Mini-Dogfight Games App Review (iOS, $3.99)


Seller: OmniG Software Inc.

- Using OpenGL ES VBO to improve the OpenGL 3D rendering performance
- Avoided some unnecessary of OpenGL state changes for performance boost
- Less memory consumptions by deleting unneeded 3D geometry data

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Mini-Dogfight is an Air Combat simulation game featuring famous World War II fighters, very smooth real-time 3D animation, sophisticated cameras and breathtaking Air Combat. The game objective is to shoot enemies down with your cannon, and also survive yourself from enemies' fire. The mission score is evaluated by factors including number of enemy fighters shot down, damage status of enemy fighters, damage status of your fighter, and time spent.
* The Most famous World War II Fighters
* Vivid Real-time 3D Rendering & Sophisticated Camera Views
* Breathtaking Air Combat
* Realistic Aerodynamics and air combat Simulation
* Live video recording and replay


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