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Have you ever wanted to become a dentist? Now you can with the Dentist Office app.

Featuring 4 patients with 1,000's of scenarios to work on.

1. Move the tooth brush back and forth to remove the yellow plaque (note: may take a few times to remove it all)
2. Use the yellow polishing tool to remove the brown tarter from the teeth (move it back and forth).
3. Use the green drill tool to remove the black spots on the teeth (move it back and forth).
4. Use the spray to remove the bad breath.
5. Use the blue brush tool to remove the green food pieces from in between the teeth.
6. Use the suction tool to remove the saliva from the mouth.
7. Dip the filling tool into the filling compound of your choice and paint it on the teeth.
8. Hold the braces tool over the desired braces for 3 seconds to pick it up.

-Update in the works that will provide many more characters, a tutorial, and many more features.

*Please note that Dentist Office is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.*

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Customer Reviews

  • Review for Dentist Office

    by Tammy Blanchard 

    This game is ok it's not that bad just upgrade it and then it will be straight ok!!

  • Pretty good

    by Toads in the morning

    This is one of the only ninja fish games that doesn't have ads pop up every 2 seconds. Also it's pretty fun!

  • People

    by Cecej12

    We should be able to do more than just one charcter, we should have a boy and a girl. This would be very appreciated.

  • Try it

    by Bre bre 123456

    Well u all don't know how to play do u need to re-download it look its good but your not looking at the direction's First, u need to see there is no objective And u need to download the other kids u need to follow your

  • Really fun

    by  Stefan the Computer Geek

    This app is awesome and i love to play it

  • Fun but...

    by I_am_age

    Fun but can we plz like get points so we can like unlock other kids please



    THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

  • okay

    by 0123456789( :$$!'

    this game is fun.. But after the first or second time your done playing it it gets old.. could use a update.. But I guess I like it okay ;)

  • Clean teeth are cool!!!!

    by Poochie105

    For all the people who said they don't know how to play it you have to click they word more under the description section and if you scroll down it has a list of all the instructions. But over all its a pretty cool game.

  • Love it

    by Cheerleader for lms

    Love it awesome

  • ( : !!!!!!!

    by Misz Adorable

    It is so fun

  • No compliants

    by BWG71

    This game is great it is awesome it is fun and exiting and easy as 123 it is so FUN my favorite game :)

  • AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! Game


    Really good game! So much fun!

  • Love

    by Patrickfontanilla

    This game is awesome

  • Waste

    by  Drewpurt

    No help what so ever. Nothing to tell you if your doing it right or not. Waste of time.

  • What's the point

    by Jaz7590

    It was fun for like the first few times but then I would just wait until the next day to play again and once I played again I would remember why I didn't like it. And when I got it on my itouch it wouldn't let me open it.

  • Gay

    by Dee Phire 

    Really really gay no stars 4 you if I could put no stars but have to put at least a star

  • Wouldn't give it 1 star

    by rosa sparkle⭐️

    Man, I wish I could get those 20 min back of my life just by trying to understand this game! How do u know ur even finished??!! This doesn't fit my iPod 5 screen. Now how was this on the top chart?

  • Gay

    by  Texastechsan2001

    Waste of money ! This is so dumb .

  • Wrong idea

    by Melissa Candy

    You can do anything with this game, you just have to put a little imagination to it. You use the tweezers to pick up braces and put them on the teeth, but you can't reach the bottom row. You use the scooper to chose the powder and put it in the teeth, not a berry wise choice. And last, there need to be a tutorial and an end to the game. If your looking for fun, it's okay to get the game, but if you need goals and you can't Figure it out on your own, just, don't.

  • Doesn't work

    by  Inkgrl328

    Every time I click on the app it crashes

  • Meh

    by Santino896 

    I was excited for this app because I'm a DH but it was pretty boring. No instructions and no goals :(

  • What's the point

    by  Bigtraffic23

    No objective, no goals, no tutorial . Seems like it could be fun if it was changed a little but for now not so much

  • ads

    by fkdu gttuxfrewgh

    these fricken ads are poping up every fricken second and they're bringing me to the appstore because they pop u when i want to play the game

  • Boring

    by Awesome 

    It has no point and no tutorial

  • LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!

    by sara

    This is the best game ever !!!!!!!!!

  • Horrible! And upgrade

    by  Nona-to-Kaleb

    You have to pay 2 dollars to unlock a new character there is only one level don't buy it

  • Terrible

    by Happy as hell 

    No help. Nothing. And not zoom in. Really stupid

  • Dum game

    by $MÇ$_55 

    I hate it sooo much it does not even do anything to the teeth

  • Ughhhhhhh

    by Ackias

    You can only do the first boy's teeth. U have to pay for the rest of them. And their teeth look the same every time u play! Uggghhhhhh

  • Ugly and Horrible

    by Vocaloid act 2

    This app crashes and I hate this app and most of all IT WASTES ALL YOUR MONEY on this stupid idiocity app!

  • Yikes! Glad I didn't pay for this!

    by  daicatuyen

    I work in the dental industry. It seems as though no professional of any kind was consulted in the making of this game. I wasn't expecting it to be realistic- I know it's a game, but this is just insulting. App didn't crash on me at all, but I was kind of hoping it would. Poorly done. Could be SSSOOO much better. It's almost as though the developers got half way done and said "What the heck. Let's release it anyways." Glad I did not pay for this disappointment.

  • Horrible

    by Blahaestof

    This games is horrible! I don't even get it

  • Really?

    by Johnny09112

    You will spend more time dismissing ads then playing the game!!

  • Ehhh

    by  Almaz Hewitt

    Cool concept, but as most have stated: don't waste your time. You can figure the tools out, but once you think you're done... Well, there's no confirmation or anything. You go back and start over. Trust me, skip this one.

  • Boring

    by Lovers stuffers

    This game is not very fun. There's nothing to do on it. Don't waist your time. By:noneofyourbuisness

  • boring

    by HaYlly

    Good for 4 year olds...

  • Stop sending me notifications

    by tacomanfromtacoland

    How in the blue blazes do you stop this thing from sending notifications like "Samantha needs her teeth cleaned."?! I have turned all off and yet they keep a comin'. Stop! If my 5 year old didn't like this game so much, it would be history from my tele.

  • Ok, until you get bored.

    by JCCNLA

    The game looks so cool and fun but gets so boring after like two times doing it. Don't waste your space with this game.

  • sarah hates this app

    by Sarahrella100000000000000000

    it won't let me on it i tap the app and im at home

  • Ehh

    by B- ball

    Every time I open the app it has 3 adds for other apps. The 1st one I x-out. Same with the second. But the 3rd one pops up out of nowhere I always hit it! Then I have to X out of the App Store and get back in the game. Other than that its okay.

  • MADx100

    by Hi I go no good

    I bout the other people and it took my money but the new people are still looked???? I like the game other wiz but still don't by new people!!!!!!!

  • Does not make sense

    by THEBEST9

    This game is so like strange. What do u do? What is the objective? How do u play!?!?!?!?!

  • What to do next


    How do u play this game! I have tried everything. It's the worst game ever.

  • Worst GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by jeffmoran21

    I hate it I deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boring

    by PolkaDancer300

    There isn't a objective in this game,tutorial,or any goal

  • Ok

    by Awesome app reviews

    This app is an ok game, but I don't like how you have to pay for new people. After a while its quite boring.

  • It sucks

    by Paingamekiller

    I kinda like playing the game, but there was no tutorial, so I didn't know what to do until I experimented. And the braces! OMG! Have to raise the braces! I can't reach the other bottom ones! Barely the ones in the middle! I could only use the braces on the top row. Seriously, this game needs to be updated.

  • Boiring


    I wish i could do 0 stars

  • Uh

    by Lint4601

    Ummmmmm, finished cleaning his teeth, but where's the end? There is no objective or end or submit button. So, you just do everything, and you keep doing it. If that's fun for you, here's a tip. Instead of doing all that cleaning stuff, swipe to the second tray and color his teeth white with the grainy white stuff if you know what I mean.

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