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Help give the Cheerleader a makeover. Start off in the Spa, then do her Make-Up and finally help her pick out the perfect outfit.

-Spa Section
-Make-Up Section
-Dress-Up Section

*Please note that Cheerleader Makeover is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.*

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Customer Reviews

  • by busybeezus#1

  • Love it

    by Taylor Cheeraleader

    Love it

  • Cheerleader makeover

    by Love things

    Babe it's an fabulous game you should play it wow!!:):-)

  • Love it so much

    by Kinzo.2005

    Best game ever!!!!!!! Even scence I'm a cheer leader for Midwestern state university I'm 21 and single Love this game

  • ❤❤

    by Hermioneluv

    Love it!! I like how you can take a picture and the make up doesn't go out of the lines!

  • Lover152

    by Lydiaipettersson

    I love it

  • Cool


    This is a really cool game because u get to learn how to run spa and u get experience about it ❤️❤️

  • Cheerleader makeover

    by Casa7361

    My daughter loves this app she's only 4 yrs old. She can play this for hours!!!!!

  • ok

    by Kelly Pine:)

    its a fun app but i dont like for an every day app to many pop up adds its crazy when you push something the add comes up and goes to the app store its fun and i wish you dont have to pay for everything

  • Love it

    by Funnyweirdcrazy

    so much fashion its just so good

  • :

    by CCDIL94

    I haven't played it yet

  • Cool

    by Pey1516

    I love the game it is so so so so fun

  • Awesome

    by Frza4

    This game is fun I love it I like the dress up

  • Great

    by xo_emily_xo_1027_rock

    This app is very entertaining and very fun to play.

  • Pretty good!

    by Catlover718

    It's a pretty fun app! :)

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!

    by Puppy's!!!!!

    This game is awesome!!!!!! It's also ok.

  • Awesome

    by Nsd987123

    All u people who say this doesn't load fast ur super wrong.

  • Great:)

    by Fiesty britches

    This is such a great game!!!! I have no problems with it. My daughter likes it. If she likes it, I love it!!!! :)

  • Cheerleader game

    by Flowerpower1234

    I love this game it's fun. But your right you do have to buy all the cute makeup.

  • ;):);):)

    by Steelers love'n gal

    Love it! I disagree very highly to one stars.

  • Eh

    by Mackenzie star worth

    The makeup is not so good and and the colors are null and you don't get to see her cheer and you don't get to take a picture.THIS GAME IS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terrible

    by Lillian McGarry

    the first time I played this game I deleted it . Don't get it. I would give it 0 stars if I could

  • Why bother

    by D loves dolly parton

    Why bother with such dumb game had the game but hated it because it takes to long to load all the cute clothes and makeup are locked and the girls are not even pretty who would invent such a horrible game?

  • Eh ok

    by 2LiveonStLouis

    It was ok but to make the girl look cute you had to spend money but the first time I played it I was a little disappointed

  • Loading and waiting

    by 24girls

    When I started to load it takes forever so I had to delete it and I tried again it didn't work so I deleted it again and i just didn't download it again

  • It ok

    by Lovey lei

    It's ok but I have better make over games

  • Very good game

    by Bibbel19

    I luv this game it's not just for little kids!!!

  • Cheerleaders

    by Cheers are awesome

    It really brings out imagination in you.sincerilly 4awesome with love

  • Ugh

    by Cyndimacfuller


  • Maybe...

    by I heart animal jam

    It's fun, but I like apps with action, plus on wedding version you have to choose blue, pink or yellow! And the black is the last locked one! So I'm not a huge fan of ninja fish apps, but they are sorta fun.

  • The worst!

    by Asdfghkjlyfk

    This takes forever to load and its a very boring game don't bother getting it because your just gonna end up deleting the this game you do the same thing over and over again .i hated this game and you will probly don't get this should have a zeroe out of rating from 1to 100!it deserves no stars!

  • Awesome

    by Taylor2137564

    Loved it

  • Boring

    by google2112

    U can't do a lot of things this game stinks

  • Terrible

    by Horse lover 643

    The girls are so ugly and all the cute makeup you have to buy:(

  • Good

    by Melmelgeorge2,000

    It's pretty good but some things are locked and u need to pay money to get them so there is barley anything to choose from

  • .3.

    by Wilderness-reader

    .3. It's like teh wedding 1

  • Why

    by Cheeristhegame

    It's a fun game. If your a sideline cheerleader. I'm a Allstar cheerleader and we don't dress anything like this. If there was a ALLSTAR CHEERLEADER dress up game then I'm sure it would be less offensive. As you can tell we are really tired of all the dumb stereotypes.. BTW this does NOT remind me how good I am at cheerleadering. This is the dumbest game ever. Why are people downloading this?!

  • Fun but..

    by Heyheyhey4102

    Fun but you should make it where everything is unlocked.




  • JULIE July 29,2013

    by Stargonzales

    I really loved this app

  • Cool

    by ☺

    This is awesome I love this game cause I always loved cheerleaders games and makeover games so this is the best

  • Ehhhh.......not entertaining

    by Bob the fake person

    Very boring bad and i do not recamend ths game. Wont play ninja fish games anymore because pf ths game by awesomeperson123987

  • Cool

    by Movie buzzer123454321

    I think that it is cool but it takes forever to load


    by Meanestblonde

    I love all of these apps! They rock!

  • I don't know

    by Justin Bieber lover67

    I don't know what to think

  • Fun app

    by ToxicFireApple

    Simple and fun.

  • Great app

    by Psychlover3


  • What a great and boring game

    by breanna babe [:

    I can't decide if it's boring or if I love it anyway love it kind of

  • Super fun, just one suggestion

    by Magical Goats

    I love this game, and I have all of the Ninjafish Studios makeover games, but there REALLY should be an update where you can save your finished projects.

  • Great games

    by Gator girl61603

    I love all the ninja fish makeover games they are really fun and creative but they only give you a certain amount of clothes the rest you have to buy that is stupid but I still like these games

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