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Check out the brand new Princess Dress Up for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You will be able to create 1000’s of your very own unique looks. Princess Dress-Up allows you to create amazing scenes as if you were living in a fairy tale. So if you love princesses, castles and fairy tales then this is the app for you!

Dress-Up and create unique looks with 1000’s of different combinations.

Share your creations with friends or family through Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

*Please note that Dress-Up Princess is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.*

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Customer Reviews

  • Bad

    by Lillybug062105

    It's ok but it puts the background first I'm going to delete it

  • Fun

    by MACountryFan

    I am 9 and I think it is fun and pretty. There is a lot of pretty dresses.

  • Bgjfhfhgtfcfygrc

    by Kamchatka.

    It so

  • It could be better

    by Awesome80307329

    I wish you were able to do the makeup, and the dresses aren't very hot. I also think more things should've bin unlocked

  • Okay

    by Xhxbddhxheudhdjdjd

    This is an okay app, but it could be better. There are limited designs without the full version. Buy it if you are willing to buy the full version.

  • !

    by Nightcackerum


  • Awsome

    by Cady's Way

    I love this game so much that I play it everyday you guys just need to add a little bit of some more backround

  • Miss

    by 4 Crazy Katie

    I think it is awesome! And it is a very fun!

  • Not bad

    by MACgurl11

    Thought it was a good app for my 3 year old. Lots if options but too much locked.

  • Good app

    by Mecaston

    My daughter has tons of fun playing!

  • Cool

    by Onedirectionluvsme

    It's a decent app except u only get four things for free

  • Awesome

    by Zak500

    It is fun and very creative!

  • You don't have to buy anything!!!..

    by Lcpy

    By Katie Yi

  • D

    by Jrke


  • Princess dress up

    by Foxtail73

    Fun...but hate to waste my money to unlock things though :(

  • I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Cfjdjdkdkfjgeh

    Its a really good app all though you need to buy stuff

  • Great app!

    by pgregory64

    This is an great app! It has many choices without having to unlock anything . But the only thing is it doesn't have very much backgrounds but I don't mind

  • Revised review: if your little princess loves dress up, this is great.

    by JJPeoria

    I admit, as a dad I don't 'get' this (or any) dress up game....but my 7 year old princess loves it. Fun and lots of accessorizing. First the cons: you really will want to buy some dresses and such to get the most from this game...so just know that. I think you can buy most of everything for $5. Also, the game can lose your settings during updates, but the author is quite helpful. The pros: beautiful gowns and accessories really make this app stand out among the competition. Easy to use format and the ability to change so many items and backgrounds is a big plus. Finally, my princess loves it!

  • It ok

    by Rocky blue stat

    Its ok but u know why do u have 2 buy every game! It may be Free but u have 2 buy something I can go on cumputer and play a lynof games with know charge these people are freaken stupid but I love the game:)

  • Boring

    by rate - 1000,000

    It's so lame ! warning don't download it

  • BOO!

    by Slugah05

    I hate this game and I just started playing it! If you like wasting your time, then download this game. 0 STARS!

  • Boring

    by Poobear1,000

    Who ever made this game must have been really bored so they made a boring game don't download this

  • Hate It❕


    This Game is The BORINGEST game ever!!! I'm 11 & I hate this. I mean, things are loked & u can't even get them!! This game is not ready yet. I'd give this 0⃣ stars if I could. Really.

  • To many things locked

    by Candyapple

    I like it but most of the good things are locked so I deleted it...do not get this app. I only did 2 stars because it has good stuff but most of it is locked!

  • Boring

    by Nun yo beez wax

    Im 11 and my sisters 5 so i got this for her and just for her i say it iz lame!!

  • It's ok but you need more options on everything.

    by Kristin Chaplin

    More dresses and backgrounds.

  • Bad

    by Pearl842

    I think it's bad because the princesses don't look good and they put the backgrounds first and it's better to put the dress first

  • Not cool

    by Ape Princess

    Everything is in app purchase.

  • LAME!!!!!

    by Does not matter who.


  • Deleted

    by Pineapple55555

    This is stupid you have to buy like almost all of them you only get like 3 or 4 things for free this doesn't even deserve * !

  • Really bad

    by Rezi02

    First there wasn't any dresses Second there was no way to get shoes on Third almost every thing was locked

  • Ok

    by jbam1d22

    It's fun but boring at the same time

  • Not okay

    by Sweetly cakes

    I mean well it's okay though you got to buy mostly everything! It wouldn't get even1 star. But I gave it 2 stars cause it has at least 4 things for each panel. There are games that only let you select 1 from 2 choices of clothing.

  • lllllfjcbcjnc

    by Hannah!!!!!!!

    it is very bad!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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