D&D Lords of Waterdeep Games App Review (iOS, $6.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Playdek, Inc.
  • Updated: Nov, 21 2013
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Size: 358.66 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Playdek, Inc.

Come try your luck and skill!!!

Applied fixes to the AI for the mandatory quests issue, and reigned in the easy level AI.

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Wizards of the Coast and Playdek present the award-winning Dungeons & Dragons® board game Lords of Waterdeep!

Praise for Lords of Waterdeep!
- PocketGamer: Gold Award
- PocketTactics: 5 Stars
- AppAddict: 5 Stars "Fantastic"
- Game Informer: 4.5 Stars
- 148Apps: 4.5 Stars
- TouchArcade: Hot Game of the Week

Welcome to Waterdeep, the City of Splendors! A city run by a secret society of masked Lords who rule with shady back-door dealings and unmatched political power. In Lords of Waterdeep players will play as one of these masked Lords and will need to recruit adventurers to go out and complete quests for them. The more quests they complete, the more control and influence they have over the city.

Players can expand the city by purchasing buildings that will open up new opportunities within the city walls. Intrigue cards can be used to help the player and may also either help or hinder their fellow Lords in their quest to become the supreme ruler of Waterdeep!

Lords of Waterdeep is a turn-based strategy game played in 8 rounds and can be played against AI or with up to 5 human players. Players take turns assigning their agents to do their bidding, whether it is to recruit new adventurers to their tavern or purchase a new building for the city. Points and resources are gained by completing quests, playing Intrigue cards, constructing new buildings or having other players utilize the buildings you have constructed. At the end of the 8 rounds bonus points are awarded and the player with the most points at the end wins the game.

•2013 Origins Awards Best Board Game Winner
•Computer opponents, pass and play multiplayer and asynchronous multiplayer online play
•Universal game application - buy once and play on all your devices
•Retina support
•iPhone5 / iPod 5 screen support

•Options for 2-5 players
•AI Opponents
•Pass-and-play multiplayer gameplay (2-5 players)
•Asynchronous or real-time online play (2-5 players)
•Ability to invite Playdek friends to matches
•Public or Private online profile statistics
•Selectable online game clocks
•"Next game" button takes you to your next asynchronous online game
•A game tutorial
•Rule Book and Card Gallery to review game text and effects
•Options for Music and SFX, animation speed
•Animated backgrounds
•Player ratings system
•Other player's Online status indicator

•Playdek Account required to play online
•Game Center Account required to view achievements

Customer Reviews

  • Need expansion!

    by ball927

    Love this board game, so it is very nice having it on the phone. I really wish the expansion was available!!

  • Excellent game and some suggestions

    by R1chME

    I've been playing LoW for a couple months now and find it to be excellent. I have no problem with the AI and regularly play (and win) against even the hard version. The online version is even better, but I'd like to see a couple things: 1) Add a 2 or 3 hour play option. For me, the 1/2 hour option plays way to quick. The hour option is better. But I'd like to be able to play a 4-5 player game that gives me a little time to address the notifications but is also realistic within a day (something I feel is not achievable with the 4 hour option if players are taking a lot of time). As an aside, I see no point in anything greater than 7 days, but it doesn't hurt to leave it in. 2) It would be great to see in-game chat, but barring that, add a poke option for people that haven't played in awhile. It's terribly frustrating to sign up for a 7-day game only to have several players decide they don't want to play and let the entire 7 day clock run out. I'd say at least 1 person out of every game I've played have done this without forfeiting. I refuse to play games longer than 3 days just because of this. 3) Limit the number of games someone can start up. It's fine allowing someone to be involved in an infinite number of games, although I think this should be limited as well. But one person has started more than 30 games (as of this writing). It's very cluttered, and I have no desire to play that person.

  • Good game but...

    by Sweater Meat

    My friends and I play the board game version of this, and it's one of my favorites, but there are some bugs associated with the iOS version AI. One, if you receive a mandatory quest card from another player, expect to receive ALL other mandatory quest cards from all other players. Because of this, you will lose (too many resources for so few victory points, you don't have time to develop an effective strategy). Two, I just played a game where the AI scored a 20 victory point quest card on the first round, which is impossible, considering the amount of resources you would have to gather to complete said quest card. Hope they patch this soon, because I really enjoy this game, otherwise.

  • AI is just right

    by SeriousRushfan

    At first I thought the AI was tough. But I kept playing and now I am winning on easy. The AI is just right because it challenges you to be a better player. This is my favorite game.

  • Addictive strategy game

    by Embassy1010

    This one is worth every penny. I had never played the board game, but I like D&D and strategy and decided to give this a try. Glad I did. The tutorials explain everything and get you going quickly. Once I got a couple games under my belt I could reliably beat easy AI, so the "AI is too hard" complaint seems exaggerated, to me. Everything is polished, thoughtfully designed and works well; from the artwork to the multiplayer and everything in between, it's apparent that a lot of care was taken to get every detail just so. This is a high quality app and if you enjoy strategy games I've got two words for you: buy this.

  • Great game, solid app.

    by Mili Bee

    You will loose hours playing this game! So much fun!

  • Great game

    by Chatterbunny

    I have seen the game in action and it quickly got me curious. Once I tried it I was hooked myself. Compared to actual board game version this is a well done app and it's wayyyyy cheaper then it as well.

  • My favorite app!

    by RelentlessDungeonMaster

    Thank you Wizards of the Coast for creating this app. I play it every day at lunch and haven't had any problems on my iPhone 5c. PLEASE make more D&D styled games! And if you are a prospective purchaser: BUY THIS NOW! You will certainly be satisfied with this strategy game! There are no interrupting ads and no in-app purchasing required to win. Hours of fun for so little money! (If you agree, take the time to leave a review.)

  • Great game, the best AI

    by icelusx

    I know there were some reviews previously that complained the AI was too tough but the developer has addressed this. I quickly adapted to easy and went to medium. I have never played the board game but heard great things so when I saw the app I went for it. The tutorial is helpful and by your third game you'll have it down. Great worker placement strategy game. Tips to win: Never assume you will be able to get an important color or important quest card next time. Snagging high value quests can be very important, especially early. Nearly always go for the quests that you will get bonuses for and look for rewards that can combo into a faster quest completion. Build buildings early in the game that reward you in rare colors, colors you use frequently, and gold.

  • Great fidelity to the boardgame!

    by I Don't want to at all

    Challenging ai. Great art. Will buy the expansion day one.

  • Solid! Except for the atrocious soundtrack...

    by T3kn0m0nk3y

    I played this game for the first time on the actual board with friends, I enjoyed it so much I almost ran out and bought it. But luckily one of the tipped me off to this very polished iphone app. Very good literal translation from the board game. My only complaint is the irritating and unsettling sound track that I find very unfitting to the relaxed pace of game play. So turn off the sounds and enjoy! Also, I really hope (aside from a soundtrack remix) that they offer in game expansions as I think they are also very well done. I hope to see them soon!

  • Great game, makes me want to buy the board game

    by Nfspeedypur

    I know I have played a lot of strategy based board games before, but this one is a great version on the iPad. I actually find the AI to be a bit to easy even on hard. Not trying to judge anyone because we all pick up games at different speeds, but I would like to see the hard level AI get a bit harder. I do agree with people that a game should have a beginners AI, but a 25 point bonus at the end is actually quite low.

  • Excellent game.

    by User0987609876

    Great game. Perfect implementation of a solid board game. Needs the Skullport expansion, though. The difficulty level is fine. Not sure why some people are having trouble with the AI. I beat Easy AI on the first try (never having played this game before) and moved on to Medium. At first I won half of the Medium difficulty games, now it's over 90%. So my view is the game is appropriately difficult.

  • Pretty unforgiving

    by DMMarcus

    Has great potential to be a fun game if the AI is adjusted for easy mode. I have played for a couple of days and have yet to win a game. I guess I have some stuff to learn yet but it shouldn't be this hard on easy mode. The AI opponents make optimal moves all the time. The game looks great, but you'll tire of losing pretty quickly. One other note, at its core, it's a resource management game and any DnD feel the artwork has will be lost to you during gameplay as you become immersed in moving cards and icons around. I wish that there were cut scenes or something to make you feel like you were actually doing the things that the cards said. Honestly, if you didn't read the cards, there would be no fantasy element to it at all.

  • Great but needs local wifi with AI

    by jeffy777

    Love the interface and the fact that it still feels very much like a board game. However, my main complaint: it needs local wifi multiplayer with AI opponents and it would be great if we could add AI opponents to online games. Add either of those and I'll easily give it 5 stars! And just a couple minor quibbles: when new cards pop up, they pop away a bit too quickly for my liking. Also, when it's your turn, it'd be nice if there was a louder sound or something to signal the start of your turn. Other than that, absolutely love it.

  • Great game

    by Robert Miga

    However, I would like to see a couple improvements: 1. I'd like to have an in-game chat screen. I'd love to be able to trash talk and gripe about mandatory quests in game. 2. Confirmation after dropping the piece on the "first player token/intrigue card" space before you are given the card so you can take the move back if that's not what you intended to do. Same the "quest reset->take a quest" space. Confirmation before clearing. And any other building that doesn't let you take back if you drop a piece on it by accident. Otherwise this is a perfect port of the boardgame.

  • Outstanding Gameplay

    by ~Xecutioner~

    This is one of the best games I have played yet. Was skeptical of the mobile adaption of a board game but developers really did a nice job. Well worth it.

  • Fun strategy board game

    by +Tymm+

    I've never played this tabletop, but this version is a lot of fun. The animations add to the overall feel and the UI is pretty intuitive and polished. It is a challenging game against the AI...maybe a little too challenging as some others have said. I've played multiple times with all of the AI players set at either Easy, Medium, or Hard and I really can't tell the difference. The AI seems to perform just as well on any level...and so far has always won (I've been a close second several times). I realize it's probably easier to code AI that looks for the optimum result rather than errors, so I can cut the devs some slack there. However, I would make that the #1 item for development--"easier" Easy and Medium AI that make more "mistakes" or occasionally make less than optimum moves.

  • Good Game, but won’t load!

    by Xaeana

    I really really like this game. My husband and I can play each other without having two copies of the game and without logging online. Good for plane trips! We love board games, and this one is right up our alley. I even want to get the actual physical version to take to our next couples game night. If you like games like Dominion, Ticket to Ride, or Settlers of Catan, you’ll really like this game! The only reason I haven’t given it 5 stars is because after playing it for a few days, it won’t load. I’m going to try resetting it on the iPad, but I hope they fix this bug soon!

  • Need to improve online match finding

    by Fgrank

    This is a good game, but so hard to connect a online game. I created a game online and wait for half hour, just nothing happened.

  • AI is Uber Strong

    by Atomic Wasabi

    Even after the patch, the AI is broken and skewed to be difficult in a way that breaks the game. It's a shame, because the user interface is incredible.

  • Smh

    by Brandi abcde

    Disappointed in the app. Not what I thought at all. Confused from the beginning. Had high hopes for this game to.

  • Looks good.........

    by 24218jbron

    This game looks realy good, too bad it crashes immediately.

  • Terrible

    by Flinching

    Worst game ever not even a little fun

  • Didn't Like It

    by Steveo116233

    Just like D&D, the idea is more fun than the the real thing.

  • Made me buy the board game

    by Showstoppa57

    I took a chance on this game having never played it, and fought with myself paying over 5 bucks for it. But what the hell it's dnd. The gamble paid off, I don't review often, but this game made me WILLINGLY want to give this a great review. The core concept of the game is easy enough, there is a bit of a learning curve to understand what the building and quests do so you can implement a strategy. Once that is taken care of the game is awesome, I've played over 100 games solo and convinced some buddies to buy the game and played well over 50 games with them. It has to be the most played Iphone game I have ever spent money on. Please.....please come out with the expansion.

  • Rarely review games - this one is AMAZING!

    by TDDragon

    Best game I have ever played on ios. If you like other strategy board games like ticket to ride, catan etc - you will LOVE this! More complex, more strategy, deeper gameplay... As well as flawless online multiplayer implementation! Cant wait for expansion packs (Will buy all of them:). Do not understand why people are complaining about AI. Its a complex strategy game for starters.... I have played only 3 times - (never played actual boardgame before) - and while I have not won yet - its getting very close now that I am starting to understand the nuances and cards better. FANTASTIC game at fair price!

  • Amazing!

    by Spoonidas

    I can't wait for the expansion! This is a perfect rendition of the board game. I can understand the AI difficulty but that makes me want to play harder and smarter. Good job, Playdek. I hope to see more games from you!!!

  • This game..

    by Reviewer5555555555555555

    Is unplayable ugly garbage, unintuitive, unfun and just awful. Pass this, I am 99 percent sure you will honestly regret this low rent menu game licensed garbage as I do.

  • Don't waste $6.99

    by Gost5757


  • Great Version

    by Axelay80

    The little graphical touches and sound effects show that Playdek has put tons of effort into this game. Even on the iPhone all icons and words are very easy to read. I've done most of my playing online and can't judge the overly harsh AI that other users reference, but setting up offline and online games works flawlessly. I took off one star because, although I like how the town is represented in the game, I wish Playdek had gone the Stone Age route and tried to fit everything on screen with no scrolling. It's not THAT annoying, but it can be a little bothersome when placing pieces. Bravo, Playdek!

  • 5 star

    by Sq6ra

    Definitely a buy

  • Maybe you should go play the tutorial again

    by BroXcid

    Don't know why all these people are complaining the easy mode is not that hard. Having never played this game before, after the tutorial I won my first game and continued to tie, lose, then win in the three that followed. The learning curve is pretty quick.

  • Stupidly over intelligent?

    by SchwizzleAW

    I have played four games against three medium difficulty opponents and have only lost once, and I not a champion player that I know of. This is a fantastic game and has been developed very well.

  • Great game!

    by mattsats

    I really enjoy playing this game. It's true that the AI is difficult, but that really just forced me to strategize better. Now I can beat the AI with no problem. This really is a fun game and I highly recommend it.

  • Excellent!

    by EatDrinkPlay

    Just as great as the tabletop version. Come out with the expansions ASAP please!!

  • Great Game

    by indeepwinter

    I've always had difficulty getting into worker placement type games, but the atmosphere and content of this title kept me going, and now I'm addicted. The other reviews about the AI are pretty accurate — you'll have some trouble keeping up, but that's where the strategy factors in. Just keep trying and learning the cards, and you'll do fine.

  • AI issues

    by Waterdeep Player

    The AI is not unbeatable as others say; I win about 50 percent of my games. The issue is how the AI plays either incorrectly or in pseudo-teamwork. The AI will rush to play all of its intrigue cards right away, and this means you will often get hit with mandatory quests first turn. Typically the AI picks a target and drops two on them, effectively taking them out of the game. If you are obviously playing the building bonus lord, the AI players will not try to block you from buying every turn. When playing cards that give one player two cubes and another one, they will give the second cube to players who either have mandatory quests, or to players in the lead when the cube will help them expand their lead. Or just to other players giving them a key piece to complete a quest. They will avoid your buildings even when it is the far superior option. They will place in squares to complete quests that are far from completion when others should be completed first. They often make only cursory attempts to match to their Lord. Yesterday, an AI player played on the Zoarstar to get a second use of another AI players' building - which was a "fill every turn" building and so a second use provided nothing. The play only served to give two benefits to other AI players. Even if the human is the best option of buildings, they will often avoid you and give a different AI player a bonus. Basically, the AI alternates between slamming with you with intrigue cards, working with other AI players, making subpar plays, and avoiding your buildings. Again, this is beatable - I win half my games. But it really makes the game less fun. If you are playing pass and play with other friends, though, only human players? Amazing. This desperately needs the Skullport expansion, which smooths out many issues with the base game.

  • First rate

    by {[crash]}

    If you've played the board game, you'll love the app. And if you haven't played Waterdeep before, no worries, the app will hook you right away. Tutorial is excellent, whether you've played before or not. As with most great games, the objective is pretty straightforward, but it's the getting there that is continually tricky. AI is very good, challenging and makes the right decisions most of the time. Another great adaptation from the guys at PlayDek--and if you like Waterdeep, definitely check out Agricola!

  • Fun!

    by E Perez-Chanona

    Great app for those long flights (or delays, or surprise cancelled flights by United) that offers pass and play. I love D&D and I think this game was worth the money. Very beautifully designed, too.

  • Awesome.

    by Chauncey81

    My only wish is that the game would allow me to arrange the quests how I see fit... It would allow me to better remember my strategy during week long 5 player online matches!

  • Great game

    by Marik9999

    Fun game and great iteration of the board game. I would love to see and pay for the expansions!

  • Great game! No question!

    by Nunya biznaz

    Great game that's pretty easy to grasp but definitely difficult to master. I'm not too sure why people are saying they can't win and that the AI cheats with rediculous final round scores. The AI absolutely scores some high pt last round quests but if you run your quests right you can definitely do the same. I've only played 4 games so far on easy but I won 3 of the 4. Once again, great game. Can't get enough!

  • It is not that difficult.

    by Luke3m

    I have played the table top game once, and the app version 4 times. I lost the table top version to my wife. The app version I have won twice in one on one games with the AI at easy and medium. I have lost one at two player and three player. Both of these mix between easy and medium, and I was close in both games. After more games I may change my mind on the difficulty level but it looks fine to me. Good game and good translation to the tablet. Keep up the good work Playdek.

  • Great game!

    by E holden

    Great game! AI isn't hard I am 130/25 against the easy and most of the losses where my first few games. I love this game.

  • A Grand Implementation, Needs Better Balance

    by Darkvisionary

    One of the very best implementations of a bird game, but because of the poor AI balance in the game, it falls a bit short - Even after the latest update. Players need to see more victories at the lowest level AI settings, and see almost no victories at the high end AI settings. Otherwise, the game becomes “how little can I lose this time around?”. Other than this one issue, this is a fantastic game, to say the very least. I’d rather have a game that was a fantastic rendition, than a poorly designed, piping hot mess. Playdek, well done, and adjust the AI!

  • Easy... Isn't

    by dv8godd

    Great game, but the AI is WAY too good to allow for younger or new players. Easy AI is just punishingly good at the game. I can appreciate a good AI once I have a handle on a game and it's mechanics and can begin to develop some strategies, but as the game stands it simply stands in the way of anyone but already experienced players. I shudder to think what medium and advanced are like. Also, those reviewers who insist on insulting other players who find Easy to be difficult should grow up. We HAVE adjusted strategies, we ARE doing focus quests, and the AI on easy is STILL ending games with 170 points or more. Easy modes should allow younger and less experienced players of the genre to get interested and involved, and an AI and other reviewers who insult newbies rather than support them only serve to hurt the genre.

  • Too difficult for casual play

    by Selamon

    This game is way to difficult for the typical player. The interface and mechanics are good, but I've only managed to win just one time out of ten in easy mode. You need to adjust the difficulty to accommodate casual players. I'll give it a week and then delete if things do not change.

  • Great game, excellent conversion, solid AI.

    by Topherunhinged

    An easy 5 stars. Great conversions of the board game and very solid AI that let's me play without people; a major advantage over the actual board game. Put out the expansion and it's an automatic buy.

  • Unfortunate Notifications

    by SrslyGuys?

    This is a great game. Unfortunately the notifications are spotty. I have verified my settings and I have still "forfeited" multiple games because push notifications did not work properly. I can't obsessively check for my turns. I have also experienced this issue with Playdek's Ascension multiplayer, however not as frequently. It's frustrating.

  • Great fun with a couple of quibbles

    by Kadrey

    The game is beautifully designed and fun. The game board is incredible detailed, with tiny griffons flying patrol over the city of Waterdeep and tiny boats sailing in and out the harbor. The parallax between the game board and the cards is well done, and ambient sound effects give the impression that the player is floating just above a bustling city. Most importantly of all, the game is entertaining: the AI opponents offer a decent chance to train, after which multiplayer games are available. My only small quibbles include the small text size on the iPhone and the multiplayer login system. Wizards of the Coast has decided to create their own online network for multiplayer, whereas iCloud would have been an easier experience for the player. Still, Lords of Waterdeep is a great game: four out of five stars!

  • Great game!

    by Vorthrax

    Awesome port of a great board game! Very faithful to the original!

  • Excellent game, perfect after the update

    by Balthus1

    Good board game. AI better, more coherent after the update. No bugs, runs smoothly. Online multiplayer works fine, no problems there. Excellent support team. They actually respond to us. I do love this game, the best strategy / board game for the IPad. I've been playing everyday since the download. Playdek keep up the good work !

  • Easy is easy by no means

    by Auric1981

    I thought the update would make the easy AI more manageable, but was I ever wrong. Any strategy is always foiled and while challenging, it is no longer fun.

  • Great port for a great game

    by Drek28

    The board game has received a great port. Very thoughtful interface and AI. There's a few little animation touches that make the board pop. Online play is maybe the best rule set on iOS to date. Now we just need the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion!

  • Great game

    by PdxPM

    The people complaining about over-powered AI are jabronis. AI is beatable on difficult level, just learn to play the game better. Don't be mad, bro.

  • Great Card/Board Game!

    by On Deck

    It's challenging and every game evolves differently. Nice art, good mechanics and a good mix of strategy and improvisation. Please - make more boards / scenarios! I'll happily pay for expansions.

  • Great game

    by denver goofy

    Don't worry about the AI comments. You can win plenty.

  • Great Game - Appropriate AI

    by Susie M B

    This is a fun game. The bad reviews complaining about over-intelligent AI even on easy are ridiculous. Easy AI is just that, easy. The reviewers are just REALLY bad at the game. I played the board game once, bought the app, lost my first game, adjusted my play slightly (focus quests that give bonus points) and I'm now destroying the computer every game. Don't listen to the sore losers, it's worth the price.

  • If you like losing, this game is for you!

    by Kasarul

    Too many moving parts for new players to grok for the "easy" AI to constantly be several steps ahead. Oh yeah, the AI will also gang up on you. Note to the devs, players don't mind a slightly steep learning curve but constructing the AI in such a way that it doesn't teach but instead mocks the player is bad form. You guys know all about the game, new players don't. Because of this major oversight I really can't recommend this game.

  • Fun but maybe a bug

    by Snyder07

    Great game but it irritates me when I complete a quest with extra rewards (like taking a building from the stack and putting it in my control) but the extra rewards never happen.

  • Too hard even on easy

    by LarryWP

    I stopped playing this game because I cannot beat it on easy, not even close. It's a beautiful game and works very well, but it just hammers me on easy.

  • Best themed boardgame

    by Another Go player

    That is the best boardgame I played in many years. Love the theme, and all the complex decisions. It is not a light game. The game always end close, you really have to pay attention to the details. The difference in each decision only affect 1-2 point. Therefore the game always end in few points difference. Need the expansion on this game, I will buy all the expansion. Too good to pass!

  • Almost complete

    by AdonisWI

    The only thing that this game is missing is the expansion pack scoundrels of skull port. The AI difficulty on the game is fine; if you are not winning adjust your strategy. After the first few games I had to adjust my strategy on how to play in order to be able to win the game. Please add scoundrels of skull port as soon as possible, otherwise good job on making a game that I don't get enough opportunities to play with my friends.

  • Weirdly, the medium AI is harder to beat

    by Ninjoblio

    I'm pretty addicted. Great game (played IRL first but this is great not to have to wait for Gamenight). Oddly, I'm finding it easier to beat the medium than the hard AI.

  • Amazing Board Game

    by Centrix00

    I just recently started playing board games on my iPad. My family and I play games like Catania, Carcassonne, and Ticket to Ride. I have played about 10 -15 games, winning 3/4 of the time against an easy enemy. I'm not sure why people complain about the easy difficulty, I'm assuming that they don't completely understand the scoring system. If you are on the edge about this game, do yourself a favor and pick this one up. Great experience. Can't wait for DLC.

  • Easy AI is beatable but I've a better record against medium

    by Ficknewton

    I have won against the easy AI but it happens less often than the medium AI. The medium AI will at least use your buildings. Aside from that it is a real fun game and if you like some strategy then get it.

  • Easy level is not easy

    by Matthew Fuentes

    I'm about get rid of this very interesting game because I can't win on easy. It's too bad there aren't any missions/challenges or at least some additional stats, so I can obsess over exactly how the easy ai beat me...again.

  • Buy it!

    by nolifeonline

    An excellent board game conversion for the iPad/iPhone. Also, my first game was against the Hard AI and I won without breaking a sweat. Instead of making the Easy AI easier, make the Hard AI harder.

  • Stupidly Overintelligent

    by Vectron9

    Would love this game if the easy AI weren't pretty much making optimal choices at every opportunity. If you are new to the game having seen it on TableTop, you are not overly likely to enjoy this implementation--having the "easy" AI rip out 25 pointers on last turn almost every game is "awesome fun." If you are a champion player, go for it... Otherwise wait until the programmers stop placing their self worth in how difficult "easy" is.. Personally, if they don't fix that, will never play again and feel I wasted the money.

  • Simply awesome

    by ThePidgwan

    This is a great adaptation of the board game. Runs very smoothly and is quite slick. Online multiplayer was done very well. I will be playing this game for some time and can't wait for an expansion. If you like strategy or board games this is a must have!

  • Awesome sauce

    by Robin5098

    Yay! I love the board game and this app is just like it! 1. It'd be fantastic to have chat! 2. It'd also be fantastic to see previous games so we can add a friend after a game is over or invite to a new game besides the immediate rematch option. I don't want to play another 30 minute game right now but I'd like to do it again tomorrow against the same person I just played tonight (it was a really good game!). But because I didn't add them before the game was over I won't be able to. I'd only give four stars because of the no chat thing but I love it too much to hurt it. Thanks!

  • AI is still overpowered on easy after the update

    by Michael SMITH

    I have played at least 10 times & STILL haven't won a single game yet. UGH, so frustrating. And I've only played on easy, don't even wanna know what the medium and hard difficulties are like. I LOVE THIS GAME, but there needs to be a better learning curve. I don't mind a challenge, but that's what the medium and hard difficulties are for. Please, please, please fix the easy AI!

  • Great board game...app can be improved

    by Yadda Girl from YaddaCast

    Love this board game! Online doesn't seem to work for me. I look for games and it always says no games available. :( I'd like to actually play online. AI does seem impossible to beat.

  • Awesome game but no replay please!

    by Julia178943

    This game is BEAUTIFUL. My boyfriend and I have already spent many, many hours playing it. The only issue I have with it is the same issue I have with Agricola. When your turn comes up, the game replays everything that has happened. If, like my boyfriend and I, you play side-by-side, then you already know everything that's happened. I find the inability to turn this off quite irritating. Replaying everyone's move (especially when you have a few human players and a few AI's) really draws out what could otherwise be a quick game. Please add in the ability to turn the replay off!

  • Another great game from playdek

    by --Jordan--

    The only issue I had was the game was on my iPhone 4S when you go from an online game to offline game, the sidebar for the online tabs stays on the screen and it can cause it to crash. I can't believe people are complaining that the AI is too hard on easy. I still haven't got first aginst the hard AI but I beat the easy on my first game when I was learning the rules. I'm sorry but if the easy AI is too hard for you, your just not good at the game.

  • Awesome Game

    by Ki.E

    I think that the port of Lords of Waterdeep is excellent. The gameplay provides you with the same flavor of the actual board game. There are a few "issues" I have with the overall implementation. 1. While I agree that some time limit is good, the time limits in Lords of Waterdeep are very aggresive and unforgiving. Often real life intervenes in the timing of your move (bathroom, sleep, travel, work, etc) I should not be penalized because I wait all of my daylight hours for the last guy to take his turn AFTER I have gone to sleep costing me the game because he took too long? Not sure how to fix, but its awkward... 2. Can't we have a chat or ping to let the other guy know that his turn awaits? I mean over and beyond the notification center. 3. Also my counter is clicking down while waiting to connect to the server? Would like to be able to stay signed in, 4. A windo to my list of games would be cool from the current game so I don't have to exit my current game to get status on all the others.

  • Amazing translation!

    by Chesswiz

    Great game. Easy to pick up. Wonderful interface. Very much enjoying single player against AI, games against my wife (who is not as into games like this but still finds it fun and still provides a challenge to both of us), as well as multi player. To the fellow who says you can't beat the AI, look up a guide. You are doing it wrong. I'm finding the very hard AI 5 player games challenging but certainly not impossible, and I've own far more than the 20% expected rate in a 5 player game. The AI is quite good, and can occasionally be quite devious, though human opponents is where the game shines in 3 or more players. Pick it up if you are a fan of board games or strategy games in general!

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