Fantasy Bowling 3D Lite Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Gang Zeng

fix some bugs.

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Fantasy Bowling 3D Lite is a fun bowling game on iphone and itouch, you need to beat AI compter opponent.

- Realistic 3D graphics and physics engine
- Awesome music and sound effects
- Free upgrades to new versions - Full technical support

Customer Reviews

  • Dang adds

    by Jwbuyersagent

    I love the game. It really only has one big fault, if any other app, phone or message interrupts the game you can't return. And if you happen to hit the ad bar you can not return to your game. I would like to return to my game.

  • Great App,Except....

    by Applejill

    Free App was terrific--but when I bought the "Upgrade" for $1.99, All I got was one more bowling alley theme, and the advertisements removed. What did I need to pay $2 bucks for???

  • beast

    by kevin 3



    by McYoshi

    Its a piece of

  • Awful!

    by Kaygan

    Worst bowling app ever

  • Just awful

    by Shorty139

    This game is terrible. The graphics are prehistoric and the gameplay is even worse. Action bowling is way better.

  • Bad game

    by birtoli

    Really unrallistic.

  • dumb idea

    by Speed hedgehog

    Don't get it.You can't even turn the ball.It just goes straight.Don't listen to the 5 and 4 star comments.listen to the 1 and 2 star comments.

  • Horrible

    by Music_Lover 2008

    Horrible Can't Go In The Direction You Want It To Be!!!!

  • the worst app evr!!!!!!!!!

    by ItouchGameRevs

    i was going on vacation & i had a 4 hour flight so i really wanted sumthing 2 do. the game is pretty cool & really beastly colours but it has a HUGE flaw if i get 2 strikes in a row (which i did) the "player 2" always does better they want u to feel bad about yourself :( by britishgrl294

  • wow...

    by bboy444

    i cant spin it and then i get a good shot and the freakin computor somehow dus better. this app is KRAPPY!!!!!!

  • Worst bowling game ever!!!!!!!

    by Julieee(:

    It's to hard to aim when the bowling ball just starts rolling down the damn lane so you don't have enough time to even throw the damn ball!

  • Price of crap

    by Pickleslice123

    first of all I hate all the ads and the computer keeps getting strikes. DO NOT GET IT

  • Terrible

    by sdhddjdjdhxusi

    The controls are odd the music is bad and you cant hook the ball

  • Mediocre

    by Epicmonkey

    Physics are questionable at best. Results are often impossible. Does not keep score correctly (tho the TOTALS are correct. At the end of the game it says "YOU WIN" or "YOU LOSE" but doesn't show you the final scores. No controls to speak of. Just a simple swipe.

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