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The Celebrities all need your help to feel better. Featuring multiple tools in order to care for all your patients.

*The celebrities in this game are 100% made up and not modeled or intended to look like any real life celebrities.*

*Please note that Celebrity Doctor is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.*

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Customer Reviews

  • You need to have an acquired taste

    by Fxfjkysagbfjndgkggjgd

    It's ok but unless you want to pay a lot of money unlocking all the really fun stuff it might not meet expectations. For what is unlocked it is ok.

  • Awesome

    by Ydigi

    It's so awesome

  • I wish there could be broken bones !!!!!

    by 13bunny

    If there are not any broken bones what is the point of havering an X-ray machine

  • It's ok

    by 0livia04

    Uhm this game is fun and great for like 10 minutes than it's boring because you have done everything! and barley anything is unlocked they should atleast give you some better stuff to use when you start out not terrible stuff so yah it's only fun for 10 minutes and you have to pay to unlock almost everything so if you like o do stuff over again and pay to unlock stuff an this is the game for you! On the other hand if you don't like to pay to unlock stuff and don't like to do stuff over again I suggest you don't buy this game because it will drive you nuts!!!! So that's itand I'm being nice giving this game 3 stars and don't say this is not true because this whole review is true so Everyone if you don't think this is true keep it to yourself! Ok? Now that's all!

  • What???

    by Cheer rocks

    I was not really sure what it was when I saw it!! Should I get it????

  • Fun

    by Wano02 shehadi

    So fun

  • Ya

    by Riley jdhshshshaj

    Love it

  • Rocks!!!

    by A heart100

    Love it

  • Laaaaaaammmeeee

    by Soso pretty pretty

    It is so lame

  • Lame

    by Abipoodle

    This game is so lame

  • It's ok

    by Heywhatsupppp!!!:D

    It's not the best some of us can agree with that but some kids I guess would like this about 3 to 5 but this is something i dont like why do we haft to buy everything you could at least try to make the game better like add some more tools and such but the final thing they did not take there time on it they could of made this a great game but they did not take there time so it's horrible no offense game makers but it's just not that great..

  • It's... Okay

    by :)CatWoman21:)


  • Worst app ever created

    by What does the fox say 2424

    I hate it it is boring and everything is locked I mean unless you want to pay like 20.00 to unlock everything don't get it its terrible

  • Bad

    by Kcc18

    This app is so bad you can't finish a patient with out unlocking something for 3 bucks this stinks

  • OK??

    by Bbft

    just like other game both stupid

  • jamieeick

    by Jamieeick-

    horrible Verything is locked!!! Worse app ever

  • -.-

    by Smexywolf


  • I don't know

    by Gxgdhdhehajehudshh

    I don't know if I should get should i.

  • Horrible

    by Diane's dance center

    This game is not fun everything is locked why don't they just unlock it don't get it!

  • Stupid

    by Brandon peters

    Every thing should be unlocked

  • Fun for 5 minutes

    by jdjsjdjdhfdksjjxjdj

    This game is fun!... For five minutes. You have to buy most of the stuff and there are popups all the time. I deleted this after about 5 minutes.

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