....(hah! Again). I have not been past 2 million coins since the day I bought the package months ago. Almost the second I hit a million, it takes everything I have before it will pay again. Probably so I'll have to buy more. Ain't happening. The delete option is looking more and more appealing!!!!

  • Player

    by Mack22-15

    I love this app, so much fun ,5 stars all the way!!!!!

  • Good game

    by Acegolfer2000

    Solid graphics. Game freezes on occasion but still keeps track of payout. One of the better slot games I have played. The tournaments are a nice addition

  • Not all that

    by Underphoenix

    Been playing for about ten minutes now and I have to say I am not impressed. There is no problems with game but I just don't understand hitting a button a thousand times and watching your "money" drain. Fun for some but not for me.

  • Flaky app

    by Dave1355

    Don't connect it to Facebook. Game begs/bribes you to connect to Facebook but then lost all accumulated levels of games and zeroed out money. Flakey app, better ones are out there. Cheers!

  • Not the best

    by JeffinMN

    Game play is slow, especially bonus rounds. Not good when you are playing in a tournament.

  • GREAT DEAL...?

    by Feasterville Ricky

    Who is the genius that crafted the marketing for the discounted "Dreamy Offer" to purchase more coins? APP states that you can purchase 24,000 coins for ONLY $7.99 (price WAS $4.99). Am I missing something here? APP is addictive and you need to purchase multiple coin packages to advance to more interesting playing levels.

  • Great Fun!

    by PumpkinCS

    Awesome games and bonuses!

  • 11 million points gone in a week!

    by Former Slotomania fan

    What happened? I used to love playing this game. I lost 11 million points in the past week. Game is no fun if you can't win. Bring back the old version!!!!

  • Love it!

    by Raminreno

    These slots are so much fun. I spend the majority of my days here gambling. I only wish I was really winning all the money I am on here.'s a great way to pass the time and an awesome cure for boredom. Try might like it.

  • Great

    by The rewrites

    I enjoy the online tournaments. Very fast results.

  • What's the point?

    by Gboyooc

    What is the point of 2 hour bonuses when you can't even win. Slots are a lot tighter than they already are. Lame o mania!!!!!!

  • What a f**k

    by AuAgPt

    Spin time is way too long. It looks like forever.Very very poor payouts. Very BS.

  • Fun

    by Sarry1

    Wish that the wins were at least the amount that you bet however pretty liberal with the bonuses. I really like it

  • Like this App

    by BeachgirlSh

    I enjoyed a few games so far, in particular; Elvis, Goldfish, Egyptian game. But I feel that there should be at least a 1,500 collect every 4 hours like the app for Pharoahs Way.

  • Disgusted

    by Lorie7777

    Bonus rounds and scatter rounds almost obsolete. Not much in winnings either. Ended up using half of my tokens playing your new game. Better games on Cesar Slots. May delete this app if it doesn't improve dramatically. Would not recommend this game to others.

  • Slotomania steals your coins

    by Plr85

    I had 2million coins and lost them in two days of playing the newest version. Can't believe they want to charge $99 for a million coins. That's crazy. Anyone who would spend that will just be ripped off. Used to be a fun game and payouts were decent, but since they've started selling coins you just don't win anything!!!

  • Old man. It's fun most of the time. A little more lenient on bonus.

    by Oldest to play

    It stinks.

  • New Games

    by BertYarbro

    I just started this one, so far it's ok, not sure yet tho. So far, lots of fun!!!!

  • GG

    by Lc2198

    Great game:)

  • Buy chips

    by Gimmiefuel

    If you like to buy chips this app is for u

  • Can't connect- too many players

    by Reconnect?

    Really? You can't even connect to the game because there are apparently too many players...

  • Waiting.....waiting....waiting

    by Theng4

    Game takes forever to load if you don't connect it to Facebook. Annoying. I noticed "Lucy" keeps sending coin gifts but only can redeem once a day. I also noticed that when I lose 5,000,000 credits in a 10 minute range, "Lucy" has sent me a gift and I can't redeem it still. Is this a glitch to take away out credits quicker?

  • Peagles 66

    by Peagles 66

    Play every day and enjoy it. Take 5 stars

  • Slots fan

    by Vidiot4u2000

    This is a fun game. The tourneys are fun and I have placed every time I play one. Bonus games are really fun too. If you like slots you will enjoy this app.

  • by Lucky Krissy

    I think Slotomania is very fair. I never get bored because new games are added practically every week. I like that Slotomania's games are true to the ones you'll find in Laughlin or Las Vegas. It's also a huge plus if you lose a connection in a bonus round for whatever reason, they remember and allow you to finish where you left off when a connection's restored.

  • Fun

    by Dirdy Dan

    Time consuming

  • RG

    by Darvaset

    Fun, exciting, but with few large payouts. Overall game has smooth graphics and is entertaining. But even if you buy into the game, % average is still only approximately 11% payout.

  • Tops in slot games

    by Raeleshia Harris

    Top slots around. Outstanding games. Love playing them.

  • What a horrible game!

    by Oshman50

    May be this game should be removed from apps. The payouts are becoming worse and worse as time goes by because the app designer has gotten greedier and has learned that more money is to be made by cheating. Don't buy coins. This is a big SCAM and all five star rankings are fake

  • Addictive

    by Jactastic 1

    I dig it..

  • Slotomania

    by Bb jay

    Great game fun to play

  • Addictive

    by Essie Rodgers

    I really am hooked on this game... The game is so addictive, even when I want to quit, I can't....

  • Love IT!

    by Sassafras478

    very addictive.

  • To Sloto!

    by Dena~Vee

    Love this game! I am totally hooked! Thanks!!

  • Slotomania

    by Sonnyjm

    Hard to play on iPhone always loses connection hard getting it back when playing it seams like its going to stop with bonus or scatters then kicks in again not getting what you think or it just keeps spinning my whole family plays and co workers and friends it holds it's own on lap top other wise I love playing it morning noon and night and just before bed time ps. I got up once at4am and found my wife playing Yes we're all hooked and want moregame gone bad

  • No star,

    by AuAgPt

    Very very poor payouts. Very BS.

  • Game rate

    by Goober22

    Game is good! There could some different kinds of slots like three reels though.

  • Awesome.

    by kurvz

    Love this game.

  • Great game, rate high

    by Old Haris

    Great game, Enjoy, lots, thanks

  • Awesome

    by Nate14o9

    Really like this game

  • good

    by hungxu

    very good

  • Please fix

    by KNPcrabtree

    Please fix this game. Since it has been updated it has become impossible to win

  • Great game

    by Deadeye619

    Lot of fun when you have time to kill. Run out of coins quick when you bet big though. Not a lot of big payouts.

  • Want your money not your enjoyment!

    by Not much fun!

    Slotomania has a player playback rate of 2%! You do not keep your coins. The jack*** programming the game works for a casino and knows exactly how to allow just about 0 payback. Don't play this game thinking you have a chance to have fun.

  • Coins

    by Kd3744

    Game is fun but I'm at level 33 and they only give u 300 coins every 4 hours? At that rate it will take me 6 months to get to level 34 they need to change that.

  • Best slot on Earth

    by Slotomania#1FanMemphis

    Greatest slot experience ever better than casino slots

  • Cheap

    by HappyDazie

    Can't play it for long! Run out of money quick! So many other games allow longer play. I like some of the games, so it's too bad the app is not more generous.

  • New Games

    by BertYarbro

    I just started this one, so far it's ok, not sure yet tho.

  • What a f***k

    by AuAgPt

    Very very poor payouts. Very BS. List 4 million coins less than 5 minutes. I bet 50,000 or above. Nothing. I got nothing. It is So BS BS BS. DO NOT BUY COINS. Waste the money.

  • Don't spend money!

    by Justjod

    Just spent $20 and got to play for 10 minutes. Was playing 5000 a spin. What a waste!

  • Lagging since last up grade

    by BeckyKane

    Love the game and have been playing slots for over two years but since the last up date problems have occurred. Namely continuous spinning of wheels. Extremely anoying.

  • Lpk

    by Lpk1960

    No stars for this game

  • Great fun

    by Simon Lake

    Super game. Fun game. Crashes from time to time but comes back pretty quick when you reboot great game. love to play. love to win still crashing a lot but worth the reboot have used it all over the USA Great game Been playing game for over a year and still love to play 5Star. lots of fun New year. New games. Looking forward to see what will be new games Dropping off a lot requiring reboot Like the new games

  • Pathetic.

    by AprilAmour

    Once the best slots game around is now just plain garbage. Lots of pretty games, expensive coins and NO payout! It takes awhile to get past the pop ups begging you to buy coins. The mega bonus is no longer "mega" and the creators have become greedy. Don't waste your time!

  • Go

    by !!gogo

    Love the verities of games. Never boring

  • You think this is funny?

    by Ahhcomeon!!

    At the rate the quality of maintaining my stats is going- you are making Obamacare sign up screw up look good!! I have over $3 million in play $$-- I am at level 103-- yet 70% of games level 1-90 are locked up. I have snapshots of this in iAd thankfully- so I can prove to App Store! Get it together!! Sloppy sloppy!

  • Slots o fun

    by Tracy Bellospirito

    It's a fun game but you don't win very high coin amounts but I will keep the app.

  • Loser

    by Megsmom10

    This games is a joke. Bonus spin always land on lowest number. This is in hopes of getting you to buy coins. Why buy coins for a game that gives you no returns. You people who buy coins are CRAZY!! Just saying!!

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