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Languages: English

Seller: Plain Vanilla Corp

The world’s biggest trivia game just got a little bigger. QuizUp is now universal and has been optimized to work beautifully on your iPad!

+ We redesigned the Topics page to make it easier than ever to find new, popular and recommended topics catered specifically to you.
+ More emphasis on your friends in the rankings, to crank up the competition.
+ Added missing country flags to user profiles, sorry about that!
+ Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Stay tuned! We've got even more cool updates and new features coming soon :)

Customer Ratings

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556 Ratings
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30937 Ratings


Join over 10 million people who love and play QuizUp! Challenge your friends and connect with others around the globe in the largest real-time trivia game ever. Go head to head in over 150,000 questions and 350 topics ranging from your favorite TV shows and books to sports and music. With new topics being added all the time, QuizUp is sure to keep you entertained and test your knowledge for hours on end!

Think you have what it takes to outsmart players around the world and climb the leaderboards?

- TV Shows: All the top shows from past & present
- Books: All your favorite bestsellers & authors
- Movies: Horror, Comedies, Actors, Directors, Famous Quotes & more
- Sports: Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball & more
- Games: Video Games, Tabletop Games, Classics & more
- Music: Rock, Classics, Pop, Boy Bands, Hip-Hop & more

- Art
- General Knowledge
- Business
- Science
- Geography
- History
- Education
- Lifestyle

And hundreds more being added all the time!

- Chat about your favorite topics in community forums
- Meet tons of new people with similar interests

Think you know your stuff? Submit your own topics or questions and become an official part of our global editorial team!

Customer Reviews

  • Best Addictive Trivia Game Ever

    by FinGurBang

    This app rules.

  • Fun!

    by CavalierCP

    It's a great time-waster and actually helps you learn things. And yes, as others have said, the new update makes it crash. But I'm sure the developers are aware and will fix it.

  • Must delete then reinstall app after update

    by cool kat:)

    I updated then the app wouldn't work. I went to Twitter which said to uninstall then reinstall the app. I did that and it works again. Thank you! iPhone 4S.

  • A Genuine Game

    by Cookie Valverde

    The game introduces itself in the most simplest way. It's genuine, intuitively, and addictive as well. With that being said, since the most recent update, the app does not allow me, or recent individuals to start up the app. It's still a great game, however. 3.5 of 5

  • New Update...

    by Nashbashdash

    Reason for the third star is that before the update this used to be a really awesome game, I could play by myself or with my friends for hours non stop but ever since the most recent update the app doesn't even open for me. I don't even get the home screen it just automatically kicks me out. Please fix, don't make me delete it.

  • Crashing

    by XoCupcakes

    Great app until this most recent update. It won't open on iPhone 5 or iPad Air. The screen starts up with the red background then closes immediately.

  • Fix ASAP

    by Ghydaq

    Great game but the update made it stop working. Crashes every time I try to play now

  • Please fix update!

    by KBmissouri1

    Totally addicted to this format & love the app... Please fix update as ipod5 is now not launching. Please fix...

  • What??

    by Aersplit

    I can't access after latest patch

  • Good but bad

    by OffaPerry

    Is one of my favorite apps but the update broke it :(

  • Love this but....

    by Freckled.Cutie

    It updated today and now I can't even open it with out crashing. Please fix this ASAP!!!

  • Last update not working

    by Ladydew3

    I updated the app today and now it won't even open. It just shuts down. Need to fix.

  • Miss

    by Hvp400

    Can no longer open app as of today..please fix ASAP

  • Addictive but...

    by I used to love this

    I absolutely LOVE this app but I hate that it constantly quits out on me for no reason...please fix soon

  • Love(d) It...

    by Crash-n-Smash

    .. but now it won't open. Latest update has killed my favorite game - gets as far as a red screen and then closes. Eagerly awaiting a fix.

  • Awesome!

    by Someone who loves cats

    Fun app! But sadly after the newest update it keeps crashing. Please fix!

  • Addicted!

    by MaggieSSS

    Great app, but newest update won't open. Sad :(

  • I love this app!! except...

    by Katie___D22

    This app is certainly one of my favorites.. I always have such a fun time on it! But ever since I updated it today (2.11.14), whenever I open the app, it shows the pinkish screen for about a second then shuts down. I've tried a bunch of different things but the app will just not open. Please fix it!

  • Best Trivia Game Out There

    by DrDutch

    Love! Love! Love this app! So fun. So challenging.

  • Junk now.

    by Jwils808

    App will not open after latest update.

  • Poor update management

    by Iamdissapointed

    Following the today's update the app will no longer load.

  • Was good until the update

    by Scotte35125

    It was playing great until I updated it yesterday, now it crashes before it loads.

  • This version crashes on startup.

    by R Kenny

    Splash screen shows then app quits.

  • Love this app but...

    by 27smartblonde

    I'm addicted to this app but I can even open it after this update. Please fix this

  • Does not load.

    by Jashmusician

    Crashes before even getting started. Tried everything. Fix it.

  • Crashes

    by bbfaatugdi

    As everyone keeps saying UPDATE CRASHES THE DANM GAME! NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP! How did you guys not see this? Why didn't you guys test the update before uploading it to the app store?

  • Was great, now crashes constantly

    by BonefishPaul

    Was fun but now won't open without crashing every time. Please fix or I will be deleting this game from my phone.

  • App crashes

    by Girlracerrawr

    Every time I try to open this app with the new update, it keeps crashing. Thanks a lot.

  • Latest update screwed up

    by PeoplePayForThis?

    Will not open after latest update

  • Crashes

    by TomBradyLover

    I love the game. It's great! But when I updated it, the game crashes before it even opens to the menu. It's pissing me off. And maybe a few more musical artists categories like, Austin mahone, and the wanted would be great to!

  • New update doesn't work

    by Kalfont

    Great app but new update won't open. Please fix.

  • Great game but CRASHES on 5c

    by Hhhhhhdd

    Lately its been crashing SO much on the 5c. i love the game though PLZ UPDATE

  • Fix it please!

    by Quinnsdad

    Love this app but the update killed it, now it won't open.

  • Plz fix the crash bug

    by Ethan 2233445576771 dcl

    Plz fix it i meet someone on here that likes every thing i like I can't loose her plz fix it and she lives in the same area I have a iPhone 4S and i love this app but PLZ FIX FAST!!!

  • Annoying

    by Cashygirl

    Would be 5 stars if i could actually play!! Can't open app since latest update today. Not good. Fix this!!!!

  • App won't open!!

    by Arynmikaela

    Please fix- this is a great game!

  • New update app crashing

    by Brittney Mays

    The latest update won't let me open the app anymore.

  • Quiz up user

    by Walking the Neighbor

    Liked the game until this last update. Now the game won't open on my iPad. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  • Crashes everytime

    by Her brattiness

    This was a good game until the update. I can't even open it anymore. Crashes everytime!!!! Fix this!

  • Quiz Up

    by KJ_Swift6

    App. won't open after update.

  • No longer works on iPad

    by Pdxymsb

    This was really fun until recent update. No loner works.

  • Can't open the app now!

    by Nrain212

    I love this game, but just updated and can't open the app anymore! Please fix this.

  • Crashing catastrophe!

    by Gt: the legacy

    All my records are lost because the app crashes! Fix it!


    by mrs.teenwolf

    Other than that problem it's amazing❤️

  • Love this game

    by Scoob232

    Love it but there are a lot of updates (probably adding new trivia all the time) but often after a new update the app doesn't work until a new update. Such is the case right now. Updated it today 02/11 and now it won't open at all. Overall though an addicting game.

  • Crashing

    by Makaylakay1213

    I love the app, it's fun and you get sucked into the quizzes without being "addicted" to the app. But it crashed sometimes, and with this new update I can't even open it. It crashes every time I try. Please fix soon !

  • C'mon

    by Littl3l3 king

    Great app But it needs needs another update, it keeps crashing

  • Not Working

    by Lihxyrsx

    With this new update the app no longer works. Every time I open it it will load for a few seconds and then exits out of the app.

  • Awesome

    by Chino/Thor

    I love it! Truly outstanding and get to chat with good people. This new version has issues. It cut off after a game and you have to restart to play.

  • New update

    by Bucs12

    Best game out there. New update however won't let me open app. Fix soon!!!

  • Good

    by Slove62

    Fun game, tons of categories

  • Good

    by Slove62

    Fun game, tons of categories

  • Good

    by Slove62

    Fun game, tons of categories

  • Great game for the mind

    by Hanaharoo


  • Addicted!!!

    by SJnice

    As an educator I'm in love with this app!

  • Addicting

    by Caseyfhill

    Great trivia game where you can prove you are Smarter than your friends. WARNING incredibly addicting.

  • Favorite

    by adrie17:)

    I love love love this app! Keep updating with new categories and questions!

  • Perfect!

    by Pinklights!

    By far, the best game download i've done in a while. Totally amazing. Playing with people around the world, any time you want, and you can chat with them! Very complete and fun. I'm more than satisfied, I'm in love with this game.


    by Tillman-man-a-tor

    I love this app it is one of the only apps as far as games are concerned I have actually kept in my phone good work

  • Really good but...

    by Blinky blink

    This game is really great and addicting! The only problem is, when someone tries to challenge me and I reject, it still appears in my home page and I keep rejecting and it still says that the person wants to challenge me when I just declined... Can you please fix this! Overall, this game is very good!

  • Yes

    by Anselme999

    Connects people, tests your brain, fun and friendly. Awesome app

  • Great social network game

    by Josh Airy

    Great game for connecting with friends and challenging each other's knowledge on hundreds of topics!

  • The next big thing

    by The maaan

    Works seamlessly. Perfect.

  • Great game!

    by Ktbecks

    Very fun game, enjoying the different topics and levels

  • Great Game

    by Vikram Singh

    One of the best,intuitive games I have played in a while. Must have game to play with friends. If you are competitive get this.

  • Best I have tried

    by Matt Pickett

    When it comes to trivia I don't know it all but I like this app and will keep it

  • Quiz up

    by ExperHunter

    Best game I've ever played

  • Soooo awesome!

    by CleverGirl26

    I have had no trouble with this app at all! New categories are added all the time, I can play with pretty much anyone, and I learn things every day! The fact that I play with people all over the world blows my mind. Love this app! Be careful though, you might never stop quizzing!

  • LOVE IT!! :-)

    by Air Lover #1

    No matter what topic I think I know, it always throws a question in that makes me think and sometimes learn something new about that topic!

  • Great but

    by Luv jack

    You should add my little pony under the tv list

  • I give it 5 stars

    by S N M

    The number of categories and simplicity is why I give it such high rating

  • Addicted!!

    by Ky1993123

    I can't stop playing. It's definitely worth downloading!!

  • Fix

    by Enrique Insisienmay

    Cannot access the store tab, stuck on the loading logo.

  • Learning has never been more fun

    by Benjamoid

    I am a huge comics fan, and the Superheroes topic really testa my knowledge


    by Utzworld

    Totally addictive & fun!

  • Best App Ever.

    by hootie93

    The most addictive app I've yet to download. And I have a Pinterest. :)

  • Crashed

    by Asjjddkewl


  • Great game

    by Sfern0711

    A lot of fun. I can tell that they are adding progressively to the topics. However, they won't allow you to suggest a topic until way later in the game. It states that I can't write a question until level 15. I don't want to write a question... I just want to suggest 80's movies as opposed to 80's tv. Big difference.

  • Love The App

    by Tana$Kylie

    My Twin Sister and I love this app. The categories are amazing. Amazing categories. If only they could make a Lana Del Rey category.. :)

  • The Best App To Date

    by Mac Deezi

    This app has took me by great surprise. My friend told me to download this app one and half months ago and I have been addicted ever since. This game is in the very early stages and I expect great things to come.

  • Disconnection problems

    by Kandyst4r

    Love the game; am a huge fan and recommend it to people all the time. But lately I've been having constant "disconnected from server" errors and moments when my answer takes awhile to register. I've tried doing all the normal things you might do like turning the phone on and off and things like that but nothing works. It happens every time I play. It's frustrating not getting points or being able to finish a game because of this.

  • Very fun

    by Puzzld33333

    Great game, with lots of options for playing with friends. There are lots of categories to choose from, which is great. Every category is actually pretty hard, which is great with the categories you know well, but it makes it harder to try others you may not know as well. Some more easier, general categories would be nice.

  • Love it

    by Bhfkfh

    This game is awesome! It is also educational. I learn something new every day

  • Great

    by Goblue48

    Once you started to play your hooked

  • Awesome

    by Tor Eckman

    Great trivia game

  • Fun app, good potential

    by btge

    This is a great app that could be even better. The quizzes are really fun, but could use some more variety in the questions.

  • cheaters?

    by annoyed, but love the game

    very annoying when I play an opponent who quits answering and just sits there, so I have to go out of the game and it makes me lose... if it times out, it should go to the next question or end the game. I hate cheaters

  • Tingeyp

    by Goddess?

    I have only had this app for 2hrs....I am addicted already. Goodby Candy Crush.

  • Best app

    by Deejae snafu

    This the most game I've played on iOS!

  • Incredibly addictive

    by Alex Buie

    This quiz game trumps all other quiz games! Such an amazing app!

  • Once I had a life. Now I have QuizUp.

    by J- Ro

    I love this app too much.

  • Fun game with lots categories

    by Irishmohican


  • Awesome!!

    by Nikki Phan

    Omggg! I get addicted to it like 24/24! I just stick my phone all the time (I also have to use my backup battery!). Definitely recommend :)

  • Amazing

    by MarieS

    Really cool

  • Bug

    by FafsdCxcvz

    For Some Reason, The Favorite Topics Is Only In The Right Order When You Click "All Favorite Topics"

  • Worth the download

    by WORKTA

    Love it!

  • Quizup

    by jferfee

    Really fun, addictive trivia game. Play friends and people all over the world. New categories are added often- there's something for everyone. Test your knowledge and learn some new things too!

  • Muy Divertido

    by Deep face

    This app is really fun! There's no metal quiz though:(

  • A very good trivia game

    by Jackson O Brien

    Recommended if you like trivia.

  • Very cool

    by lbela

    I like it. I'm addicted.

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